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Short End of Stick episode 1 recap

The majesty lost appetite in food. Lee Suk Gung cooked plenty of dishes for the majesty. Chan Siu Fung puts on make up and do the hair for the concubine. In 1920, the Western laughed at the braids of the chinese and was ordered the baids being cut. Sung Gung picked up the braids from other people hearing that they exchange the braids for the a bowl of noodles and five dollars from the French. The majesty wants to drive away all the eunuchs in the palace. Song Guung, Dan Tin, and Siu Fung fought for their braids. In 1923, the palace became burnt driving away the eunuchs.

A few months later, Suk Gung and Siu Fung works as a chef in a food stall cutting pig intestines. Suk Gung talk about Manchu and Han food to the food stall owner. The stall owner asked them to go wash dishes. Yip Ching Yee tied up an eunuch on the street. He saw Sug Gung, Siu Fung, and Dan Tin passing by and asked them to throw tomatoes and eggs at the eunuch. Jung Sing’s father eunuch asked Jun Sing to sell the treasure from the palace. Jun Sing asked his father the eunuch to clean the house. Lee Suk Gung, Siu Fung, and Dan Tin sighed they need to find a home and couldn’t go back to the forbidden city.


A prostitute seduced Siu Fung. Suk Gung and Dan Tin dragged Siu Fung in the room. Siu Fung signs a contract to work to bail the prostitute out. Suk Gung prevented Siu Fung and said that’s a contract to sell her in the brothel. Suk Gung, Siu Fung, and Dan Tin saw Ching Yee forcing Jun Sing to pull his pants down to embarrassed him as an eunuch. Suk Gung told Ching Yee to release Jun Sing so he can bring him to the magistrate for seducing his wife. the prostitute asked Ching Yee how can eunuchs have girlfriends. Ching Yee and his men chased Suk Gung, Siu Fung, Dan Tin, and Jun Sing. Suk Gung told Jun Sing that stealing treasures from the palace is a huge crime but he saved him because they are both eunuch. Jun Sing got arrested by the soldiers. Suk Gung, Siu Fung and Dan Tin brought their braids and packed up their stuff. The prostitute stood in front of the room and asked Siu Fung to open the door and she said she still loves him. Ching Yee kicked the door and accused them of stealing and selling treasures from the palace. Suk Gung pointed a knife at Ching Yee and ordered the soldiers to put down their rifles. Suk Gung, Dan Tin, and Siu Fung ran in the train. Suk Gung and Jun Sing hid by the corner and closed a woman’s mouth for accusing them of molesting. Ching Yee and the soldiers followed two people wearing Suk Gung and Jun Sing’s outfit but they were sidetracked.


Siu Fung bleeds his hands. Song Gung, Dan Tin, and Jung Sing pulled down Siu Fung’s pants and uses firecrackers to take out the bullet. Jun Sing said to survive on the street they have to be cunning. Jun Sing told Song Gung he was sick when he was ten and got sold in the palace when he was eleven. After working for two years, he got transferred to serve the the eight prince. The majesty sent and edict driving away the eunuch out of the palace.

Jung Sing piggyback Siu Fung to the hospital. The nurse demanded hem to pay fifty dollars or leave. Suk Gung, Siu Fung ,and Dan Tin plans to gamble. They stared at the gentlemen and plans to steal money from them. They saw Dai Nam pushed away the prostitute. Suk Gung lured Dai Nam on the narrowed hallway and put a bag on her and hit her and found out she’s a female. Suk Gung brought Dai Nam to the hospital. Kam Heung confronted Suk Hung of harassing her niece. Suk Hung pointed a knife at Dai Nam. Kam Heung pointed a gun at Suk Gung and asked Suk Gung if his knife or her gun is faster.