Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 20 (Finale) recap

The official fainted. The lead captain thought of the idea of destroying the general’s grave. Bo Yee’s mother requested Bo Yee to not destroy the general’s grave since her ancestor made a vow if anything happens to the general’s grave they will suffer. The official laid down and begs Bo Yee to save the Song. The official dies. Bo Yee and the captain went to the mansion and fought with the priest. The servant grabbed the priest from the back and got injured. Bo Yee shot at the mansion and it exploded. The servant died and told Bo Yee to take care of Ching Mui for her. Ching Mui saw her father’s body and cried. She told Bo Yee that his mother has passed away; she bowed and suddenly died. Bo Yee cried he learned Fengshui to help people but now he can’t even save his mother. The general bleeds. Bo Yee gave the majesty a good luck charm and a diagram for safety. The majesty told Bo Yee he regrets treating him badly. The majesty told Bo Yee to leave for his safety. Bo Yee told the majesty he also would like to leave this town,

. Bo Yee told Ching Mui he plans to leave this town alone and master his fengshui skills. He doesn’t want to bring her with him because every woman who is with him will die. Ngan Fung is the first one. Ngan Fung picked up the sword and said if they can’t be together she’ll die in front of him. Ching Mui hugged Bo Yee to let her go with her and face the obstacles with him.Ching Mui woke up and didn’t see Bo Yee. The captain sent a letter from Bo Yee to Ching Mui.

The general got angry and told the majesty to order the guards to search for Bo Yee. The priest heals Tin Wah. The priest told Tin Wah he has healed him for ten days. Tin Wah punched the priest and said he knows Fengshui and know he will use him. Tin Wah said he won and there’s only him in this world. He tore the priest in half. Tin Wah came in Chiu Yung’s room. Ngan Fung cried and hugged Tin Wah. Tin Wah gave the general a box. The general’s wife freaked out and saw the head of the priest. Tin Wah told the general’s wife if she wasn’t so kind to him, the general would have ned up like the priest. Ti nWah told the general he always put the blame on him and cold him. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He has to keep his life to to see him suffer.

Ching Mui packed her stuff wanting to see Bo Yee. Tin Wah came and fought with the captain and took Ching Mui with him. Chiu Yung cooked a meal and showed it to Tin Wah. Tin Wah pushed the dishes and said he’s not Bo Yee so why does she has to be so good to him. Tin Wah asked Bo Yee why is she so cheap taking care of him. Tin Wah told Chiu Yung she knows she can’t return and Bo Yee doesn’t love her so she has to be good to him. Chiu Yung told Tin Wah they should be happy together. Tin Wah took Chiu Yung to some poor people and told him to pick a person since she loves Bo Yee.Chiu Yung and her maid left the house and Tin Wah stopped them.

Chiu Yung’s maid grabbed Tin Wah and told Chiu Yung to leave. Tin Wah punched Chiu Yung’s maid and she died. Chiu Yung ran and fell off the hill. Chiu Yung woke up and talked to some nun. She complimented the congee is good. The nun told her this congee is just a normal plain congee but she haven’t noticed it. Some people fight for their happiness but they already have it.

Tin Wah pushed Ching Mui and told the captain if Bo Yee doesn’t show up tomorrow then he will dig up the Song’s grave. The captain wants to have a duel with Tin Wah. Bo Yee held Ching Mui’s hand. Ching Mui woke up and cried and told him that he has tricked her. Bo Yee told her after he left he didn’t know what he was doing. He can’t lose her. Ching Mjui asked him if she will leave her again. Bo Yee sworn and told her they will face the obstacles together.

On the mountain, Tin Wah told Bo Yee his father died when he was born, his mother took care of him. He used to be bullied for being poor. When he had the money to take care of his mother, she died. When he had a good post, he took it away. When he fell in love with a woman, her heart belongs to him. Bo Yee told Tin Wah if he did good deeds, he could change his fate. Tin Wah told Bo Yee. he only say that because he has everything. Bo Yee told Tin Wah the more he has the more he has the more burden he has. Tin Wah told Bo Yee since god defended him he has to kill him. Bo Yee had a duel with Tin Wah. he used his sword and zapped him. Tin Wah got hurt and the bat got out of Tin Wah. Tin Wah apologized to Bo Yee. Tin Wah told him he wants to see Chiu Yung.. Tin Wah died. Bo Yeetold Ching Mui that the Song dynasty isn’t dead. They need to find the dragon to produce water. God isn’t bad to him letting her be by his side. Bo Yee and Ching Mui saw Chiu Yung passed by dressing up as a nun.

Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 19 recap

The lead captain gave the manuel he written his strategies in to a guard. He hopes he would give it to a mutual person who cares about the people. The guard showed Bo Yee the manuel with the fortune telling paper. The lead captain is about to be beheaded. The official told the captain to sign the paper. The executor apologized to the lead captain he doesn’t want to. A hawk flew trying to stop the execution but it didn’t work. The lead captain got beheaded. The guards kneeled. Bo Yee did a spell and choked and wondered why heaven wants the captain to die. Bo Yee’s mother stayed in the official’s house. The official believes Bo Yee can heal the majesty.

In the cellar, Ching Mui believes Bo Yee can heal the majesty. Bo Yee yelled that he can’t heal the captain so why did he learned about Fengshui. Ching Mui told Bo Yee that he is the hope of the Song. Bo Yee doesn’t want to give them hope. Ching Mui asked him why does he give up so easily. His mother worked hard to see him although she is blind. Ching Mui told Bo Yee if he wants to see his mother, he has to find a way to leave this cellar.

The official suggests the majesty let Bo Yee heal him. Bo Yee uses his diagram to catch the spell. He found a jade under the majesty’s pillow and told him that someone been using a spell on him. Bo Yee reunites with his mother. The captain returned and wants to collaborate with Bo Yee against Tin Wah. Bo Yee apologized he already resign his post. He wishes to spend his time peacefully with his mother. The priest rushed the majesty to behead Bo Yee. he majesty hesitated and told him after he feels better, he will hand Bo Yee to him.

Chiu Yung puts on a coat on Tin Wah while he is working. She brought gingseng soup for him. As she took off his coat for him, she told him she heard from her maid that Bo Yee has been released. Tin Wah left. The official screamed. Bo Yee saw a purple bruise on the official’s back, and told Ching Ching and his mother that this plant is the cause of the disease. Bo Yee’s mother can’t believe Tin Wah would use the Fengshui to harm the official. Bo Yee asked Tin Wah if he set up the Fengshui. Tin Wah said even if he did it, it isn’t related to him.

Tin Wah persist to learn the dark martial arts in a month. He told the priest he is willing to suffer and lose organs for it. The priest broke Tin Wah’s organs. Tin Wah perform the martial arts. Tin Wah successfully perform the martial arts and told Chiu Yung he must have a duel with Bo Yee.

Bo Yee received a letter from Tin Wah to have a duel with him tomorrow. Chiu Yung visited Bo Yee and requested him not to harm Tin Wah. Though she couldn’t be with the one she loves, but she is blessed to have someone who loves her. Chiu Yung only has Tin Wah in her her. She can’t lose him. Bo Yee promised Chiu Yung that Tin Wah will be back safe. Tin Wah drinks and slapped Chiu Yung for seeing Bo Yee. Tin Wah said he is only Bo Yee’s replacement. Tin Wah is only satisfied if Bo Yee is dead. Bo Yee told Ching Ching he hopes he isn’t the one who ends up killing Tin Wah. Tin Wah has a duel with Bo Yee. Tin Wah fell off the clip. Chiu Yung cried and whined to Bo Yee why did he has to kill him. Bo Yee feels guilty of killing Tin Wah.

The general ordered the guards to guard the door He told the majesty that he has earned the guards respect. The general read and edict of allying with the Mongolian King Any order must be approved by the Mongols. The official threw a rock at the general.

Swordman Lai Bo Ye episode 18 recap

Tin Wah read the edict for the head captain to return the stamp. Tin Wah told Bo Yee that his mother is outside being a beggar. Tin Wah told Bo Yee he despise him because he is better than him at everything. Bo Yee asked Tin Wah why has he turned like this? Tin Wah told Bo Yee that they both know it is the end of the Song Dynasty. Bo Yee said he has to go against heaven and change the fate. Tin Wah told the priest he can handle Bo Yee the way he wanted.

A captain gave Bo Yee his sword. Bo Yee ran with his crew. The priest stopped them and said he has to bring Ngan Fung back in the palace. Ngan Fung got injured. Bo Yee threw a bomb and left. Bo Yee transfers energy to Ngan Fung. Ngan Fung laid down on Bo Yee’s arm and held Ching Mui and Bo Yee’s hands and said she had fun being with them but unfortunately she has to leave them. Ngan Fung died. Bo Yee did a funeral for Ching Mui.

Bo Yee told the lead general that he has used Fengshui that something bad will happen to him. He gave him a fortune paper for luck. Tin Wah told the majesty that the official should be sentenced to death. The majesty oredred the guards to spank the official a hundred times.

Ching Mui saw two boys begged people for food. She gave them some money. They left. Ching Mui found her bag of money missing. The boys brought food to Bo Yee’s mother. Ching Mui and her father went to the temple and saw Bo Yee’s mother and she was blind. Bo Yee’s mother told them she wandered around tripped down the mountain and fainted. The boys found a doctor and the doctor healed her without having them paid.

Bo Yee’s mother pray for Bo Yee. Bo Yee sat in the dungeon and saw the lead captain. The official read the edict of the captain will be executed.

Tin Wah surrounded and his soldiers surrounded Bo Yee and told him that his mother is in danger. Tin Wah told Bo Yee to leave. Bo Yee persist to go with him to the palace. The lead general bowed in front of the people that he has failed them. The people bowed and begged Bo Yee to help them.

At the court, Bo Yee told the majesty that the Mongolians was just impulsive in having a war with them. The priest accused Bo Yee of planning to escape from prison and causing the princess to be dead. Bo Yee confronted him of killing the princess. The majesty got angry and ordered Bo Yee to be locked and executed.

Chiu Yung visted Bo Yee in the dungeon and told him she’s been waiting for him to return. She can ask the majesty to forgive him and she’ll annul her marriage with Tin Wah. Bo Yee apologized that whoever is with him always have bad luck. He doesn’t deserve her love. She asked him if he has ever loved her. Chiu Yung cried and asked how can he marry Ngan Fung. Bo Yee warned her about marrying Tin Wah. Chiu Yung left and said he doesn’t need to care for her. Tin Wah and Chiu Yung gets married. The majesty told Chiu Yung that Tin Wah truly loves her and there’s nothing happier than being loved. Chiu Yung complained she doesn’t have feelings for him. The majesty told Chiu Yung that Bo Yee won’t like her. The majesty told Chiu Yung to accept Tin Wah.

Tin Wah got drunk and went in the room and looked at Chiu Yung and told her that his bride is so pretty! He is blessed to marry her. Tin Wah drinks with Chiu Yung. From the first time he met her, he already liked her and hoped he would stay with her for life. He thanked god for giving him a good wife. Tin Wah wants to sleep with Chiu Yung but she moved.

The priest warned the general that the majesty favors Tin Wah, and he wondered if Tin Wah has threatened him. The priest plans to teach Tin Wah his martial arts to suceed him. The priest did a spell and told Tin Wah to put this toad in the majesty’s room. The majesty has a dream of sleeping with his women and then their teeth bit him. He freaked out and woke up. The people read the news on the wall of increasing the tax. The general and Tin Wah gave the majesty a cup of human blood for him to drink. Tin Wah told the majesty he has to drink this cup for three days. The official bowed and plead the majesty to not kill innocent babies. Tin Wah told the official that just to save the majesty, sacrificing the lives of a few babies don’t matter.

The guard brought rice for the lead captain. The guard cried and said no one wants him to die. The captain told him to bring him paper and ink for him.

Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 17 recap

The majesty drinks with the concubines and wants Tin Wah to take him out for fun. The majesty told Tin Wah that Chiu Yung already approved his engagement and they need to set up a wedding date. An official bowed in front of the majesty and begged him to come back to the palace. The majesty got mad and choked. Tin Wah knocked on the official and he died. Tin Wah gave Bo Yee’s mother some gifts and told her he will be engaged to Chiu Yung. Bo Yee’s mother told Tin Wah that she just came back from the official’s funeral and saw the mourning from the officials and the official’s wife. She asked him the official was always healthy and suddenly turned ill. She suspects he used Fengshui to harm the official. She always hoped he would go the right path and become a good official caring for the people but he allied with the general to do evil deeds. She asked him to leave.

Tin Wah burned the coat. Tin Wah came to Bo Yee’s house and read the edict of Bo Yee collaboration with the Mongolians and Bo Yee’s family to be executed and mansion gets taken. Tin Wah told Bo Yee’s mother that he always considered her his mother. Bo Yee deserves to be in this state. Tin Wah slapped Bo Yee’s mother and ordered his family to be locked.

Tin Wah told Chiu Yung he already pleaded the majesty to spare Bo Yee but the majesty wants to execute. Tin Wah told Chiu Yung he already told the guards to take care of Bo Yee’s mother. Ching Mui sewed a costume.

The Mongolian Prince made an announcement of Bo Yee and Ngan Fung’s wedding. Ching Mui perform the dances in the court. Bo Yee saw her. Bo Yee’s servant saw Ching Mui and told Bo Yee to come and search for her. Ching Mui walked in the hall and cried. Bo Yee told Ching Mui he won’t let her go. He worked so hard to find her. No one can break them up. He asked her not to leave him.Ching Mui crierd and hugged him. She reunited with her father. The priest told the prince he suspects Bo Yee has an agenda. He should marry him to Ngan Fung right away so he can be a Mongolian.

Ngan Fung told Bo Yee to annul their marriage. Ngan Fung told Bo Yee that he is fated to be with Ching Mui and shouldn’t leave her. Bo Yee told Ngan Fung he wants to marry her. Ngan Fung told him that promises doesn’t matter. He must treat Ching Mui well.

Ngan Fung looked at her wedding gown and told the prince that the gown is pretty but needs a bit of a fix. She believes she will look really pretty in this gown. The prince told Ngan Fung her wedding with Bo Yee will be earlier. Ching Mui introduces herself to the prince. Ngan Fung thanked Ching Mui for giving her the antidote. Ching Mui told Ngan Fung she used to be mad but now she is impressed after she knew how much she has sacrificed for Bo Yee. While dressing up, Ngan Fung cried and told the nanny she doesn’t bear to leave Mongolia.

While Bo Yee and Ngan Fung got married, Ching Mui and her father and the captain fought with the guards and rescued the previous emperor. Bo Yee and Ngan Fung reunited with Ching Ching Mui and her father and the captain and the previous emperor. The prince came with the guards holding the fire arrows surrounding them. Ngan Fung told the prince she is a han and be with the Mongols.Ngan Fung bowed in front of the prince and said she is now a Han. The priest fought with Bo Yee while Ching Mui and Ngan Fung fought wit the the soldiers. The prince fought with Ching Mui and got injured. The prince and the soldier took the previous emperor to the palace. In the palace, the prince ordered the mute lady to be beheaded. The prince ordered the two emperors to be starved for three nights in the dungeons. The prince ordered the price to brings Bo Yee and his friends here in the palace.

Bo Yee told Ching Mui he needs to back to get his sword from the priest. Bo Yee fought with the priest in the cave and took his sword and left with Ngan Fung. In front of the gate, the soldier with a crippled leg let Ngan Fung and her crew passed through the gate. Ching Mui thanked the two musical person for helping her and bid farewell. They arrived in the camp. The captain yelled at two soldiers for drinking.The head captain told Bo Yee and the captain that the majesty wants to surrender to the Mongols. The captain and Bo Yee begs told Ching Mui that Bo Yee is lucky to have her. Ching Mui is impressed at Ngan Fung for he lead captain not to retreat for the Song.

Ching Mui helped Ngan Fung blowing up the fire and weighing the vegetables. Ngan Fung told Ching Mui she is good and Bo Yee is blessed to have her. Ching Mui praised Ngan Fung for being good at martial arts and loyal. Ching Mui told Ngan Fung she gave up her princess status to be with Bo Yee. Ching Mui gave Ngan Fung a new outfit  she made for her. Tin Wah came to the tribe and ordered his guards to arrest Bo Yee and Ngan Fung.

Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 16 recap

Ngan Fung saw the soldier hitting the han slave and she told the soldier to let him rest and put some bandage for him. The prince saw the two soldiers asking why does Ngan Fung cares for the Han. The prince got mad and ordered them to be beheaded.

The prince looked at the sword. The prince told the priest that Ngan Fung always wanted to be the general of the mongolia and her sifu told he that out of his students she is the smartest one whom learn the fastest. The priest said that Ngan Fung will master it faster than the Mongolians.  The priest apologized for blurting out. The priest said he followed Lai Bo Yee and he told out the secret to ruin their relationship. The priest warned the prince to be careful of Bo Yee. He gave him a pendant for good luck. The priest laughed that this pendant can suck the energy  and the prince took it as a treasure. The han slaves wondered why Ngan Fung distributed bowls of rice for them to work harder. The priest ordered the two slaves to run or they will be killed. As they run, the priest threw the sword at them killing them. The priest showed the sword to the prince.

Ngan Fung told the prince he can’t use a dirty tactic to torture the han slaves. Ngan Fung said they are righteous and won’t kill weak people without weapons. The prince told Bo Yee that he’s just a priest and doesn’t have a say in it. Bo Yee’s sword sensed a dark power, he uses his sword.  The priest ordered Bo Yee to be locked. The prince told Ngan Fung she is not completely wrong. They have to settle with the Hans. The priest promised Ngan Fung he won’t kill people recklessly. Ngan Fung asked the prince to forgive Bo Yee.  Bo Yee confronted about the deal of releasing the previous emperor.The prince told Bo Yee and the captain and the general to return to the Song. The prince ordered them to be locked.

The soldier told the prince that the second prince sacrificed the war which they’ve lost. The prince hugged the second prince’s body. The soldier told the prince that they had bad luck with the bad weather. Ngan Fung hugged her brother and cried. The priest told the prince that he has a feeling that they lost because someone ruined their fengshui. They dug the ground and found a coin of the Song. The priest thinks Bo Yee did it. Bo Yee told the servant and the captain that his sword sensed the dark power on the prince. It must be the priest wanting to use the prince to get rid of them.

The soldiers surrounded Bo Yee, the servant, and the captain and said each arrow contains poison. The prince showed Bo Yee the coin and asked him what is this. Bo Yee said he put the coin to relieve the dark power of the Mongols. If the Mongols didn’t attack the Hans then the prince wouldn’t be sacrificed. The prince asked if they don’t go to war, how can they win the land. The prince ordered Bo Yee to be behead tomorrow.

The priest hit the captain and the servant with a rope. The priest wants to soak Bo Yee with the salt in the rope. Ngan Fung came to the dungeon and told the priest if he wants to hit them then hit her. The prince cried and told Ngan Fung that her brother doesn’t deserve this. The maid told Ngan Fung that only her can help Bo Yee. Bo Yee, the captain, and the servant was about to be beheaded at the court.  Bo Yee requested the prince to let go to the captain and the servant.

Ngan Fung came and begged the prince not to kill Bo Yee because she has married him. Ngan Fung told Bo Yee that when they get married, he can leave to the Song. The prince told the priest he wants Bo Yee to stay by him to help him conquer.  The maid brought food to Bo Yee and told him that she cares for him and sacrificed a lot for him. Bo Yee came to Ngan Fung’s room and told her he has to officially marry her. Ngan Fung cried and hugged Bo Yee.

Tin Wah got promoted. The general got mad. The official told the other official that there are cohort of rebels in the palace. Tin Wah gave Bo Yee’s mother some gifts. Bo Yee’s mother encouraged Tin Wah of being a good official. Bo Yee’s mother gave Tin Wah a fur coat she sewed for him. Chiu Fung invited Bo Yee’s mother to go to temple to pray for Bo Yee. The Mongolian troops brought gift to Bo Yee’s mother and invited her to Bo Yee and Ngan Fung’s wedding. Chiu Fung denied and ran. Chiu Fung wondered why Bo Yee chose Ngan Fung over her. She tripped. She asked a stranger if she is very ugly. She asked some men if she let them be a prince, would they be willing to. Tin Wah kicked them. Tin Wah told Chiu Fung to hit him if she feels better to do so.

Chiu Fung drinks in the restaurant. Chiu Fung drinks and looked at the moon and told Tin Wah that the person she likes isn’t there for her while the person she doesn’t like keeps on bothering her. Chiu Fung said she has to find Bo Yee. She jumps down the restaurant and Tin Wah held on to her.

Chiu Fung told Tin Wah she can’t forget Bo Yee. Everything is good about Bo Yee. No one can replaces him. Tin Wah asked Chiu Fung who took care of her. Tin Wah told Chiu Fung he is fine as long as she is happy. She doesn’t have to love him but he hopes she has him in her mind. Tin Wah told Chiu Fung he did everything for her but she doesn’t have him in her heart. Tin Wah coughed. Chiu Fung asked Tin Wah he is hurt so why does he stills be with her. Chiu Fung apologized and asked if he is willing to be the prince.

Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 15 recap

Bo Yee pushed out the dagger. He replaces Ngan Fung to compete with the Mongolian captain. Bo Yee won within a few steps. The captain drinks and asked the priest if he has plans. Bo Yee and the captain sent in front of the mansion. Bo Yee sensed the set up of  fengshui and took out his sword and used his power to test. Bo Yee and the captain entered the mansion and they ended up in the sand and there’s fire surrounding them. Bo Yee uses his sword to eliminate the fire. Ngan Fung’s maid found a jade of Bo Yee and showed it to Ngan Fung.

Ngan Fung went with the two guards to return the jade to Bo Yee. Ngan Fung went in front of the mansion, a soldier got hit the lightning and choked himself to death. The other soldiers also choked himself to death. Ngan Fung yells. Bo Yee finished eliminating the fire. He went in the mansion. Ngan Fung came and told him she came here to return the jade. Bo Yee fought with the lights and Ngan Fung took the stab for her and fainted. She gave him the jade. Ngan Fung got in coma.

Bo Yee told the Mongolian Prince he knows the priest set up the fengshui to harm him. The Mongolian Captain came and told the prince that he ordered the priest to kill Bo Yee. He isn’t satisfied that Bo Yee got promoted as the general. The prince believes Bo Yee won’t harm the Mongols. The captain doesn’t want to land to be lost from a Han. The Mongolian Captain killed himself with a knife and told the prince to not easily trust the Hans. Bo Yee told the prince he believes the priest has a way to heal Ngan Fung.

The priest told told the prince and Bo Yee he can uses his power to go to Ngan Fung’s dream to save her. Bo Yee has the power to do that. The prince ordered the servant to do the funeral for the Mongolian Captain for three days and also spy on Bo Yee. Boo Yee drinks and worries about if he fails then and Ngan Fung will stay forever in the dream. The priest held the pill and is glad he has the chance to use the pill to transfer Bo Yee’s energy to his.

Lai Bo Yee uses his energy, and went in Ngan Fung’s dream. The priest went in Ngan Fung’s dream. Bo Yee fought withe priest and injured him. Bo Yee held Ngan Fung’s hand but got pushed by the wind. The soldiers begged Bo Yee to save Ngan Fung. The mute maid gave Bo Yee the paper with the birthdate of Ngan Fung hoping it will help him. She told him she’s not mute. Bo Yee uses his sword and uses is power on Ngan Fung. Ngan Fung wakes up and leans on Bo Yee. Bo Yee hung out in the lake with Ngan Fung. They went in a house hiding from the rain. Ching Mui went in the temple to pick up some medicine for an elder lady. She prayed in front of the statue hoping to see Bo Yee. Ching Mui asked a Mongolian soldier for Bo Yee. The soldier told her that Bo Yee wouldn’t notice a poor woman like her. The elder man gave some money to the soldier. The soldier told him he can leave and he kicked him.

The captain sadly saw the Mongolian troops happily return home from the war. The prince let Ngan Fung leads the troop. Ching Mui waved at Bo Yee but he didn’t see her. Bo Yee angrily asked Ngan Fung if she wants to attack the Song. He told her that he has investigated his date of birth that she is a han. He believes the mute maid knows her identity. Ngan Fung asked the maid who is she. The maid told her she is the daughter of a Song general. The Mongolians killed her parents. She picked her up.  The Mongolian Prince found her bright and can bring him luck so he adopted her.  The maid said she pretended to be mute so she can be alive. The maid gave her the jade with her date of birth on it. Ngan Fung ran and cried and denied she’s a Han.

Ngan Fung eavesdrop the soldiers raping some women and she yelled at them. Ngan Fung drinks. Bo Yee drinks with her and told Ngan Fung that the customers in this restaurant have different background.  Ngan Fung told the prince she doesn’t want to be the general anymore. Ngan Fung asked the prince why he hid from her she’s a han. She feels so uncomfortable after knowing her identity. The prince told her that it doesn’t matter if she’s a Han or a Mongolian, she is still his daughter.

Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 14 recap

Tin Wah bowed in front of the majesty. The majesty ordered him to lock all the Mongolian traitors. The two officials got mad that the majesty listened to Tin Wah. Bo Yee’s mother told Tin Wah she hopes he is a gentleman.  The two official looked at the general and wondered why he bought a bun. The two officials touched the sand from the bun seller’s booth. Tin Wah killed the offficial’s spy. The official suspects the bun seller is from Mongolia since the sand is not from here. An official confronted Tin Wah and the general of collaborating with the Mongolians.

Some Mongolian guards followed Bo Yee and the captain. Bo Yee’s servant told a guy he dropped his coin, then the crowd help him search for the coin. Bo Yee and the captain ran. They looked at Ngan Fung  ordering the hans slave. The guards moved the lion statue and Bo Yee flew and told Ngan Fung she can’t put the statue in this fengshui. The slaved pulled the statue and fell. The statue fell on the Mongols and Bo Yee pushed the statue.

Bo Yee visited the emperor’s brother  in the Mongolian Prince dungeon and gave him the letter from him. The emperor’s brother cried that the emperor doesn’t have the heart to save him because he’s worried he will lose his throne. Ngan Fung read the novel and tries to learn. The prince told Ngan Fung he hopes that Bo Yee can work for him.

On the hill, the Mongolian Prince asked Bo Yee about his view on the aura of the Mongols. Bo Yee told the Mongolian Prince although the Song’s military is weak but they are still fated to win. When the Song train hard, they can win the war. Bo Yee told the prince that the Mongols are already strong and he doesn’t need to lock the previous emperor.  The prince made a deal with Bo Yee to help him change the Fengshui. The captain believes Bo Yee won’t betray the Song. Some hans slave accused Bo Yee of being a spy for the Mongols. The slaves fought with the soldier.  A Mongol’s  leg got hit by a rock. Bo Yee checked his legs and told Ngan Fung that she has to chop his knee for him to be alive. Ngan Fung doesn’t dare to chop is leg. She pushed the tissue in his mouth and chop his leg using the sword. Bo Yee told Ngan Fung she cares for the Mongol but is so cold toward the Hans. Bo Yee helped Ngan Fung making a wooden wheelchair for his soldier.

Ngan Fung drinks in the restaurant. A server asked her why did she only bring a man here with her. Ngan Fung told Bo Yee hat she took some ginseng and medicine to help the soldiers. Bo Yee told Ngan Fung that in his heart, the hans, his mother and Ching Mui is the most important. He believes she didn’t kill Ching Mui. He held Ngan Fung’s jade. Ngan Fung told Bo Yee she can’t be drunk tonight because tomorrow she has to train with the soldiers. Bo Yee asked Ngan Fung what trait of her isn’t girly.

Bo Yee’s servant warned Bo Yee to remember his position and break up with Ngan Fung. Bo Yee believes Ngan Fung didn’t kill Ching Mui. Bo Yee told his servant he helped the prince with the fengshui so he can release the previous emperor and also to alleviate the power of the fengshiu of the Mongols. The prince teases Ngan Fung of drinking with Bo Yee. Ngan Fung laid down on her bed and told her mute maid that she is happy today because she drank with Bo Yee. Ngan Fung has a duel with the Mongol Captain to be the lead of the troops. Ngan Fung defeated the captain. The captain threw a dagger at her.

Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 13 recap

The two officials plan to send a letter to the captain for him to prepare. The chief captain saved a man from falling down the cliff, Bo Yee pulled them up with a rope. The chief captain hit the drum. A captain hit the wood of fire and helped the chief captain Bo Yee and the soldiers fighting. The captain  captain sighed about the people suffering. The chief captain gives the captain the mission of protecting Bo Yee.

In the restaurant, Bo Yee asked the boss if he is is handicapped. The boss said his child is ill. The captain told the boss he should find a doctor and don’t believe in fengshui. Bo Yee advised the boss to chop the chicken in another time, he assures his son will have less illness. The boss treated Bo Yee a meal. Bo Yee told captain that it will be raining tonight so they need to build a boat. The captain paid his bill and doesn’t believe in Fengshui. Bo Yee believes in the captain since he is honest. The captain wakes up and saw the rain.

The priest looked at the sword and told the  Mongolian that he still has one more person to fight to manipulate this sword. Bo Yee wants to meet the priest. The Mongolian drinks with Bo Yee. The priest inserted a needle on the hay doll and Bo Yee’s servant threw up. The Mongol hit the servant. Bo Yee threw at the knife. The servant pushed his knife in his leg to make up for ruining the Mongol’s shirt. The priest told Bo Yee to return the martial arts to him. The priest fought with Bo Yee. The priest left and said he will return to get what he deserves. The Mongolian Prince let Bo Yee and his servant and the captain stay.

Bo Yee and his servants watches Ngan Fung controlling the horse. Ngan Fung assures to Bo Yee and his servant she didn’t kill Ching Mui. Bo Yee’s servants wants to revenge for Ching Mui. Bo Yee held on to the servant. Ngan Fung hit the table and pushed tea tea and feels frustrated she was being framed.

The general ordered a bun. Tin Wah looked at the fortune paper and got mad that Bo Yee’s fate is good.The majesty played catching red fishes with his concubines. The officials came and told the majesty to focus on his business. Tin Wah pretends to catch a fly and stepped on the documents. The majesty ordered the official to rewrite the document. The general’s wife suggests Tin Wah to marry the princess so he can be a prince. Tin Wah took Chiu Yung to the mountain. Tin Wah caught a butterfly for Chiu Yung. Chiu Yung feels tired and wants to go home. Chiu Yung asked the majesty how is Bo Yee doing. Chiu Yung looked at her painting. Tin Wah added some ink and accidentallly spilled the ink on the painting. Chiu Yung whined that he purposely did it, she wanted to give this painting to Bo Yee. Tin Wah asked Chiu Yung why he isn’t as good as Bo Yee. Chiu Yung told him he has never liked him. Tin Wah raped Chiu Yung. He apologized and left. The servant asked Tin Wah to come in the majesty’s court.


Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 12 recap

The general ordered the official to be beheaded. The majesty told the officials that he has a feeling that the general wouldn’t do something against the law. The majesty keep Bo Yee as the priest. Bo Yee begs the majesty to give extra money to help the villagers. The people carrying the bowl of rice and thanked Bo Yee. Chiu Yung helped Bo Yee distributed rice. The villagers bowed and thanked Bo Yee. The majesty heard the villagers prayed for Bo Yee, and got angry he need to spend his golds and the villagers praised Bo Yee. Chiu Yung asked the majesty what does he thinks of Bo Yee, she praised him as helpful and can take care of her. The majesty doesn’t want her to marry Bo Yee. Chiu Yung told the servants to throw out the plants. The majesty asked Chiu Yung there are many princes in the kingdom but what’s so good about Bo Yee? The majesty told Tin Wah to tell the general to write an edict for appointing Bo Yee to be a prince.

Tin Wah got mad why Bo Yee always steal his things. The general’s wife said as long as Bo Yee hesitate of marrying Chiu Yung, she has a way to deal with it. The general reads the edict. Bo Yee said he needs time to think. Bo Yee dropped the hat and told the general he will see him and the majesty at the court. At the court, Bo Yee told the Chiu Yung that he is only a normal guy, he doesn’t deserved her love. Bo Yee apologized no one cane replace Ching Mui in his heart. Chiu Yung left and told the majesty to punish him for her. The majesty ordered Bo Yee to be locked in the dungeon.

Tin Wah told the general’s wife that Bo Yee was born naive and doesn’t know how to lie. He deserved to be in this state. The general’s wife thought of an idea of sending Bo Yee to Mongolia for a mission. Chiu Yung begged the majesty to not let Bo Yee leave to Mongolia. Bo Yee’s mother feels upset that Bo Yee is leaving. Chiu Yung greets Bo Yee and bid farewell nad gave him an umbrella. The villagers gave Bo Yee some wines and buns.

The general’s wife told Tin Wah this is his chance of being a prince. Tin Wah brought a bag of medicine for Chiu Yung but the maid didn’t accept it. Chiu Yung feels dizzy. Chiu Yung lets Tin Wah leaving the bag of medicine for her. Tin Wah and Chiu Yung visits Bo Yee’s mother and ate the meals she cooked. The general gave his troops a guard outfit. The guards rooted for the general. The Mongolian fought with Tin Wah. He gave the general to get rid of the majesty to him. He told Tin Wah his martial arts is not bad and has potential to work for the Mongols. The general and his wife enjoys the boxes of gold. Tin Wah held the jade and asked the general if he thinks the jade matches him. The general advised the majesty to settle with the Mongolians. The majesty told the general to find something fun for him, he’s bored of the spa. Tin Wah brought the majesty to a town where the concubines dressed as ladies cooking for him and selling voodoo dolls. Tin Wah told the two officials to leave. Tin Wah prepared the majesty a uniform. The general reminds Tin Wah to remember he brought him up.


Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 11 recap

Bo Yee and the official asked the official about the poultry, the people have complained they haven’t received them. The general gave Tin Wah a bag of powder to poison Bo Yee. Bo Yee drink with Tin Wah. Bo Yee warned Tin Wah of not following the general, or else he will go the wrong path. As Bo Yee drinks, Tin Wah  broke the cup of tea and said he isn’t feeling well. Bo Yee passed out rice to the villagers. They thanked him. A kid complained the bun is so thick, he wants noodles and beefs. The mother told Bo Yee that for half a year, they didn’t have food. Bo Yee distributes rice and pancakes for the villagers. Bo Yee told Tin Wah when he comes back to the palace, he will ask the general about the poultry. Tin Wah assures that the general didn’t hide the poultry. Bo Yee looked at the villagers dead in the fire. Bo Yee carried a baby. The general got angry at Tin Wah for not killing Bo Yee. The official told Bo Yee he has a feeling that the murderer waited till he leave then burnt the village.

The villagers walked on the street and blamed Bo Yee for sending guards to burn the village. The guards came to kill the villagers. The two officials came and told them to release them. Bo Yee lured Tin Wah in the forest and asked him to have a duel. Bo Yee asked Tin Wah if he burnt the village causing thousands of death. Tin Wah fought with Bo Yee. Bo Yee hold his sword and Tin Wah fell and spit blood. Bo Yee warned Tin Wah he has gone further down the dark path, if he knows he did bad things, he won’t spare him. The general’s wife told Tin Wah they can find a scapegoat for this case. The general brought the guard as witness. The guard told the majesty that he did distributed the rice to the villagers but it was crowded and the villagers beat them up. The three villagers denied of stealing rice. The majesty told the guards to take the three villagers away to be dead. Bo Yee pleaded for them. The majesty let go of the case. Bo Yee apologized to the villagers he can’t help them. Bo Yee took his hat off and climbed on the wall and told the villagers to leave. Tin Wah drinks with the general and officials.

.Bo Yee packed his stuff. Bo Yee’s mother enter the room and told Bo Yee that the palace is full of scheming and she doesn’t blame him. Bo Yee drinks and chat with the official. The official told Bo Yee he shouldn’t leave, he can’t let the corrupt generals take over. Bo Yee and the official saw a pair of yellow birds in front a desert house. Bo Yee and the official checked the deserted house. Bo Yee steps in and the daggers thew at at him. Bo Yee used his sword on the assassins. Bo Yee and the official found boxes of gold in the room.

At the court, Bo Yee and official confronted the general of hiding the golds from the villagers. The general begs the majesty to give him three days to investigate this case. The general bowed in front of the majesty that he hid those golds for him to build the garden. They need an extra sum of golds. The general told the majesty to give him three days to find the rest of the sum. The general told an official to take the rest of the golds away. The general told Tin Wah to order the guards to arrest the official for taking the golds. Tin Wah ordered the guards to arrest the official.  Tin Wah killed the official.