Let the asian guys be my protector!

This quote is so warm from the guys of aznidentity and happas to me. Fight against White trolls, I’ve got asian community with me and watching out for me. I got the guys there for me.

Don’t be scared. He is not going to do anything to you.First, he is a useless white English teacher in Asia. Neckbeard for life
Second you got all of us on Twitter behind your back. If someone harass you on Twitter, literally all of us can help you yell back or report his posts.

If we keep reporting them for harassing you and others, eventually they’ll get banned from every platform. We are definitely going to have to troll them back twice as hard because force is all these white supremacist lowlifes understand.

I love my asian drama blog

I love my drama blog.

Grew up with tvb series and wuxia thanks to my parents.

I’ve been blogging for five years up for now.

I’ve always been known as the tvb/wuxia/drama guru.

I’ve always been known by my family and friends as the drama addict.

I have wonderful tvb and wuxia blogger friends.

One of my dreams was to do drama recaps of my favorite asian dramas and I got it now.

My drama blog is my space to chill.

I love my drama blog!

A few hours of frustration-My precious wuxia blog

So I woke up and got frusrated seeing my blog getting suspended I was about to host this wordpress site. I thought of archive the content and post into another blog. I contacted the wordpress admin that this wuxia blog means a lot to me and I’ve spend five years writing drama recaps for it. I’ve received a message from wordpress admin that they have put my blog back up and I can continue blogging but make sure to take off some of the porn screencap which I took of some trolls.

Oh yeah the guys from aznidentity told me to not be scared of white trolls, they are all there for me.

Now I’m happy my blog is back up again.

Thanks to the wordpress admin.

❤ Jac.

Blur the lines asian subreddit

Let me tell you a bit of my background. I’m not onto politics. I’m just a normal asian girl who watches asian dramas and blog about them.

I’ve never been a fan of reddit or forum. The first time I found aznidentity was being bashed by some asian guys for whiteworshipping. Being a fangirl of american music and artiste. One guy bash me, then more guys jumped along and do it. It did leave me a bad taste. But I just left it alone since not all asians are like that. It was the time when the asian guy bashed me and another asian girl. The asian girl followed me and she messaged me “Asian guys only treat us as asset and white guys even treat us better”. I disagreed with that but kept it quiet. During that time it was so chaotic, the asian guys were doing activism. Several asian guys from aznidentity followed me. Some asian guys asked them “Hey guys, why are you guys all siding with this JacJac girl, she’s a whiteworshipping bitch?” The guys from aznidentity told him to calm down, it’s not helpful. You know they want us all asians to fight right”. Yeah okay, the aznidentity moderators started following both the extremist and me. I felt a bit relieved inside. Then more asian guys started to follow me. I had a message chat with one of the asian guys “I like you, your tweet is very positive, don’t take it to heart what the extremist said and don’t get too suck up with the twitter fights”. “Well JacJac, there are extremist asian guys who bash asian girls, but there are also many asian self haters who bash asian guys. I don’t let those guys represent me but you don’t let those girls represent you either”.

As I started to follow some of the asian guys from asian identity, one of the asian feminist didn’t agree with me and unfollowed me. I got blocked by some non-asians when I retweeted. Some asian girls messaged me that they blamed it on the guys too, some of them are immature. I had a few times when some of the non-asians tell me that aznidentity seems to be against all interracial relationships and that’s racist. I told them that azngrl4whitegod has been trolling asian communities and playing self pities and they agreed with me that though they are in a white men and asian women relationship, they thought aznwhitegod mindset is terrible and also what she is promoting is terrible. Had a few times when white women who are in a relationship with an asian man tell me “I know there are whites who are very racist but we are white and have priviledge, we have very little power in this”.

Onto the topic of aznwhitegod playing self pity and bashing communities. Azngrl4whitegod has been using asianfeminist against us. Even if asian girls or asian feminist got bashed by asian guys for whiteworshipping, I don’t think we should be blind and support trolls. Let’s us asians unite together against white trolls who try to divide us. I don’t know what are you asianfeminist opinions on this but as for me, I’m on asian sjw side against the white trolls.

❤ Jac.

Happy 5 Year Anniversary Year Anniversary HKOREANDRAMAISLAND

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to my blog. Can’t believe I’ve been doing drama recaps for five years. I’ve been doing many wuxia recaps recently to revive my good childhood memories! There’s not much drama bloggers left but there’s still a few awesome drama blogs around. There used to many great drama blogs around but now there’s still a few good ones e.g A Virtual Voyage.

I used to follow SPCNET, TVB Musing, K For TVB back in 2007 and when the asianfanatic forum were active. Now there are rarely tvb blogs around. Yeah it was good memories of tvb blogging world. I remember when I first created this blog back in 2012, I got to connect with many tvb bloggers. All of us tvb bloggers are asians and have similar interests.

I’ll still be still drama blogging and sticking around when I’m free or motivated to blog. 🙂

Anyway. Hope you guys are doing great and have a good day.

❤ Jac!