Xiao Shiyi Lang wallpaper

I would like to thank Drunken Sword to make me a Xiao Shiyi Lang wallpaper. I did have fun rewatching and recapping this good old Wuxia Series.


❤ the theme song as always


Xiao Shiyi Lang/ Treasure Raiders episode 60 Overview (Finale)

Heard this last episode will have overuse of CG Effects. To be honest I usually don’t like series using plenty of CG Effects since it seems like making the drama looks like a video game animation. I’m ready to watch this duel between Xiao Shiyi Lang and Lian Chengbi.





Fairy Hawk stabbed Susu and hugged Chengjin. Chengjin told Fairy Hawk that Chengbi pushed her down the hill and she regrets stabbing Xiao Shiyi Lang. Sima thanked Chengjin for choosing her true love Fairy Hwak or else he will be an alienating couple like Chengbi and Bijun. Sima Xiang brings the saber for Xiao Shiyi Lang. Fairy Hawk told Chengjin they have to spend the remaining of the last year together. Xiao Shiyi Lang and Bijun rest in a hut. Bijun told Xiao Shiyi Love she likes his personality of talking everything lightly during harsh circumstances. Bijun hugged Xiao Shiyi Lang and said she won’t regret being with him. Chengbi watch Bijun sleeping with Xiao Shiyi Lang. Sima Xiang threw the saber to Xiao Shiyi Lang.

Xiao Shiyi Lang is having a duel with Chengbi. Bijun and Feng Siniang search for Xiao Shiyi Lang. Xiao Shiyi Lang got injured badly. Er Guo Tou and Kaitai jumped down and fights with Chengbi. Bai Yang and Lu Liu tries to heal Xiao Shiyi Lang. Chengbi laugh evilly sand said “Who’s left besides me?” Xiao Shiyi Lang said the password and open the legendary saber. As Xiao Shiyi Lang walked toward Chengbi, the sunflowers grow. The saber flew up. Xiao Shiyi Lang changes his suit to a red one and point the dragon saber toward Chengbi. Xiao Shiyi Lang and Chengbi fell down the sky. Before Chengbi dies, he asked Bijun if she ever loved him. Chengbi told Bijun at least he loved her thoroughly.

Feng Siniang gets married to Kaitai.Xiao Shiyi Lang told Bijun he can wait until she’s fifty years old then see if she will ask him to marry her. Xiao Shiyi Lang and Bijun hold each others hand and walk.


Xiao Shiyi Lang/ Treasure Raiders episode 59 Overview



Chengbi attacked Xiao Shiyi Lang. Er Guo Tou took the punch for Xiao Shiyi Lang and got injured. Chengbi asked Xiao Shiyi Lang to have a duel with him tomorrow. Xiao Shiyi Lang told his dad to remember his promise of living peacefully. Xiao Shiyi Lang told Chengjin his death isn’t important as long as he can appreciate the happy moments. Xiao Shiyi Lang told Chengjin if he dies form this battle, she can search for Fairy Hawk by herself. Kaitai told Feng Siniang he will prove to his dad that he can protect himself. Feng Siniang told Kaitai he has become manly. Chengbi overheard Feng Siniang told Kaitai she will look for Bijun and Chengjin in the house in the wood. Chengbi came toward Bijun and Chenjin and hit them. Chengbi brought Chengjin to Fairy Hawk and blamed on Xiao Shiyi Lang.

Chengjin woke up and came toward Xiao Shiyi Lang. Xiao Shiyi Lang asked Chengjin where is Bijun. Chengjin said Bijun wanted to protect her so she took the punch for her. It’s raining. Chengbi told Bijuin to see if Xiao Shiyi Lang will die for her or care about beating him. Bijun told Chengbi that Xiao Shiyi Lang has given her happiness while Chengbi is always jealous. Bijun sitll doesn’t know what kind of person Chengbi is. Xiao Shiyi Lang drinks. Susu and the bodyguard came toward Xiao Shiyi Lang. Chengjin saw Xiao Shiyi Lang right hand trembles, and asked him to escape with her. Chengjin stabbed Xiao Shiyi Lang since Chengbi said Fairy Hawk got kidnapped by him.

Xiao Shiyi Lang fights with the bodyguard. Susu took Chengjin away. Fairy Hawk stabbed Xiao Shiyi Lang. Sima Ziang pointed a sword at Fairy Hawk for stealing Chengjin. Xiao Shiyi Lang told Fairy Hawk that Chengjin got kidnapped by Susu. The bodyguard Jia Xin surrounded Xiao Shiyi Lang with the guard. Xiao Shiyi Lang pointed his sword to ward his neck.Bijun arrived. Bijun sit in front of Xiao Shiyi Lang and asked the bodyguard he can kill her first if he wants to kill Xiao Shiyi Lang. Chengbi saw Bijun took Xiao Shiyi Lang away. Susu pointed a sword toward Chenjin.

Xiao Shiyi Lang/ Treasure Raiders episode 58 Overview


Kaitai showed Feng Siniang’s wedding dress to his dad. Kaitai’s dad told Kaitai he doesn’t need to look at it but he’s sure Feng Siniang will look beautiful as his mom when she wears that wedding dress. Kaitai said his dad is good too since he never married another woman ever since his dad died. Kaitai miss his father. Kaitai said he doesn’t care how evil is father is since he loves him very much. Kaitai’s servant checked next door to see who Kaitai was talking to last night. Kaitai’s servant saw Xiao Yao Hou’s head in the jar and freaked out. Kaitai realized that the person he’s been talking to is his dad. Kaitai’s dad told Kaitai he’s a very good son but he never though he’s going to be a failure. Kaitai asked his dad what is his wishes. Xiao Yao Hou told Chengbi he wants Kaitai to rest in peace so he won’t tell him about Chengbi kidnapping him. Xiao Yao Hou believes someone will get rid of Chengbi. Xiao Yao Hou told Chengbi he will be end up like him. Chengbi sucked Xiao Yao Hou’s blood.

Kaitai, Feng Siniang, and Xiao Shiyi Lang search for Kaitai’s dad. Kaitai read his father’s letter saying he’s glad to see him again and he can go peacefully. Chengbi carries Kaita’s father’s body. Feng Siniang slapped Susu. Kaitai ran and cried. Xiao Shiyi Lang told Feng Siniang though Xiao Yao Hou has been evil he truly love his son. Xiao Shiyi Lang asked Er Guo to promise him to never leave him.

Chengbi peeked at Xiao Shiyi Lang and Bijun and doubts why Bijun never smiled when she was with him. Bijun told Xiao Shiyi Lang she will always be happy being with him. Bijun showed Xiao Shiyi Lang her wedding pin and asked him to put it for her.

Xiao Shiyi Lang/ Treasure Raiders episode 57 Overview



Chengbi got mad about everyone is on Xiao Shiyi Lang’s side. Sweet Sweet moment for Xiao Shiyi Lang and Bijun, and Kaitai and Feng Siniang. Bing Bing asked Bijun if she doesn’t understand that Xiao Shiyi Lang only loves her. Bing Bing asked Bijun if she recognizes her as Chengjin. Bing Bing cried and hugged Bijun. Er Guo Tou got injured on the chest like the masked man. Xiao Shiyi Lang giggled since he found out that the masked man is his father.

Xiao Shiyi Lang happily kneeled in front of Er Guo Tou to accept their father and son relationship. Er Guo Tou denied their their father and son relationship. Xiao Shiyi Lang doubts why his dad never took care of him. Er Guo Tou said “I did search for the hill many times but never had the luck.” Xiao Shiyi Lang laughed htat Er Guo Tou finally admins their father and son relationship. Er Guo Tou said his greatest achievement is having a son like him. Xiao Shiyi Lang said he hid his identity afraid that others will use him to asked him to give him the saber.

Chengbi asked Sima Xiang to kill Xiao Yao Hou but he refused out of pity. Chengbi pointed a sword at Xiao Yao Hou and said he will see how Kaitai will suffer. Chengbi asked Xiao Yao Hou to let him suck his blood or else he will hurt Kaitai. Chengbi sucked Xiao Yao Hou blood to grow stronger.

Feng Siniang told Xiao Shiyi Lang she has found the one for her which is Kaitai. Chengjin told Bijun she fell on the swamp and searched for Xiao Shiyi Lang. Xiao Shiyi Lang told Feng Siniang that Chengjin got poisoned and got pregnant with Fairy Hawk. Xiao Shiyi Lang explained to Feng Siniang about killing those two fighters when Chengjin wanted the earrings. Xiao Shiyi Lang said those two fighters collaborated with Chengbi causing chaos. Chengjin told Bijun that Xiao Shiyi Lang came back to the hometown to deal with Chengbi.

Xiao Shiyi Lang/ Treasure Raiders episode 56 Overview


Kaitai’s dad told Kaitai that his dad is proud of him being a fiilial son. Kaitai’s dad told Kaitai to save Feng Siniang from Susu. He told Kaitai to find Xiao Shiyi Lang. Xiao Shiyi Lang and Kaitai tries think of a way to save Bijun and Feng Siniang. Bijun refuses to eat Chengbi’s meal. Feng Siniang refused to eat Susu’s mean and said the food might taste bad. Bijun told Chengbi she will let fate decides her life. Chengbi asked Bijun if Xiao Shiyi Lang has been here since only him can move this coffin. Chengbi said he put poison on the saber.

Er Guo Tou stole the saber and fought with the guards. Bai Yang and Lu Liu found out that the masked man is Er Guo Tou based on his martial arts. Er Guo Tou felt weak due to the poison on the saber. Er Guo Tou opens the legendary saber to drive away the guards. Bai Yang and Lu Liu saved Er Gou Tou. A guard told Xiao Shiyi Lang he saw someone using the saber. Kaitai asked Xiao Shiyi Lang if the masked man is related to him. Er Guo Tou told Bai Yang and Lu Liu that Chengbi has learned Xiao Yao Hou’s dark martial art. Er Guo Tou asked if they noticed that Chengbi have created fake arms an legs. When the body guard came to check Bai Yang and Lu Liu’s room for the thief, Er Guo Tou pretends to sleep.

Xiao Shiyi Lang and Kaitai waits for Er Guo to go with them rescue Bijun and Feng Siniang. When Er Guo Tou opens the cave using the password, Xiao Shiyi Lang was surprised since his dad taught him the password. Er Guo Tou asked Xiao Shiyi Lang and Kaitai to hurry save Bijun and Feng Siniang. Xiao Shiyi Lang stands still and said “Yes father.” Er Guo Tou used the saber to free Bijun and Feng Siniang. Feng Siniang and Kaitai talked sweetly with each othe. Er Guo Tou was like “Hurry up and leave, do you want Chengbi to catch you guys again?” Chengbi questioned Bai Yang and Lu Liu about the intruder not feeling sick after the poison. Bai Yang and Lu Liu leaves the Lian.

Xiao Shiyi Lang/ Treasure Raiders episode 55 Overview



Kaitai saw his dad hiding in the jar and can’t see him and asked him who he is. Kaitai’s dad said he’s a poor old man who hides in a jar to avoid troubles. Kaitai’s dad told Kaitai the Feng Siniang is really good to her. Kaitai’s dad told Kaitai that Hua Ruyu is a female. Kaitai’s dad refused to eat with Kaitai. Fairy Hawk returns and told Chengbi he’s not sure why he’s returning to his house. Chengbi lied to Fairy Hawk that Xiao Shiyi Lang poisoned Chengjin. Chengjin got poised and fainted. The doctor told Fairy Hawk Chengjin can only live for six month. Chengjin told Fairy Hawk she wants to find Xiao Shiyi Lang. Xiao Shiyi Lang saw the cave’s rocks under the horse carriage. Kaitai dip the food for his dad.

Er Guo Tou and Xiao Shiyi Lang enter the cave. They found Feng Siniang and Bijun. Feng Siniang told Xiao Shiyi Lang to not carry the coffin cause there are nails in there and it can hurt Bijun. Xiao Shiyi Lang and Er Guo Tou returns to the house to find the saber. Chengjin told Xiao Shiyi Lang she wants to leave this place. Chengjin ignores Fairy Hawk and wants to leave with Xiao Shiyi Lang. Chengjin told Fairy Hawk he doesn’t want to see him again.