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Running an asian drama blog!

There’s been this thing that I’ve been thinking of a while. What makes someone wants to run a blog? I thought about it that I first wanted to create my own drama blog ever since I actively reads SPCNET and K for TVB blogs.  I created this blog after chatting with a few tvb fans and some drama bloggers and streaming sites since I have connections. and have a niche. I’m not a fans of forums. I enjoy doing drama recaps and just go onto the following episodes each time.  I’ve been wondering what makes other people wanting to create their own blog and if they ever had a feeling they never wanted to create one or want to quit.  When I first created this drama blog, there’s nothing I wanted to do. I’m Vietnamese so I can’t translate news articles or watch dramas as they come out. I can just do drama recaps. I’m more of a fan of how good the plot it. I’m not onto celebrities lives. I like autonomy and be on my own which is why I run my own blog.

What I’ve learned throughout drama blogging or anyone who want to start a blog is

1. They must be dedicated, It takes a lot of work and time.

2. Find their own niche, like who is your audience, I like asian entertainment. I like to blog asian related topics.

3 Connect with other bloggers with the same hobbies.

4. Know your stuff, be familiar with the topics. Know your skills, what are you good at?

5. Know how to make your site pretty.


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Happy 7 years to my blog HK-KDRAMA ISLAND!

It’s this time of the year. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for seven years. The first drama I’ve recapped was TVB’s House of Vengeance of Harmony. It was my first one since I wanted to start blogging with an ancient series. I started this blog back in May 2012 seeing how many tvb bloggers have stopped and there was a lack of tvb blogs. I wanted to fill in and create a blog to cover hk dramas and k dramas. Back then when DramaFever was still there, I decided to blog about kdramas too. Then I blog about wuxia series too since I grew up with great wuxia series.

Now seems like this year have become different. Many drama bloggers have either quit or just tired or lost interests in watching asian dramas. Some big drama blogs are still around but most drama blogs have quit. There’s not really any new blogs popping out.

I’m trying to cover more new hk dramas I enjoy. I am halfway through Ghetto Fabulous Lady and almost done with Fist Fight. Yeah took me a long time to finish these two tvb series. I’m trying to finish them, just couldn’t handle 30 episode tvb series these days. I’m not sure if there will be good ones out there.

I don’t know how is the future of asian dramas and blogging but I think there will be some big drama blogs who always remain.

Dramabeans, Ockoala, A Virtual Voyage, and Drama Panda are still here but not sure how long they will stay.

I’m just take my time I blog as it goes.

❤ Jac