Drama Resume

It’s going to take forever to list all the HK dramas (ATV and TVB) I’ve watched. So I’m going to list only the Mainland Dramas, Korean Dramas, and Taiwanese Dramas that I’ve watched. I might forgot to list some of them which I’ve watched when I was in childhood.

Obviously I only watch mostly Mainland and Taiwanese ancient dramas. I’m not really onto modern Mainland and Taiwanese Dramas. As for Korean Dramas, I’m more onto Romance Comedies.

Taiwanese Dramas

1.Chor Lau Heung 2001-Richie Ren, Jessica Cheung Sai,Ruby Lin, Gigi Lai, Anita Yuen, Joey Meng, and Kristy Yang
2. Body Guard Jade Doll- Kenny Ho.
3. Cake Empress starring Esther Kwan and Roger Kwok
4.Hua Mulan starring Anita Yuen and Vincent Zhao
5. Kung Fu Master from Guangdong 2001-Felix Wong
6. Justice Bao 1993-Kenny Ho as the bodyguard
7. Princess Pearl I and II starring Alec Su, Vicky Zhao, Ruby Lin
8. Chess Warrior
9. My Bratty Princess
10 It Started with a Kiss

Mainland Drama
1. The Voyage of Emperor Qianlong to Jiang Nan
2.The World’s Finest starring Li Ya Peng, Wallace Huo, Michelle Yip
3. Chinese Paladin 3 starring Hu Ge, Lui Shi Shi, Yang Mi, Wallace Huo
4.Once upon a Time in China 1995- Vincent Zhao
5.The New Judge- Chilam Cheung and Anita Yuen
6.Bu Bu Jing Xin
7.Xiao Shiyi Lang 2003 starring Nicky Wu and Athena Chu

Korean Dramas
1. Goong
2. Full House
3. My Girl
4. Boys Over Flowers
5. My Girlfriend is a nine tailed Fox.
6. Coffee Prince
7. Secret Garden
8. You’re Beautiful
9. Shining Inheritance
10. Prince’s First Love
11. Take Care of My Young Lady
12.Autumn in My Heart
13.Lie To Me
14. Personal Taste
15.Queen in Hyun’s Man
16. When It’s At Night
17. The Snow Queen
18. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
19. Prosecutor Princess
20. Family Honor
21. Partner
22. Cinderella Man
23. 49 Days
24. City Hunter
25. Scent of a Woman
26. My Princess
27. Flower Boys Next Door

This is the list so far. May add more later. Not sure if I will do a page about all the HK (ATV and TVB) series I’ve watched since it would be so long.

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