Swipe Tap Love episode 18 recap

Thanks to one of my drama buddy Mike, I’m able to get the last few episodes 18-20 of Swipe Tap Love in eng sub. <3.


Priscilla called Raymond that Roger’s been in a motorbike accident and she needs to keep Kaki company but she can’t find her keys. Priscilla consoled Kaki at the hospital. Priscilla’s colleague told Priscilla his wife use to make him everything. Now his wife his gone, he only eat half of his meal. Kaki takes care of Roger at the hospital. Kelly told Kaki that she handed her resignation letter this morning. Kelly told Kaki she can be strong and endure Roger’s in coma. Kelly said she’s going back home and she’s tired of waiting for her prince. Kelly told Kaki that she praised Priscilla the first time she met her so people wouldn’t look down on her. She told Kaki that she was honest and told her harsh words. Kelly told Kaki she’s smart. Kaki told Kelly she will find a man who cherish her as a princess. Eddie and Kelly went out to eat Meatball Congee. Raymond told Priscilla he can’t let her be with Yau Yau cause she only needs him as her father. Raymond told Priscilla she will be heartbroken if Yau Yau kidding around saying she loves him. Raymond refused to let Priscilla in the house.

Why half? Because you are not there.

TVB Series is going down. KDRAMAS is unsatisfying!

I know that’s the saying if fans asked us which one is better “TVB or Korean?” “Japanese Dramas or KDRAMAS”. Mainland are too longwinded. Well though TVB is going down, I will stick with TVB. Mainland Dramas are too draggy and KDRAMAS require too much attention. I watch TVB and Korean Dramas with a few Mainland Dramas thrown in. I’m a sucker love for KDRAMAS when there are really good ones out there, mostly from 2004-2011 was the best year of kdramas for me. For TVB, the 90s and the early 2000s were the best for me. I watch Mainland Dramas too but not many of them though. TVB is really going down with shortage of casts and good script. The plot keep on repeating. I might just keep this blog for only a few years. Korean Dramas aren’t the best but TVB is going downhill. Mainland Dramas is not my thing.

The reason I blog mostly about TVB and KDRAMAS cause they are most available for me to watch and they have decent international fans. You know it’s really hard to recap Mainland Dramas unless you are Chinese and familiar with the cultural context. Well, that’s my perspective as a Vietnamese who recap recent asian dramas. I think Dramatictealeaves is an awesome CDRAMA recapper and she does understand why there’s not many CDRAMA bloggers too though she does a good job. xd.

Emergency Couple episode 2 recap



Oh Jin Hee stared at Han Ah Reum’s beautiful body and is envious. Oh Jin Hee got yelled by her boss in the office. Her colleagues gossip that she might get fired. They wonder what is Oh Jin Hee’s age. Oh Chang Min blurted out her age and everyone was surprised he knew. Oh Jin Hee cried and said she’s old and it took her six year to be an intern. Doctor Gook called her a big rock and said if she acts clumsy again she’ll be fired. Oh Chang Min asked Oh Jin Hee to leave since he believes she can’t be a doctor. Oh Chang Mn saw his mother and dragged Oh Jin Hee in a room. Doctor Gook yelled at Oh Jin Hee and Oh Chang Min for missing their patient operation. Oh Chang Min asked Doctor Gook to transfer him to a different department. A female surgeon pretended to be a patient and helped Jin Hee and Chang Min saving a patient’s life. A drunkard held a gun at the people at the hospital and demanded to see his girlfriend Soon Young. The drunkard pointed the gun at Chang Min. Jin Hee used the medical tool and pushed it on the drunkard’s back.

Swipe Tap Love episode 17 recap



Yau Yau told Raymond she wants to see Priscilla. Priscilla told Yau Yau on the phone to tell Raymond that she will not change. Priscilla rode the motorcycle with Roger. Roger asked Kaki to sing a song based on her mood. Roger told Kaki that her friend Priscilla helped Raymond find his dream. Priscilla recalled Raymond making her chocolate milk when she was asleep. Eddie piggyback Kelly out of her house which the power is out. Eddie told Kelly about the story of his wife and daughter left him but he’s still saving money and waiting for him. Eddie told Kelly she has to wait for the one. Kelly told Eddie he was always there for her. It would be great if he was her father. Eddie danced in front of Kelly. Raymond thought of Priscilla and designed a glass. This series reminds me of Karma Rider about the love between Raymond and Priscilla, and Roger and Kaki. Kaki reunites with her longtime crush. Roger fainted after falling from a motorcycle in the rain.

Whether or not I see you or am with you, I want what’s good for you. I won’t be ok if I don’t see you or can’t be with you.

Swipe Tap Love episode 16 recap

Roger found out that Priscilla is friends with Kaki. Priscilla got a stomach ache and wants some chocolate. Priscilla saw the sofa that Raymond designed. Priscilla sleeps on the sofa. Eddie cooked for Kelly. Kelly cried and wished Eddie was her lover if he wasn’t so old. Eddie wished Kelly was his daughter. Raymond texed to Priscilla that his daughter misses her. Raymond and Priscilla text each other. Raymond saw Priscilla and left.



Swipe Tap Love episode 15 recap




Priscilla took pictures of herself at the chocolate house.Priscilla tasted Vincent’s coffee and didn’t like it. Priscilla told Vincent that Elaine liked Raymond after seeing his sculpture. Vincent showed his cup of coffee with the waterfall in Argentina. Vincent told Priscilla he came to this chocolate house because of Miss Chocolate. Priscilla asked Vincent to show him the picture of Mr. Lok to confirmed it if it is Raymond. Priscilla looked at the photo and understands why the macaroni soup is unforgettable. Priscilla stared at Raymond and laughed and asked him when he’s going to change his hairstyle like a Korean Artiste. Priscilla looked at the photo album of her parents when they met each other.

Current Rotating Headers in use

I would like to thank all these awesome drama bloggers for creating me lovely banners.

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Louis Cheung and Joey Meng banner by Lynne

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Swipe Tap Love banner made by Lynne

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Swipe Tap Love episode 14 recap



Priscilla told Raymond that many died in September 9th in a fire so she quit news reporting. She thinks of her deceased father. Kaki texted Priscilla about her dating Roger. Flashbacks of Kaki sighed to Roger about him dating another girl two years ago. Raymond teased Priscilla that In Time with You is just a drama. It’s time for her to sleep. Kelly’s colleagues told Kelly that Vincent is courting Priscilla. Kelly cried.

Love is a flower growing by the edge of a cliff. It takes courage to pluck it. You don’t get courage by saving it or practice. If you love something badly enough, it will come.

Swipe Tap Love episode 13 recap



Priscilla baked macaroon. Random daily convos between Priscilla and Raymond. Kaki whined that she’s lonely at home. Kaki watch the talk show of Kelly. Kelly sung a song on tv. Roger puts on the helmet for Kaki and rode the motorcycle. Eddy saw the old man and scared of being lonely when he’s old. Eddie ate orange with Yau Yau. Eddie hugged Yau Yau and cried missing his daughter. Priscilla ate the chocolate that Cool San made. Raymond asked Priscilla why didn’t Mrs. Yu used a new phone. Priscilla said she can’t part with the butterfly phone.

Find a distraction, and time flies before you know it. Find a distraction, and soon you’ll be happy again.