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Rear Mirror episode 19 recap

An inspector checks around Wayne’s house. Mong’s allergies sympton arise. At the bar, Ivan gave the cherry biscuit to Natalie. Ivan told Natalie he found out the one who miss is her. Natalie told Ivan to not see her again aside business talk. Ivan chased and hugged Natalie. Ronald wished her and Ivan the best. Ronald and Natalie become friends again. In the office, Ivan told Natalie she will be transferred to Tsuen Wan’s office. He got drunk at the bar and didn’t know what he said. Flashbacks of Ka Bo taking pills when Ivan wanted to break up with her. The judge gave the custody to Mr. Shum and Elaine. Louisa told Mong he can water the plants with Wayne during the holiday and see how much it has grown. Mong hugged Wayne and cried before leaving with Elaine and Mr.Shum. Ivan told Ka Bo that he checked with the pharmacists and those pills were vitamins. Ivan told Ka Bo they don’t have anything in common. Wayne sent Mr.Shum a message to pick up Mong after school everyday. Mr.Shum asked Mong to play with his train. Mong insist on playing with the minibus that Wayne gave him. Elaine told Mr.Shum that maybe it was wrong for them to take Mong back. Mr.Shum looked at the family drawings that Mong drew of Wayne. Louisa asked Mr.Shum if Mong is happy staying with him. Mong returned with Wayne. Susan and Ryan sold their share to Mr.Shum. Elaine left Mr.Shum. She gave a sum of money to Wayne. Louisa chased Susan and a car came toward Susan.


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Rear Mirror episode 18 recap

-Dai Chi returned the resignation letter to Wayne.

-Ryan and his friends saw Ivan and Natalie at the bar.

-Ryan’s friend harassed Natalie. Ivan fought with Ryan’s friend and got hurt.

– Ivan told Natalie he never had that courage before.

-Elaine dealt with Wayne to get Mong’s back for five hundred thousand dollars.

-Wayne told Wong that Auntie Judy is his birth mother and he is not his biological father.

-Uncle Bing got into a car crash. Susan saw the car leaked, and she left. Wayne and Louisa saved Uncle Bing.

-Uncle Bing told Louisa the truth about her mother’s death that Susan didn’t give her mother the tablet and watched her die of heart attack.

-Wayne told Louisa sometimes forgiving can end the hatred.

-Ivan sent Natalie a note to have lunch with him. Ivan and Natalie ate durian fried rice.

-Flashbacks of Elaine told Mr.Shum he still has a six years old son. They will help each other win their son back. Mr. Shum took Louisa to the hall under the name of his son. He must cherish his son. Mr.Shum told Louisa he got into a car accident and the doctor told him he can’t have kids anymore. He’ll do what it takes to win his son back.


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Rear Mirror episode 17 recap

Too stressed these days. Watching this series to relax. 🙂 Sorry for the so late update. This is one of my favorite series this year but was too busy to finish it.

I’ve noticed that Benjamin and Stanley appeared less in these few last episodes.


-Uncle Bing told Susan if Louisa knows the reason behinds her mother’s dead she won’t be thriled.

-Susan told Uncle Wing that Louisa cares for Momo and won’t have time for them.

-Dai Chi showed Louisa a magazine cover of her and Wayne.

-Dai Chi showed Wayne the magazine cover and asked Wayne to swear he never fell for her. Dai Chi reminds Wayne that Louisa’s faces come first.

-Louisa asked the reporters if it is wrong for the driver and their boss fall for each other. Louisa said love breaks the barrier of race,color,status, and age. True love deserves respect. Wayne is a great employee. They’ve been working on the storybook to raise the fund for allergy. Natalie and Wayne’s grandma support Wayne going for Louisa.

-Wayne’s son asked Wayne if he likes Louisa. Wayne said he admired her as his friend. He will quit his job to drive him to school everyday.

-Uncle Wing lost some files in his servers. He asked Ivan to fix it for him. Ka Bo sadly went the party alone. She asked Natalie to order spring chicken with spaghetti for Ivan. Natalie saw a special dish on the menu and ordered it for Ivan. Natalie helped Ivan recover the files. Natalie read the documents in the photocopier. Louisa’s father told Wayne to keep up with his good work.

-At the meeting, Uncle Wing announced the board to remove Louisa as CEO. Louisa’s father arrived. Louisa’s father kicked Uncle Wing out of the company.

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Rear Mirror episode 16 recap

Wayne and Louisa watch the eclipse together. Louisa brought the dog home and played with Mary. Ryan and Susan arrived home saw Wayne and picked on him. Mary and Susan nitpicked on each other. Susan sneezed. Louisa told Wayne a story about her mug when she was in college, she lost her wallet but a grocery store owner made her Chinese dishes. Wayne asked if they made the Ningbo sea dumpling; it is his relative grocery store which his parents rented for them. Wayne said his father used to be a chef and worked hard so he can run it in the future, but he hung out with the wrong crew. When his father passed away, he started his life over. Wayne’s son gave Louisa his birthday invitation. Ronald and Natalie eat spicy hotpot with Ivan and Ka Bo. Naalie and Ivan picked up the dried bean curb roll. Ivan made cakes for Louisa. They complimented each other on their happy attitude. Louisa asked Ivan to make a cake without dairy. Auntie Sa made a sandwich cake for Wayne’s son. Louisa brought the jello cake for Wayne’s son. Wayne whined to Ronald about Ivan’s cake being delicious. Auntie Sa drinks and tried to confess her love to Wayne. Wayne told Auntie Sa he only treat her as a friend. Wayne’s friend held the umbrella for Auntie Sa. Uncle Wing and Benjamin got held in custody in the police station in China for collaborating with Cheong Yim whom did illegal things, on the Clear Water Project. Uncle Wing looked at the news and remember he used to be in jail for three years for bribery. Ivan asked his after to stop collaborating in the Clear Water Project. Louisa told Uncle Wing if he continues to complain about the project, she might remove him from his post.



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Rear Mirror episode 15 recap

Auntie Sa confronted Elaine. Elaine pushed Auntie Sa and ran with her son. Mong couldn’t keep runnning due to his asthma. Wayne chased Elaine. Elaine told Wayne if he gave her a better life, she wouldn’t have suffered and left. Elaine said she wants to take her son back. Elaine asked Wayne if he wants his son to be a driver like him. Elaine is rude to take her son away but I do agree with her perspective of giving a better life to her son. This leans back to money and giving her son a better school and education. Elaine yelled at Wayne that Mong is not his son. Wayne said he took the responsibility of being a dad when his mother left him. Elaine told Wayne his real father will come picking him up. On another thought, Louisa can help Wayne financially right? Wayne drove recklessly and hurt his arm. Wayne told Louisa that he found out that Mong isn’t his son when he vomited but he took care of him because he doesn’t want him to be an orphan. Louisa gave some document references to Wayne. The photocopier broke when Natalie tried to photocopy documents. Natalie cried about her sister wanting to take her son. Ivan fixed the photocopier. Ivan treats Natalie dinner and hung out with her. Natalie won a bear in the arcade and gave it to Ka Bo. Natalie eat and drink at the bar. Natalie watch the clip of Ivan playing the instrument for her. Natalie drinks with Ronald. Ronald told Natalie he has a crush on her and just want to watch over her. Mary thanked Louisa for complimenting Benjamin in front of the board. Mary told Louisa she can bring her dog back. Louisa drove Wayne to the park. Wayne and Louisa took photos of butterfly.Wayne rejects watching the lunar eclipse with Louisa afraid their relationship may be too close. Wayne heard in the radio that a middle aged woman fell down the cliff while driving. Wayne tried to find Louisa on the hill and relieved that she’s fine. Louisa and Wayne watch the eclipse with telescope. Louisa laid her head on Wayne’s shoulder.


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Rear Mirror episode 14 recap

-Wayne prefers Elaine to remain as Aunt Judy to their son.

-It is revealed in the flashbacks the reason Elaine left her son was she feels pressure taking care of him with his allergies.

-Wayne saw some gangster beating up Elaine. He got out of Louisa’s van and helped Elaine.

-Elaine said she married a business owner in Taiwan two years ago, his factory went down, and she had to pay the debt.

– The debt owners told Elaine that Wayne paid her debt for her.

– It’s Ka Bo’s birthday, Natalie and Ivan practice in going on a date. Ivan tried to hold the umbrella for Natalie.

-A dog tried to bite Natalie chased Ivan and he ran.

-Natalie and Ivan dine in a fancy restaurant. Ivan made a rose cake made of cream and dried cherries for colors and pistachio on the inside and digestive biscuits to thank Natalie.

-Ivan invited Natalie to the beach and played the instrument and sing the song romantically.

-Auntie Sa told Natalie that Elaine is staying at her house, what is bugging her is she has to call her Auntie Judy.

-Auntie Sa told Elaine that Wayne worked hard to raise his son without his wife.

-Elaine look around Wayne’s bus and returned the drawing to him.

-Ivan played the song for Ka Bo. She asked him to stop since it brings sad memories of her mother passed away.

-Ka Bo told Ivan she had a crush on him the day she lost her USB and he stayed during the rain and picked up the USB. She saw him with Natalie together so she didn’t tell him about the crush.

-Auntie Sa saw Elaine picking up her son from school an took him for a check up.

-Auntie Sa asked the clerk about the receipt and she said the DNA receipt.


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Rear Mirror episode 13 write up

-Wayne gave his son a new computer desk.

-Natalie enters Ivan’s office in the dark and saw him trembling watching scary movies.

-Natalie choked after eating sushi with Wasabi.

– Natalie encouraged Ivan not to give up on courting his crush so soon.

-Wayne and Louisa visited their studio and went out to eat congee. Louisa said she misses the flavors of congee that she used to eat with her parents after school. Wayne said that if the stall had a more fancy decoration, then the bowl of congee would be more expensive and poor people wouldn’t have the chance to enjoy it. Wayne asked Louisa if it would be better to use the renovation cost on the story books. Wayne decided to make their studio looking simple.

-In the elevator, Natalie and Ivan saw a guy asking Ko Ba out of dinner at a Cafe. Natalie brought a gift box of chocolates with different flavors and a card from Ko Ba to Ivan. Natalie told Ivan that William and Ka Bo are just business partners.

-Natalie took Ivan to the music store and said that Ka Bo likes to listen the song “It Might Be You”. Natalie gave Ivan a Ukulele and took him to a music lesson class with the kids.

-Louisa took her dog to the clinic and met Bevis with his fiance Shirley, whom is the nurse from the clinic. They went out for tea. Bevis and Shirley wish Louisa will find her perfect guy.

-Louisa thanked Wayne for giving her a heads up on Bevis and his girlfriend.

-Mary told Louisa that Bevis is getting engaged to Shirley and it’s hard to find a good guy like him.

-As Louisa’s employees are about to leave the meeting, Ryan asked them to stay a bit late or they’ll get fired.

-Louisa couldn’t get the same feelings as childhood when she drew the princess butterfly. Louisa went to the picnic with Wayne to take pictures of butterfly. Louisa stared at a tree and dreamed of Bevis giving her a bouquet of flowers.

-Louisa having fun flying kite with Wayne and his son. Wayne drove his family and Louisa. Wayne told Louisa he’s not used to have her sitting in front next to him in the car. Usually, he can only view her in the rear mirror. Wayne told Louisa we will have different perspective of a person if we view it at a different angle. Be grateful to those who made you fall, because you will grow stronger because of them.

-Wayne arrived home and saw his son receiving snacks from the so called Auntie Judy. Wayne wants to invite her to dinner to thank her but Natalie rejected. Natalie asked Elaine to meet Wayne face to face.

-Elaine came up to Wayne.