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Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 6 recap

A soldier fainted from the cup of water. Two soldiers came to the tribe and got injured and told the prince they couldn’t find water. Tin Wah told the prince that he did a fortune telling that tomorrow there will be rain. The general is impatient to wait for the rain. The prince is willing to surrender his throne. It is raining. Tin Wah gave the prince a good luck charm. Tin Wah gave a good luck charm for the maid to give to Princess Chiu Yung. Chiu Yung told the maid that he is not the person she loves so it doesn’t matter if he gives her the most valuable gift. The general would like Tin Wah to know the fate of his dynasty. Tin Wah said this dynasty won’t be fallen.

The mongolian troops surrounded Princess Chiu Fung. During the battle, Tin Wah hit the Yin and Yang drum and it fires the troops. Bo Yee flew and fought with a Mongolian guy. Assassins fought with Tin Wah and the guards on the boat. Bo Yee threw the fortune paper and uses his power to make the statue horse live. The white horse came in the sea. Tin Wah rode on the horse and picked up the prince in the water. The horse vanishes in the mud. Princess Ngan Fung and the Mongolian King told the captain that it is not a good moment to battle since the prince is becoming the king. The prince becomes the king and promoted Tin Wah. An official told the other official that Tin Wah isn’t the person who saves the world.

Tin Wah drinks with the officials. The official’s wife woke up and told the official that she has a nightmare that the Mongolians will attack them. The official believes that the Mongolians will lose. She told him to not cut ties with the Mongolians in case they will lose. Princess Chiu Yung told Tin Wah that she remembers Bo Yee also used the Fengshui to save her. Chiu Yung told Tin Wah she is interested to learn about Fengshui; she asked him to teach her. Bo Yee went home carrying the tree. Tin Wah prayed in front of his mother that he has disappointed her. Bo Yee told Tin Wah he doesn’t want to return with him to the palace since he doesn’t want to be an official. Bo Yee hopes Tin Wah to work for the majesty and he warned him to be careful of the general.

Ching Mui and Bo Yee looked at the paper boats on the river. Ching Mui got angry and left. Bo Yee followed her and gave her a piece of jade. Ching Mui sewed a pair of shoes for Bo Yee. Bo Yee’s mother teased her. During the night, a servant carried his light and saw a woman crying. Bo Yee’s mother showed Bo Yee some dates to marry. Bo Yee refuses to marry Ching Mui. Ching Mui dropped the jade and left. Bo Yee told the people to untie the girl. The girl hugged him and called him her husband.


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Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 5 recap

Bo Yee blames himself for harming his father. The master looked at Bo Yee’s black lines in his arm and asked him when did he have it.  He has it because he went against god’s will. If those lines touched his heart, he will die. The master gave him three fortune papers of his three moves. Bo Yee cried and asked why do the people close to him have to die. The master transfer his pearl to Bo Yee’s body and died. Ching Mui asked Tin Wah if he seen Bo Yee. Ching Mui climbed down the hill and saw a tissue with blood. She fell down the ground. Bo Yee saw Ching Mui. Bo Yee piggyback Ching Mui.

Bo Yee took the man and his neighbor to the mountain for their fengshui. Tin Wah fell down. There was water on the leaves. The leaves were from the fog. Bo Yee gave the man his neighbor and advice of building a dragon bridge for at most seven days so the dragon can appear and create water. The people were thirsty and fought for water at the well. Bo Yee painted on the dragon and uses his spell and the dragon created rain.

Bo Yee suggests the man to find a tree by the lake for their two fengshui. The man’s son went home from the war. Everyone in town greets Bo Yee. Bo Yee and Tin Wah walked and saw the priest becomes crazy and begging for water. Bo Yee looked in the eight diagram and found a fengshui for Tin Wah’s mother. Tin Wah tripped and dropped his mother’s ashes. Bo Yee pointed to the fengshui and told Tin Wah it is good that his mother’s ashes fell down the ground. This fengshui doesn’t need him to bury. Ching Mui and Bo Yee looked at the stars. Bo Yee told Ching Mui he used to learn Fengshui to be successful but now he thought about it, the people are more important.

The servant couldn’t find the tree. Tin Wah wants to search for the tree. The officials greet Princess Chiu Yung. They planned in greeting the king and attacking their enemies. The official has a dream of being attacked by five enemies and a person in the white shirt saved him. The official checked the woods and fell into a hole and a snake surrounded him. Tin Wah used his knife and chop it. Tin Wah drinks with the official. Tin Wah believes he’s a general but is face has a dark spot which means he lost sleep.

The servants greet the official. Tin Wah bowed in front of him. The official asked him to stay for the night. Tin Wah saw Princess Chiu Yung. The guards pointed a sword at him. The official and Tin Wah bowed in front of her. The official requested Chiu Yung to let Tin Wah to escort her along with him. Princess Chiu Yung and her guards fought with their enemies. Tin Wah took the stab for her and got injured. A mongol meet with the official during the night.  The mongol told the official he heard their power of the Han is getting stronger and has more allies. Bo Yee threw a rock at Tin Wah.

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Asian drama blogging thought!

I’ve been blogging for almost eight years! It’s been great. I focus on hk dramas with a bias for wuxia and sometimes I throw in some cdramas and kdramas.

What I learned about blogging is.

1. You have to figure out if you want to blog for a hobby or a business.
2. How much time would you dedicate to it?
3. Why are your blogging?
4. How and where would you go find your sources to write for your topics?
5.How can you connect with the community and who are your fanbases?
6. What you can do and what you can’t do?
7. What is your blog is going to be about?

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Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 4 recap

Bo Yee bowed in front of his master. His master told him there are three levels of martial arts for him to master. The master held the sword and told Bo Yee he admires that he can open this sword which mean he is fated with this sword. His master made Bo Yee sworn to help the people and don’t be greedy. The master told Bo Yee that ten years ago, he accepted a disciple which did evil deed which he regrets. He won’t take anymore disciple. Ching Mui saw Bo Yee’s father on Tin Wan. Tin Wan told her that Bo Yee lend it to him to learn about Feng Shui. Tin Wan and Ching Mui watches a priest doing spell on the street. Tin Wah confronted the priest of conning people. Tin Wah threw rice on the paper to create fire and said he knew this trick since he was twelve. A master asked Tin Wah to help him about Feng Shui. Tin Wah brought a large chicken home. Bo Yee saw the neighbor yelled at a a man about putting two  lanterns in his daughter’s room causing her to be ill. Bo Yee told the man that the two lanterns hanging across each other causes the dark power to rise. The man told him that Tin Wah told him to put those two lanterns. Bo Yee returns home and told Tin Wah when he hung those two lanterns, he should hang them at the right time.  Bo Yee took down the lanterns and changed the lanterns. The neighbor yelled at him. Bo Yee told him that his son will get well soon.

Bo Yee’s mother reminds Bo Yee of using his skills to help other people. Tin Wah tries to open Bo Yee’s sword but couldn’t. Bo Yee told him that only he can open the sword. He opened the sword and it shined. The man’s wife is in coma. The man begged Bo Yee to take down those lanterns. Dang San checked up for the man’s wife and believe she’s been abducted by a dark force. Bo Yee and Dang San checked the fengshui and it is the opposite of the neighbor. The priest and official came to help the neighbor’s Fengshui. Bo Yee told the man to bury his tomb so he can move it. The man ate and drink with Bo Yee and Dang San and fainted. Bo Yee saw a line of blood in the man’s body. Bo Yee saw a plant across the grave. Dang San told Bo Yee to give up, he worries more people will be harmed. Bo Ye insists he have to win or else the official will harm more people. The neighbor doesn’t want the man to die and told the priest to let go. The official refuse to give up. He has to revenge for his eye.

Tin Wah told the official that this grave wall will block his grave and it can’t be harmed by fire. The priest thought of using his power to remove the water so the power of the dragon will lessen. The priest threw seven swords and was about to throw a spell. Bo Yee fought with the priest. Dang San got injured.  The priest threw a spell on the sword. The ground shaken. The dragon flew. Dang San died and told Bo Yee to take care and never go against godwill. Bo Yee’s mother told Bo Yee to succeed his father of being a Fengshui master.

The villagers made a strike in front of Bo Yee for using Fengshui causing them to run out of water. Bo Yee told them they can do whatever they want with him.  The neighbor ame and told the villagers that he has mistakenly believed the priest who caused this incident. The man let Bo Yee and his family stay in his mansion. The man asked Bo Yee if he can make the dragon bring water again. Bo Yee upset and said he doesn’t have the power, they should find other people to help. Bo Yee burned the diagrams. He sighed to Ching Mui that Feng Shui has harmed his father. Ching Mui told Bo Yee to hold the diagram and help the people. Bo Yee feels useless. Tin Wah told Bo Yee to eat. Ching Mui brought a bottle of Gingseng tea for Bo Yee and didn’t see him. Tin Wah pushed the wagon with Bo Yee to see his master to heal him. He piggyback Bo Yee to the mountain. Tin Wah trippped and Bo Yee fell down the hill.

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Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 3 recap

The priest told the official that the land belongs to Bo Yee since his blood melted on the Yin Yang. Tin Wah held a cup and begged Dang San to teach him Feng Shui. Dang San told Bo Yee that based on Tin Wah’s birth date, he will turn in the dark side. Ching Mui told Tin Wah that it took for a while to persuade Dang San to let his son learn Feng Shui. He can probably change his mind later. Bo Yee and Tin Wah fought with two ladies.  Tin Wah held a sword toward a lady and released her. The two ladies want to stay with them for a night. Bo Yee and his friends heard a rice owner telling him about the people in this town flee since the dynasty is falling down. Bo Yee and Ching Mui line up for a bowl of rice. Bo Yee gave potatoes for the ladies and they kindly didn’t need. The princess ate a chicken. Bo Yee looked at the lady and believe she comes from a royal family. The lady invited Bo Yee to eat chicken.

While carrying a basket of clothes to the lake, Ching Mui threw rocks and is angry that the lady bosses her. The lady told Ching Mui she is only a servant, why would she care how she is treating Bo Yee. Bo Yee asked the lady if she sleep well last night. It would help if she wore a jade. The lady asked him to buy her a jade. Ching Mui angrily left. Tin Wah saw a golden hairpin in the street and would like to buy this for the lady. Bo Yee told Tin Wah to buy it for the lady. Bo Yee saw a jade and bought it. The elder master bumped into Bo Yee and smiled. He recited a poem.

Tin Wah gave the lady the hairpin. She looked at it and find it okay. Bo Yee gave her a jade and told her to wear it. The lady looked at the hairpin and jade and got ready to go to sleep. She laid on her bad and fell down in an underground of webs and skeletons. She freaks out. Bo Yee came down and hugged her. Bo Yee put the skeleton in the grave and created a wooden sign for them.

The lady looked at the jade. A man in the black suit fought with her. Bo Yee fought with the person in the black suit and took off her mask, another  lady. The other lady pushed him and left.  Dang San doesn’t believe that this person is  not normal assassin since her martial art is pretty good. Dang San told Bo Yee that it is his fate that he met a powerful master. The princess Ngan Fun in the black suit plans with a Mongolian Captain about killing some rebels.

Lai Bo Yee searches for the master. Bo Yee found the village and sat and drink tea with the master. The master told him he solved his poem and is destined to meet him. Lai Bo Yee bowed and thanked him for saving his life. He would like to be his pupil. The master refuses to accept a pupil and told him to leave. Bo Yee has a dream of the official and the priest killing his father. The master told Bo Yee that he just dream of his trauma. The master told him that learning about Fengshui, he can’t disclose the answer or he’ll end up miserable.

The lady is the princess Chiu Yung and leave with the general. Ching Mui wants to  go with Bo Yee to the village. She gave him some donuts. Tin Wah wants to come with him. Bo Yee went in the cave and tripped down the lake. The master teaches him martial arts to reduce his darkness. Princess Chiu Yung told the official about where Bo Yee hid. The priest plans to use the Fengshui against Bo Yee. Bo Yee  managed to get out of the water. Bo Yee looked around the ice cave and found a sword. The dragon light flew toward the martial arts moves on the wall. He practiced the martial arts and grabbed the sword.

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Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 2 recap

The doctor told Tin Wah that his mother’s illness is strong and requires to drink medicine for at least a year. Bo Yee gave Tin Wah a sum of money to buy medicine. Tin Wah asked the stall owners and farmers for tax money. They gave him some. The servant told the official someone uses his name to gather tax money. The official is worried about his fate. A martial artist assure him he will find a good fengshui for him. The lady cried and told Bo Yee that he tricked her. Dang San slapped his son Bo Yee for doing fortune telling. Dang San told the lady that she has made up for her previous life, and with her beauty, she will soon find a lover in two years. Tin Wah fought with the official’s guards. Bo Yee helped him and they both got caught. Tin Wah’s mother begged Dang San to help her son.

The people in the dungeon screamed innocent since the official con them wanting their tax money. The fortune teller also got locked with Bo Yee and Tin Wah. The official took Tin Wah out of the cellar and the guards beat him and Bo Yee. The fortune teller looked at Bo Yee’s face and said something is happening to his father. A person pretends to faint. Two other person killed the guards. Bo Yee and Tin Wah escape along with other people. Bo Yee and Tin Wah hid in the woods. The official ordered his guards to search the woods. A guard told the official there’s good news. They head home.

The official followed the priest to find a good fengshui. The priest wonder why there is thunder. The priest threw a coffin. Dang San pushed the coffin and break it. The official kicked Bo Yee. Bo Yee pushed the sword toward the official’s right eyes. The official pushed Bo Yee down the rock. Bo Yee fainted and his blood melted down in the Yin and Yang and a bat formed.

Bo Yee stays in coma. Ching Mui bowed and is willing to reduced her life to ten years if Bo Yee wakes up. Bo Yee died. Bo Yee found himself down the grave and he found a manuel about his fate. He felt dizzy and fainted.

Tin Wah woke up and saw his house being burnt. The official’s servant with men in black suits surrounded him. Tin Wah’s mother died in the fire. An elder with white hair told Dang San’s that Bo Yee can’t be burried. Bo Yee isn’t dead yet. He transfer energy to Bo Yee. He told Dang San to take good care of Bo Yee, he will become more powerful than him. Tin Wah sighed that he can’t change his fate, is mother died while Bo Yee survived from his dead. He doesn’t have the power to defeat the official. Bo Yee told Tin Wah to work hard to have power so the official can’t bully him.

Dang San told  Ching Mui to pack her stuff and they are going to leave this place. Dang San asked Bo Yee if he really wants to learn about Feng Shui. Dang San told Bo Yee his fate has changed after his head got knocked in the rock. He will have a lot of obstacles. The more power he has, the more obstacles he will have. Bo Yee is willing to take the path of becoming a fortune teller.


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The Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 1 recap

The series starts with Lai Dang San wants to go fortunetelling. His wife wory about her two sons will die. A couple mourn for his baby’s dead and blamed Dang San for his baby’s death. A sect fought with the husband and he got injured. Dang San helped him. The villages asked Dang San to leave after they know his identity. Dang San denied of telling  an official to dig their family’s grave.

Dang San asked the official why he must bully some poor family. The official said he worries that those grave will lessen his aura when the dragon from their grave will absorb the power from his grave. Dang San told him to move his grave to another place. The master carries Dang San’s son. Dang San apologized to the couple. The couple accused him of looking down at them for being poor. Dang San said he tried to help but the official kidnapped his family.

Dang San saw a sign of the couple’s grave is ruined.  Dang San placed some oil to keep the mother healthy. Dang San used his power to do some fortune telling. The mother gave birth to a daughter and died. Dang San did some fortune telling in front of the official. The master made Dang San to make a vow. The husband held his baby and begged Dang San to let him stay with him. Dang San’s son fell from a tree and died. Dang San and his wife did a funeral for him.

A woman asked a fortune teller that when she will get married. He told her that it will take time. Lai Bo Yee came and told her that if she placed flowers in her room, she will find her soulmate. Bo Yee told the fortune teller he believes that she will find love. A master told the fortune teller to give him fifty thousand taels to go to an official party. The master’s guards beat up Lai Bo Yee. Fun Tin Wah fought with them. Dang San forbids Bo Yee to read fortune telling books and suggests him to learn martial arts.

Tin Wah massaged Bo Yee, and Fong Ching Mui saw some bruises.  Bo Yee told her not to tell her father and mother. Fong Ching Mui told him to drink her gingseng soup. Tin Wah laughed and said if he didn’t know them, he would thought they are a couple. Tin Wah is upset and worries about his mother who’s been sick for two months. Bo Yee gave Tin Wah some medicine.

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Gentle Reflections episode 20 (Finale)

The first wife and her maid sneaks in the warehouse and released the maid. The first wife bumped her head into the block and fainted. The first wife told Sai Moon Hing that she brought a bowl of rice to the maid but she untied herself and escaped and jumped down the wells and died. Kam Lien asked how did she untied the rope since it was so tight. The first wife said she wanted to feed her so she untied her. A guard told the maid that Sai Moon Hing has ordered Mou Chong to leave the town.

The maid came and told Mou Chong that Ping Yee is being locked. The two guards tried to kill Mou Chong and bring the maid for rewards. The guard fought with the two guards and got killed. The two guards tries to kill Mou Chong but the maid took the stab and died. A martial artist killed the two guards. Mou Chong hugged the maid. The maid told him that she is willing to die for him. She knows he only likes Ping Yee and Kam Lien shouldn’t blame him. She is happy hanging out with him. The maid asked him if he will remember her. She died.


The doctor told Ping Yee that her baby has an illness. Ping Yee requested the first wife to bring her son out of the mansion. The first wife told Ping Yee to let go of the revenge since Sai Moon Hing loves her. The first wife carried the baby out of the mansion. She and her maid placed the baby in a bin. Sai Moon Hing and Kam Lien met them. The first wife told Sai Moon Hing his baby is taking a nap so she and her maid is taking a walk. Kam Lien hear the baby cried. Sai Moon Hing picked him up from the basket. Sai Moon Hing came and asked Ping Yee who’s son is the baby. Sai Moon Hing tested the blood and threw the bowl. Sai Moon Hing held the baby and cried and said from all the concubines, he loves her the most, why does she treat him this way. She has schemed his three wives but he didn’t kill her on behalf of his son. Sai Moon Hing threw the baby and it died.

Sai Moon Hing laid on the chair. Kam Lien told Sai Moon Hing that it’s a waste of time worrying about Ping Yee. It’s better to know sooner that the baby isn’t his. Sai Moon Hing asked why all his concubines want to harm him. The first wife requested to go to the temple. The first wife told her maid she has to release Ping Yee. She saw Kam Lien’s eyes like she wanted to kill her. The first wife told Ping Yee to stop crying. Now Kam Lien is watching. She must stay alive. The first wife told the servants to carry the box which contains Ping Yee. Kam Lien came out of the mansion asked the first wife what do so many boxes contain.  The first wife said just her clothes, and she asked if she thinks she is taking treasures from the mansion. The first wife told Kam Lien that the mansion now belongs to her. Kam Lien watched the first wife leaving and now only has one more person to scheme.

Kam Lien gave the ropes to her servants and told them to hang up Ping  Yee and consider it she suicide. The sedan chair stopped on the way. Ping Yee got out of the box. The first wife told her to take care. The first wife became a nun. Sai Moon Hing and Kam Lien arrived at the temple searching for Ping Yee. The first wife wants to relieve the punishment for Sai Moon Hing and requested him to forgive Ping Yee. The first wife told Kam Lien to forgive Ping Yee, why she must push her to the end. Mou Chong met Ping Yee. She fainted. Ping Yee sighed she failed to revenge and harmed her baby. Mou Chong vowed he has to kill Sai Moon Hing.

In the restaurant, Sai Moon Hing sighed to his servant even if he marry another concubine, it isn’t the one he loves. Mou Chong stood in front of Sai Moon Hing and wants to kill him. Sai Moon Hing yelled at Mou Chong that those lives aren’t as precious as his sister. Sai Moon Hing fought with Mou Chong. Sai Moon Hing bled. Ping Yee pushed the sword toward him and announced she killed Sai Moon Hing.  She pushed her sword toward herself. Ping Yee died in Mou Chong’s arm and said she lived like hell in the past few years, now she has revenged for her husband and brother. She still has one more wish. Mou Chong told her that her wishes is also his. Kam Lien looked around the mansion.

Mou Chong brought Kam Lien toward Mou Dai Long’s grave. The nanny tries to leave and Mou Chong threw a sword at her body and she died. Kam Lien whined it isn’t fair. Why do god forces her to go into this path. She doesn’t have a choice. All her life she’s been manipulated by men, her fault was she was born in this body so men can humiliate her.  Ever since she got sold by Mou Dai Long, she got scolded by him. He can have as many concubines but she can’t. Kam Lien said she shouldn’t have fallen for two types of men, one is him who is stubborn, and the other is Sai Moon Hing who is evil but he is still more charming than him who does all sorts of evil deeds. At least Sai Moon Hing once has loved her. Kam Lien told Mou Chong at least he has feelings unlike him who is stubborn. Kam Lien asked Mou Chong if he has ever loved her. Mou Chong told her that nope, she is evil, and she was born a woman she should act like one. Kam Lien asked Mou Chong why she must, she just want to be with someone she loves. Mou Chong asked Kam Lien if she regretted killing Ping Yee’s brother. Kam Lien said Ping Yee’s brother has bad fate. If he wants to blame, then blame Ping Yee for stealing him. It’s them men who caused them sistes to fight. She wanted to take care of Sai Moon Hing but Ping Yee once again stole him. She deserved to die. Why must all them three sisters must fall for him. Is it worth it. Kam Lien told Mou Chong even if she goes to hell, she may not be punished. Kam Lien told Mou Chong to kill her.  Kam Lien said she now can choose her fate. She used the sword and kill herself.


The End!


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Gentle Reflections episode 19 recap

Sai Moon Hing came in and told Ping Yee to bow. He asked her what is her agenda on going in his mansion. Ping Yee said she doesn’t understand what he means. Sai Moon Hing brought the dead body of the maid in. Ping Yee said she doesn’t know what her maid have told him but she went in the mansion to take care of him. She doesn’t have a reason to revenge him. Poon Kam Lien told Ping Yee she feels heartbroken seeing her still lying. The first wife told Sai Moon Hing he only heard from the maid which is unfair to Ping Yee. Ping Yee told Sai Moon Hing to show her evidence. Sai Moon Hing threw the tablets. Ping Yee said she kept those tablets for memories. Sai Moon Hing said she knows he killed Far Chi Hui and her brother so she tricked him into marrying her and causing rumors so his family will break up. Kam Lien told Sai Moon Hing to kill Ping Yee. The first wife told him to calm down. Sai Moon Hing ordered to lock Ping Yee.

In forbidden room, Kam Lien asked PIng Yee if she thought her plan was perfect but they used to be sisters so she is familiar with her personality. She now lost to her. Ping Yee doesn’t have anything to say since she lost. She is satisfied since she has revenged with her conscience. Kam Lien told her she will tell Sai Moon Hing to punish her soon.

Sai Moon Hing sighed even if he punishes Ping Yee a thousand times, he still can’t let it go. The first wife told him she believes Ping Yee was only doing it out of impulsive since she lost her husband. She told him to give Ping Yee some time and she’ll let go of the revenge. Kam Lien disagreed, if Ping Yee wanted to forget then she would have let go of the revenge and she also harmed the first wife’s baby. Sai Moon Hing sighed and if Ping Yee didn’t have his baby, then he would have killed her. Kam Lien said she is Ping Yee’s sister but don’t know what she is thinking. Sometimes she thought of Ping Yee’s scheme and got scared. Kam Lien said Ping Yee’s carefully schemed, if she didn’t reveal her scheme then she would be the next person being harmed. Kam Lien told Sai Moon Hing to stay with her tonight.

Mou Chong and the maid saved a man from falling down the hill. The man invited them to his home. Mou Chong saw his friend looked familiar and asked him if he’s from his town. The man’s friend left. The man told them that he and his friends lived by farming. Mou Chong called the man’s friend’s  name and recognized him as the doctor. The doctor told Mou Chong, the maid, and his friend about Sai Moon Hing told him to bury Mou Dai Long. He wants to blackmail him. He puts blame on the doctor as the scapegoat. After this case, Sai Moon Hing sent his men to push him down the sea. He stayed in this farm. The maid told Mou Chong about Sai Moon Hing’s servant pushed Far Chi Hui down the sea. Mou Chong blames himself and wants to die. The maid told Mou Chong that Ping Yee worked hard to revenge.

The doctor doesn’t want to come back to witness Sai Moon Hing to keep his life. The man’s friend, Mou Chong and the maid begged him to witness Sai Moon Hing. The doctor worried that they don’t have power to witness Sai Moon Hing.

Kam Lien gave a powder to the maid to put it in Ping Yee’s medicine so she can feel more pain giving birth. Ping Yee told her maid that Ping Yee has harm many many people in this family. The maid said Sai Moon Hing really loves Ping Yee if he knows she wants to harm her, she’ll get in trouble. Kam Lien asked the maid if she ever thought of her future, if she praises her in front of Sai Moon Hing she can be his eight wife. The first wife told Ping Yee a story of a monk who kept his jade then thought about why he wants to keep this jade and he broke it and feels better. She told her that revenge won’t help. The maid was about to give Ping Yee a bowl of soup.

Ping Yee ached her belly and screamed while giving birth to her baby. Sai Moon Hing hopes the baby is fine. The nanny told Sai Moon Hing that Ping Yee is having hard time giving birth. The nanny congratulates Sai Moon Hing of having a prince. Sai Moon Hing grumpily asked the first wife why the baby keeps on crying. The first wife held the baby and said perhaps he misses her mother. The first wife brought the baby to Ping Yee. Ping Yee hugged her baby and cried. Ping Yee begged the first wife if anything happen to her, she would like her to take care of her son. Mou Chong and the maid greets the higher up official hoping he will take the case of Mou Dai Long. Mou Dai Long’s daughter and his pupil reunites with Mou Chong. The nanny eavesdrop on their conversation.

Kam Lien worries the doctor will persist. Sai Moon Hing it won’t be easy to kill him. He also has a plan of revenging for his sister.

While the doctor is drinking, a man in a black suit brought a bottle of wine. The doctor desperately drank the wine. The doctor fainted and woke up and lost his voice.

At the court, the doctor told his his story of Sai Moon Hing knocked on his door during the night.  The doctor couldn’t speak anymore and lost his voice. Sai Moon Hing told the official he believed Mou Chong caused the doctor to lose his voice so he can give a false statement accusing him. Mou Chong requested the official to let the doctor write. The doctor trembled. The official gives him one hour break. The maid asked Mou Chong if they need to ask Ping Yee.

At the court, Sai Moon Hing’s servant held a knife behind the doctor’s father. The doctor’s friend told the doctor to write the truth. He pushed his head on the wall and died. The official read what the doctor wrote, he’s been bribed by Ping Yee’s brother the doctor. He got pressured by Mou Chong and felt guilty.  The case is not related to Poon Kam Lien, Sai Moon Hing, and the nanny. Sai Moon Hing praised the official on being fair in the case. He told him he has plenty of treasures he can pick.

Mou Chong pushed the cart of the doctor’s friend on the street. Sai Moon Hing told Mou Chong it’s just a body and he told him not to block his way and bring him bad luck. Sai Moon Hing told Mou Chong now he will revenge him for stealing his maid.  Sai Moon Hing ordered his servant to fight with Mou Chong. The doctor used his guard’s sword and tries to kill Sai Moon Hing. Sai Mon Hing kicked him and he died. Sai Moon Hing laughed and asked the people if they saw him killing the doctor. Mou Chong fought with Sai Moon Hing.  The guards fought with Mou Chong. Sai Moon Hing’s servant put the sword around the maid. Sai Moon Hing kicked Mou Chong. Mou Chong got whipped by the guards. Sai Moon Hing told him that with his crime of attacking him and seducing his maid, he already could have sentenced him to life imprisonment. The official punished Mou Chong to be sentenced to leave this town.

Kam Lien asked the maid if she thinks she will release her. she has returned and brought the doctor to witness her. Kam Lien said Mou Dai Long has raped her so she has to kill him to protect herself. The maid begs Kam Lien to forgive Mou Chong. Kam Lien said she is only loyal to Sai Moon Hing. Mou Chong only told her to be a woman and she really hates him. Kam Lien couldn’t believe all three of them sisters loved Mou Chong but couldn’t have him. Kam Lien told the maid Ping Yee thought she could scheme all the concubines but she has exposed her. Kam Lien asked the maid when Ping Yee wanted to scheme against her, why didn’t she help her. Why did both of them wants to harm her. Kam Lien tol the maid they both deserved to be in this state. Kam Lien told the maid that Ping Yee will die to morrow and so will she.



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Gentle Reflections episode 18 recap

Ping Yee visited her brother’s grave that she successfully gained love from Sai Moon Hing. After she finishes revenging then she will join him in the grave. Ping Yee told the fiancee she knows he cares for her but they can’t be together, how about he saves his feelings to use it for Sai Moon Hing’s sister. The fiancee told her he doesn’t have feeling for Sai Moon Hing’s sister why should he be with her. He always try to avoid her. Sai Moon Hing’s sister came and told the fiancee if he has anything to tell her then tell her in front of her face. Sai Moon Hing’s sister told him he’s busy. She told him luckily his father died early or he would have a heart attack. The fiancee slapped her.

Sai Moon Hing’s sister got upset and ran want to jump off the cliff. Thunder stroke, Sai Moon Hing’s sister fell down the cliff and yelled for yelp. The fiancee helped her up. Sai Moon Hing’s sister hugged the fiancee and asked him not leave her. She twisted her leg and asked him for help. The fiancee piggyback Sai Moon Hing’s sister. In the cavern, Sai Moon Hing’s sister asked her fiancee to sit by her by the fire where it’s warm. She screams for rat. He pushed it out. She hugs him. She told him that they will soon be married to each other.

Sai Moon Hing angrily told them to get married. Rumors of them being together has been spread. The fiancee said he doesn’t have feelings for her and would like to annul the marriage. Sai Moon Hing’s sister left and cried. Sai Moon angrily asked the fiancee how can he keep his status. The fiancee apologized. Sai Moon Hing told the fiancee if he wasn’t engaged to his sister, he wouldn’t have kept him here. The fiancee admit he is useless must depend on him. Sai Mon Hing angrily told the fiancee the tenth of next month, he must wear his wedding suit. Ping Yee told the fiancee that it is just a request, if he doesn’t do it he will lose everything, and Sai Moon Hing’s sister is a good girl but she just doesn’t know how to express herself, give her some time and you guys will have happiness. Someday he’ll thank her for it.

The fiancee sneaks in Ping Yee’s room and told her he came to take her with him. Ping Yee asked him how did he find her room. He told her their happiness depends on them and he got his bag. Ping Yee said he has never loved him. He asked her if she is thinking for her baby, he will see him as his son. Ping Yee asked him if he kows doing that will harm her. She only sympathizes for her, she has never loved him. She sympathizes for him so she let him manage the account so he can have a chance to be promoted but she is disappointed in him. The fiance harassed her and stopped. He doesn’t care if she doesn’t love him, he will always think of her, he leaves now. Sai Moon Hing’s sister opened the door and asked the fiancee if he is really leaving. He hates her that much. The fiancee told her that one day she will find a man who is thousand times better than him. Sai Moon Hing’s sister said there was a rumor between them at the cavern, she won’t be able to find another good man. He told her it is not his wishes, if she wants to blame then blame her brother. Sai Moon Hing’s sister begged him not to leave her. She will work hard to change for him.He pushed her and pack his stuff. Sai Moon Hing’s sister held her knife and pushed it at him and will not let him leave. The maid saw it and screamed. The maid and Mou Chong saw her.


Sai Moon Hing asked the official to help his sister. The official told Sai Moon Hing that if the maid honestly tell the truth, then he can’t help him. Sai Moon Hing visited his sister in the cellar. she trembles and want to see her fiancee. Sai Moon Hing told her that he is dead. She told him he doesn’t want to help her fiancee. She has to find her fiancee. Sai Moon Hing promised her she will help her. Mou Chong told her maid she must tell the truth at the court tomorrow. Sai Moon Hing visited the maid and told her that his sister is miserable in the cellar and wanted to leave. The dead of her fiancee has affected her. Sai Moon Hing told the maid to change the statement. Sai Moon Hing told her to tell that she saw the fiancee pushed his knife toward him while arguing. As long as his sister is fine, he won’t punish her.

At the court, Sai Moon Hing’s sister said she fought with her fiancee and he accidentally pushed the knife toward his body and died. The maid told the official sh was at the back and saw Sai Moon Hing’s sister pushed the knife toward her fiancee. Mou Chong said he he heard some noises and saw Sai Moon Hing’s sister holding a knife will blood. The official postponed the day of trial. Mou Chong requested the maid to stay in the court because he’s afraid someone will poison her.

Poon Kam Lien told Ping Yee that she is heartless and only wants to climb up. Sai Moon Hing is thinking of how to deal with the maid and she only cares about cheering him up. Ping Yee said the maid has offended Sai Moon Hing, she has no power to help. Plus Sai Moon Hing loves her, she doesn’t care what happened to the rest of the people. Kam Lien said she is naive but she knows someone wants to cause trouble in this kingdom. Ping Yee asked her if she wants to imply that we must be careful of anyone near us. Kam Lien said she always have to remind Sai Moon Hing the person close to him has the ability to harm him. Kam Lien told her that her status is high, and no one can reach her so she doesn’t have to worry.

Sai Moon Hing told the official he plans to rescue his sister and finds a scapegoat in the dungeon. He have to go against the maid and Mou Chong. The maid received a letter from Ping Yee to leave this place so Sai Moon Hing doesn’t harm her. Mou Chong saw the maids sneakily brought out Sai Moon Hing’s sister in in the bucket. Mou Chong screamed and chased Sai Moon Hing’s sister. She screamed she has to find her fiancee. She tripped down the gate. Mou Chong accused him of harming his sister. Sai Moon Hing looked at this sister’s body and sworn to revenge Mou Chong and the maid. The official closed the case and told the maid she can go home. Sai Moon Hing told the maid to return with him. The official told the guard to hold on Mou Chong.

Sai Moon Hing hold the whipping rope and whipped the maid. Ping Yee, Kam Lien, and the first wife bowed in front of Sai Moon Hing and beg him to punish her lightly since she has served them for long. Sai Moon Hing yelled what about his sister, when his sister died he didn’t see them cry. The maid told Ping Yee she doesn’t need to ask for her, she told the truth in the court. Sai Moon Hing yelled that the maid has harmed his sister, even if she dies a thousand times she won’t be able to repent her mistake. Sai Moon Hing told them to whip the maid two times. Mou Chong fought with Sai Moon Hing.  Ping Yee barged in and tripped.  Mou Chong held the maid’s hand and left. Sai Moon Hing  took care of Ping Yee. Mou Chong piggyback the maid. At teahouse, a servant tries to stab the maid, Mou Chong fought with the servants. Ping Yee’s maid eavesdrop on Sai Moon Hing’s servant told Sai Moon Hing their mission failed. Ping Yee feels comfortable that Sai Moon Hing’s house is a mess and her next target is Poon Kam Lien. Kam Lien eavesdrop and wonder if Ping Yee knows about the dead of Mou Dai Long. The priest kidnapped Ping Yee’s maid. The priest said Ping Yee uses his voodoo doll to get rid of the seventh concubine. He asked her what is Ping Yee’s motive. The priest is about to burn Ping Yee’s voodoo doll and want to know why Ping Yee want to harm all the concubines. The maid confesses that Ping Yee know about the murder of her brother so she want to destroy Sai Moon Hing’s mansion. Sai Moon Hing slapped the maid and asked her how did Ping Yee knows about Far Chi Hui’s death. Sai Moon Hing’s servant tied up the maid. The maid bit her tongue and died. Sai Moon Hing returned to the mansion to ask Ping Yee.