Being a fan of other drama blogs!

Yes I used to check previous tvb blogs: TVB Musing, K4TVB, TVB Square, TVB Index, and SPCNET. There used to be so many asian drama bloggers 10 years ago. As a tvb addict who have chatted with numerous tvb fans, and having been told being a “tvb guru” or “You are the right person to talk about this”, I’ve never thought of being a drama blogger but I love blogging and choosing layouts. I always wanted to be a drama recapper due to my love of stories especially adventure stories. Reviews are fine, I like expressing my opinions but I love blogging about daily adventure so I prefer to do drama recaps and keeping memories.

But I’m a private person, I don’t like sharing my thoughts too much especially when it will offend someone. Yeah many fans have told me I’m knowledgeable about tvb series and even more than them. I watch a lot of tvb series but I’m one of those who don’t like expressing opinions in public places which is why I’ve never been a fan of forums. I prefer one on one chat where I know the person.

But the more I do wuxia and tvb recaps, I would like to review or recaps some good wuxia series that my favourite wuxia and tvb bloggers haven’t covered. I used to chat with SPCNET about wuxia series and we do watches different wuxia series. There are some wuxia series I would like to cover. There are too many asian dramas to be watched right?

With Wuxia Edge gone, there still A Virtual Voyage who covers wuxia series. 🙂

I’m planning to cover more wuxia series and asian dramas that I would like to.

❤ Jac


New Blog Header

Hi guys! I made a new blog header for myself using photoshop featuring some of my favourite tvb couples in tvb ancient series. Looking at it make my day and gives me good memories of old tvb series!

I was in a good mood so I also made a new blog header for my blogger friend Miriamfanz Casual TVB featuring her favourite tvb historical dramas and characters.

Have a great day!

❤ Jac

Warming post!

I need to be careful! In the online word there will be those who supports you but also who despite you! You know what I like being an hk and wuxia blogger and being surrounded by many likedminded asians who also like wuxia and hk dramas. I’ve known a few asian guys who are also wuxia fans who I know from lurking and casual commenting on my blog and I thank them for that. I chat with a lot of fans both from Asian and America!

I’ll keep in mind those quotes NancyZDramaland and A Virtual Voyage cdrama bloggers gave me “Wow be careful out there but stand to your right” and “I don’t know why people love to spread hate”.

I am not really with aznidentity and I don’t have a reddit account but trolls love to stalk me and harass me and getting triggered by me. But you know what some guys and girls thought I was from aznidentity because I always post links. There was a time I felt really scared and I told Cleanslate to not mention my name on the sub despite he gave me a gold medal for asian activism and he is really nice and compliment me too much! Way too much I think! I always say this I like this very upfront personality despite sometimes I don’t agree with his opinions. Oh yeah it was that one time that the guys were beginning to recruiting allies that the guys following me and talk to me one person from the next. I actually sometimes don’t agree with some of the guys opinions but I enjoy supporting them cause they are asians. Yeah I was kinda scared but he told me I have a lot of guys who have my backs.

There will always be trolls who seek to divide asian men and women and love that. My opinion is I don’t like the word “toxic masculinity boys” being used. I think that word can harm asian community and be used against asian men. Also guys from aznidentity have a hard life we should try to understand them instead of labeling them all as toxic. I see some asian females and trolls do that. Oh yeah and I don’t agree with “That’s why they turn to whites”. If you are asian asian woman, and you’ve been bashed by some of the guys from aznidentity, I can’t step on the shoes “That’s why we turn to whites”. It’s just a few asian guys! So I never understood af hate asian men but love white men! Oh yeah I’ve also noticed trolls love to have submissive asian females or girls that are easy to them or they think they are entitled to them. But some asian females are toxic or are mentally ill!

I gotta say that being an asian girl, it was also kinda easy for me to make friends with a lot of asian drama bloggers who are asians because they like to hang out with other asians. As you know I have different kinds of asian followers I know from different places.

I gotta say that I am not so outgoing myself. I am not shy but I don’t talk a lot. As you know I am very careful of who I accept as my online friend. Even in the asian drama blogging world, I am very picky but it’s good I have a lot of asians who are there for me and I enjoy supporting them too. I know a lot of asians from different places, most hk drama bloggers are asians and some asian girls who blog for dramafever also got to know me for being a fan of DramaFever. But lately I got to know more asians from asian activism from aznidentity and also outside of aznidentity.

There’s a few questions other have asked me and thought I was against asianfeminism and interracial dating. Yeah I support AMAF and I like being around other asians but I don’t consider that as racist but maybe that can bother other people.

My opinions about being asian and asian unity! Agree or disagree! I love my wuxia blog a lot and am very dedicated to it. Many wuxia and asian drama bloggers and drama fans can testify that and said I’m very dedicated to asian dramas! So don’t touch it!

I shouldn’t write this post but some stuff are hard for me to ignore and I don’t like to justify myself for others nor explaining why I like asian unity!

❤ Jac

Fantastic Night of Sunday!

Today was a great day of hanging out. I went to a Japanese store, Whole Food, Trader’s Joe and Eatzi. I watched Ninjago movie today. I ate sushi, Alaskan Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll at a Japanese Restaurant for dinner. My mom was happy I bought her a Tiramisu Cake and Japanese Mochi and Japanese Tea!

Now I have to rest for the night. Gotta work hard at the gym tomorrow!

❤ Jac