Bỗng dưng muốn khóc episode 5 recap

Bảo Nam threw a ladder and climb it down outside from his room. He kneel on the grass and peeked outside of Trúc’s house. He wore a white mask and sneaked in her house roaring. by her bed. Trúc make up as a ghost and scared Bảo Nam. Bảo Nam fainted. He woke up with a bruise. Trúc told Bảo Nam she won’t tell about this incident unless he promised her not to tease her again. Bảo Nam returned home hurriedly hid the rope while his parents knocked on his door. He pretends to yawn and asked his parents why they are not sleeping at this hour. Bảo Nam’s father told him there’s a play he wants him to see. Bảo Nam’s parents showed the video of him sneaking out of the house. Bảo Nam’s mother would like to persuade Trúc to work for them. Bảo Nam has been spoilt with brand clothes and being spendthrift. Sometimes they don’t understand why they loved their son to that point. Bảo Nam’s mother cried.Bảo Nam yelled at Trúc for telling his parents. Trúc denied. Trúc said she won’t tell about this but she requested him to stay away from her by ten meters. Bảo Nam swears not to bug her again. Hiều asked Trúc if she kept staying in the deserted house to wait for her boyfriend to return. Trúc has been waiting for her boyfriend for eight years. Ngọc Diệp asked her two guy friends to teach Trúc a lesson for ruining her fortune buddy. Bảo Nam rushed to his teacher’s home and pretends to study. Bảo Nam’s father asked the teacher to come to his house to tutor Bảo Nam from now on. The teacher told Bảo Nam to believe that he can make Bảo Nam pass this upcoming exam in twelve days. Bảo Nam’s parents told Bảo Nam that they saw a rope hanging outside the window and his phone was off when they called him. Bảo Nam’s father questioned Bảo Nam’s about the bruise on his forehead. Bảo Nam lied he bumped into the wall when climbing the ladder.



Bỗng dưng muốn khóc (Suddenly in tears) episode 4 recap

Bảo Nam’s father said from now on he will give him 200,000 dollars per day. He Bảo Nam spends money but doesn’t make them. He told Bảo Nam he will give him more money after he passed his exam. Bảo Nam shouted. Bảo Nam is impressed with Trúc’s honest personality and thought of hiring her in their company.Hiều told Trúc if she Bảo Nam’s lying she would have got more money. Trúc said she lied once when she was a child, and she made her mother disappointed. Now she wants to make her mother proud and earn money honestly. Trúc told Hiều she wanted to open a bookstore without using anyone’s help. Bảo Nam’s father visited Trúc and asked her if she wants to work in an office for him. Trúc rejects since she enjoys selling books. Hiều told Trúc she is illiterate but has a dream of opening a bookstore which is impossible like someone who dream of winning a lottery without buying one.Trúc teared up. Bảo Nam waits in front of Trúc’s house. Bảo Nam followed Trúc. Ngọc Diệp told her sister she is thinking of dumping Bảo Nam since he doesn’t have money anymore but she feels kinda bad sine he is handsome. Bảo Nam feels weird eating with his family. Bảo Nam called Ngọc Diệp and asked what kind of creature is she scared of. He plans to scare Trúc. Bảo Nam asked his mother for two million dollars. Bảo Nam’s mother promised to only give her three hundred thousand dollars. She gave him four hundred thousand dollars. Bảo Nam plans to scare her faking ghosts.


Bỗng Dưng Muốn Khóc ( Suddenly in tears) episode 3 recap

Bảo Nam told his teacher he paid him while he skip school and lied to his parents that he’s studying. Bảo Nam asked his teacher why did he promised his father he will pass the exam. The teacher asked Bảo Nam to give him a hundred million dollars, and he will replace him taking the test after he registered. The teacher told Bảo Nam his parents will be more strict on him if he fails the fourth time. The teacher said he recorded their conversation just in case he doesn’t give him the money, he will give the tape to his parents. Hiều suggests Trúc to rent a new house and leave that deserted house but she refuses since she’s lazy to do the paperwork. Hiều told Trúc she is so stubborn. Trúc told Hiều that in Saigon, people are cunning so she has to be to survive Bảo Nam saw Trúc at the mall and followed her. He gabbed her hands and asked her why did she slapped him. Trúc kicked him and left. Bảo Nam waited in front of the lady’s room and saw his father. Bảo Nam called his father and told him telling his father he twisted his hands. Trúc doubts if she slapped the wrong person. Trúc visited Bảo Nam’s mother and asked her if Bảo Nam has a twin brother. Trúc explains during the night when she is on the way home Bảo Nam bumped onto her and her books fell down. He hid from the gangsters in the thrash bin. She demanded him to compensate for her books. He gave her money. Bảo Nam yelled at Trúc to make up a ridiculous story in front of his mother. Bảo Nam asked how come he couldn’t remember. Bảo Nam called Trúc she’s crazy. Trúc said the incident happened the night before she slapped him in the morning. She assumes he was drunk and forgot. Bảo Nam deals with Trúc that he will buy all his books for ten millions but she has to lie to his parents that she has mistaken him for someone else. Bảo Nam paid Trúc seven hundred US dollars. She told him after this incident, she won’t see him again but he might follow her. Trúc asked Bảo Nam to stay outside since she wants to speak to his parents privately. Bảo Nam’s father yelled at Bảo Nam for being spoiled. His mother showed him the seven hundred US Dollars she returned. His father demanded him to give back his wallet.


Bỗng Dưng Muốn Khóc ( Suddenly in tears) episode 2 recap

The two thieves trembled seeing a ghost and ran. Trúc giggled and took off her wig and scared them. Bảo Nam’s mother told her husband if he believes Trúc was telling the truth. Bảo Nam’s father is disappointed in Bảo Nam and doubts if he is even his son. Bảo Nam’s mother believes ảo Nam will change for the better. Trúc bought water from a granny and she told her that the price of the water is rising. A customer bought water alone and said her husband was drunk so she came alone. The granny reminds Trúc to not marry a drunk man. Trúc rode the bike to the electricity stall. The stall owner said her electric business is so down. Bảo Nam called his girlfriend. An old man sold his books to Trúc Bảo Nam withdrew money for his girlfriend.Hiều, Trúc’s male friend brought Trúc some fruits and told her that a customer bought eighteen fans from him for five hundred thousand dollars. Trúc said she’s illiterate so she sells the big books more expensive than the smaller ones. Hiều reads the title of the books for her. He told her she is talented for selling books when she can’t read without her customers knowing. Trúc said if she knows how to read, she will read them all. He asked her if she is mind if the customers asked her why doesn’t she go to school but sell books. Trúc said she always wear white dresses because she hopes someday she can wear it to school. Bảo Nam talk behind his back that they’ve never seen someone guy as dumb spending so much money. One of the guys said Bảo Nam’s girlfriend Ngọc Diệp likes him but likes Bảo Nam’s money. One of the guys said Bảo Nam never picks up money when he drops it. Bảo Nam’s father told the teacher to tutor Bảo Nam to pass the exam. Bảo Nam asked his teacher why did he promised to his father he will pass the exam.


Bỗng Dưng Muốn Khóc ( Suddenly in tears) Vietnamese Drama episode 1 recap

I’m billingual in english and vietnamese so I will use it to recap this vietnamese drama . Just testing myself recapping this vietnamese drama.

This series starts with Bảo Nam wakes up, and peeked at his parents discussing about his attitude. A girl Trúc waits for Bảo Nam in front of her house and yelled and slapped him and sent him a package of books. His father checked his notepad and told him he returned home after midnight for these past seven months.In these one hundred and twenty one times, he got drunk seventy two times, got into a fight eighteen times, four times got arrested, six times got drunk and driving, and three times got in the hospital. He checked his account and he used his three hundred and twenty five millions dollars. He changed his cars two times and phone six times, and numerous clothes. He’s twenty two years old and failed university three years. He asked him about his plan. Bảo Nam’s friends called him to hang out and asked him to make up an excuse. Bảo Nam told his father that his father called him to go to school. He lied to his mother that his teacher has his books and he will use a taxi so she doesn’t need to pick him. Bảo Nam called his teacher and asked him to say that he is with him if anyone ever calls him. Trúc picked up a bird at a park. Bảo Nam and his friends hang out at the beach. Trúc returns home. Two thieves sneaked in the grass and stared at her. Bảo Nam returns home. His father suggests to ask his teacher to tutor him at home to save time. Bảo Nam said he prefers to study at his teacher’s house since he can’t concentrate at home. The two thieves sneaked slowly in Trúc’s house while she is taking a shower. Bảo Nam’s mother picked up his laundry and asked him where did he go which made his clothes full of sand. Bảo Nam said his teacher fixed his house and he accidentally stepped on the sand. His mother asked him if he could concentrate on studying with all those noises. Bảo Nam asked his mother why won’t she hire his maid to help her with the chores. She said she is happy to cook and taking care of her father. She said one day he will find out that nothing is warmer than being with his family. She wants him to understand how important he and his father is to her. She told him she thinks he doesn’t really love her since he always want to have fun instead of behaving. The two thieves looked at the photo of their brother whom got arrested due to not running fast enough. Bảo Nam told his girlfriend he’s considering on focusing on studying at home so her mother won’t worry for him. She asked him if he’s sure he can pass the exam. She said she is currently pissed that her sister bought the same phone as her so she threw her phone on the wall. Bảo Nam said he will buy her a new phone. She asked him she saw another one about ten million dollars. She told her sister she will Bảo Nam to buy her a new car next time. It’s midnight, the two thieves dressed up to steal. One of the thieves complain to his buddy about the mask and the socks being ripped and dirty and demanded him to switch with him. The two thieves held a masking tape and a rope. and grabbed Trúc while she is sleeping.