On Lie Game episode 23 recap

Helen’s friend cooked soup for her husband. She requested 500,00 dollars to invest.in a building. Helen’s friend visited the company and told Brother Hung that the employees are so young and are executive directors already. Brother Hung set up an account for her. Stephen sat in his car and came up to Samantha and explained to her about why he left her. Mrs. Kwan fled with his money. Mr.Hon threatened to hurt her. She got no choice but to divorce her. Stephen hopes they can restart again after he repays his debt. Samantha met with Matt in the restaurant and told him about Stephen. She thought she could forgive him but it’s hard. Maybe she doesn’t love him and it’s better to be friends.

Matt talked about the case about Ka Ping to his subordinates. Hera’s father showed Matt photos of Brian’s coworker. Hera’s father told Matt that he found those photos in Hera’s computer. Matt showed the photos to his colleague. His colleague recognize a person who sells ice in a nightclub. Hera eavesdrop on the meth guy and grabbed him and asked him how Raymond defrauded Brian. Hera’s colleague arrested the meth guy. Matt stopped Hera. Matt told Hera the must not resort to violence.Even if he lets her do it, they would only press charge other. Matt promises Hera he will find evidences against those who have killed Brian.

Hera’s colleague pretend to be a buyer and gave money to Ka Ping on a bargain price of the purse Hera’s colleagues arrested Ka Ping. Matt’s colleague told Helen that Ka Ping’s brother was ill and she stayed in hk conning people’s money.to send money to him. John told Helen to not introduce random girlfriends to Matt again. Hera came and played basketball with Matt and her colleagues.

Mrs.Chow lost 800,00 dollars from the investment. A lady persuade Uncle Choi to make an account.Matt’s brother tried to persuade Ching to not drop out of college to make money online. Hera told Matt that Sammuel work for Fan Yik group. She doesn’t belive it is a decent company since he and Raymond Fok used to defraud Brian. The company’s name is under Stephen.

Stephen came up to Matt. Matt told Stephen he thought he would care for Samantha but he hurt her again and again. Matt told Stephen he suspects Sammuel defraud Eric. He warned him to not let him find any evidence against him. Mrs. Chow’s husband held a knife and told John that his wife has lost several million dollars. Suddenly Mr.Chow can’t mov

Matt and his team discuss the case of Stephen and Sammuel’s company. Hera said they hired salespeople to deceive people. Matt ordered his team to check the background of those staff.

On Lie Game episode 22 recap

Mr. Hon told Brian that the bank won’t approve their fund. Brian drinks and picks up the call from Hera. Hera asked about preparing for the wedding tomorrow. Brian packed up his stuff. He went back to get back his trophy and heard his colleague talked on the phone and called him dumb. Matt gave Hera a box of air purifier to give to to Samantha. Hera gave it back to him and asked him if he cares for Samantha, he should give it to her. Hera told Matt that Samantha will leave in two days and he doesn’t meet her now, he won’t see her again. Hera asked Matt to give her a ride home.

Brian confronted Raymond and Mr.Hon about setting him up and messing up the security system. Mr.Hon told Brian that all the documents are linked to his account so now lawyer nor accountant can help him. Brian punched Raymond and his men caught him. Mr.Hon told him that the business world is not for him, if he didn’t turn to him he would be tricked by other business men. 10 million dollars is a small sum for him.

Matt gave Samantha the air purifier. Matt told Samantha he will give her a ride. Samantha told her she can get a car for herself. She wants to be independent. Hera dressed up in her wedding gown. Matt told Hera his opinion doesn’t matter, it’s only if her boyfriend’s opinion do. Brian got drunk at the bar and told Hera that Martin then Raymond set him up. He thought he was smart but they only targeted her fund. They cheated his money. He lost everything. Brian told Hera not to come see him, he can’t face her and his family. Brian drinks and drive. Brian drinks and drinks and crashed into the motorcycle and turned his car upside down. Hera and Matt saw Brian. Hera cried seeing Brian injured. Matt’s boss ordered Matt to find Ka Pik. Hera looked at video clips of her and Brian.

Hera asked her father what did he do when her mom died. He said he was busy taking care of her that he didn’t have time to think of her mom. Hera apologized that his million savings of Brian has lost. Hera’s father said money is not important and he still has her. He would like to travel to Taiwan with her. Samantha called Matt and said she will leave in two days to Beijing. As Samantha and Matt walked on the beach, Matt told Samantha that Hera was happy in the wedding gown but suddenly Brian died. He could only watched Brian burnt to death. Now he realized they shouldn’t miss a chance with people they value. Three years ago, the person who he loves the most left him. Now he can’t let this happen again. He felt happy seeing her again but he felt unhappy seeing she got married. He did tell himself that as long as the person he loves is happy he will be happy too. He hasn’t forgotten her. Can she not leave but stay.

Stephen came and ask Mr. Fok he looked into the background of the new hires of Samuel, and some are students, immigrants, and unemployed workers and how can they teach others to invest? Sammuel said he can train them. Stephen told Mr.Fok that their company does decent financial trading after alll, and this doesn’t look good hiring people without license.Stephen attend the grand opening of the company. Stephen told Sammuel everyone wants to make money fast but it depends on if they do a clean job. Sammuel looked at the new hires teaches the female employees of how to scam men online using dating apps. Brother Hung eat with Helen’s friend and showed her colors of his cars and asked her to invest 500,000 dollars if she wants to be rich.