HK Drama ( 2006-2010) Resume

List of TVB Series I’ve watched in 2006-2010

2006- Under the Canopy of Love
2006-The Bitter Bitten
2006-Lethal Weapon of Love and Passion
2006-A Pillow Case of Mystery
2006- Safe Guards
2006- Bar Bender
2006-La Femme Desperado
2006-Trimming Success
2006-Maiden’s Vow
2006-Greed Mask
2006- Dance of Passion
2006-Forensic Heroes
2006- Love Guaranteed
2006-Land of Wealth
2006- To Grow with Love
2006-Dicey Business
2006- Net Deception
2006- Au Revoir Shanghai
2006- The Price of Greed
2007-Best Selling Secrets
2007-War and Destiny
2007-A Change of Destiny
2007-Family Link
2007-The Green Grass of Home
2007-Father’s and Sons
2007- Devil’s Disciple
2007- Men Don’t Cry
2007- Word Twisters Adventures
2007-The Building Blocks of Life
2007- Brink of Law
2007-Best Bet
2007- Life Art
2007- Heart of Greed
2007- On the First Beat
2007-The Drive of Life
2007- Ultimate Crimefighter
2007-Marriage of Inconvenience
2007- Survivor’s Law II
2007-Heavenly in Law
2007- Slicing of Demon
2008-Legend of Demigods
2008-War of in Laws II
2008- Wasabi Mon Amour
2008-The Master of Tai Chi
2008- The Silver Chamber of Sorrows
2008- A Journey Called Life
2008- Money Maker Recipe
2008-Speech of Silence
2008- When a dog loves a cat
2008-The Four
2008- When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West
2008- Pages of Treasures
2008-The Gentle Crackdown II
2008-The Seventh Day
2008- Catch Me Now
2008-Forensic Heroes II
2008- Moonlight Resonance
2008-The Gem of Life
2009- Man in Charge
2009- Just Love 2
2009- Sweetness in the Salt
2009- A Bride for a Ride
2009-You’re Hired
2009-The Stew of Life
2009- A Chip Off the Old Block
2009-Beyond the Realm of Conscience
2009- A Watchdog’s Tale
2009- E.U
2009- The King of Snooker
2009-Rosy Business
2009- The Threshold of a Persona
2009-D.I.E Again
2009- Burning Flame III
2009- Born Rich
2009- Beauty of the Game
2009- Greatness of a Hero
2009- A Great Way to Care
2010- Don Juan DeMecardo
2010-OL Supreme
2010-A Watchdog’s Tale
2010-In the Eye of the Beholder
2010-Sisters of Pearls
2010-Ghost Writer
2010-Growing Through Life
2010- The Comeback Clan
2010-Twilight Investigation
2010-Home Troopers
2010-The Seasons of Fate
2010- My Better Half
2010- The Mysteries of Love
2010- When Lanes Merge
2010- Beauty Knows No Pain
2010- A Fistful of Stances
2010- Can’t Buy Me Love
2010- Links to Temptation
2010-Cupid Stupid

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