Asian drama blogging thought!

I’ve been blogging for almost eight years! It’s been great. I focus on hk dramas with a bias for wuxia and sometimes I throw in some cdramas and kdramas.

What I learned about blogging is.

1. You have to figure out if you want to blog for a hobby or a business.
2. How much time would you dedicate to it?
3. Why are your blogging?
4. How and where would you go find your sources to write for your topics?
5.How can you connect with the community and who are your fanbases?
6. What you can do and what you can’t do?
7. What is your blog is going to be about?

A message from me How Am I feeling?

How’s everyone feeling? I’ll just post my thought how am I feeling about tvb and everything.

I’ve been watching tvb and wuxia series since I was eight years old and watching them helps me having more confident and relaxed. I’m a longtime tvb and and have chatted with lots of tvb fans and bloggers. Been blogging for almost eight years. I’m just rambling about how tvb series gave more confident seeing more faces look like me and when I’m stressed I usually watch tvb series. I watch lots of them. I’m not sure which is how I became what I am today of being a tvb blogger.

Sidetracking a bit, I followed a bit of asian activism and twitter and it isn’t for me. I prefer to enjoy life and chat with other asians as usually but not onto those infighting. Not to say we have to be unaware of racism. Be aware of it, but sometimes I get overhwelmed by the divide.

A bit of rant, real life sucks, I enjoy having my tvb series and which is why I do tvb drama recaps. I’m a bit over the top of a bit more of a hardcore tvb fan as your usual tvb fan who just watches them. I put a lot of hard work in my tvb series recaps and dedication to them. Cause I grew up with many tvb series and it helps me relieve stresses. I love listening to chinese music and watching tvb series. I’m one of the few Vietnamese here surrounded by many chinese and some are half viet and chinese.

With tvb series going down, I don’t know how long I will be able to substain  this blog as one of the few tvb bloggers around.

❤ Jac

Running an asian drama blog!

There’s been this thing that I’ve been thinking of a while. What makes someone wants to run a blog? I thought about it that I first wanted to create my own drama blog ever since I actively reads SPCNET and K for TVB blogs.  I created this blog after chatting with a few tvb fans and some drama bloggers and streaming sites since I have connections. and have a niche. I’m not a fans of forums. I enjoy doing drama recaps and just go onto the following episodes each time.  I’ve been wondering what makes other people wanting to create their own blog and if they ever had a feeling they never wanted to create one or want to quit.  When I first created this drama blog, there’s nothing I wanted to do. I’m Vietnamese so I can’t translate news articles or watch dramas as they come out. I can just do drama recaps. I’m more of a fan of how good the plot it. I’m not onto celebrities lives. I like autonomy and be on my own which is why I run my own blog.

What I’ve learned throughout drama blogging or anyone who want to start a blog is

1. They must be dedicated, It takes a lot of work and time.

2. Find their own niche, like who is your audience, I like asian entertainment. I like to blog asian related topics.

3 Connect with other bloggers with the same hobbies.

4. Know your stuff, be familiar with the topics. Know your skills, what are you good at?

5. Know how to make your site pretty.