K9 Cop episode 7 recap

Tracy looked her wedding her picture with Raymond and hopes Raymond will believe her. Tracy heard Raymond in the bathroom and she confronted him of watching porn movies. She used this incident as an excuse to say she felt guilty of doing business with Mr. Brown. Tracy told Raymond she if he doesn’t believe her, he should break up with her. Raymond told Tracy he believes in her. Tracy rubbed Raymond’s arm. Raymond hugged Tracy and said he will resign his job as a cop soon and won’t let her worried about him. Tracy found Raymond’s gifts to her. Raymond told Tracy he wanted to give her this necklace but she liked a more expensive necklace so he didn’t give it to her. Raymond said he wanted to give her this lucky star but when they were walking by the beach, she said she dislike star origami because it makes men act like women. He wanted to giver her this doll on Valentine’s day but he heard her sister yelled at her that she’s old but she’s still play with doll and it is dusty. Raymond said he bought a pair of watch on Christmas. But when they came in the mountain, she said she hates seeing people wearing the same pajamas. So he gave her one watch and hid one of his watch. Tracy asked Raymond why does he likes her. Raymond told Tracy she likes her for greed money and never admit she is right and always find ways to prove others are wrong. He loves her for not being fake and be herself.


The next morning, Tracy asked Raymond to taste her egg dish. Tracy told Raymond that she met with her mother yesterday; she is trying to separate them. Raymond told Tracy to register for marraige today so one one can break them up. Tracy gave Raymond her business document. Raymond madly walked and told Tracy that she didn’t tell him the truth. Tracy told Raymond she greeds money but she didn’t had an affair with Mr.Brown. Raymond told Tracy he should have told her the truth yesterday. She confessed toward the end. There’s no turning back for them.

Other subordinates gave Kayi plenty of work in the firm. A janitor asked Kayi to turn off the light after she leaves and said she is the slowest worker. Kayi’s friend teases Kayi of being bullied by her colleagues and have no time to find a husband. The janitor bought 50 pastry breads for the colleagues. She smelled her sushi and blamed Kayi for causing her cakes and sushi to be ruined because she turned off the electricity. Kayi paid money to the janitor. Kayi’s friend told Kayi she reminds him of himself when he was the slowest so he was being bullied easily. In this world, people will bully you if you’re weak. Kayi’s friend said he saw the janitor bought fifty cakes this morning and it doesn’t have anything to do with electricity. Kayi told the janitor she ate a cake and got a stomach ache. She has to report it to the principal. The janitor said she bought those pastry this morning in a french bakery. The janitor said she was mad at Kayi for turning off the electricity causing her sushi to be spoiled. So she blamed Kayi to repay her. Perhaps she hid the cakes in the storage and it got spoil. Kayi asked her friend to send the janitor to the principal. Kayi’s colleagues said they will do report themselves. Kayi’s friend told Kayi that nice people are easily being bullied. If she is nice to them, they may not respect her.


Linda stared at a girl pressing Bahda’s ear. The mother asked her daughter to lightly rubbed Bahda’s ear. Linda rewarded Bahda a chicken for passing the test. Oscar told Linda he wants to divorce Angel for being pregnant. Oscar complained it takes a lot of work to take care of their baby. He went home and she threw his tennis shoes. Oscar wants to live in Linda’s house. Linda told Oscar she doesn’t know his wife and he is old enough to take responsibilities. The manager didn’t give any dog to Bosco to train and gave two dogs to his two teammates. Bosco’s teammates showed Bosco a video of Tracy and Raymond, and Angel and Oscar arguing. Bosco met Angel at the bank using credit card and withdrew eighy thousand dollars to publish her news. Bosco asked Angel to not dream about being a writer. Angel blamed Bosco for transferring money from her account. Bosco yelled at Tracy and asked her why is Raymond so mad at her. Bosco confronted Linda for letting Oscar stay in her house. Bosco yelled at Angel for not thinking carefully if she can handle raising a baby. Tracy told Bosco he has spoil Angel she could have went on a vacation to Paris. Bosco asked Tracy what did she do causing Raymond to be so mad. Raymond is a good guy and he quit his job as a cop for her. Kayi yelled at Bosco for not knowing the whole story and sided with Raymond. Bosco yelled at Kayi to be dumb using credit card. Angel yelled Bosco for being strict causing Kayi to be weak and being bullied. Kayi, Tracy, and Angel told Bosco they have their own business to take care off and don’t need their permission.


Bosco passed by Linda while she tries to fix her car. Bosco lends a hand to Linda and said he’s using his position as a cop to help her. Linda told Bosco that it is normal for a family to have arguments. It doesn’t matter what she says, but all it matters if what he thinks of it. Linda told Bosco he hasn’t asked Oscar about this. Bosco criticized Linda for not caring for her brother. Linda told Bosco he interfere in his sisters business too mjuch. When his three sisters were hurt, he continues yelling at them. Linda gave Bosco and analogy if two dogs were fighting each other and he locked both of them up, would he feel better. Bosco doesn’t agree with Linda let Oscar runaway from this incident and stay in her house. Linda told Bosco he interfere too much in his sisters matter causing them to rely on him. Linda told Bosco she won’t interfere in her brother and his wife’s business. Oscar tied up Bahda with a chain to a chair outside of a cafe. Oscar enters the cafe and ordered milk tea and look at the travel brochur. Bosco asked Oscar if he is really planning to abort the baby. Bahada bit up a man and sued Oscar. Bosco showed his ID and asked what happened. Bosco called the veterinarian. Linda revoke Bahda’s license of being a police dog. Linda told Oscar and Bosco she doesn’t believe Bahda is that arrogant. She will find evidence. Oscar also believes Bahda wouldn’t bark at others easily after staying with Linda for a while.


Comment: We can see the other side of Linda how she lets her brother handle her own situation. This series seems to focus on another side of how dogs have a reason to bark at people. It is a family drama that us asian can relate to. Raymond and Tracy doesn’t seem to understand each other enough.

The Romance of the white hair maiden 1995 episode 12 recap

Yat Hong gets married to the priest’s daughter. Ngai Seung sits alone being upset.Yat Hong sadly drink alone outside. The priest asked Yat Hong to come in. Yat Hong drinks with the official. Yat Hong drunk and said to not leave him. Yat Hong asked Ngai Seung to not leave him and he only loves her. The next morning ,the priest’s daughter gave a blanket to Yat Hong. Yat Hong and the priest’s daughter served tea for the priest. The priest’s daughter told the priest Yat Hong is good to her. Yat Hong assured the priest he will be good to his daughter. The first prince ordered the eunuch to kill the captain and get the manuel. The master’s daughter fought with the guards and saved the captain from the prison. The captain ordered the official to tell him the mastermind behind the fake edict. The official begged the captain he will tell him in condition he will spare his family. The official told the last name of the mastermind. An assassin threw a knife at the official and he died. The captain suspects the eunuch and the Japanese is behind this.

The eunuch slapped his servant. The eunuch ordered the servant to behead the the sect leader’s disciple two hours ahead. The captain came in the majesty’s court. The master’s daughter saved the sect leader’s disciple and fought with the guards. The captain greets the majesty. The majesty sent an edict to bring the sect leader’s disciple to him. The majesty is happy the captain has returned to his side. The captain and the master’s daughter pleads the majesty for the sect leader’s disciple. The doctor the majesty that the sect leader’s disciple couldn’t be healed but there’s a manuel in the temple which can be used to heal him.


The monk checked up on the sect leader’s disciple and asked why is there such an evil person. His organs has been injured an may not be healed. The elder monk transfers energy for the sect leader’s disciple. The elder monk got injured. The sect leader’s disciple crazily left. Before he died, the elder monk asked the monk to try to heal the sect leader’s disciple for him. The monks surrounded the sect leader’s disciple and did a spell. The sect leader’s disciple beat up the monks and left in the forest in the rain. The master’s daughter asked the sect leader’s disciple if he recalled she disguised into a male and helped him escape through the gate. The sect leader’s disciple grabbed the master’s daughter and recalled his time with her. The majesty promoted the captain. Yat Hong and the priest bid farewell to the majesty.

The master picked up Ngai Seung. Ngai Seung drunkenly called Yat Hong’s name. Ngai Seung wakes up and apologized to the master. She will practice martial arts.


The eunuch collaborates with a sect leader and suggest him to collaborate with the manchu. Yat Hong old the priests to work hard and bring up their sect. The priest wants Yat Hong to spend more time with his daughter. The priest believes Yat Hong can take good care of his daughter. Yat Hong asked the priest’s daughter about his mother and what wishes she haven’t accomplished. The priest’s daughter said she is useless and only knows how to cook and do laundry. Yat Hong wants to teach the priest’s daughter some martial arts. The priest’s daughter cried alone in her room. The priest’s daughter heard the servant told Yat Hong’s friend that he heard Yat Hong has a crush on Ngai Seung.


K9 Cop episode 6 recap

Bosco told Oscar that Linda got a surgery on the leg but the dog is dead. Linda told Rebeca that the dog just got pregnant and she needs to find the puppies. She doesn’t want the puppies to be dead. Rebecca asked Linda to rest. Bosco told Linda she doesn’t know how her mother cares for her. Linda said her mother was so strict to her which caused her to not have any friends. She’s been bullied at school. The hardest thing about going to school isn’t the schoolwork but it is being bullied by other kids. Rebeca told Linda that she has switched her major from medicine to veterinarian. Should could have a better future. Linda said her dog is her only friend but she forced it to catch the criminal and it died. She has caused her to not being a good doctor. The dog barked at Bosco in the car. Bosco put down the gun and the dog stopped barking. Oscar sighed to Bosco that why didn’t Linda tell him about she was being bullied at school.

Oscar took Badha at the park leading him to the puppies. Oscar sent a video of the puppies to Linda. Lind a called Bosco and Oscar they can’t give cow milk to the puppies or they’ll have diarrhea. The milk are gone; they assumed Bahda have drank it all. Linda told Bosco that dogs will have diarrhea after they drink the milk. Linda told Oscar to take the puppies to her office to give them the dog milk. Oscar told Bosco that Linda finally thanked him.


Tracy told the construction workers to renovate the kitchen. They told her that she has to pay double price. Tracy told Raymond she wants to adopt a big dog. Raymond told Tracy she’s been dragging him along without buying anything. Tracy told Raymond if he wants to continue being a cop he can and they don’t have to be engaged. Raymond interrogates a suspect. A banker called Raymond that Tracy withdrew two hundred thousand from his account. Raymond yelled at the suspect that his fiance has spent four hundRed thousand dollars from him. And she must witness the triad or he’ll call the triad she told on the triad. Tracy went in the room and saw Kayi dressing up. Angel told Raymond that Tracy must be heartbroken while spending his money. Kayi showed Raymond some novels and papers that Tracy stayed all night for him. Raymond held a bouquet of flowers and gave it to Tracy and realized that Tracy wanted to renovate the kitchen of the safety of their kids. She wants him to jog with the dog to exercise. She learned to cook for their children. Raymond told Tracy he handed over the case to his colleague. Other cops will cat the criminals but she is only his beloved wife. Raymond and Tracy kisses each other in the car. Bosco wiped his gun and couldn’t believe he stopped using this gun.


The boss trained Bosco and his colleagues how to clean the dog. Bosco tries to train his dog but he did the opposite of what he said. Linda told the dog to sit and he sit. Linda told Bosco he pushed the dog’s too hard so he didn’t listen. Linda told Bosco he needs to spend more time with his dog. Bosco threw the ball but the dog didn’t went to catch it. Linda fed the dog. Linda told Bosco to treat the dog with love. Linda asked Bosco to hold the food on his hands and lead his dog. Raymond’s mother assistant told her Raymond’s mother that Tracy has spend two thousand dollars from Raymond’s account. Raymond showed her mother’s friend a picture of Tracy backing a cake. Raymond’s mother’s friend that Tracy is shoe saleswoman whom her husband likes. Raymond’s mother and her friend showed Tracy the pictures of her and the businessman. Tracy told Raymond’s mother that eight years ago, she worked as a saleswoman at the shoestore. She lost a stock of millions dollars. Mr. Brown, a guest asked her to do business with her. Mr. Brown touched and about to kiss her; she spit food at him and left. Raymond’s mother gives Tracy one day to tell this to Raymond. Tracy walked sadly on the street. Raymond called Tracy.


Asian Dramas waste of time or not!

Discovering myself and finding out who I am. Lost about myself sometimes.

This is what’s been on my head. I used to watch lots of asian dramas and even binge it to escape from reality. But as I watch more and more, I realized, I started to act and think like the characters in the dramas. Sometimes the romance in the dramas also influenced me of being romantic like the romance in the dramas. As I watch more and more, I feel I should get out of my way and watch less. I’ve been watching plenty of Cooking shows and American shows and movies which is kinda of a breather to me and can keep up with my friends talk about. Following a bunch of American media on twitter has helped me keep up with the real world and the news as an American Asian.

Watching many of my favorite wuxia series can make me happy but the wuxia series can distort me from what happened in real life since the ancient dialogues is different of how we speak in real life. Watched a current HK Drama K9 Cop and felt better since I could relate to it to real life since it is a modern drama. But sometimes watching wuxia series can be good since some of the classic ones are really good. But sometimes watching asian dramas. When I’m so stressed in life, I need to watch some asian dramas at night to feel better.

I feel comfortable being myself following asian drama bloggers and American media. I don’t like tweeting about asian dramas all day. There are other shows besides asian dramas that I enjoy watching.

What’s your thoughts of watching asian dramas. How did it ever affect you in a good or bad way?

And Thank You Kap from A Virtual Voyage and other TVB and wuxia fans for liking and commenting on my post from time to time. You guys make me being a TVB and Wuxia fan worthy.

❤ Jac! Thanks for reading.

K9 Cop episode 5 recap

Bosco’s female colleague laughed at Bosco and told him that it was a right decision to transfer him to the police dog department because he doesn’t have to use google translate. Bosco told her that he doesn’t have to use the word Bitch. Raymond refuses to give his female colleague his cup and said Tracy gave it to him. Bosco told his colleagues that Rebecca don’t like him pushed the criminal when he held the acid bottle so she punished him. Rebecca punished Bosco to job and told him a story her controlling her police dog. The dog stopped the triad. Rebecca told Bosco that she wants him to know that dogs can control the situation. He shouldn’t underestimate dogs. Rebeca told Bosco that he’s too hardworking. Rebeca told Bosco she wants the dog to train him. Bosco told Rebeca he will be a good cop. Rebeca told Bosco to job ten more miles. Tracy took Angel to Raymond’s company. Raymond’s mother told Raymond that Tracy has tricks to make him leave his police job. Raymond’s mother said she doesn’t want Tracy to think his office is their wedding gift. Business is business and personal relationship is separate. Raymond’s mother text Tracy and apologize he can’t dine with her because her mother forced her to meet some people.


Oscar showed a dog to two girls.The two girls told Oscar if they can’t take care of the dog, they can return to her. Linda told the two girls if they don’t take responsibilities for the dog then the situation will be worse. Linda told Bosco since Bahda on only barks at him, he should evaluate himself. Linda teaches Bosco how to hold the dog. Linda told Bosco he can’t differentiate about dogs. If he doesn’t like dogs, why did he join the police dog department. Oscar yelled at Bosco for joining the police department and now Linda yells at him. Bosco picked up the phone and listened about Kayi signing for signing a contract with a newspaper firm. Bosco argued with Kayi. Bosco told Kayi that she quit her job as a teacher and signed up for a newspaper. Bosco dragged Kayi to the bank and asked the banker to transferred Kayi’s money to him. The banker asked Kayi if she wants him to call the cops. Police showed his cop ID. Kayi showed her colleagues her drawings and her credit card. Kayi’s friend stole Kayi’s drawing envelopes and surprised there wasn’t any money. He placed the drawings on a car. Someone drove the car and left while he’s talking on the phone.


One the bus, Kai realized she lost her drawings. Kayi picked up her paper on the street. Kayi’s friend said he placed her purse on the car and the papers fell out. Kayi’s friend ate a fishball and saw Kayi’s drawing and didn’t pick it up. Kayi told his friend it was her fate of not being able to publish her book. Kayi told her friend that she is useless and always fail. Kayi’s friend climbed up the tree trying to pick up the drawing. Kayi’s friend picked up the remaining drawings the next morning and gave it to Kayi. Kayi’s friend held Kayi’s hand and said no one can say she is useless. Kayi said she will draw the drawing again and even make it prettier. Bosco attends the training to be a dog officer. The trainers interview Bosco. Linda drove and almost got bumped into a dog. She stopped and ached her belly. Linda called her colleague that she bumped into a dog. Bosco drove by Linda and pretends to ignore her. Bosco got out of his car and helped Linda. Linda asked Bosco to take her dog to the hospital. Linda fainted.


The Romance of the white hair maiden 1995 episode 11 recap

Yat Hong told the majesty to give him time to think about marrying the priest’s daughter. The majesty told Yat Hong he knows he likes Ngai Seung but she can’t be with her. He always wanted to eliminate bandits for the better of the world. Yat Hong’s friend congratulate Yat Hong for his promoting and marrying a beautiful wife. Yat Hong told his friend he only likes Ngai Seung. What is black? What is white? She only is wrong because she is a bandit. Yat Hong wants to leave the sect and explore the world. Yat Hong asked his friend to help him find Ngai Seung. Yat Hong sneaks out of the house. The priest yelled at Yat Hong. Yat Hong bowed and apologized and wants to meet Ngai Seung. The priest ordered Yat Hong’s friend to watch Yat Hong until his marriage. The sect leader’s disciple and the master’s daughter watch the villagers dancing in the tribes. The Manchu soldiers fought with the villagers. The sect leader’s son and the master’s daughter fought with the soldiers and saved the villager’s daughter. The villager’s daughter wants to engage the master’s daughter to his daughter. The sect leader’s son vowed to work hard with the master’s daughter to drive away the Manchu soldiers.

The sect leader’s disciple gave the captain a sword. The captain received an edict from the official for execution. The master’s daughter and the sect leader’s disciple fought with the soldiers. The sect leader’s disciple suspect the edict is fake. The captain laughed that the official is a spy for the Manchu. The sect leader’s disciple flew from the rooftop and sneaked in the palace but got caught by the eunuch. The eunuch whipped the sect leader’s disciple and asked him to hand out the book. The eunuch came in the dungeon and burnt the sect leader’s disciple body. The eunuch pushed some needles in the sect leader’s disciple body.


The nurse went in the bed. The eunuch brought the majesty to the nurse and the sect leader’s disciple. The eunuch told the majesty that the sect leader’s disciple works for the captain and is scheming against him with the nurse. The eunuch said there’s been rumors of the nurse is afraid of being alone and cause troubles in the palace. The majesty ordered the nurse for execution and let the eunuch punish the sect leader’s disciple. The princess came and begged the majesty to forgive her mother. The princess deals with the majesty to let her and her mother leave the palace as a commoner and won’t return. The nurse puts on make up and hang herself. The nurse told the princess to take care of herself. The princess buried her mother. The majesty gave the princess a box of thousand golds. The princess returned the box of gold. The eunuch ordered his eunuch servant to get rid of the captain.

The priest told his daughter he feels relieve letting her marrying Yat Hong. The priest’s daughter asked Yat Hong why did he joined the sect and why is Yat Hong feeling down. Does he has a lover? The priest said Ngai Seung, a bandit fell for Yat Hong but Yat Hong doesn’t like her back. Yat Hong got drunk during the wedding day. The priest threw water at Yat Hong and asked him to remember his promise of forgetting Ngai Seung. His wedding with the priest’s daughter was arranged by the majesty.



K9 Cop episode 4 recap

Bosco’s female collegue brought a bouquet of red roses and shows off that many guys fall for her. Bosco told his colleagues he saw she picked up this bouquet of roses from the trash father after Rebeca threw it in the trash. Bosco’s colleagues told Bosco that Rebeca returned their reports with red marks. In the shooting room, Rebeca asked Bosco what did her son said last night. Flashbacks of Oscar told his wife and sister in laws about his strict mother. Angel laughed that Bosco is old fashioned and thought that Rebeca likes him. Oscar refuses to accept Rebecca’s shoes gift to him. Rebeca gave Bosco a resignation letter of his Raymond and asked him to persuade him to stay. Rebeca guaranteed to Bosco that her relationship with Oscar won’t affect him. By the shore, Raymond told Bosco that he was proud that he shot the triad. Raymond feels uncomfortable about quitting his job as a cop but Tracy wants him to leave. He loves being a cop more than her. Bosco told Raymond that Rebeca returned his resignation letter and praised him as a good cop and would like him to stay.


Tracy and Raymond search for a house. Tracy picked a house by the mountain. Tracy picked a car. At the jewelry store, Raymond thought of Rebeca. Bosco told Tracy that he feels poor for Raymond for always buy stuff for her. Tracy told Bosco he’s afraid of losing his friend. Bosco told Tracy she seems like she’s playing him. Bosco told Tracy that Raymond is never happy. Bosco told Tracy that Raymond was really happy when Rebeca told him he was a good cop and wanted him to stay. Tracy told Raymond that the house isn’t suitable for them and they should switch cars. While having diner, Tracy hugged Raymond and said she only wants to be with him for the night. Tracy kissed Raymond. Raymond wants to tell Tracy he wants to continue being a cop. Tracy dressed up and served Raymond desserts.

Kayi’s friend gave Kayi his watch for bringing snacks for him. Kayi asked his friend if he wants to find a job as a janitor in her school. Kayi’s friend told Kayi he used to play a minor role in a porn movie. A patient’s mother paid Kayi’s friend to steal the exam result for his son. Kayi’s friend told Kayi she wants the job as the janitor at her school.

Raymond let some ladies passed in front of him in front of the restaurant. Bosco saw an image of Tracy’s nude picture she sent to Raymond. A man threw a bottle of acid toward Rebeca. Rebeca saw the victims and told Bosco that lucky the fan prevented blocked the bottle of acid or she would be hit by it too. Rebeca asked the man if he’s alright and he can leave. Bosco fought with the man. The man pointed a gun. Rebeca told Bosco and Raymond to back out. Rebeca said Paul really loves her and won’t hurt her. Paul asked Rebeca why did she threw his bouquet of flower. The dog bit Paul. Raymond received a card from a five year old thinking him for putting a band aid for her. Raymond’s female colleague asked Raymond to put a band-aid on her. Raymond’s colleague told Bosco that Raymond doesn’t need to marry his sister.


Bosco’s boss asked Bosco why did he still attacked Paul. Rebeca knew he knows martial arts. Bosco’s boss told Bosco he must listen to his boss’s order. Rebeca punished Raymond to drive her. Rebeca told Bosco she knew he suspected Paul of being the suspect so he fought with him. Rebeca took Bosco where her police dogs were buried. Linda blamed Rebeca for forcing her dog to sacrifice his life to save the victims. Bosco told Linda it is funny that she and her mother fought because of the death of a dog. Bosco told Linda that she was mad at her mother over a dog for ten years. She is crazy over dogs. Linda told Bosco that her mother has a new loyal dog. Bosco asked Linda if she refer him as a dog. The dog barked. Bosco told Rebeca she worked hard to raise Linda just like he worked hard to raise his three sisters. Rebeca transferred Bosco to this Veterinarian warehouse to work with the police dogs.


Self Esteem and watching asian dramas!

Caring about Gossip and what other people thinks about you can only hurt you.

My sister and one of my kdrama blogger friend did tell me the same quote “Don’t care about what other people thinks. Most of the time is about them and not you!”.

I used to be bullied a lot back in middle school but lucky I got my asian dramas to watch every week which relieve my stress from school. I used to think life sucks and loved watching wuxia and tvb series. I always rely on watching asian dramas since I was child. It can be a good thing or a bad thing watching too much. But then I thought if I didn’t watch so many asian dramas, I would go crazy and wouldn’t be me as I was today. Escape from reality but my family knew how much I loved asian dramas since I was a kid.

I have some self esteem. Sometimes I compare myself to other asian girls. Some people thinks I’m really cool but some don’t. Feeling cool and uncool at times. Yeah some of my white friends are really pretty looking and many guys fall for them. Yeah sometimes I feel the love from my friend but sometimes I feel not so cool when some don’t like me. Different people, different perspective.

I was watching this Hey Arnold episode about Rhonda getting glasses. I asked my sister if she was ever embarrassed about having glasses. My sister told me to not care what what other people think, most of the time they only care about their stuff. I tweeted how some people thinks I’m very cool but some people don’t. KDrama Blogger Zoey replied that she thinks I’m really cool. Don’t care about what other people think, most of the time it’s them not you.

My family always say I have a pretty face. I have a very nice family. My brother said I look good with long hair. A tvb fan told me “Your brother is so nice, my brother never tells me that”. I’m not very intelligent but surprisingly my family and relative thinks I’m cool and loves me because they think I’m nice and sweet. Some of my friends and family surprisingly told me “I like you too, I think you’re funny and kind and cool. As I got to know your more, I like you more and more”.

When my family said I am a good girl and pretty girl but my biggest flaws is I care too much about what others say about me.

Be Yourself and work hard and you’ll go far in life. Those that pick on you don’t matter! Life is short. Enjoy Life.

K9 Cop episode 3 recap

Bosco watched the video of Oscar scolding Linda and told his sisters that Oscar never mention about his family because Linda always put him down. Oscar told Bosco he wants to leave his job and go on a seperate ways with Linda. Bosco asked Oscar if he has enough money if he leaves his job. Linda heals the dog Bahda and puts a collar on him and took him for a walk. Bahda barked at Bosco. Bosco asked Linda to get rid of Bahda. Linda yelled at Bosco and asked him if he thought her job was to kill dogs. Linda told Bosco that he wanted her to kill dogs just like she tells cops has to die. Linda pushed Bosco’s paper. Bahda jumped on Bosco. Linda told Bosco that it was his fault for falling down. Bosco asked Linda if Bahdah didn’t jump on him, he wouldn’t have fallen down. Linda pushed the pen toward Bosco and Bosco backed out. Linda told Bosco that Bahda wanted to protect her so she jumped on him.


Bosco’s female colleague gave Raymond a movie ticket. Bosco took it. Bosco’s colleague smoke. Bosco asked his colleague if he remembered he promised he will quit smoking when his son is born. Bosco asked his colleague if he remember he will take wedding photos with her. Bosco told his colleague that he can cheer women a bit and they’ll be happy. Raymond told his female colleague she can save the tickets. Raymond’s friend called Raymond that Tracy serving another man. Raymond went in the room and holding the hanger and beat up a Madamme with another man. Tracy got mad and left and said she was just dressing up for Madamme. Tracy kicked Raymond. A woman saw a gun on Raymond and screamed. A cop pointed a gun in front of Raymond. Tracy said Raymond is also a cop. Raymond told Tracy he will resign tomorrow. Bosco asked Kayi why does she greed money. Kayi showed Bosco her drawing. Kayi received a text that her friend asked for help but Bosco thought he was joking.


Kayi’s friend tries to untie himself. The triad slapped Kayi’s friend. A kid told Kayi that he has called for help two times. She didn’t believe him so he called her again. Kayi thought of her friend texted her for help. Kayi said this story has the moral of teaching the kids not to lie and don’t believe others so easily. Kayi searches for her friend. Bosco asked Linda to take off her clothes. Linda slapped Bosco. Bosco told Linda he needs her and Bahda to save someone from a kidnap. Bahda barked at Bosco. Bosco told Lida to find his old owner. Raymond came up to the kidnapping place. The triad saw Linda and Bahda and pointed a gun at Linda. Bahda barked at the triad and bit one of the triad’s leg. Linda pushed the triad and he shot. The triad pointed a gun toward Linda. Raymond pointed a gun toward the triad. Raymond and Bosco shot at the triad. Bosco untied Kayi’s friend. Linda patted Bahda. Bosco told Linda that she cares for the dog more than herself. Linda said Dogs are honest unlike human who bites you. Bosco told Linda he suspect she used to be harassed. Kayi brought a cute lunch for her friend. Bosco’s boss gave Bosco a report to do.

Bosco told his sister on the phone that he will be too busy to eat pork diner tonight. His Madamme, Rebecca picked up the phone and told Bosco’s sister he will be able to eat pork diner tonight. Rebeca told Bosco’s boss that she knows he’s been hanging out with his girlfriend and was late in doing his report so he hand it over to Bosco. Bosco praised Rebeca as fair. Rebeca asked Bosco to give her a ride. Rebeca asked Bosco if it was easy for him to raise his sisters. Bosco said his youngest sister and husband has been hard to handle. Bosco thought of how Rebeca is exceptionally nice to him. Rebeca called Bosco to come down with her. Oscar followed Bosco and teased Rebeca of being his new girlfriend. Rebeca pushed Oscar and Oscar found out she is his mother.


K9 Cop episode 2 recap

Linda, a veterinarian checks up on the dog. Linda believes she can change the crazy dog who’s been abused, for the better. Raymond told Bosco that his boss scod him for not being able to catch the criminal. Bosco asked Raymond to take picture of his injured butt. Linda peeked on the photo of Bosoc’s injured butt. Linda asked Bosco about his incident yesterday. Linda asked Bosco if his dog been beating up badly. Bosco asked Linda why is she more worried about the dog. Linda told Bosco she has examined the dog and it doesn’t have any evidence he it a crazy dog. Linda told his colleagUe, the dog is loyal and only attacked Bosco to protect his owner. The colleague told Linda that the dog has bitten somone which means he is not suitable for adaption. Bosco took his female colleague’s food. She fought with Bosco. Bosco pointed at Raymond that this is why he doesn’t like her.


Rebecca Chan, a Madamme went in the triad as a spy and punched the triad. There was a chaos, Madamme took an arrogant dog and controlled the gang. A colleague gossiped about Madamme caused others to be single and be orphans. Rebecca said she doesn’t care about gossips as long as it affects her work. Rebecca praised Bosco of going to work early while he’s still injured. Rebecca gave Bosco a lifesaver and nominated him this year’s as the cop of the year. Linda gave the dog some food. Linda opened the door giving the dog the choice of leaving. The dog stayed.

At the market, Linda saw Bosco’s sister Angel replacing eggs on the other egg boxes. Angel saw a chip she loved but someone took the last bag. She sneakingly took the chip out of someone’s cart and looked at Linda and apologized. Linda told Angel she never said this was her cart. Linda asked Bosco’s sister if she thought his was an employee’s basket so she assumed that the price of the big eggs are the same price as the regular eggs so she swapped the egggs. Linda told Angel she must thought that everyone is more naive than she is. Angel whined to her husband Oscar. Bosco complained to Oscar that he has never met his family.


Bosco asked his colleague how to translate searching for family in english. Kayi’s friend told Bosco he forced him to tell the truth is like forcing him to rape innocent girls. Kayi’s friend touched Raymond’s hair. Bosco and Raymond dragged Kayi’s friend out. Kayi’s friend called Bosco that his big brother is trying to kill him. Raymond and Bosco pointed a gun toward the men’s room door. Kayi’s friend held a box of fried chicken and laughed that they came to save him. Raymond and Bosco left Kayi’s friend alone.

The dog barked. Linda gave food to the dog. The dog bit Linda. Linda told the dog if she doesn’t heal her leg, it will be crippled. The dog went inside the cage. Linda told her colleagues to remember to take off the bell next time since the dog got nervous hearing the bell. Linda gave some instruction to Oscar to follow. Oscar told Linda he understands and he asked her if she thinks he’s too dumb to understand. Linda saw Angela parking in the wheelchair lot. Oscar got a ticket of three hundred dollars for illegal parking. Oscar and Angel saw Linda reading a book. Angel confronted Linda about locking her car. Linda apologized and explained to Angel reasonably. Oscar confronted Linda for nitpicking on his wife. Oscar said Linda’s IQ is high. In her eyes, he is always dumb. Linda admits she was strict to Oscar but now she wants to mend the relationship between them. She worked really hard to get the veterinary license. Oscar said Linda only cares about her dog. Oscar said Linda’s IQ is only 135 and not up to 140. Linda told Oscar she only teach others once but she teaches him three times. She hoped he could understand her burden. The dog barked at the young man. Linda’s colleague found some drug pill. Linda thought of letting the cops train the dog to be a police dog. Linda touched the dog and is happy for him.