Unholy Alliance episode 5 recap

Joel told Kwok Fung it was a tough decision for Miss Ling. Stephen Huynh bled during a kickball game. Kwok Fung told Stephen Huynh to show them. Kwok Fung and Stephen Huynh punched the soccer players. Kwok Fung told Elaine it took him five minutes instead of ten. Elaine gave the soccer players a cheque of two hundred for compensation and told them they have two option either call her or take the cheque. Elaine and Joel sat on the top on Elaine’s home and thought of the day they first me. Joel met Elaine at the disco and her brother and his gang pointed a gun at Joel. Elaine left her earrings. Joel sneaked in Elaine’s room and returned her earring. Elaine pointed a gun at Joel and asked him if she’s not afraid of death. Joel put the earrings on Elaine’s hand and said he loves her. Kwok Fung asked Elaine when will she and Joel will get married and when will he come home for dinner. Kwok Fung told Elaine to not take Joel for granted, a guy like him is hard to find.

KK and Pierre beat up two guys for gambling using the company’s money and siding with Dai Tsat. Mary told KK he made Miss Ling lose faces. Others called Miss Ling and liar and they bullied the two guys. Grandma came and asked Mary why did she let her go to the theater eveN though she is in danger. Mary’s brother blurted out. KK argued with Mary. Miss Ling asked them to stop and told KK he can be the bookeeper and Mary earned twice as him. If he can’t earn as Mary, then he has to repay double. Miss Ling told them they should be working together as a family and not fighting.

Miss Ling smiles and watches on her laptop Ruco eating noodles. Ruco looked at his photo and wonder if she’s Auntie Mei or Miss Ling. Ruco sneaks in Nancy room and saw her falling asleep. He looked on her laptop and was about to pour a pot of water. Nancy stopped him and asked him how wicked. Ruco pour the water on the glass. Miss Ling told Joel to investigate where Dai Tsat is. Yik received a call that Ruco is on his way to the room. Ruco threw a bomb in front of Yik and went in the room and asked Miss Ling if she is responsible for Auntie Mei’s death. Joel grabbed him. Miss Ling told Joel to take Ruco down. Councilor Law and the reporters came to Miss Ling’s room and took picture of him and her. Miss Ling talked to Ruco alone and said he’s hurting those that are taking care of him. Ruco said Auntie Mei is the only one he cares. Miss Ling said she understand how he feels. Ruco asked her how would she know, Auntie Mei dies in front of her. Ruco said he won’t give up and will find the truth. Miss Ling told Ruco that she knows how he feels to have many questions but it’s not time to tell him the truth. Miss Ling asked Ruco to believe her she wants to protect him like Auntie Mei.

Nancy told Ruco that Joel is good at boxing and he gotta thanked Auntie Mei’s spirit he’s still alive. Ruco hit a fly in front of Nancy and pushed her bottle of tea. Oscar asked the boss for a glass of water. A girl gave him a bottle of water and a bun. Oscar and Ruco gave Miss Dai some water in his truck. Councillor Law Chak Sing showed a land to Miss Ling and hope he can negotiate with Chan Man Fai to get the land. Miss Ling gave Joel the task. Others wanted the task. Joel didn’t think he should do it. Miss Ling hand it over to Pierre. Miss Ling told Joel that they are only tools being used by Chak Sing to get the land back. During dinner, Pierre’s mother asked Piere about when he will get married and have children. Pierre’s sister gave his mother a scarf. Miss Ling told Yiki if he can’t persuade Ruco to leave Hongkong, she has to use her real identity.


My thoughts on asians supporting each other!

I am just a normal Asian American Girl. Sometimes I agree with asians on reddit sometimes I don’t. It’s just like real life! Asians support each other.

I don’t explain much about my view but I’ll shorten it!

-I don’t support asian men and women bashing each other!

-I don’t support asian men who white worship but bash asian women and see all asian women as bad!

-I don’t support asian women who are submissive to non-asians and bash asians!

-I don’t care who dates who. I am alright with Interracial Dating but I do think in Interracial dating blending two cultures together will be tough.

-I don’t support non-asian men who have yellow fever and sees asian women as sex objects and bash asian men!

-I don’t support non-asian women who bash asian women. It hurts asian unity and they are not asians! Overall, I don’t support non-asians bashing asians!

-I don’t support trolls who bash my asian friends! I care for my asian friends a lot!

It’s like the reality, every asian is different! I support some asians but I don’t support some asians! But I don’t support others who put non-asians above asians either!

As an asian, it’s normal for asians supporting each other!

Legendary Siblings episode 26 recap

Xinlan looked at the rock and thought of Xiao You Er Muong Jiu knocked on Xinlan’s door and told her to follow her. Zhang Jing asked Xiao You Er why is he staring at her. Xiao You Er asked Zhang Jing if she isn’t staring at him how would she knows he is staring at her. Zhang Jing asked Xiao You Er if she’s pretty. Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing she is the ugliest girl out of the girls she’s met. Zhang Jing chased Xiao You Er with a duck stick. Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing she has dropped the chicken .Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing he haven’t finished. Mu Rong brought Xinlan to Xiao You Er and Zhang Jing. Miurong Jiu said that Yulang and his father is Xiao You Er and Xinlan’s father murderer so she wants to collaborate with Zhang Jing and Xiao You Er to scheme against them. Black Spider and Zhang Jing asked Xiao You Er to think of ideas. Xiao You Er asked them why do they ask him. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er he said he was the smartest person in this world. Xiao You Er said he just wants to be full and have a good sleep then wake up and think.

Xinlan told Xiao You Er she’s thinking of how to deal with Yulang’s father. Xinlan told Xiao You Er that Hua Wu Que has returned to Yao Yue but promised to return back to see her. Xiao You Er apologized to Xinlan of poisoning her. Xinlan told Xiao You Er she knows he wanted to poison Yulang and his father but she got affected. Xinlan said Hua Wu Que took care of her. Xinlan told Xiao You Er he and Zhang Jing are doing good. Xiao You Er told Xinlan that Zhang Jing sometimes annoy her but when she’s not with him, he feels lonely. Xinlan returned the rock to Xiao You Er.

Yulang’s father worries Hua Wu Que suspects him. Murong Jiu recites a poem of Yulang. Yulang recites the poem. Yulang told Murong Jiu he’s taking her to talk about love. Murong Jiu kisses Yulang and put a needle on him and said he got lured in the trap. Xiao You Er, Xinlan, Black Spider, and Zhang Jing came. Yulang told them if they dare to touch him, his father will come after them. They tied Yulang up. Zhang Jing slapped Yulang. Xinlan slapped Yulang. Yulang wants to eat the chicken. Xiao You Er said THe chicken skin is thick but the meat is thin, he likes it. Zhang Jing told Yulang she will give it to him when he dies. Yulang begged Murong Jiu since they will be married. Murong Jiu said now he mentions it, she wants to kill him. Yulang told Murong Jiu to not be heartless toward him since he loves her. He wants to die without being hungry. Murong Jiu said if he loves her that much, she wouldn’t teat him bad. Murong Jiu told Yulang to prove he loves her. Zhang Jing told Yulang to bark. Xinlan said dogs only lick bones. Black Spider said Yulang isn’t as good as a dog. Xiao You Er told his friends to go to sleep, he will take care this guy who has a father but don’t have a mother who laugh him. Yulang told Xiao You Er he can criticize him but he can’t criticize his mother. Yulang’s father search for Yulang and read a message and got pissed.

Xiao You Er slapped Yulang and asked him if he doesn’t know he pretends to sleep. Xiao You Er told Yulang he’s filial to his dad on the outside but he wants to stab him. Yulang’s father came and saved Yulang. Yulang said he pretended to fall into the trap so they would love they’ve been hiding here. Yulang’s father pressed Xiao You Er’s neck and fought with his friends. Lian Xing punched Yulang’s father and said he wanted to kill Xiao You Er and he wants her to spare him? Yulang’s father told Yao Yue he didn’t meant to kill Xiao You Er but he kidnapped his son. Lian Xing told Yulang’s father he dares to make excuses and she punches Yulang’s father. Lian Xing told Yulang’s father that he can die but too bad Yao Yue said he is still useful for them so she spares him for now. Black Spider, Zhang Jing, ad Xiao You Er wakes up and search for Xinlan in Yulang’s house. Xiao You Er worries that Yulang took Xinlan away. Yulang asked his father why didn’t Lian Xing kil him if he doesn’t him to kill Xiao You Er.

Murong Jiu and Xinlan got locked in the floral sect’s prison. Murong Jiu yelled. Xinlan thought of Hua Wu Que saying floral sect is strict and assume this is floral sect. Yao Yue and Lian Xing told Murong Jiu to bow but she refuses and said she doesn’t bow to anyone unless they are her parents. Murong Jiu asked Yao Yue her motive to kidnap her here. Yao Yue told Murong Jiu that no one dares to confront her. Yao Yue slapped Murong Jiu. Murong Jiu told Yao Yue even if she torture her or kill her, she won’t bow to her. Yao Yue told Murong Jiu she likes her and it would be great if she is her daughter in law and marry Hua Wu Que. Murong Jiu said she refuses to marry someone she doesn’t want. Yao Yue asked Hua Wu Que if she wants to see his lover. Yao Yue told Hua Wu Que he will give him a task then he will let her see Xinlan. Yao Yue ordered Hua Wu Que to bring Miu Rong Jiu back to Miu Rong master’s mansion. Yaoe Yue forbids Lian Xing to stay away from her before Hua Wu Que leaves the palace. Lian Xing told Yao Yue to let Xiao Yu Er and Hua Wu Que have a duel. Yao Yue said she wants Xiao You Er and Xiao You Er to have a duel. She wants Yan Nantian to regret. She wants Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que to see living is harder than dead.

Hua Wu Que told his maid he believes Yao Yue won’t let him be with Xinlan and if Yao Yue will harm Xinlan. Hua Wu Que wishes he and Xinlna happiness. Murong Jiu master got ma that Miu Rong Jiu ran away. Murong Jiu’s father thanked Hua Wu Que and asked him where did he find his daughter. Hua Wu Que told Murong Master that Yao Yue saved Murong Jiu from Yulang and his father she told him to bring her home. Murong Jiu asked Hua Wu Que if he didn’t came here to ask to marry her. Murong Jiu told her father she wants to marry Hua Wu Que. Murong Jiu’s father asked Murong Jiu to bow. Murong Jiu persist in marrying Hua Wu Que. Murong Jiu’s father slapped her. Murong Jiu’s father said Murong Jiu has to marry Yulang. Murong Jiu’s father told her to bow in front of her ancestor’s tablet. Murong Jiu told her mother she has to marry Hua Wu Que. She refuses to marry Yulang. Murong Jiu worries about her mother when she cough and told her she became more caring because of Hua Wu Que. Murong Jiu told her mother she told Yulang she doesn’t love him. He wanted to rape her. The most despicable person is Yulang’s father who wants to us her family to gain more power. Luckily, she hid in the floral sect and Yao Yue taught Yulang and her father a lesson. He met Hua Wu Que and he took care of her and convince her.

The Unholy Alliance episode 4 recap

Nancy went to the bathroom and Ruco spit on him. Ruco pretended to hurt his ankle and told Nancy he needs to pee. Ruco threw a bottle of juice down the toilet. Ruco threw juice on Nancy’s and told Nancy he pee sideward bcause he was distracted. Ruco laughed and left the bathroom. Nancy pointed a gun at Ruco’s forehead and forced him to drink water. Ruco fainted. Miss Ling and Joel came to the show with her mother. Someone called Dai Tsat that Miss Ling, Yik, and Joel are at the concert. Before the play start, Dai Tsat men is getting ready to shoot but Mrs Dai came with Elaine and Miss Ling told Miss Dai that his son Dai Tsat organized this play for her. Miss Ling gave Mrs. Dai her seat.

Nancy hid in the garbage bin and a guard was about to come close to her but someone passed by. Yik called Nancy that her target is Issac Wong. Nancy tried to open the elevator to reach the seventh floor. She pretends to be Jessica’s new secretary. She knocked out an employee who follows her to meet with Jessica. She gave the document for a man to sign. Miss Ling and Mrs. Dai went out to eat before the concert starts again. At the elevator, Nancy met Ruco. Ruco told Nancy she put sleeping drugs on her glass of water then pretends to fall asleep and followed her. Nancy pointed a knife toward Ruco and told him to follow her closely. Nancy pushed Ruco and Ruco fought with the guards. Nancy opened the lock and sneaked in Dai Tsat’s office and transferred data. While eating dinner, Dai Tsat checked his phone and his data has been used. While Nancy is almost done transferring date, Ruco saw in the camera that Dai Tsat is returning to his office. Ruco unplugs the usb. Nancy gave Ruco a gun to shoot Dai Tsat’s gang. Ruco realized that Dai Tsat is the Viet Tiger Gang who shot Auntie Mei. Ruco sprayed the foam to open the door. Ruco and Nancy shot Dai Tsat. Rcuo then gave his last shot by throwing a bomb. Nancy and Ruco ran. Nancy pushed Ruco to jump down the garbage truck. Nancy sits on Ruco and shoots Dai Tsat.

As they went home, Ruco asked Nancy what’s in the hard disk and why does Dai Tsat wants to kill Auntie Mei and him. Nancy pushed Ruco down the baththub and put the disk inside the tiles behind the toilet paper. Miss Ling invited Nancy to eat with her. Nancy told Miss Ling that the disct contains Dai Tsat’s money laundering. Nancy told Miss Ling that Ruco put a spyware in her room and followed her to Dai Tsat’s office and shot Dai Tsat’s men with her. Miss Ling told Joel to let the police handel Dai Tsat. Joel asked Miss Ling why doesn’t she kill Dai Tsat. Miss Ling told Joel she sent him to law school for a reason. Miss Ling told Joel to investigate Kwok Fung. Miss Ling told Yik that Dai Tsat followed her and tried to kill her as Auntie Mei. Kwok Fung told Stephen Huynh they will play the good guy and let Dat Tsat handing him his business. Kwok Fung told the members that they need to be careful when doing business with Dai Tsat. He has a friend in the CIA who would arrest anyone who works with Dai Tsat. The members told Miss Ling they refuse to work with Dai Tsat. Kwok Fung told Miss Ling he wants to take over Dai Tsat’s business. Joel came and said he has appointed Tony Johnson to open a company Dai Tsat’s fund will be transferred.

The Unholy Alliance episode 3 recap

Someone threw a knife at the immigrants and asked Ruco to get out. Oscar asked Ruco what is his offense. Oscar told Ruco he doesn’t care what he did as long as he didn’t commit sex crime. Ruco took pictures of a camera. Ruco saw his pic being messed up and suspect someone has went to his room. Ruco looked at photos of models on his laptop an idea and told Oscar to be an internet celebrity. Ruco jumped on the other side of the building and went in the room and fought with Nancy. Oscar eavesdrop on Ruco having fun with Nancy then he barged in. Ruco drove Oscar out and asked Nancy who she is. Nancy warned Ruco if he doesn’t want to be kill then stop investigating who killed Auntie Mei. Ruco asked Nancy how much she knows about Auntie Mei’s murder and who killed her. Nancy grabbed Ruco and warned him to be nice to her and she won’t tell him who killed Auntie Mei. Oscar teased Ruco he has an exciting preference. Ruco checked in his laptop and put his face in front of Nancy. Nancy turns on the other camera and watch Ruco.

The next morning, Ruco got out of a man’s way in the restaurant and he pushed Ruco toward Nancy’s seat. Nancy tasted Ruco’s noodle and found it so good and grabbed his bowl. Oscar told Ruco that Ling Hung’s group work for Dai Tsat. Stephen Huyhn and Kwok Fung watches Dai Tsat at the conference. Ruco sneaks in and took pictures of Kwok Fung and Dai Tsat. While Dai Tsat is speaking, Miss Ling enters the room. Ruco stared at Miss Ling and found her looking like Auntie Mei. Ruco watches Miss Ling made her speech and left. Kwok Fung asked Miss Ling for dinner. Miss Ling rejected it and ached her hands. Elaine put a coat on her. Ruco saw Miss Ling in the elevator and tried to reach to her but she closes. Miss Ling told Yik she doesn’t want to put Ruco in danger. Dai Tsat complained to Kwok Fung about Miss Ling came in and humiliated him. Kwok Fung and his two sons discuss about letting Dai Tsat do all the work for them. Kwok Fung asked Elaine how is Miss Ling. Elaine told Kwok Fung that Miss Ling is fine and even more excited than her. Elaine told Kwok Fung to not take down Miss Ling. Kwok Fung asked Elaine if she see sees him in a bad light. Elaine kissed her father Kwok Fung. Kwok Fung told Elaine to tell him when she and Joel will get married.

Stephen Wong and Lau Kong came and told Miss Ling he suspects she is related to the gunfight. Miss Ling told Stephen she is busy and can choose not to reveal. Stephen asked Miss Ling if it is private or improper. Ruco followed Joel and Miss Ling’s car. Yik stopped Ruco and shot his wheel and and was about to shoot Ruco. Nancy dragged Ruco in the car. Nancy told Oscar she bumped into Ruco down the stairs. Oscar asked Ruco to give him five hundred dollars that it wasn’t a coincidence. Nancy told Yik that his shot were sharp, she has spycam in Ruco’s house and can check up on him. Miss Ling and Joel discuss how to take Dai Tsat down. Joel and Elaine had a dinner date and rescheduled their meetings with other people. Joel and Elaine kisses each other and made out in the elevator. KK told Miss Ling hat Sunny took their mother to Oldie Golden Concert despite the danger. Dai Tsat plans a shooter to shoot the grandma. Miss Ling told her family to stay home while she go find her mom alone.

The Unholy Alliance episode 2 recap

Ruco asked Nancy where is she taking him. He wants to call the police. Nancy told Ruco that it’s no use since the gangster would have cleaned up the scene. The radio said the driver got drunk and left the car. Nancy told Ruco to not trust anyone even the cops. She’s the only one who will protect him. Ruco jumped out of the car and returned to his burnt house and saw photo of auntie Mei and him. The cops told him to put his hands up. Ruco put his hands up and beat up the police. Mrs. Ling stayed in coma. Joel vowed he will investigate the gangster. Ruco showed a piece of paper his aunt left him, to a man. The man showed Ruco a suitcase of money. Ruco looked at some stuff that auntie mei left him. Ruco successfully passed by the airport gate.

Joel told Miss Ling that the gangsters must have been trained. Yik said Joel noticed one man had a viet tiger head tattoo on his hand. Miss Ling said it’s Dai Tsak’s doing. She used to turned down the Viet Tiger Gang.

KK ate dinner with his family and haven’t heard news of Miss Ling yet. Elaine came home and asked her uncle and aunt KK and Mary about what should she do when Miss Ling is not at the press conference tomorrow. Elaine and her father and the members discuss who should lead the conference tomorrow. Dai Tsai’s members voted for Dai Tsat to lead the conference. KK and Mary and Ricky meet up with Joel on his office. Elaine asked Joel why didn’t he pick up the phone. Joel kisses and hug Elaine. Elaine told Joel to tell her where he was so she doesn’t have to worry about him. Joel told Elaine that Miss Ling is fine and they know who was behind it but they need her help.

Ruco met his friend Oscar in HK. A car tailgated Ruco and Oscar. Ruco took out his paint gun and shot the tailgater. A man got out of the van and gave Oscar fifteen grand for giving him a ride on the trunk. During lunch, Oscaor called a waitress pretty. The loan shark came and grabbed Oscar. Oscar gave him fifteen grand. The loan shark said that was for last month’s debt. This month’s debt is seventy grand. The loan shark beat up Oscar. Ruco threw a pack of money to the loan shark. Oscar let Ruco stay in his house. Ruco told Oscar to investigate Vietnamese Tiger Gang. Dai Tsat’s men followed Joel’s car but got lost. Oscar brought a Vietnamese guy Shui meeting with Ruco but didn’t find out anything about Vietnamese Tiger Gang. Ruco suspects a Vietnamese food takeaway. Joel beat up a gangster. The Vietnamese takeway shot the gangsters and Ruco saw his tattoo on his arm. Ruco beat up the Vitnamese Takeway. Ruco fainted down the stairs. Joel and his gang beat up the Vietnamese Takeaway.

Elaine discuss with DaiTsat about the press conference tomorrow. Joel uses the Vietnamese takeaway’s phone and uses his girlfriend’s Rose Vietnamese password and told him if his boss knew he leaked, he would be dead. Joel told the Vietnamese Takeaway to make a call to Dai Tsi. Dai Tsai put dowwn his phone and told Elaine is an unknown call. Nancy told Miss Ling they lost their target and Ruco went to Hongkong to look for clues. Nancy practices fighting with Yik. Nancy held put a box of pizza and gave one to Yik. Ruco asked someone in the reastaurant about Head Nguyen. Some gangsters came. The police asked them an ID.