HK Drama (80s and 90s) Resume

List of ATV and TVB Dramas I’ve watched in the 80s and 90s

ATV Series
1.Food Glorious Food
2. Central Affairs
3. Secret Battle of Majesty
4. Heroine of Yang
5. Heroic Legend of the Yang Family
6. Heroic Legend of Family and the Yang General

TVB Series in the 80s and 90s

1989- Looking Back in Anger
1993- Man of Wisdom
1993- Romance Beyond
1994-A Journey of Love
1994- Legend of Condor Heroes
1994-The Ching Emperor
1994- Instinct
1994- The Lonestar Swordman
1995- A Good Match From Heaven
1995- Return of Condor Heroes 1995
1996-Mutual Affection
1996- Dark Tales
1996- State of Divinity
1996- Food of Love
1996- Journey to the West
1996-Cold Blood Warm Heart
1996- War of Briberty
1996- Once Upon a Time in Shanghai
1997- Taming the Princess
1997- Lady Flower Fist
1997-Demi God and Semi Devils
1997-Justice Sung
1997- A Recipe to the Heart
1997- Time Before Time
1997- I Can’t Accept Corruption
1997- Untraceable Evidence
1998- Dark Tales 2
1998- As Sure as Fate
1998-Duke of Mt.Deer
1998- Old Time Buddy 2
1998- Journey to the West 2
1998- Moment of Endearment
1998- Secret of the Heart
1998- Burning Flame
1998- Armed Reaction
1998-War and Remembrance
1999- Untraceable Evidence 2
1999- Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain
1999- Man’s Best Friend
1999-Happy Ever After
1999-Justice Sung II
1999- At the Threshold of an Era
1999- Dragon Love
1999-Game of Deceit
1999-Plain Love 2
1999-A Loving Spirit
1999- Witness to a Prosecution

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