Jobs vs Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Which one do you think is harder? Finding the right girlfriend/boyfriend or finding a good job?

I’ve been stressing about finding a good job despite having numerous offers. Some of my guy friends did asked me for a relationship but I rejected them. One of my friends said “Some jobs require to have lots of connection and a family member.” “Sometimes they will say a few years of experience but they don’t really mean it.” One time when I went on a date with one of my white guy friends in a sushi restaurant, he told me something I was surprised “Jobs will come to me someday, I’m more worried about finding a girlfriend.” He said would never be willing to move in other states for a job like my other friends. When I wanted to pay for the dinner, he prevented me and said “I’ll pay all, you don’t have a job, let me pay it.” Sushi dinner is expensive but he was willing to pay all for this date. My cousin was like “Both are easy if you are not picky.”

One time I chatted with one of my University friends on fb chat, we were both liberal arts major, she is white and preppy, I said I got 4A’s and 1B’s and she got 6 A’s and 1B’s, she’s so smart. She told me “You’re smart too, It’s not that hard, just a lot of work!”.

Which one are you more worried about or which one do you think is easier or harder?

Love Triangle in Dramas

Here are some situations I found in love triangle in a drama. Those love triangles also happens in real life. I used to think I was a second choice when one of my crush wanted to get to know me better after he broke up with his so perfect girlfriend. I was frustrated in the situation since all the attention were on me but I couldn’t help compare myself to his ex. It strikes me when one of his friends said but she and I are both good girls.

-Male lead can’t get the female lead so they chose to give the second lead or third lead a chance. EG. L’Escargot Ron and JJ, Raymond and his final girlfriend in Yummy Yummy.

-Lead couple had some misunderstanding, they broke up and then date someone else, then get back together. EG Discovery of Romance and Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love.

-Two guys love the same girls or two girls love the same guy: That happens often in many kdramas such as My Girl, You’re Beautiful, Princess Hours, and Full House.

-An ex hurt the female lead terribly, and now the female lead is with the male lead. The ex wants to get back with the female lead. E.G Placebo Cure, Personal Taste.

-The male lead is dating a second lead but starts to fall for the female lead or vice versa. E.G The Ultimate Addiction, My Girl.

-An ex disappear, and the male lead still miss the ex. EG. Detective Investigation Files IV between Louis, Jessica, and Anne.

-A lead loves both females: EG. A Step into the Past and Square Pegs.

-The second lead made many sacrifices for the lead but the lead loves the female lead.

-Arranged marriage between the leads but eventually they will fall in love with each other.

Fight for Love episode 13 recap

Sonija bought a shirt for Bowie. Sonija waits in front of Bowie’s house and told Bowie to not let her wait long next time.Bowie gave Sonija his house keys. Sonija saw Ho Dan filming a martial art. Sonija told Bowie that she saw Ho Dan and asked him what’s on his mind. Ho Dan saw Bowie in the convenient store. Ho Dan told Bowie she’s in Hongkong to gather money for her boyfriend to open his musical store. Bowie told Sonija he met Ho Dan. Ho Dan wrote a letter to her parents about feeling well in Hongkong. She wrote a letter to her ex boyfriend to treat her current girlfriend well. Patrick and Ha Yu visits the new WuDang martial art school. Ha Yu and Patrick was surprised to see the martial art teacher from Beijing here. Ho Dan told the martial art teacher there’s lots of food she tried in HK. The martial art teacher perform some movies in front of the students. Ha Yu tried to fight with the martial art teacher and tripped. Miss Nine put on the bandage for Ha Yu. Patrick saw Kenny with another girl. Patrick bought a camera desperately from a girl on the street and took photos of Kenny and the girl. Kenny told Patrick he will tell his girlfriend the truth after he goes to the theater with this girl. Patrick decided to not reveal the photos to Kenny’s girlfriend. Bowie and Sonija look for a new bed at the mall. Sonija ate meat with Bowie on the street but still found the one in Beijing taste yummier. A friend from Beijing visited Bowie and stayed in his house. Bowie announced to his friends he is dating Sonija. Bowie and Sonija asked his friend to go home.


ATV Bodyguard Jade Doll

Stumbled accross this ATV Series. I was planning to rewatch and recap this series but got too many ancient series to recap on my hands already. I was thinking of recapping the Snow is Red, Body Guard Jade Doll, Miracle Healers or Legend of Dagger Li but I dropped the idea since I want to take my time recapping some Wuxia Series I’m currently watching.

Good childhood memories!

Magical Needle episode 3 and 4 recap

Three beauties Irene Wan, San San Lee, and Noel Leung in one series.

Irene scratched Yu Bo’s hand with a sword and asked San San if she’s scared of blood, how could she treat his hand. A blindfolded doctor admit to the magistrate he cured a girl without knowing her identity. He has no idea who burnt her house. Yu Bo grabbed San San and said he hopes Noel is fine.Irene’s remembered she passed through the wall through the empress’s grave and held the pearl. A wolf attacked Yu Bo. Noel put on the bandage for Yu Bo. San San peeked at Irene. Irene showed her scar to San San. The bees surrounded San San and she fainted. Yu Bo’s brother confessed to Irene that Yu Bo is searching for Noel. Irene said Yu Bo must have fallen for Noel. As Noel and Yu Bo is about to kiss each other, Noel’s cousin got a stomach ache. Noel told Yu Bo that the guy is not her cousin but he is the son of the general. The general tried to beat Yu Bo for causing her brother to die by saving the wolf. The general and the guards arrived. Noel asked Yu Bo to leave. As Yu Bo walked in the street, he has an illusion of the girl’s house being burnt. Yu Bo visits the general’s son funeral and brought the three wolves body. Yu Bo fought with the guards. Yu Bo pointed a sword toward the general’s son.Irene remembered a guard demanded for the pearl and burnt her father. Yu Bo turns invisible and visits the general’s son. The general’s son saw an invisible person writing on the paper. The general’s son took Yu Bo to visit Noel. A general stared at the jade and recalled her girlfriend used the invisible superpower and grabbed him. The general fought with Yu Bo and asked him who taught him the invisible power. A female master threw sleeping powder and asked Noel and Yu Bo to leave. Yu Bo went to the cave and tried to heal San San. Yu Bo took San San’s clothes and tried to heal her. San San slapped Yu Bo. Irene recalled a female sect leader used to save her.




Treasure Venture episode 12 recap

Bai Rue Xue told Ruo Han to not even dream of being with Jian Ping. Bai Rue Xue pretends to suicide in front of Yu Lung and said Ruo Han is her bad boyfriend. Wu Ma prevents Yu Lung to fight with Ruo Han. Ruo Han denies of having a woman behind Jian Ping’s back. Ruo Han told Bai Rue Xue to wake up. Bai Rue Xue cut her wrist and fainted. Ruo Han chased Jian Ping denied the incident. Jian Ping asked Ruo Han what is he hiding from her. It’s raining. Bai Rue Xue held the umbrella for Ruo Han. Yu Lung hugged Jian Ping when she is fainting. The other child monk refused to follow Xiao Long and enjoy the rich life. The child monk then follow Xiao Long and Wu Ma. Ruo Han told Bai Rue Xue that her plan is well established but it won’t make him fall for her.


A bit of my drama background

I feel special recapping Ru Lai Shen Zhang and Xiao Shiyi Lang cause I watched those dramas when I was child.

Xiao Shiyi Lang sub theme by Yu Bo

-Grew up with lots of Wuxia Series in the 1990s.

-My first drama was Taiwanese Justice Bao 1993 with Kenny Ho as Zhan Zhao. Love every piece of it after rewatching and recapping some of the cases.

-My first tvb series was A Good Match from Heaven 1995 starring Deric Wan and Jessica Husan.

-First Mainland Drama: Once Upon a Time in China 1993 starring Vincent Zhao as Wong Fei Hung. I also liked him in Hua Mu Lan 1999.

-Met lots of drama fans since 2007, yep and most of them are very knowledgeable about dramas.

-First kdrama was Goong 2007 but wasn’t hooked to kdrama until watching My Girl and Full House in 2011.

– All time favorite Wuxia Series is Demi God and Semi Devil 1996.

-One of my favorite actress is Noel Leung from Dark Tales 2, Food Glorious Food, and Duke of Mt.Deer 1998.

-Modern tvb series are cool too. War of Bribery is one of my favorite cop series. As Sure as Fate is one of my favorite family series. I enjoy listening to the english background song played.

-First RPG Series was Chinese Paladin 3. ❤ the chibi looking characters and the music.

-Now I feel that I'm losing touch with the new dramas. But I did recapped the first few episodes of Come on Cousin.

Let’s listen to this ATE Ost by Nicky Wu to recall the good old tvb series.