Limelight Years review

Sean Seong (Alex Fong) is a journalist who writes novels and upload youtube videos for a living. He found Tik Tik Szeto (Linda Chung ) a perfect naive girl to star in his new video to promote his new book about cheap lady. Sean’s dream has been always getting famous, he wrote a book under the name of his girlfriend Marjorina. The book Marjorina is his most well known work giving advices to women about men.  His girlfriend Marjorina broke up with Sean due to tired of waiting for him seeing no future him. Sean then used his own ability in anyway to become famous, including using Tik Tik many times. Tik Tik is a naive girl who is a huge fan of the writer of the book Marjorina.

There is two parts in this series, the story of Wah Fong Ying and Ben Law family conflicts and the love story between Sean and Tik Tik. Ben Law (Damien Lau)’s deceased wife Ming Ha (Michelle Yim) was a huge fan of singer Wah Wong Ying and she loves to catch fireflies in Taiwan. His wife last wishes before she died from cancer is to give the plum honey to Wah Fong Ying. Ben enjoy taking photos for memories and he leave messages in his wife’s voicemail to have hopes she is still alive. You’ll get to see Damien in a more comedic role. There’s a drama side of Wah Fong Ying neglected her family for work. Ben also has two best friends and a son. They run a photography studio. Ben’s son Hugo has a trauma of his sister’s dying in an accident and afraid to start a family. Ben regrets not buying his deceased daughter a purple rabbit sticker to match the color of raibow, unexpectedly she died the day after. Tik Tik is singer Wah Fong Ying’s loyal assistant. Sean filmed embarrassing moments of Linda and posted on youtube which created huge amount of hits. Due to the famous singer Wah Fong Ying’s status, she was able to cause Sean’s book to be banned. Tik Tik didn’t realized that Sean is the writer of Marjorina until his best friend Buddy (William Chak) told her and apologized on the behalf of Sean after his books have been banned. Sean then got an idea of revenging Wah Fong Ying by writing the bad side of Wah Fong Ying and he found out a huge secret and even used Tik Tik to get near Wah Fong Ying’s disabled son Tong Wing (Jonathan Wong).

There were several small love triangle between (Ka Ming, Tik Tik, and Sean), (Marjorina, Tik Tik and Sean), (Buddy, Sean, and Tik Tik), and (Diamond, Sean, and Tik Tik). Buddy sided with Tik Tik when Sean told Marjorina that Linda is his buddy when Sean was actually dating Tik Tik. Buddy usually approves Sean tricks until he uses his marriage with Tik Tik to promote his book. In the second half of the series , Buddy will have more roles in helping Sean and Tik Tik be together with his money. Buddy loves Tik Tik but finds that Sean is the most suitable for Tik Tik, so he helped all he can for them to be together including paying the lawyer fees for Sean when Brother Tang sued him for copyright. Buddy has to work in his father’s hotel for compensation.

The main theme of this series is Glamorous Transformation. Sean and Wah Fong Ying are two of a kind will do anything for success and neglected their loved ones but they realize in the end, family and their loved ones are the most important. They have a second chance to make a glamorous transformation to make up for their loss.

Rating: 7/10 The plot is well written but the story is kinda draggy. Gotta give props for writing Alex as such as despicable character but can still received the love of the naive Linda. It was warm for Damien and Liza to help each other during tough times. There were numerous classic songs being played to complement the series.


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Limelight Years episode 21 recap (End)

Buddy treat Linda and her family for tart and tea. Linda’s mother asked Buddy why are they celebrating their wedding in Taiwan instead of Honkgong. Linda’s mother asked Buddy about Alex’s character. Linda said Buddy and Alex are close buddies. Linda’s mother said Buddy is honest while Alex is tricky but since Buddy is good friends with Alex then Alex must be good too. Buddy said as long as there’s love between Linda and Alex, they will overcome their obstacles. Buddy told Linda he’s done all he could, she must be happy. Damien has a dream of seeing fireflies. Damien opened his eyes and couldn’t see anything. Damien opened his eyes and thrilled he can see. Damien stared at Fluorescent Mushrooms picture on the wall. Hugo came in the hospital room but Damien couldn’t hear what he said. Damien critiqued Miss Wah’s mushroom photos. Damien and Miss Wah sit at the park. Damien told Miss Wah he’s not her fan but he have listened to her song many times. Miss Wah told Damien he is her favorite fan. Damien read the lyrics for Glamorous Transformation and surprised to see lots of flowers theme in it.


The publisher congratulated Alex for having lots hits in his new book Behind the Glamor. The publisher’s boss wanted to recommend Alex as the writer of the year and will publish five books for him every year. Miss Wah called Alex and said she is not pleased with the lyrics and wants to revise it. Alex refused to edit and said he thinks there’s nothing wrong with the lyrics. Alex visited Linda and she felt ill. Linda got changed to go with Alex to meet with Miss Wah though she feels ill but she got Alex by her side. Alex drove Linda and asked her if she remembers the last time he gave her a ride. Linda said the last ride was when he gave her his Marjorina bookmark. Alex asked Linda if she still has the bookmark. Linda refused to tell him. Alex asked Linda to throw it since he will publish his new book under his real name and have a new car. The reporters followed Alex and Linda. Alex asked Linda to sit while he speaks to the reporters. Alex told the reporters they are getting married in Taiwan. Miss Wah arrived at the hotel and saw Alex being interviewed and Linda looking sick. Miss Wah checked up on Linda and saw she has a fever. Miss Wah asked Alex to take Linda to the hospital. Alex said she’ll take Linda to the hospital once the show is finished. Miss Wah took Linda to the hospital and asked Alex to do whatever he wants.

Miss Wah and Linda watch the show, Alex apologized to the audience that Linda wanted to come but couldn’t come since she has a fever. Linda is very weak and scream when she sees cockroaches. Alex said that Linda said that a person with little bit of something can still achieve something big as long as he has the courage and determination. If Linda can do it, everyone can do it. Linda told Miss Wah that he feels Alex has changed so much and he keeps on mentioning her name but she has a feeling he was talking about someone else. Miss Wah told Linda that is perhaps it is his true character. Doctor Wu congrats Linda for marrying Alex in Taiwan. He told Linda that it’s the talk of the town. Alex spent a lot of effort on this wedding. Alex knew she will recover from coma so he prepared the wedding for her. Miss Wah couldn’t believe that Alex marrying Linda was all just a show. Miss Wah told Linda that the show is already on but it’s up to her decision if she can accept her husband is this kinda of person. Linda said but Alex is good to her. Miss Wah apologized she doesn’t know how much Alex loves her. This is her happiness and it’s for her to decide.


Alex called Linda if she wants him to by her some congee. Linda said she’s tired and just want to sleep. Alex sings a song for Linda. In the plane, the flight attendant asked Alex for an autograph since she’s a fan of his book. Alex told Linda that Marjorina once said not every woman can wear a wedding dress. Linda said but every woman can wear a black dress. Alex told Linda she’s luckier than other women that she can wear both a wedding gown and black dress. He’ll work hard to write more books to buy her more dresses. Alex and Linda saw Lancy’s fiance Melvin coming up to Lancy. Melvin told Lancy that he gave up his business for her. He told her he loves her and want to build a family with Chris and her. Linda teared up and said it’s so good to have someone who gives up everything for you. Alex said he thinks the Taiwanese have read too many romance novels.

Linda and Alex visited the chapel. Linda asked Alex to promise her something before they get married. Linda wants to tell the reporter the truth she didn’t do anything heroic and she went to the hotel to catch Brother Tang cheating but went to the wrong room. Alex said he understands but she doesn’t need to do that since it is a white lie and she’s a heroine for the children and adults. Linda told Alex to be honest with her that he doesn’t care about the dream but he ‘s scared he won’t be the prince and she won’t the princess. Alex said if people finds out the truth, they will become normal people and people will call them liars. Linda told Alex it is nice to live a normal life like her uncle. Linda gave Alex two options to either tell the people the truth or she won’t marry him. Linda left and told Alex that he only wants to marry his Wonder Lady and not her. Alex told Linda that the script he used while she was in coma was a scheme but it was truly what the said in his heart. Alex told Linda though it was a gimmicks but it doesn’t meant he doesn’t want to marry her. Alex told Linda the wedding was rushed but he doesn’t mind marrying her. Linda asked Alex if marriage was a game for him. Linda said she’s out. Linda gave Alex an analogy if marrying is a gamble, she’s getting out instead of trying to win what she lost. She doesn’t want to lose the rest of her life. Linda walked away and Alex told Linda “I Love You”. He knows it’s hard for her to forgive him but he wants her to know he loves her. Linda cried and told Alex she never realized she would be so sad hearing him telling her those three word. Linda told Alex her instinct tells her that they will live happily ever after but she doesn’t even trust her instinct and even what he said. Alex told Linda but he truly loves her and they will be happy together. Linda dumped Alex.


Alex sighed to Buddy and asked him if he deserves any sympathy. Buddy replied “No”. Buddy told Alex that Linda and he believed he is gifted and has the potential to be famous but couldn’t he stop using tricks and wait longer. Buddy said he wanted to cover up for him but the truth couldn’t be covered and he was very calculating until the very end. Buddy told Alex he couldn’t lie to Linda though he is his friend. Buddy told Alex he likes Linda but don’t get the wrong idea, he is his best friend and she is the one he loves and he wants them to be happy. Buddy told Alex he borrowed money from his father to pay his debt from Brother Tang but now he has to repay back by working for his father. Buddy told Alex he’s doing this for him cause he believes he is the only person who can make Linda happy. Buddy told Alex he sacrificed Linda. He worked so hard to be famous he needs to proves he deserves to be famous.

Three months later, Alex gave Miss Wah the lyrics for Glamorous Transformation. Alex told Miss Wah Glamorous Transformation was his idea and he believes no one can write the lyrics better than him. Alex hopes that Miss Wah won’t reject his idea because of what happened to Linda. On the day of the concert, Eliza’s father sat by the table next to Lancy’s father, Uncle Leong and Jazz. Miss Wah sings the song about Superstar. Miss Wah made a speech about how she abandoned her family for her career. Miss Wah said when the glamor has faded, the stage will turn gloomy and she will feel lonely. It looks like she won a lot but she lost a lot. Is it too late to turn back. Miss Wah sang the song Glamorous Transformation. Miss Wah made a speech three different composers composed this song for her representing three different eras. Miss Wah mentioned about her son Tong Wing and she didn’t feel motivate to sing but it was him who motivated her to sing on stage. She said if you fall, you must stand up and make a glamorous transformation. Miss Wah sang the theme song of Limelight Years. Alex and Linda thought about each other. Miss Wah made a speech that she has a friend (Damien) whom refused to call himself her fan and called her a hypocryte which made her transformed today. Damien came and sang on stage with Miss Wah. Everyone came on stage.


Hugo brought Corina to the studio. Damien’s studio became one of the top ten. Damien thanked his friends for teaching him bygones are bygones and they can always start a new life. Damien thanked George for bringing new ideas to the studio. Eliza joined Miss Wah’s fanclub. Alex told Damien he always believed that before a person, die he should focus all his work on getting famous but now he realized the success or failure is counted on how many people will still love you if you die. Alex said the person who loves him is no longer there with him. Alex asked if she will give him a chance. Alex sign his autograph for his new book for George. Miss Wah asked Damien if he is still helping Alex. Damien told Miss Wah he doesn’t want to give Alex a chance but he wants to give Linda a chance for a glamorous transformation. Alex came up to Linda. Linda complimented Alex’s lyrics Glamorous Transformation. Alex told Linda he rejected many job offers in the past three months and wrote this book. Alex gave Linda his new book and asked her to read and it and tell him how she feels about it. Linda told Alex she will always be his fan and that will not change. Linda read Alex’s book about his autobiography of him as a journalist and his relationship with Linda and how Linda is willing to wait for him. He was selfish and even lost the woman he loved but he doesn’t want to lose hope in the last moment. Linda walked in the chapel with her wedding dress. Linda asked Alex to not come near her. Alex told Linda he loves her while she loves him too. Linda told Alex it isn’t only about him but also about her. Linda asked Alex if he saw that flash. She was afraid he was setting her up again. Alex told Linda it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t get famous but he cannot lose her. Linda told Alex she’s so scared she doesn’t know if he is lying or telling the truth. Linda asked Alex if he remembers that a relationship is void without trust. Linda apologized to Alex. Alex apologized to Linda for making her wait too long. Alex asked Linda to give him a chance for him to wait in return. He will wait until she trusts him again.

One the plane, Damien asked Miss Wah to put her camera away taking photos of him. Miss Wah rode the bike with Damien in the island and fell. Miss Wah told Damien it is a good thing cause she can now do a Glamorous Transformation.




Limelight Years episode 20 recap

Fans messaged online hoping Linda will wake up. Miss Wah said fame really makes a person fall down. Miss Wah wish Linda will wake up to reunite with her lover Alex. Damien told Miss Wah he’s not sure if her concert will be fabulous so he has to stay behind hand watch it. In other words, he doesn’t want to die yet. He decided to do a surgery after going to her concert. Alex brought a wedding gowns which costs eighty thousand dollars, in front of Linda. Alex told Linda she’s ready for her dream wedding. The road may be windy and stormy but he will be there for her. Alex told Linda if it rains, let’s get wet together. During the wedding, the priest will ask her if he will marry him if he’s a prince or a pauper, or a rich guy or poor writer. Eating Japanese or Hamburger, she will always be with him. Alex cried and held Linda’s arm and asked her to wake up. Linda said “I do”. She wakes up and said “Thank You”. Buddy teared up. Alex kissed Linda. Linda ate hamburger in the hospital thinking of happy memories with Alex. Alex gave Linda pears shaped like chips. Alex and Linda wore glasses and a mask to hide from the reporters. Alex took Linda on the mall where most celebrities go, on their first date. Alex told Linda she is famous now and must get used to the celebrity life.

Paparazzi surrounded Linda and Alex. Alex greet them and walked with Linda to the bakery shop. The boss gave Alex and Linda free cakes. Alex thanked the boss and said he may order the wedding cakes here. Linda asked Alex if they are going to get married. Alex asked Linda if she wants to marry him sooner. Linda told Alex it feels kinda rush since he hasn’t give her flowers. Linda asked Alex if he will regret it. Alex told Linda he’s afraid she will regret while her mind is still fuzzy. Alex told Linda they can spend as much christmas and valentine together so she can enjoy the privilege of being his girlfriend. The TV producer called, Linda turned off her phone. She feels embarrass if she tells the producer about she went to the hotel to catch Brother Tang cheating. Alex told Linda he will go with her making a wonderful story about Wonder Lady. Alex and Linda appears in the show in front of the TV. The host interviews how did he saved the five girls from the lunatic. The host showed a video of the scene Alex told Linda about the priest asking them in the wedding. Alex said though Linda agrees to marry him, he doesn’t want to force her just for her words. Whether she will marry him, it’s up for her to decide. He just wants her to know he’s ready. Linda told Alex though he didn’t have a diamond or romantic proposal, she will marry him because he is her dream man. Crowd cheers. She is willing to say a thousand times “I do”. Alex kisses Linda. Linda touched the wedding dress and wonder if Alex’s tears is on it. Miss Wah take pictures of Linda. Miss Wah told Linda she is now well known on TV with Alex.


Miss Wah asked Linda if she is sure she didn’t agree to marry Alex out of impulse. Miss Wah told Linda that she’s afraid she will become a drama queen though this is actually her life happiness. Linda said she wanted to find a man who loves her romantically. Miss Wah told Linda she knows Alex’s character. Marriage isn’t like a romance novel. Alex showed Linda pictures of the chapel that Mr.Lai sponsors for their wedding. Mr.Lai suggests Damien to form a band with him and sing during Linda’s wedding. Miss Wah agrees and would like to see how Damien’s singing is. Miss Wah and Alex listens to Jazz’s melody. Miss Wah let Alex to write the music for her since he’s writing her autobiography and been through ups and down before he becomes famous. Mr.Lai told George he couldn’t believe that Damien would spend time with Miss Wah over them. George told Mr.Lai that Damien wouldn’t admit he’s Miss Wah super fan. Mr.Lai told Damien he won’t go back to Taiwan until the concert is over and he successfully done his surgery. Mr.Lai and George persuade Damien to sing with them on stage. George turned on the audio and there’s loud beep. Damien got a headache and fainted.


In the hospital, Hugo said Damien’s tumor is getting worse and needs a surgery immediately. Miss Wah told Damien, if he wants her to sing, she can sing to him anytime. Damien said if there’s something wrong, he can’t shoot fireflies anymore. Miss Wah left for Taiwan. Damien told Theresa there’s another reason he doesn’t want to get a surgery, he’s afraid he won’t able to see her. Damien told Theressa she doesn’t need to worry about him anymore since he has friends who will be there for him when he’s in trouble. Miss Wah took pictures of fireflies in Taiwan.

Buddy wrote a farewell letter to Alex for returning home to work for his father. Buddy read Alex’s wedding script that Linda must wear this wedding gown to the wedding. Linda asked Alex if there’s no trust in a relationship, can the couple still go on. Alex ate and brought some hamburgers to buddy. Buddy frowned and said he doesn’t have the appetite to eat and he wanted to puke reading his script. Buddy told Alex the script he wrote for his wedding seems too fake and calculated. Buddy told Alex he asked him to sent him the wedding gown to show Linda not because he wanted her to wake up but because it is part of his script. He even arranged for the reporters to be there. He knew Linda would wake up so he put on a show. Alex recalled the doctor told him that Linda just took the medicine and fell tired and just asleep and he can tell this good news to Linda’s family. Alex called Buddy to bring Linda’s wedding gown. The reporters came when Buddy gave Alex the wedding gown. The reporters took photos of Alex and Linda. Alex told Buddy that he set up the scene but he truly loves Linda. Buddy asked Alex where’s is his dignity. He is still a prince without putting on this show. Alex said if he didn’t hype this show, people would forget him less than a week. Buddy told Alex he only cares about getting fame but what about Linda. Alex said he’s doing this for Linda, if he doesn’t get fame, he can’t date Linda. Buddy asked Alex what would Linda think if she found out that the wedding was just a wedding script for marketing. Alex said he wrote the script sincerely, and it doesn’t matter if Linda never finds out. Buddy told Alex that Linda is his future wife and she needs to know about this. Alex said it’s better for Linda not to know it. Alex asked Buddy not to tell her this if he cares about her and he asked him if he wants Linda to cry and have a failed wedding. Buddy packed his stuff and said he doesn’t want to see Linda leaned on his shoulder and cry. Alex asked Buddy if he’s jealous because he’s famous. Alex asked Buddy if he’s jealous that Linda is being with him. Buddy gave Alex his blessing Linda and left the house.


Limelight Years episode 19 recap

Miss Wah would like to do a concert in a month so Damien can be motivated to do the surgery. Miss Wah has an idea of running the concert as a music party. Alex told Linda that attracting audience isn’t about the work but it’s about hooking. Alex said that it is touching that Miss Wah is holding her concert for her friend whom is always dying. Linda asked Alex if he thinks that holding the concert is just for hooking the audience. Alex asked Linda if she is judging him. Linda told Alex she is not judging him but she finds him pathetic. Linda asked Alex if he has a heart. Hoe can he write something so moving. Miss Wah said success doesn’t belong to one person but to those who helped her as well. Jazz said the person must be modest as well for those who helped him when he’s in trouble. Miss Wah asked Jazz to be her music director for the forty anniversary concert. Miss Wah said she doesn’t want the light but she wants the basic which is to convey the simplest and most innocent feelings of music. She would like him to complete the music for her. Miss Wah told Jazz she would like to invite him to her gathering to see her sing since he is her most respected mentor.

Damien told Miss Wah that performing in Hongkong Coliseum was always her dream, she doesn’t need to change the concert place for him. Miss Wah said she used to strive for perfection but she realized that you can never get the best of both world. She needs to make a choice. She decided to choose her friends over her dream. Damien told Miss Wah he respects her decision, but between life and vision, he chooses his vision. Miss Wah said he still has a chance to get a surgery. Damien said if he can’t see or take photos, his life will be meaningless. Miss Wah asked Damien to bring his camera and go with her. Miss Wah called Damien a chicken, he does not know what lies ahead, so he feels unsafe. Miss Wah asked Damien if he can learn to trust her. Miss Wah took Damien to a hill of flowers. Miss Wah told Damien she wants to test him taking photos with his eyes close. With the supervising of Miss Wah, Damien moves his camera and take photos of flowers. Miss Wah told Damien that sometimes he doesn’t need to see the scenery using his eyes, sometimes he can feel it using his heart. Miss Wah closes her eyes and feels the breeze and say what she feels. Damien closes his eye and grabbed Miss Wah’s hands.

Damien moves his photos around in the dark. Damien told Miss Wah he is thankful of her letting him feel that taking photos while closing his eyes isn’t as bad. But a good photo tell a story and moves people. He can take photos with her telling the direction but this photo doesn’t have a soul because he couldn’t see. He couldn’t express his feeling with this photo. Miss Wah told Damien she won’t force him but he mustn’t force her either. She will hold her concert in a month. She will take this chance and want him to be involved. Miss Wah told Damien he many not care about his life, but she doesn’t want him to die. When Zhong Ziqi died, Boya never played his zither again. Miss Wah asked Damien that he may have many friends but how many of them are his close friends. Her only request is for him to show up in her concert. Miss Wah asked Damien, without him who would she be singing for.


Buddy read Alex’s autobiography about romance of Wah Fong Ying. Buddy asked Alex if he needs to put down so many movies line. Alex told Buddy he’s not only writing an autobiography but a novel in a form of a autobiograpy.The novel needs to have a soothing and dramatic feeling. Buddy asked Alex why doesn’t he create his own memorable quote instead of copying other famous quotes. Alex told Buddy that his deadline is in a month, if he doesn’t meet it, he will be dead. Alex asked Buddy if he knew in advance that Damien will get sick. Who knows when he will die. Alex received a letter from Brother Tang’s lawyer. Brother Tang’s wife showed the contract to Alex which he sign that all the project he worked for Wah Fong Ying shall be credited to Brother Tang including the book Behind the Glamor. Buddy told Brother Tang that he doesn’t work for Wah Fong Ying anymore and, all the work was written by Alex. Alex told Buddy that the contract lasted for a year and he just started working on it for a few months. Brother Tang told Alex he made it difficult for him. Brother Tang told Alex he can’t get famous by taking advantage of others, if he hadn’t give him this job, he would be begging for a living. Buddy suggests Alex to ask Miss Wah to find him a good lawyer. Alex said it takes a year to resolve the court case, by then Miss Wah’s concert will be over and his book won’t be published. Alex said they failed to see the big picture. Take Linda’s mother for example, she thought Uncle Leong was talented but he ran out of ideas for his music. Alex said he chose to dump Linda or she’ll wait for him hopeless and let her down.

Buddy mimicked what Brother Tang said to Alex, to Linda. Buddy said he doesn’t think Alex can win this case since Brother Tang’s wife is a famous lawyer. Buddy asked Linda if he still likes Alex. Linda told Buddy though she still love Alex, she can’t do anything since she’s just an assistant. Linda and Alex feels hopeless not being able to help Alex getting famous. Linda said she doesn’t have anything to sacrifice for Alex. Buddy told Linda “You don’t but I do”. Buddy dress up and met with Alex in the restaurant. Buddy told Alex Brother Tang won’t pursue this case further, since he paid for him. Alex asked Buddy how did he get such a large sum of money. Buddy told Alex that his father is the boss of this hotel. Alex confronted Buddy for lying to him being a pauper. Alex told Buddy he got an idea that he can sponsor his conference. Alex cheers with Buddy that he’s not only his buddy but also his Superman. Linda passed by Brother Tang. Brother Tang’s girlfriend asked him why did he keep staring at Linda and if he thinks she’s pretty. Brother Tang told his girlfriend that Linda can’t be compared to her. Linda followed Brother Tang to the elevator. Alex and Buddy enjoy their dessert. Linda called Alex that he saw Brother walking with a female, they can take photos of him and show to his wife. Alex told Linda she doesn’t need to do that. Linda hung up. Linda barged in the room with her phone and saw three girls being tied up. A lunatic slapped Linda. Linda threw her slipper at him. He pushed Linda toward the drawer and she fainted. Alex and Buddy searched for Linda and went in the room and grabbed the man.

Paparazzi surrounded the the girls whom were kidnapped, in the hospital. The girls said they wanted to thank Linda for rescuing them. Alex visited Linda in the hospital upset looking at Linda in coma. The paparazzi surrounded Alex and recognized him as the guy in the Cheap Lady video. Miss Wah watches the news of Linda. Miss Wah called the cab immediately and visit Linda. Miss Wah encouraged Linda’s mother to remain strong in harsh situation.


Alex listens to love couple stories on the radio and thought of Linda. Alex tells a story of a cheating prince who cheated princess. There are no princes, en are trash and cheaters and they pose as princes but they are wolves. Whether the girl is sleeping beauty of snow white, they’ll eventually be cheated. Alex said he met a silly girl who thought he was a prince, she thought she found her dream man but she found her cheap man who posed as a prince to fool her. She even gave up her status as Cinderella to be a mermaid to be with her fake prince. She was betrayed and hurt time and time again. He couldn’t believe there was a girl that silly who thought a frog could turn into a prince and a wolve could become a prince. He is well known now and many eyes are drawn toward him. No matter how many eyes are on him, none of them is as good as the princess glaze. There are so many spectators and the flashes are bright but the silly princess won’t open her eyes again. There are two types of people, the ones that believes in fairytale, and the ones that mock them. He was the person who mocked fairytale but now he hopes there are fairytales in this world. He hopes Linda will wake up. Alex shouted hoping Linda will wake up.


Limelight Years episode 18 recap

Linda told Miss Wah that her uncle thanked her for making his song famous. Miss Wah said she should have thanked her uncle for forgiving her. Linda gave Miss Wah her uncle’s unfinished piece of lyrics and asked her to finish the song for him. Miss Wah asked Linda if she is mad at her. Linda said Uncle Long isn’t mad at her, what right she has to be mad. Miss Wah told Linda she will give the work to her since she will travel to Taiwan for photoshots. Miss Wah said she’ll give her a raise so her work will be heavier.

Buddy told Alex if a person haven’t work for so long, they have lost their energy. He asked him if he’s still writing is autobiography. Alex is frustrated about writing his autobiography for Miss Wah since Uncle Long lost his talent. Buddy told Alex he’s producing a new version of cheap lady with is Hongkong Guys. Alex asked Buddy if they ran out of ideas so they rehash an old one. Alex said their channel haven’t received much hits, they only have two thousand views. Alex gave a suggestion to sell their programs and get an investor. Buddy said they run the channel, they can do whatever they like. Alex said he wants to get famous. Alex thought of putting ads to gain viewers. Buddy told Alex he can have Buddy who is poor and have a dream or Buddy who is rich and don’t have a dream. Alex leaned on Buddy and said it’s better to share the fortune than be starved. It would be best if he as a rich Buddy.

The doctor told Damien it will be risky if he doesn’t do the surgery because he can die anytime. Theressa met Damien. Damien said he wants to take photos of fireflies when he can see now. Damien took a picture of George and Mr.Lai together. Mr.Lai said he used to have a heart surgery. Damien, Mr.Lai,and George drank a bottle of water. They said back then they used to share a bottle of water, it would be great if they could share money now. The older you are, the more you realize that you can’t take money to the grave. Mr. Lai said he realized he can’t buy friends, family, health, or memories with money. Mr.Lai stood and told Damien and George he never told them this world “Sorry”. During dinner, Mr. Lai showed Damien a photo of a girl giving him flowers during the game. Damien said he’s rich and handsome but why didn’t the girls fall for him. Mr. Lai replied cause all the girls fell for him instead. George threw food at Mr.Lai and said he’s still single because of him. Mr.Lai said he used to have many girls but he’s single now. Damien said he was devoted to his wife but he’s alone now. George said don’t be sad, women are just for appreciation, they don’t need to possess them. Damien and Mr.Lai said that’s crap. George said he’s free and always joined the organization for housewives. Mr. Lai told Damien that it’s not George doesn’t want a woman, but he doesn’t want to be trapped by them. Mr.Lai said he will correct himself and settle down. Mr.Lai said his view change as he gets older, though he got a big yatch and house, he still feels lonely being single. Damien asked Mr.Lai who’s the lucky teen model. Mr.Lai said he’s got the eye for Wah Fong Ying. Damien and George spit their soda. Mr. Lai said Wah Fong Ying divorced twice and he divorced four times and they’ve got experiences. He doesn’t want to babysit young girls. Now his journey continues. Damien asked Mr.Lai if he’s serious about settling with Miss Wah. Damien said Miss Wah is his friend and he doesn’t want him to toy with her. Mr.Lai said he has the eyes for Miss Wah for a long time but he wasn’t open to court her. After he has a heart attack, he realizes he needs to do things he wants to do. George drank tea and told Damien that Mr.Lai is right, a person will change as he gets older, he would like a partner too but he’s old and broke and don’t want to be a burden. George asked Damien if he feels lonely now that his wife is gone. George asked him to get a partner.


Mr.Lai brought a huge flower for Miss Wah and told her he would like to invest his life for her. Miss Wah asked if he wanted to migrate somewhere else. Mr. Lai laughed and said she’s funny. That’s why he said if he wants to marry, he has to find someone with a sense of humor. Mr.Lai asked Miss Wah if she finds the flowers special. Mr. Lai said he often buy red roses for her but today he wanted to buy something special for her. Lilies signifies long lasting marriage. Pink roses define love. Miss Wah told Mr. Lai he is a good fan and a good friend of her, to return this favor she will do well on her concert. Mr. Lai told Miss Wah that marriage is not only for young people, when she’s old she also wants a life partner to hang out with her. Miss Wah sneezed and went back to her room. Mr. Lai said he will wait for her. Rebecca stared at Damien.

Miss Wah and Damien took photos outside. Damien looked at the photos of pink roses and white lilies and asked if Mr.Lai gave them to her. Miss Wah told Damien his friend is funny and almost proposed to her. Damien told Miss Wah that it’s a bit dramatic but Mr.Lai is a good partner. Miss Wah told Damien he’s good too and keep her company. Miss Wah asked Damien if he will go to Taiwan to take photos with her or he’ll ask Gordon. Before he leaves to Taiwan, Damien showed Hugo where he placed the document of the fireflies. Hugo told Damien if he can’t take pictures of fireflies this year, there’s always next year. Damien got angry and said he has to go now. Hugo told Damien to have fun taking photo of the huge firefly. Damien hugged Hugo. Hugo bid farewell to his father. Miss Wah book three tickets to see the whales. Damien takes pictures of Miss Wah and said he’s practicing shooting whales. Damien told Miss Wah he wanted to keep her company. Alex asked Linda to change the booking to 4. Hugo arrived and asked his father what happened to his brain. The doctor called and said he needs surgery. The gave him the key to safe deposit box. George scold at Damien for not telling him about the brain tumor. Damien madly said if he should sue the doctor for disclosing personal information. Damien said he decided not to make the surgery. Damien told Mr.Lai even if he spends money to pay for his surgery, there’s still a change he’ll be paralyze or go blind. Now he’s fine. Damien said he can still use his time to do what he wants to do. Linda asked Damien if he dies, would he miss his family. Damien said there’s always time to part, and this time he can have fun and take pictures of fireflies. Hugo said the doctor said the fireflies he took where hallucination of his brain tumor. Damien told Hugo he did see the huge firefly which her mom mentioned. Miss Wah asked Damien if he is willing to do a surgery since she believes him seeing fireflies. Damien told Miss Wah he promised he would take great photos for her concert. Miss Wah said if he dies because he didn’t take the surgery, it will be her fault. Miss Wah told Damien he promised to travel with her, he’s only sixty and can live until he’s eighty. Damien told Miss Wah he’s a photographer, his eyes are very important to him, she’s singer, her voice is important to her. Imagine if she lost her voice.

The doctor told Hugo there’s a risk with every surgery but his father didn’t want to risk. Hugo took Corina home and told Damien he thought about it that he won’t let Corina raise her baby alone, he will marry her. Hugo told his father he will buy a flat and build his family. Hugo told his father he can take photos of them during graduation. Damien told Hugo he will be happy if he truly marry Corina for love but he’s doing it to motivate him doing surgery.
Damien told Hugo that his life is for him to decide so he respect his decision in marriage. Damien hopes he respects his decision of not doing surgery. Corina told Hugo he needs to respect her decision too. She is thrilled he didn’t planned big event while proposing to her but her answer is no. She came here to see how Damien is doing. Corina told Hugo she wants to start a family with him but she left him because he’s not ready yet. Hugo told Corina he thought she didn’t want to marry him because she didn’t want to be tied in a relationship. Corina told Hugo he is even more stereotyping than his father. When she sees his arm around other girls, she feels upset. She really likes traditional chinese culture. She likes watching Hongkong and Chinese movies. She doesn’t want an open relationship, she wants a stable relationship. She tried to be the woman he would like but it’s all over when she got pregnant. Corina told Hugo he’s a bird without legs. Hugo said he’s a bird that don’t like to be trap but if he finds a nest, he will settle on it. Hugo told Corina he will always be there for her no matter what happens. He knows this is a good time for him to be a good father. Corina told Hugo he may not be a good husband but she’s sure he will be a good father. Hugo told Corina he’s sure she will be a good mother. Corina bids farewell to Hugo.

Hugo drinks. Damien told Hugo he remembers he used to say in his ad that life not about how long you live but how spectacular you live. Hugo asked his father if he thinks he havent’ grown up. Hugo asked him if he remembered he wanted to borrow his camera to take part in the photography competition but he wouldn’t let him so he grabbed it and the camera broke. Hugo said he was upset because he couldn’t use a nice camera but he didn’t realize he was upset the most because the camera was broken. He has never changed, he always wanted everything to go his way. Damien told Hugo he didn’t let him use the camera because it was expensive but the ads cost ten millions dollars. Damien told Hugo sometimes he feels inferior when he sees how much he has accomplished. Damien said his studio gives him a lot of sense of security. The dark place helps him escape from reality. He’s afraid of losing memories of his mother and him. When he took care of his family, it was a burden but he was happy because he had a purpose. Then Hugo moved out, and his wife died so Damien had no purpose in life. Then he realized he lived for other people instead of himself. Damien said he really wants to go to Taiwan to fulfill his wish to regain his confidence. He needs a lot of courage to follow his heart. Damien told Hugo he should be happy for him. Hugo gave the passport to Damien for him to live his spectacular life.


Limelight Years episode 17 recap

Miss Wah thanked Damien to remind her she needs to transform. Damien told Miss Wah he was reminding himself to transform as well since he keeps on longing for Michelle and nee to move on his life. Damien asked Miss Wah what would it be hard for her to let go. Miss Wah said her schedule book since it record all her work she did. Damien told Michelle if he is trapped in his love life, she is trapped in her fame and fortune. They should make an option if they would like to keep up living in their past or move on. Damien said there are a lot of beautiful places in Taiwan he would like to travel around the island. Damien asked Miss Wah if she would like to travel with him, she can post the beautiful photos for her concert. Miss Wah and Damien went camping. Miss Wah complained about mosquito bites. Miss Wah told Damien she wants to see fireflies. Damien brought her camera and flashlight and search for fireflies and saw a beautiful firefly that his wife mentioned. Damien tries to catch the fire flies but tripped down the hill and fainted. Damien told Miss Wah he’s going to go again and take photos of fireflies. Miss Wah asked Damien to do himself a favor and go for a check up. Damien said he will stay for another week. Miss Wah teased Damien she can’t count him as her photographer for her concert. Miss Wah told Damien she already asked Linda to book him a ticket. Damien agrees to go back to Hongkong but he will book one for Alex.

Miss Wah thanked Alex for creating a plum honey for her. Miss Wah told Alex he can be her creative director for her concert. He can still publish his book Behind the Glamor. Miss Wah told Alex she wants him to document her life and her past mistakes she made. Alex said he has to turn down this offer. Alex said he was joking. Alex told Miss Wah his plan of creating a novel using her autobiography. He will tell about all the beauty and sorrow. Miss Wah accepts the idea. Alex helped Linda pushing the baggage. Damien told Miss Wah that Alex is trying to please Linda but his idea will be futile. Linda hasn’t gotten over his uncle’s incident. Alex told Linda their lugagges with Damien equals to Miss Wah’s luggage. Alex offer to help Linda but she died. She asked him that she needs to work for her salary too. Linda asked Alex if she is getting a sit by the window. Alex said of course he’s sitting in the aisle. Linda told Alex he’s getting a sit in the aisle so Damien can sit by the window.

Damien took photos and saw Theressa. Damien asked a man to take a picture of her and Theressa. Damien walked in his photography studio and there were people dressed in Halloween costumes with the light off. A customer dressed in the vampire costume told Damien he needs to wait in line. George told Damien he bought the scanner to scan and burn the disco so clients can save it in their file. George said he is using the tranform theme of photography. After reducing the costs for the property and costumes, the turnover has doubled. Damien let George handling the studio to see him making profit. Miss Wah told Damien she plans to buy an expensive camera. Damien told Miss Wah the concept of photography to take beautiful photos isn’t that simple. Damien suggests Miss Wah to buy three beginner’s camera and hold it. Hugo stared at Damien and said he’s never talked on the phone so long. Damien said Miss Wah is lucky having him teaching her about photography. George peeked on the photos that Damien took in Taiwan. He saw photos of Miss Wah. He was shocked seeing Damien’s hand pose was down.


Damien took Miss Wah around to practice some photoshoots and the first shot was in front of the coliseum. Miss Wah moved Damien’s arm for the pose and took the photo. George told Damien he must have a thing for Miss Wah since he let Miss Wah took photos of him using his camera. Damien said he has never let anyone touched his camera. George asked Damien who took his photo at the airport. He thought Miss Wah did it because the pose was weird. Damien looked in his photo and couldn’t see Theressa. Damien chill and saw Theressa. He asked her how old is she. Theressa said twenty-five. Damien said it’s been twenty-five years, he now know her chinese name, it is Law-Chi Wing. Damien told Theressa whenever she comfort him, it its like him comforting himself. Theressa told Damien it’s time for him to let go. The doctor told Damien he has a brain damage and a tumor in his temporal lobe. His tumor is near optic nerve. There’s a risk he’ll lose his vision if he does a surgery.

Miss Wah discussed with his team about the concert but Mr.Tsang refused to invest the funds. Mr.Lai offer to invest in Miss Wah’s concert. Master Kai withdrew to the concert due to feeling being awkward being her concert coordinator. Master Kai recommended Linda to replace him as the new concert coordinator. Damien teased Linda to think about it this way when she was an assistant, Miss Wah used to boss her around, now she is the coordinator she gets to boss her around. Miss Wah told Linda that a woman have to be independent and need her own career. Master Kai said he checked the schedule and there’s no open time slot until the end of next year. Miss Wah believes they can wait a year to plan her concert. Her fans who want to see her concert will wait. Damien told Miss Wah lots of things can happen in a year or two. Miss Wah optimistic said she will have more time to plan for the concert. She would like to shoot photos in Taiwan since she has many past experience in Taiwan. Damien told Miss Wah to go to Taiwan next week. Miss Wah asked Damien if there’s something happened to his health. Damien said the doctor said his vision will be blurred and his hands will tremble and he will no longer be able to hold his camera Damien showed Linda and Miss Wah a photo of Uncle Long. George dug through his firm phonebook and found Uncle Long’s number. Damien said Uncle Long remembered he developed film for him and said he would come back in person. Linda got mad that Uncle Long didn’t contact her and she refuse to see him.

Miss Wah asked Linda if she decided to go see Uncle Long, would she go with her. Linda told Miss Wah if she goes, sh will take tomorrow off. Miss Wah told Linda she should be happy that Uncle Long is still alive. Linda said Uncle Long haven’t contacted her so it’s better to not meet her. Miss Wah said she was at fault for hurting her uncle, her mother and her. She didn’t realized how much Uncle Long has sacrificed for her cause she kept on running away. She was afraid to face the mistake she can’t fix. It’s not that she doesn’t want to see him, but she’s afraid to. She’s not sure if he will blame her or yell her. If he yells at her, she will feel better.


The next morning, Uncle Long came to pick up his photos in Damien’s studio. Uncle Leong’s wife and daughter came. Damien asked Uncle Long why he he didn’t pick up ten years ago. Uncle Long said he forgot. Alex took Linda out to find Uncle Long but he’s gone. Linda called Uncle Long on the street. Alex asked Uncle Long how did he use his phone after it got disconnected for many years. Uncle Leong said he removed the SIM Card since he didn’t want to be found and he started a new life with his new family. Last month, he got a new phone and got his SIM Card but the new number was hard to remember so he used his old number. Then Damien called him. Linda said she found his suicide note in Llama Island and believed he really died. Linda asked Uncle Long why did he hide. Uncle Long said he was a coward and didn’t want to face his past. When he sees her and her mother, it reminds him of being a loser. Linda asked Uncle Long who could he be a loser, he is a talented musician. Uncle Long said her mother thought he was a genius and blamed Miss Wah for ruining his future of being a composer. But he knew he was just a normal music teacher. Linda told Uncle Long he wrote such a classic song for Miss Wah. Uncle Long said there were no other songs after his hit song. He wanted to show his fan how talented he was but he couldn’t write a full song. He worked hard composing his song but he couldn’t compose anything because he didn’t have the potential. Her mother’s expectation of him got higher, he couldn’t face her. Linda asked Uncle Long if he’s mad at Miss Wah. Uncle Long said he knew it wasn’t Miss wah’s idea. When he loves a person, he understands her mind. If there was ever a glamor in his life, Miss Wah gave him. She was his inspiration letting him write a hit song. Alex told Uncle Long he has a new life now, perhaps he has a new inspiration. Uncle Long said he wrote the song for Miss Wah to win her heart. Now he is married to another woman and wants to live a normal life.

Linda told Alex whether Uncle Long is a normal person or a musician, she is thrilled to have found him. Miss Wah and Damien encountered Uncle Long’s wife. Uncle Long’s wife told Miss Wah whenever Uncle Long hears her name or her song, he has a special feeling in his heart. She has an instinct that she wasn’t just a singer, but his old lover. Uncle Long’s wife believes Uncle Long will still be happy to meet Miss Wah. Miss Wah told Uncle Long’s wife she has a happy family. Uncle Long’s wife said she worked hard to build this family. Miss Wah and Uncle Long’s wife wish each other success. Miss Wah told Damien that it took her this long to realize that stable and lasting love is better than passion. The most important person may not be the one who she loves the most or hurt the most but the once who heal her wound and walked this journey with her. Damien is thankful he could walk this journey with his wife. Miss Wah wonder who will walk through the final journey with her.