HK Drama (2000-2005) Resume

Here’s a list of TVB Dramas I’ve watched in 200-2005
2000-Lost in Love
2000- Legend of Lady Yang
2000- At the Threshold of Era II
2000- Armed Reaction II
2000-Return of the Cuckoo
2000- Scavenger’s Paradise
2000-Legendary Four Aces
2000- A matter of Custom
2000-Crimson Sabre
2001-Colourful Life
2001-Reaching Out
2001- On the Track or Off
2001- Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber
2001- A Taste of Love
2001- God of Honours
2001- A Step into the Past
2002-Love is Beautiful
2002- A Herbalist Affair
2002-Eternal Happiness
2002- Slim Chances
2002-Family Man
2002- Lofty Water Verdant Bow
2002-Legal Entanglement
2002- A Case of Misadventure
2002-The Trust of a Lifetime
2002-Where the Legend Begins
2002-Burning Flame 2
2002-Square Pegs
2002-Virtues of Harmony
2002-Golden Faith
2002-Take My Word for it
2002-Doomed to Oblivion
2002- Police Station No.7
2003- King of Yesterday and Tomorrow
2003-Back to Square One
2003- Perish in the Name of Love
2003-Fate Twisters
2003- Better Halves
2003- Find the Light
2003-Driving Power
2003- Point of No Return
2003-Whatever it Takes
2003-Love and Again
2003- Witness to a Prosecution II
2003-Viligante Force
2003- Up and Down in the Sea of Love
2003- The W Files
2003-Survivor’s Law
2003- Triumph in the Skies
2003- Not Just a Pretty Face
2003-Seed of Hope
2004-Lady Fan
2004-Dream of Colours
2004- A Handful of Love
2004- Shine on You
2004- The Conqueror’s Story
2004-The Viligante in the Mask
2004-Hard Fate
2004- Armed Reaction IV
2004-Angels of Mission
2004- To Get Unstuck in Time
2004-War and Beauty
2004-Shades of Truth
2004- Hope for Sale
2004-Fight For Love
2005-Wong Fei Hung Master of Kungfu
2005-Lost in the Chamber of Love
2005-The Prince’s shadow
2005-Scavenger’s Paradise
2005-Just Love
2005- Gateau Affair
2005- Fantasy Hotel
2005- Yummy Yummy
2005- Hidden Treasures
2005- The Charm Beneath
2005- Herbalist’s Manuel
2005- Love Bond
2005- The Academy
2005-The Gentle Crackdown
2005- War of In Laws
2005- Revolving Door of Vengeance
2005- Life Made Simple
2005- When Rules Turn Loose
2005- Always Ready
2005- Strike at Heart
2005- Guts of Man

2 thoughts on “HK Drama (2000-2005) Resume

  1. Hi, I have been trying to find old tvb dramas to watch for a while and I was wondering if you know where I can watch the older dramas?

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