Crimson Sabre episode 35 recap (Finale)

The soldiers begged Li Zicheng to release Chen Yuan Yuan. Li Zichen refuses to hand over her to Ng Sam Kwai. The official took of his hat in request for Li Zicheng to leave Chen Yuan Yuan. Li Zichen was about to kill the official, Sing Chi held his hands. The official took off his hat for Li Zichen gto spare Sing Chi. Li Zicheng forbids Sing Chi to step in the palace. The official gave the map of treasure to Sing Chi. He drinks wine with Sing Chi and his friends. The kids sang a song that the official wrote about welcoming Li Zicheng and don’t have to pay tax. The official spit blood and died. He told Sing Chi that he feels ashamed toward the people. He said he drank poisonous wine. He rather die to repent his mistake.

Wan Sin told Sing Chi that Ah Kau is the former princess of Ming, if she’s been found then there will be news. Ching Ching feels ashamed until they find Ah Kau. The priest attacked Wan Sin in the woods. The priest grabbed the female disciple and said he came here to catch Sing Chi and Suyet Yee but he has the fortune to meet them pretty ladies. The majesty’s priest threw a net at Tit Sau. He took Ching Ching, Tit Sau, and the female priest away. The priest touched Tit Sau and Ching Ching’s face. He stands up waiting for Sing Chi and Suyet Yee. Ching Ching told the majesty’s priest he always win and lose and then win and lose. The priest was about to hit her with his sword. He laughed and said he will rape them so they lose their names. The majesty’s priest was about to rape the female disciple. Wong Tsan and the disciple came and fought with the majesty’s priest and got injured. The priest came. The majesty’s priest punched the priest. Ah Kau, who is the priest’s new disciple checked up on him. The majesty’s priest said the priest did a good thing for him, Ah Kau is prettier than his three ladies. The majesty’s priest said he will finish the priest then rape Ah Kau.

Suyet Yee wonders about the majesty’s priest’s motive of kidnapping the girls but releasing Wan Sin. The priest pointed a sword at the priest. The priest told the majesty’s priest to kill him. The priest realized that the majesty’s priest wants to use him to stop Sing Chi’s power. The priest bumped himself in the cauldron. Sing Chi checks up on him. The priest told him to kill the majesty’s priest. The majesty’s priest told Sing Chi to choose to heal the priest or kill him. Sing Chi transfers energy for the priest. The majesty’s priest told Sing Chi to take his time while he have fun with the girls. The majesty’s priest touched Ah Kau. The sect members came and fought with the majesty’s priest. Sing Chi fights with the priest. The doctor transfer energy for the priest while Sing Chi fights with the majesty’s priest. Suyet Yee and Wan Sin watches. Suyet yee said it looks like the majesty’s priest know the key to the saber. Suyet Yee recites the steps. The doctor asked Sing Chi why does he keep on reusing the same steps. The doctor pushed the priest and he pushed the sword toward the majesty’s priest. The majesty’s priest laid flat dead.

Sing Chi and his sect wishes the doctor to long live. The doctor laughed and hoped that everyday will be crowded like today. Ching Ching asked the priest how did he accept Ah Kau as her disciple. The priest said Ah Kau stayed at where Chongzhen suicide. He persuaded her three days and night. After saving her, he found out she is Princess Chang Ping from the previous dynasty. But after they left the palace, something big happened. Ng Sam Kwai has brought the Manchu soldiers to fight Li Zicheng because he was mad at him stealing Chen Yuan Yuan. Li Zicheng has left the palace.The sect members sighed that they are better at living their wandering lives than interfere with those palace politics. The doctor gave Wong Tsan his new sect leader post.

By the beach, Sing Chi asked Ah Kau if she is still upset over Chongzhen’s death. Ah Kau said she thought carefully that everything has its consequences. Not everything can be be controlled. Ah Kau told Sing Chi that she is happy meeting him and they won’t be enemies from now on. Sing Chi said their mutual enemies is the Manchu. Ah Kau said one day she will drive away the Manchu and return the land to her Ming. Ah Kau told Sing Chi to not neglect what he have for what happened in the past. Now Ching Ching is the one for him. Ching Ching same and told AH Kau that she is wrong, she is the one for him. Ching Ching told Sing Chi to not lie to himself, he has never forgotten Ah Kau. Ching Ching told Ah Kau that since they are not enemies, she should return to Sing Chi. Ah Kau told Ching Ching she is wrong, she has made her decision. Ah Kau took her hat off showing her baldness. Ah Kau said she has worship the god. Ching Ching is hte one who will stay by Sing Chi. Ah Kau wishes Ching Ching and Sing Chi happiness.

Wan Sin and Suyet Yee told Sing Chi and Ching Ching to sit. Wan Sin said she and Suyet Yee plans to stay in the mountain. Wan Sin gave Ching Ching her paren’ts jade to give to her kids. Wan Sin asked Ching Ching if she have thought carefully. Ching Ching said her mother will be in Suyet Yee’s heart but he still cares of Wan Sin whereas she knows that Sing Chi loves Ah Kau but she is blessed to live with him. Wan Sin said there’s are upsetting things in life but we shouldn’t regret.

Sing Chi and Ching Ching bids farewell to Suyet Yee and Wan Sin and plans to travel around the world. The prince surrounded Sing Chi and his friends as they leave by the shore. The prince told Sing Chi that if he doesn’t work for him then he won’t let him leave and the Manchu will be in danger. Sing Chi doesn’t know if the prince truly wanted to be his friend but he knows he is brave. He doesn’t break his promise. If he doesn’t believe he has started a new life then he doesn’t know what to say. Sing Chi left with his friends in the canoe. The prince retreat and said Sing Chi is a gentleman and he doesn’t want to pus him.

Crimson Saber episode 34 recap

Ah Kau asked Sing Chi if he remembers she told him the story of the flute by the harbor. Ah Kau told Sing Chi that her father gave her the flute. He was always busy so he likes listening to her playing the flute when he is depressed. She remembered she used to play the flute for her father. But too bad now the world is in chaos and she doesn’t know where her father is and she didn’t bring the flute with her. Sing Chi sneaks in the palace and stole the flute.

Ah Kau had a nightmare that his father feels ashamed and suicide. Ah Kau woke up and eavesdrop on the monk told the sect leader that he feels pity for the post sect leader to die along with Chongzhen. Ah Kau asked Sing Chi why did he lied to her, Chongzhen has hung himself up. Sing Chi asked Ching Ching what did she tell Ah Kau. Ah Kau fainted. Sing Chi told Ching Ching to let go and he carries Ah Kau. Ching Ching cries and picks up the flute.

Ching Ching plays the flute. Sing Chi told ChingChing to return the flute. Ching Ching told Sing Chi that this is her flute and she found it, how can he prove this flute belongs to Ah Kau. Ching Ching said Ah Kau said this flute so she has to return to her, so if she said he belongs to her then she has to return him to her. Sing Chi asked Ching Ching if she wants Ah Kau to die. She knows Ah Kau is injured but she told her the news of her father is dead. If anything happens to Ah Kau, he won’t forgive her. Ching Ching asked Sing Chi when did he see her said it, and even if she said it, she didn’t lie. Eventually Ah Kau will know that her father is dead. Sing Chi said Ah Kau is injured and can’t be hurt more. Ching Ching told Sing Chi he defends Ah Kau. When she was almost dead, did he cares for her. He only knows how to take care of Ah Kau. He has never looked at her. Ching Ching asked Sing Chi if he dares to make a vow he doesn’t care for Ah Kau. Ching Ching told Sing Chi to not tell her that he loves them both. She rather take it all or nothing. Ching Ching said she can’t split her heart. Ching Ching asked Sing Chi who does he choose. Ching Ching told Sing Chi to not worry. She is fine. He can worry about Ah Kau and her being in terrible state. Sing Chi slapped Ching Ching two times. The flute broke. Sing Chi told Ching Ching he didn’t meant it. He understands how she feel. Ah Kau is being injured so he can’t leave her. He promises when Ah Kau is well, she will leave her and married Ching Ching. Sing Chi promises he won’t disappoint her. Ching Ching asked Sing Chi when he leaves Ah Kau, can he forget her. He knows he can’t so why does he still wants to marry her. Ching Ching left and said she doesn’t want to see him again.

The sect member and the monk followed Ching Ching and cheers her up. Wan Sin told them to let her handle it. Wan Sin asked Ching Ching if she caused Sing Chi to be mad so he slaps her. Wan Sin told Ching Ching that she is not naive but cocky. She doesn’t want to drag the love so she made him mad so he slaps her. So she can leave him and wish them happiness. Ching Ching hugged Wan Sin and said she doesn’t know what to do. Ever since Ah Kau lost an arm, Sing Chi took care of her and even sneaked in the palace to steal the flute for her. She knows he will never forget Ah Kau. Ching Ching said Ah Kau is more miserable and need Sing Chi more than her. Wan Sin told Ching Ching that Sing Chi is naturally kind and won’t leave her. She knows he will marry her but she doesn’t want him to stay with her but has another woman in his heart. Ching Ching said it’s only this way that Sing Chi will forget her and take care of Ah Kau. Wan Sin hopes she won’t regret this decision.

Suyet Yee told Sing Chi that Ah Kau needs him. Ching Ching’s personality is stubborn like him and only can love one person. Suyet Yee told Sing Chi to wait after Ah Kau is well and think about it. A restaurant owner sent Suyet Yee a letter from Hong Yeuk. In Ching Ching’s house, Hong Yeuk pointed a sword at Ching Ching. Hong Yeuk said he has put a needle on Ching Ching and she can only live for three days. Hong Yeuk only has one wish is to marry him. Suyet Yee promises Hong Yeuk but she must release his daughter. Hong Yeuk wants Wan Sin to stay until she marries Suyet Yee. Ah Kau searches for Sing Chi and picked up her broken flute. The monk and the sect member told Ah Kau that Ching Ching got jealous and broke the flute and got slapped by Sing Chi. Ah Kau told Sing Chi that Ching Ching didn’t tell her about her father’s death, she overheard the sect member and the monk talking about it. Ah Kau showed Sing Chi her flute which she fixed. Ah Kau said she can fix the flute but she can’t play the song again. Ah Kau told Sing Chi as long as he remember the song she played for her then she’ll be happy. Don’t force what he can’t do. Ah Kau left and wrote a letter to Sing Chi that Ching Ching is fated to be with him and he should cherish her.

Tit Sau told Sing Chi that Hong Yeuk has kidnapped Ching Ching. Suyet Yee and Hong Yeuk gets married. Hong Yeuk asked Suyet Yee he never treated her well and if she’s that hateful. She stole the treasure for her and betrayed her sect. She never regret it because she hopes they could run away together. She waited for her for seven days and night. She searched for him but found out he is with Wan Yee. she took the punishment of being bitten by snakes which ruined her face. She has waited for more than ten years. Suyet Yee said he has disappointed three women, Wan Yee, Wan Sin, and Hong Yeuk. He doesn’t regret marrying her. Hong Yeuk said she is not happy since he marries her because of Ching Ching. She is satisfied. She only have one request is for him to kiss her then she will give him the medicine. Hong Yeuk kisses Suyet Yee. Hong Yeuk threw the bottle of medicine to Wan Sin. Wan Sin fought with Hong Yeuk. Suyet Yee threw up blood. Suyet Yee told Ching Ching he has brought her mother’s ashes and she must remember to bury his ashes with her mother. Ching Ching cries and told Suyet Yee he won’t die. Wan Sin kisses Suyet Yee and said they will live and die together. Wan Sin fainted on Suyet Yee. Sing Chi uses the frog and transfer energy for them. Ah Kau threw Wan Yee’s ashes on the sea and said he won’t keep her ashes because she will be in his heart. Wan Sin promises she will treat Suyet Ye, Sing Chi, and Ching Ching well.

Ching Ching told Sing Chi she knows he truly cares for her but the person in his heart is still Ah Kau. He is a hero so he can’tgo against his conscience to cheer her up. She will go with him to the palace to find Ah Kau. Hopefully after that he will think carefully who he wants to stay with the rest of his life.

The official told Sing Chi that the majesty fell for Chen Yuan Yuan and neglected his duties. Sing Chi told the official to go with him to search for Ah Kau in the palace. The official told Li Zichen that Chen Yuan Yuan is a concubine of Ng Sam Kwai and the rumor will make him regret. The official told the majesty to return Chen Yuan Yuan to Ng Sam Kwai so he can feel relieved.

Crimson Sabre episode 33 recap

The servant asked Ah Kau to please eat the meal or he can’t explain to the eunuch. Ah Kau said she can eat it but he must tell the eunuch to meet her. The prince of Ming and the five grandpas barged in the majesty’s room. Ah Kau dressed up as an eunuch and fought with the guards. The five grandpas told Ah Kau to go home. They have to guard the majesty’s room. Ah Kau asked the five grandpa under who’s order. The five grandpas apologized for being disrespectful and they fought with Ah Kau. Sing Chi came. Ah Kau told him to kill those rebels.

The prince wants the majesty to let the Qing in. Chongzhen refuses to borrow the Qing soldiers. The prince ordered Chongzhen to give up his throne. Chongzhen said though he can’t keep his dynasty, but he knows what’s important. If he borrows the soldiers from Manchu, it will harm the people. He doesn’t mind being dead but he can’t hand over his dynasty to the Manchu. The prince ordered the five grandpas to kill Chongzhen. Sing Chi barged in and told the five grandpas he promised Ching Ching to let them live if they don’t do bad things anymore. The prince told the five grandpas he will promote them if they kill Sing Chi. Sing Chi fought with the five grandpas and froze them. The prince begged Sing Chi to forgive him. The eunuch came in and killed the prince and the five grandpas. The eunuch blamed the prince to let the rebel in. Chongzhen forgive the eunuch for saving his life.

CHongzhen wants to talk to Sing Chi in private. Chongzhen can’t believe he saved him. He also feel sad for his father. Sing Chi told Chongzhen if his father wasn’t framed, then he wouldn’t be in this state. Chongzhen asked Sing Chi what rewards would he want. Sing Chi told Chongzhen even if he reward him one thousand times, it can’t replace his father. Sing Chi told Chongzhnen he saved him for the people. He doesn’t greed. Sing Chi told Chongzhen to cherish his last few days as the majesty. Ah Kau thanked Sing Chi. Sing Chi told Ah Kau that the Manchu will come in the palace and fight with the Ming tomorrow. She encouraged her to leave. Ah Kau told Sing Chi to cherish Ching Ching. Sing Chi happily meet Ching Ching. Ching Ching asked Sing Chi if he seen her five grandpas in the palace. Sing Chi apologized that the eunuch killed the five grandpas to silence them. Ching Ching told Sing Chi she blames the five grandpas for being greedy causing them to lose their lives.

Sing Chi and sect fought with the soldiers. Sing Chi stood on the top of the gate by the flag and welcomed the general to the palace. The general promises Sing Chi he will get Chongzhen’s head to revenge for his father. The soldiers killed the maids. Ah Kau told them to forget it. Fate has been decided, and they don’t need to cause more death. They can leave. Chongzhen sat and told the concubines he regrets listening to the bad guys and killed the good officials. Chongzhen gave his concubines each a poison wine. Some concubines refused to drink and begged him to forgive them. Chongzhen killed his concubines. Ah Kau came in and Chongzhen chopped her left arm. Ah Kau told him to let them leaves. Chongzhen said it’s not that he doesn’t want to forgive them but they will be raped by the Manchu.

Ah Kau told Chongzhen that let fate chose if they want to live. They shouldn’t kill anymore peole. Ah Kau told Chongzhen to leave the palace. Chongzhen said he can’t leave the palace. Sing Chi won’t spare his life. Ah Kau told Chongzhen she will ask Sing Chi to spare his life. Chongzhen refuses to beg Sing Chi. Chongzhen yelled at Ah Kau if she wants to stay with Sing Chi. Chongzhen held his sword and about to kill Ah Kau. Sing Chi stopped Chongzhen and hugged Ah Kau. Ah Kau told Sing Chi she is princess Chang Ping. Now he understands why she can’t leave the palace to travel with him. Ah Kau held Sing Chi’s hand and begged him to not harm Chongzhen. Chongzhen told Sing Chi he won’t beg anyone. If he wants to kill him then kill. Chongzhen said he has never lust other women but he blames the rebel has harmed him. Sing Chi told Chongzhen that he has listened to the bad guys and killed innocent people. Sing Chi asked Chongzhen how many innocent people did he killed and how many people had a good life. Sing Chi told Chongzhen to blame himself. Chongzhen was about to kill himself but the post sect leader took him out. Ah Kau begs Sing Chi and fainted. Chongzhen regrets failing the people. He wants to kill himself. The sect leader pointed his sword at himself and dies. The general broke in the palace. Chongzhen got scared and died.

Wan Sin asked Ching Ching if she doesn’t mind Sing Chi brought Ah Ah Kau home. Ching Ching said Ah Kau is injured and in a bad state. If Sing Chi was that cold hearted, she wouldn’t fall for him. The sect member and the monk told Ching Ching and Wan Sin that Chongzhen hung up himself. Ah Kau wakes up and told Sing Chi that she has a dream of Chongzhen flew and she wonders if he is dead. Ah Kau asked Sing Chi if he blames her. Ah Kau asked Sing Chi even if she didn’t tell him her identity, wouldn’t he kill Chongzhen. Ah Kau said she doesn’t have a choice. Ching Ching dips in congee for Ah Kau.

The eunuch greets the general Li Zicheng who becomes the majesty. The eunuch brought the former prince of Ming tied up. The prince said Chongzhen listened to the bad guys. He just hopes the general can treat the people well. The prince bit the eunuch’s hand. The official called the eunuch a rebel. The general ordered the eunuch for execution. Sing Chi and the official beg the general Li Zicheng to treat the previous Ming’s family well.

Crimson Sabre episode 32 recap

Ching Ching, Suyet Yee, and Wan Sin got tired up in the pole. Tit Sau saw Sing Chi took care of Ah Kau and criticize them of making love while Ching Ching is in danger. If Ching Ching dies then he doesn’t need to choose. Sing Chi asked Tit Sau how’s Ching Ching. Tit Sau said Ching Ching, Suyet Yee, and Wan Sin got kidnapped. Ching Ching told Sing Chi that there’s a bomb. The sect leader said the’s a bomb and if he doesn’t give the treasure then his friends with die. Sing Chi said he doesn’t have the treasure but give him ten days for him to find it. The sect leader told Sing Chi if he doesn’t give it now, he will fire the bomb. Ching Ching told Sing Chi that even if he stay with Ah Kau she won’t blame him but he must stay alive. Tit Sau and Sing Chi fought with the sects. Ching Ching told Sing Chi to save her father first. A sect member fired the bomb. Sing Chi grabbed Ching Ching and flew. Tit Sau threw the poison and left with Sing Chi and his friends.

Sing Chi transfer energy for Ching Ching. Ching Ching told Sing Chi to forget about finding the treasure and let the sect have it. Sing Chi told Ching Ching she misunderstood, Ah Kau didn’t take the treasure. Ah Kau said she will leave. She and Sing Chi are meant to be enemies. They collaborated because they didn’t want the treasure to be in Manchu’s hands. Ching Ching asked about the Manchu stealing the treasure. Suyet Yee told Ching Ching she has blamed Ching Ching. The person who took the treasure is the prince. Wan Sin told them they have to find the treasure to prove Sing Chi is innocent. Tit Sau wondered if there’s a secret underground to take the treasure. Suyet Yee asked Sing Chi if the prince knows he is with him. Ah Kau wants to take care of Ching Ching. Tit Sau told Ah Kau she doesn’t trust her since she works for the government and she and Ching Ching. Suyet Yee told Ah Kau that Tit Sau meant that she worries she still fall for Sing Chi. Ching Ching said that back then Ah Kau hid her identity but now they know who she is so she doesn’t need to kill her.

Ching Ching returns home. Her grandmother told her that her five grandpas have left home for months. Ah Kau sit and asked Ching Ching if she worries for Sing Chi. Ching Ching said there’s the priest by the prince and many powerful martial artists. Ah Kau said Sing Chi has Tit Sau. Ching Ching told Ah Kau that she has more confident on Sing Chi than her. Ah Kau told Ching Ching she cares about Sing Chi too much so she is concerned about him. Ching Ching asked Ah Kau if she doesn’t worry about Sing Chi at all. Ah Kau said she and Sing Chi go on their separate path and havve ended their relationship while it was tough for her and Sing Chi to be together and don’t disappoint Sing Chi’s love for her. Ching Ching told Ah Kau she thought she was a bad girl but now she realizes she is a good girl. Ah Kau said sometimes it’s hard to know if someone’s a good or a bad person since they have no choice. Ching Ching said she knows that Ah Kau works for the government. Ah Kau bids farewell to Ching Ching.

On the way, the prince and the priest saw Suyet Yee in the middle of the road. Suyet Yee told the priest if he wants to carry the treasure, he must pass by him. Tit Sau and Wan Sin came. The priest asked if he wants to hand over his ladies. Sing Chi told the prince he used to follow this underground to steal the treasure and got caught by Suyet Yee and now he’s doing the same trick. The prince asked the priest how come Sing Chi isn’t dead. Wan Sin and Sing Chi fought with the tibetan monks. The prince ordered them to fight with Suyet Yee while he’s playing the flute. Tit Sau threw poison at them. Tit Sau kicked the prince out of the horse. The priest asked Tit Sau who she is. The prince told the priest to not fight back. The priest flew with the prince.

The general thanked Sing Chi for giving him the treasures. Sing Chi gave the sect member a bottle of wine to drink if they want to repent their mistakes. The general drinks with the sect members. Suyet Yee asked Wan Sin how did Wan Yee died and where was she burried. Flash backs of Wan Yee’s father argued with Wan Yee and she fell in to the well. Wan Sin told Suyet Yee that though the five grandpas killed Wan Yee but they raised Ching Ching so she doesn’t dare to see them die. Wan Sin and Ching Ching beg Suyet Yee to not kill the five grandpas. Sing Chi came and told Suyet Yee to not use revenge with revenge. Suyet Yee said he promised Wan Yee to not kill her family. Ching Ching’s mother looked at Wan Yee’s ashes and cry and now believes that Suyet Yee truly loves Wan Yee. Suyet Yee held Wan Yee’s ashes and said he haven’t accomplish his mission but he will carry her ash from now on and won’t leave her. Suyet Yee hugs the ashes and plans to live with it after he finishes his work. Sing Chi told Suyet Yee to return to the palace to help the general.

The five grandpas greets the prince of Ming. The eunuch discuss with the five grandpas to overthrow Chongzhen. Their obstacles is Chang Ping Princess. Ah Kau wonders why the eunuch greets the prince. The post sect leader doesn’t know what is their plan but he knows they have a motive. The post sect leader told Ah Kau that Sing Chi is fighting on the way to the palace. Ah Kau and the post sect leader wonder if the Ming will fall down. Ah Kau told the post sect leader to send a message to Sing Chi. The post leader told Ah Kau he can’t do it and she should do it herself. The post sect leader told Ah Kau to think for her and choose her path. Ah Kau said ever since she was born, goD has chosen a path for her. She was born in a royal family and will fall with the Ming. Ah Kau told the post sect leader to leave. The post sect leader told Ah Kau he can die with the Ming. He’s worried that before the fall of Ming, the eunuch already did it. Ah Kau wants to visit her father. The soldiers bowed in front of Ah Kau and said they are guarding her under the eunuch’s order. The eunuch brought an edict to move the eunuch to fight against the rebels. The eunuch gave Ah Kau an advice not to visit the emperor because he’s busy. The eunuch told Ah Kau that there are rebels so there will be guards here to protect her.

Before he leaves for the war, the post sect leader told Ah Kau to take care. The post sect leader told Ah Kau he is loyal to the Ming and now has a chance to contribute. Chang Ping bowed in front of the post sect leader and gave him a jade.The post sect leader told Sing Chi that the palace is surrounded by the eunuch’s guards. The post sect leader showed Ah Kau’s jade to Sing Chi and hopes he finds a way to save the Ming from the eunuch.

Sing Chi told the doctor if he lets the Ming fall into the Manchu than he has disapointed his ancestor. Ching Ching pleads Sing Chi to let her grandpas live.

Crimson Sabre episode 31 recap

The eunuch suggests the majesty to collaborate with the prince of Qing. Ah Kau told Chongzhen that the prince is cunning and she heard he killed his brother, he won’t be loyal to them. The eunuch said it is only a rumor. The eunuch said everyone knows that the majesty got killed by Sing Chi then he spread rumors to help the assassins get rid of Ming. Chongzhen said he isn’t confident in collaborating with the prince. He will wait and see. The eunuch said he worried that the rebels will get bigger and Sing Chi is the lead of the sect. Ah Kau assures she knows how to deal with this.

The post sect leader told Ah Kau that if she wants to get rid of the rebels, she must first get rid of Sing Chi. Ah Kau said she has put aside the romance, if Sing Chi wants to rebel then he is her enemy. Ah Kau said if she was the general, she would search for the treasure. Ah Kau read the poem on the map and found it familiar.

Suyet Yee tries to figure out the poem. Wan Sin read the poem and it reminds her of the sad story of Han Xin. Lau Bong didn’t make use of Han Xin and Han Xin died from hate. The doctor wonder if the treasure is related to an official in the palace. Suyet Yee doubts the majesty has given the treasure to his most treasured official. He wonders who is the poem talking about. The doctor told Sing Chi to go into the palace again. Sing Chi took Ah Kau’s painting and found the poem similar to the poem on the map of treasure. Wan Sin said a story of Ming Captain who got killed by the emperor for a small issue. The Ming Captain told his son to be loyal to the government. Sing Chi thinks that the emperor wrote this poem for the Ming Captain’s son to keep memories for his father. Suyet Yee said the emperor gae the Ming Captain a mansion but he didn’t dare to stay there. The emperor sees the Ming Captain know his place so he built a mansion. The Emperor of Yan went to War with the Ming Emperor and killed the Ming Captain. The Emperor gave the treasure to the Ming Captain. Sing Chi wonders if the treasure is in the mansion. Sing Chi and Ching Ching think the mansion is in Nanjing.

The sect member told Sing Chi he found a deserted City where the mansion used to be place. The mansion got a few new owners and used to be a brothel. There was a plague fifty years ago and now it’s abandoned. Sing Chi looked at the map of treasure and found out the treasure is below the kitchen. Sing Chi went in the underground and didn’t find any treasure. He saw a jade. The sect members think that Ah Kau took it. Sing Chi told the sect members that even if Ah Kau did it, they can’t find her now. This person is cunning and he doesn’t want them to fall into her trap.

A sect member told the other sect members that he saw Sing Chi hiding something. He suspects Sing Chi stole the treasure. The sect members think that Sing Chi collaborated with Ah Kau.Ah Kau wants to stay alone in the woods. Sing Chi showed Ah Kau her jade and asked her what does she have to say. Ah Kau said she went in the underground but she found out that treasure has been stolen. Sing Chi pointed a sword at Ah Kau that she is lying. If she doesn’t return the treasure he will kill her now. Ah Kau said if she did find the treasure, she wouldn’t wander alone in the woods. When she saw the painting, she knew it was about the Ming Captain but the mansion have been destroyed. She has to read the old novels and it took a long time to figure out where the mansion is but she came late and someone already took the treasure. He doesn’t need to believe her, but if he kills her, he will never be able to know who stole the treasure.

The sect came and accused Sing Chi and Ah Kau for steeling the treasure. The sect members said Sing Chi wants to give the treasure to the majesty and share the treasure and have his girl. Sing Chi said he came here to investigate where the treasure is. He wants them to give him one month to find the treasure. If he can’t then he will kill Ah Kau first. Sing Chi and Ah Kau fought with the sect and left.

In the temple, Ah Kau put the fabric on Sing Chi’s arm but he avoided her. Ah Kau asked him if he doesn’t want her to help him why did he save her. Sing Chi said before this case is solved, he won’t let her die. She asked him if she doesn’t know where the treasure is then he won’t save her. Ah Kau told him that he knows she is innocent or he wouldn’t stand up for her. Sing Chi said the truth will tell it all. Ah Kau told Sing Chi he also been accused so he knows the feeling. If he doesn’t see it, then don’t be sure. Ah Kau put in the fabric on Sing Chi’s arm and said she only guesses who stole it and she won’t tell until she is sure. Sing Chi said they are in danger and she didn’t even tell him so they won’t find the truth. Ah Kau said the eunuch has many spies so he found out where the mansion is located. Ah Kau said the eunuch may not have the map but someone else may. Sing Chi remembered that the prince have read the map of treasure. Ah Kau said the prince is very smart, she heard that he asked the majesty to lend him a manuel and he only read it once and memorized. Ah Kau suspect that the prince has memorized the map of treasure and then dug the treasure.

The eunuch congrats the prince of having the treasure. The eunuch told the prince that the sects think Sing Chi stole the treasure so they collaborate to kill him.

A sect member pretends to be injured and told Suyet Yee that he chased Ah Kau but fell into her trap but Sing Chi. The sect member froze Tit Sau, Wan Sin, Ching Ching, and Suyet Yee. The sect member told Ching Ching and Ah Kau dug the treasure and ran. Suyet Yee said they have misunderstood. Last night Sing Chi discuss with him that he suspects Ah Kau has the treasure so he went to investigate. The sects don’t believe it. The sects want to see if Sing Chi will leave his master and friends after finding the treasure with Ah Kau.

The sect received a picture of a sword with six letters. Sing Chi and Ah Kau sneaks in the prince’s mansion. The prince told him to come. The prince drank and thanked Sing Chi for the treasure. The prince told Sing Chi that the Ming has fallen and why doesn’t he work for him. Sing Chi refuses to let the Hans fall into the Qing. The prince yelled. Sing Chi and Ah Kau sneaks in the room and the priest hit him. Sing Chi asked the priest where is the prince. The priest told Sing Chi he has to use his stick to steal his sword and his lady. The prince left on his sedan chair. Ah Kau and Sing Chi fought with the priest. Ah Kau threw a pin at the priest. The sect surrounded Ah Kau and Sing Chi. Ah Kau told the priest to take the treasure while they handle them. The sect fought with the priest.

Ah Kau and Sing Chi ran. Ah Kau and Sing Chi fought with the priest. Sing Chi grabbed Ah Kau’s hand buy the hill. The priest kicked Sing Chi. Sing Chi and Ah Kau fell down the hill. Sing Chi swam and grabbed Ah Kau in the lake. Ah Kau asked Sing Chi where they are and they must die here. Ah Kau smiled and said she feels the happiest at this moment. She used to think what to do next but now she is almost dead and don’t have to think about it. She doesn’t have to think who she is. Sing Chi said he is still her brother while she is still the Ah Kau he knew. Sing Chi asked Ah Kau why did she have the knife. Ah Kau said she knows he is not with her anymore so she kept the knife to think about him. Sing Chi told Ah Kau to not worry, he will not let her die here. Sing Chi swam with Ah Kau to the ther side. He transfers energy. Ah Kau got upset and said they are back to their own selves. She works for the government while he works for the general.

Tit Sau whistles. The snake bit the guard. The guard unlocked Tit Sau and died. Tit Sau unlocked her friends. Tit Sau threw powders and left while letting Suyet Yee, Ching Ching, and Wan Sin handle the sect.

Crimson Sabre episode 30 recap

Ah Kau waited for Sing Chi and told her that Chongzhen wants to borrow twenty thousand troops from the Manchu. If Manchu successfully invades the Ming, the Ming will fall. Ah Kau told Sing Chi to assassinate the majesty of Qing. Sing Chi said if he dos it, it is for the people not her.

Suyet Yee discusses with Sing Chi that if he wants to revenge his father, he should kill Chongzhen but the world will be in chaos. But it isn’t a good thing to collaborate with the Manchu Emperor. The Manchu Emperor has schemed to kill his father so he would still revenge for his father if he kills him.

Sing Chi and his friends saw a customer complained he didn’t like the type of tea so he uses his tea. The sect member told them that person is an eunuch. Sing Chi eavesdrop on the roof and jump in and pointed a sword at the eunuch and asked him why is the eunuch meeting with Manchu Emperor. The eunuch said the Ming’s eunuch sent a letter to the Manchu majesty. Sing Chi read the letter that the eunuch told the Manchu Emperor to be careful that Princess Chang Ping will scheme to prevent them to collaborate. The monk wonder who is Chang Ping and she has the power to cause Ah Kau to rebel against her love. Sing Chi plans to send the letter to the majesty and take the chance to assassinate him. Sing Chi gave the letter to the Manchu Emperor. Manchu Emperor read the letter and laughed that the eunuch worried too much and Chang Ping is a girl and can’t do any harm.

Sing Chi heard the Manchu regret scheming and killing his father. The Manchu Emperor said Sing Chi’s father is a great general and could have worked for him but he is too honest to work for him. The officials told the emperor that Chongzhen has listened to bad guys and killed many useful officials which is why they work for him now. Now the Qing is in chaos, it is the right time for them to attack. The emperor plans to let the general’s troop fight with Chongzhen’s troops while he takes over Ming. After he becomes the majesty, he will not increase taxes so the people can have a good meal.

Sing Chi sneaks in the majesty’s room and saw the prince has an affair with the concubine. The concubine greets the majesty. The majesty saw a pair of shoes and asked her who does it belong to. The prince killed the majesty from the back. The majesty told hte prince that the concubine is only one of his concubines but his relationship with him are brothers. The majesty asked the prince if he remembered they are going to take over the world together, they can’t break their bond for a girl. If he likes the concubine, he can give it to him. The prince apologized and killed the majesty. The prince told the concubine that the majesty is cunning and only said that in defense, he will eventually scheme to revenge him. If he doesn’t kill him, they will die. The concubine suggests him to take over the throne. The prince said he only have the skills to help, he will let their son be the majesty.

Sing Chi came and told the prince he planned it carefully. He also doesn’t believe he is the majesty’s brother and also his brother. Sing Chi thanked the prince for revenging for him. The prince told Sing Chi they are brothers. Sing Chi steps back. Sing Chi said he is only a commoner and don’t want to climb up. Sing Chi told the prince he made friends with him to use gather his father’s men to fight for him. The prince said he planned to use him but after getting to know him, he envies him. Since the majesty is dead, and he became the sect leader why don’t they collaborate and share this land. Sing Chi told hte prince he also killed his brother. Since Chi pointed a sword at the prince. The prince said the sworn to be brothers but unfortunately he is a Manchu while he is a han. The prince told Sing Chi to kill him. Sing Chi told the prince they sworn to be brother but now he won’t kill him to return this favor. From now on, they will go on their own ways. If he ever harm the hans, he will take his life. Sing Chi left. The prince yelled there is an intruder who is here to assassinate the majesty. The guards fought with Sing Chi. The priest fought with Sing Chi.

The monk and the sect member wait for Sing Chi. They saw Ching Ching and asked her why she’s here. Ching Ching came and fought with the priest. Ching Ching grabbed the priest and told Sing Chi to leave. Sing Chi left. The priest pointed a sword at Ching Ching. The priest told Ching Ching he his lucky to have her summit to him. Sing Chi heard the priest ordered the guards to put Ching Ching in his room. Ching Ching laid on the bed. The priest said he is enjoying it and about to rape her. The priest said he has to try Sing Chi’s girl to see if she is different from other girls. The sect member and the monk set up the fire. Ching Ching bit the priest and he slaps her. The people yelled there’es a fire. The sect member held the white cover. The priest threw a needle at him. Sing Chi sneaks in and took Ching Ching. The monk fought with Sing Chi without his clothes. Sing Chi pointed his sabre at the priest and left. The guards fought with the sect member and the monk. Sing Chi fought with the tibetan monks. Tit Sau came and she left with Sing Chi.

The prince told the priest he is giving him the mission of killing Sing Chi. The officials nominate the prince to be the majesty. The prince said he will temporarily take this post until they found a good candidate.

Tit Sau told Sing Chi and his friends that she searches for Ching Ching and helped Sing Chi fighting. The female disciple and Tit Sau changed Ching Ching’s clothes for her. The monk played chess with the sect member and bet she got her clothes taken off. Tit Sau told Ching Ching that the sect member didn’t see her clothes being taken off. Ching Ching jumped down the stream. Ching Ching told Sing Chi that she has been raped by the priest. Sing Chi told Ching Ching that the monk saw her clothes wasn’t proper. Sing Chi told Ching Ching that she sacrifices her life for him. He understands her feelings for him. He promises he will take the blame for her. Ching Ching leaned on Sing Chi if he kept his promises and if he will continue to bully her. If he meets another girl who is prettier than her, would he fall for her. If he meets Ah Kau again would he fall for her. Sing Chi said sure not. Ching Ching bit Sing Chi’s hand so he can keep this promises. Sing Chi said he not only has to keep this promise but also remember it.

Suyet Yee came with the doctor and visit Ching Ching and Sing Chi. Sing Chi told the doctor that the Qing majesty got killed by his brother the prince. The doctor thinks this is the chance for the general.

Crimson Sabre episode 29 recap

Ching Ching asked her father Suyet Yee why didn’t he set up the bomb thoroughly so this crazy woman would die. Hong Yeuk yelled that she set up this trap. Ching Ching told Hong Yeuk that her father set up this trap because he doesn’t want to see her. Ching Ching yelled and begged in front of Sing Chi “Miss Ha please gives me left me live!”. Hong Yeuk got mad and closed her fist and thought of when she looked at the jade. She said she will kill her. Sing Chi punched Hong Yeuk. Hong Yeuk said she didn’t beg Wan Sin, she found this cave. When she came to search for Suyet Yee, he and Wan Sin has left. Hong Yeuk laughed and said only she can live with Suyet Yee. The eunuch couldn’t find Suyet Yee, Hong Yeuk remebered she used to rescue Suyet Yee here so she returned and found this cave. Hong Yeuk threw bottles of wines. She got mad Suyet Yee pretends to be death. She broke the cemetary and the bomb exploded. Hong Yeuk yelled that Suyet Yee betrayed her and he should die. Ching Ching said her father loves her mother and he rather die than looking at Hong Yeuk. She should find a cave to die lonely. Hong Yeuk told Ching Ching she is right, she lives worse than dying. She should kill Wan Sin first. Hong Yeuk threw the bomb and left.

Wan Sin called Suyet Yee. Suyet Yee thought of Wan Yee hugging him in the rain. Suyet Yee told Wan Sin, there’s always a way to find a hideout. If Hong Yeuk find her, she will be in danger. Suyet Yee said he has created a new martial arts technique but he can’t use it so he will teach her. Wan Sin practices martial arts with a sword. She tries to cut the sac of sands in three moves. Suyet Yee held Wan Sing’s hand.

Ching Ching told Sing Chi if she were her father, she would hide in a place that Hong Yeuk won’t know. Sing Chi thought of Suyet Yee could be staying in the house that his father built for him. Wan Sin argued with Suyet Yee that she couldn’t match up those two moves. Suyet Yee yelled at Wan Sing to not be distract. Wan Sin left. Wan Sin practices swordfights. Wan Sin told Suyet Yee she found out she can practice swordfights when she blindfold her eyes so she won’t be distracted. Suyet Yee told Wan Sin that he told her not to get distracted because she can get killed. Suyet Yee said the mid autumn festival is the day he visits his family’s grave. The guards showed the painting of Suyet Yee and Wan Sin asked the store owner if he seen them. The store owner said he isn’t sure but she looks like the girl who just shopped but she looks older. The guards told Hong Yeuk.

Suyet Yee stood in front of Wan Yee’s grave and asked her why didn’t she wait for hm. He ran. Wan Sin asked Suyet Yee why doesn’t she consider her as Wan Yee. Suyet Yee said he only loves Wan Yee, even if she looks like her she can’t replace her. He has used her to complete his martial arts. Wan Sin told Suyet Yee even if he has never liked her, she is willing to stay by him because she only loves him. Hong Yeuk and the guards surrounded Suyet Yee and Wan Sin. Hong Yeuk threw at the flute. Suyet Yee said she is not Wan Yee but Wan Sin. Hong Yeuk said any lady by him will die. Hong Yeuk pushed the sword in Wan Sin and said she won’t let her die easily, she must let her blood drop one by one. Wan Sin fainted. The guards took Suyet Yee away.

Sing Chi and his friends arrived at the house. Sing Chi found Wan Sin fainting and he transfer energy. Wan Sin told Ching Ching to save Suyet Yee. The guards has taken him. Hong Yeuk visits Suyet Yee in the cellar and said to stop going against god’s will. Wan Yee and Wan Sin have died. There’s only her now. The eunuch said if he tells him the secret of the map of treasure, he will release him. Hong Yeuk promises she will take care of him. Suyet Yee told the eunuch he can tell him the secret of the map of treasure but he must kill Hong Yeuk. Hong Yeuk held Suyet Yee’s hand and fought with the guards. The guard pointed a sword at Suyet Yee. Hong Yeuk flew and left. Sing Chi and his friends came.

In the room, Sing Chi asked Ching Ching if she can see how Suyet Yee treats Wan Sin. He knew him since he was a child, he saved him though he is not related to him. He is cold on the outside but is not a cold person or else Wan Sin wouldn’t sacrifice her life to save him. Suyet Yee told Ching Ching to not let her father being lonely forever, he is her father.Wan Sin wakes up and told Suyet Yee she is happy he took care of her. Ching Ching called his father and took care of Wan Sin. Suyet Yee ate the food which Ching Ching cook and found it good.

Ah Kau ran and asked Chongzhen about his decision of borrowing the Qing’s troop. Ah Kau begged Chongzhen to take back the letter. The eunuch told Chongzhen he already sent the letter, and he can’t break the promise. Chongzhen told Ah Kau to focus on world’s problem.

Wan Sin told Suyet Yee that practicing swordfight is the happiest moment in her life. She is happy learning the top martial arts and being a top martial artist. Suyet Yee couldn’t believe he could be the top flute player. Wan Sin wants him to play a song. Suyet Yee played a song. Wan Sin told Suyet Yee she knows he can’t forget Wan Yee, and he is thrilled he played a song for her. Wan Sin said one moment like this let her see the world. Ching Ching feels better seeing Suyet Yee and Wan Sin together.

Suyet Yee promises Wan Yee that when he finished taking care of Ching Ching, he will follow her. Ching Ching apologizes to Suyet Yee for blaming him for killing he mother. Wong Tsan ate with Sing Chi that Chongzhen has contacted The Qing to borrow the troops. He should tell the general about it.

Crimson Sabre episode 28 recap

The flute dropped. Ah Kau persists in checking the rifles but the servants want to come instead. The servants said the post sect leader ordered them to guard her in the room. Ah Kau ran and tripped. Ching Ching smelled the bomb. The guards threw fire arrows at the bomb. Ching Ching came with Sing Chi and told him to run. Sing Chi jumped down the tower with Ching Ching. The tower exploded. Ching Ching fainted. Ah Kau cried and came. Sing Chi carries Ching Ching and told Ah Kau he won’t spare her if anything happens to Ching Ching.

Ah Kau confronted the post sect leader for putting the bomb in the tower. The post sect leader told Ah Kau to think for the Ming. Ah Kau wonder if it is fate since Sing Chi escaped the fire. Ah Kau told the post sect leader don’t worry Sing Chi sees her as an enemy and she won’t let him steal the bomb. Sing Chi transfers energy for Ching Ching. The sect member recite a love poem. The sect member asked Sing Chi if he knows why Ching Ching sacrificed her life for him. she likes him. The monk said if Ching Ching didn’t like him, she wouldn’t risk her life. The sect member told Sing Chi he doesn’t understand woman’s feeling. She picks on Ah Kau and is also jealous of Siu Wai. Sing said she is naive.

Sing Chi held Ching Ching’s hands and thought of Ching Ching. Ching Ching wakes up. Sing Chi held her hands and promised to take care of her. Sing Chi dips plain congee for Ching Ching. On the way to the warehouse, Sing Chi gave Ching Ching a bottle of water. Ching Ching told Sing Chi this is the happiest moment. She lost her parents when she was born, she was never happy until he took care of her. He can’t forget Ah Kau.If he truly love someones, even if she wants to kill her, he won’t forget her. Sing Chi believes Ah Kau didn’t plan the bomb since she cried. Ching Ching told Sing Chi to ask Ah Kau. Sing Chi refuses to go and said he knows who truly loves him. Ching Ching said she doesn’t want him to love her because she is Suyet Yee’s daughter. She would be happy if he forget Ah Kau and truly love her.

Sing Chi came and asked Ah Kau if she knew there was a bomb in the tower. Ah Kau said she planned the bomb. Sing Chi asked Ah Kau why did she have to run to the tower. Ah Kau told Sing Chi they are enemies and can’t be together. Sing Chi said his father got killed by Chongzhen. He vowed he will never work for the government. Ah Kau said others can betray the majesty but she can’t. She told him to go home. Ah Kau got kidnapped.

Sing Chi showed his crew the map of where’s the rifle is located. Sing Chi’s sect threw arrows. Sing Chi and his crew fought with the soldiers. Tit Sau came and helped. Sing Chi told his sect to throw the bomb down the sea. Tit Sau drinks with Sing Chi. Ching Ching apologized and drink with Tit Sau. Tit Sau told Sing Chi the news of Hong Yeuk working for the eunuch. She brought Ah Kau to Sing Chi. Hong Yeuk threw a bomb and kidnapped Ah Kau. Sing Chi said Hong Yeuk wants to use the eunuch to help her find Suyet Yee. Hong Yeuk told the eunuch she can tell him about the map of treasure. She requested the eunuch to find Suyet Yee. The prince asked the eunuch when Chongzhen will open the gate and borrow the Qing’s troop.

The eunuch told the officials that he has a plan of using the Qing’s troop to destroy the rebels. Chongzhen stamped the edict of borrowing soldiers from the Qing. The eunuch and the officials bowed and begs the majesty to make a decision. Ah Kau came and begged the majesty to not borrow Qing soldiers since they will overthrow him. The eunuch said if the post sect leader didn’t fail to protect the bomb then they wouldn’t have to borrow soldiers from the Qing. Ah Kau told the majesty that the rebels is not as cruel as the Qing and they only recruit the hans. Ah Kau suggests the majesty to console the soldiers to persuade them to collaborate and she will find a way to defeat the rebel. The majesty said he will postpone and plan about it.

Sing Chi and his friends came to the cave and found a bomb. They asked Hong Yeuk where’s Suyet Yee. Hong Yeuk laughed that Suyet Yee and Wan Sin died in an explosion.

Crimson Sabre episode 27 recap

The post sect leader asked Ah Kau if her injury is fine. He told her that Sing Chi had two chances to kill her but he didn’t. Though he truly loves her but they are enemies. The post sect leader begs Ah Kau to forget Sing Chi and consider it as a dream. Ah Kau told the post sect leader it is not his fault, it is god’s will. The eunuch witnessed the post sect leader of neglecting protecting the majesty letting Sing Chi in. Ah Ku took the blame. Ah Kau spoke for the post sect leader to the majesty. The eunuch suggests the majesty to kill Sing Chi soon. Ah Kau assures she will kill Sing Chi for the majesty’s safety.

Sing Chi drinks wine in the woods. Ching Ching took off his wine and told him to not drink. Ching Ching held a tanghulu and told Sing Chi to cheer her up. In the restaurant, she grabbed his chicken and turned it into a fan and chicken. She took some tissues out of the bottle of wine. Ching Ching bought a painting of him and told him to smile. Ching Ching got mad and tore the painting. Sing Chi laughed.

While, Sing Chi is celebrating with his friends, a foreign woman reserved the restaurant. Sing Chi and his friends drink and refuse to move. Sing Chi pushed the table. Ching Ching looked at the lady and about to fight her. She held her gun, and Sing Chi threw the chair. The french men had a duel with Ching Ching. If she wins she will receive golds but if she loses she has to let him kiss her. Ching Ching fought with the frendchman. Sing chi told Ching Ching what moves to make. She won the fight. Sing Chi returned the gold for them to uses for their medicine. The frenchmen and the soldiers surrounded Sing Chi and blew their rifles. Sing Chi threw the tiles at them and ran. The frenchman shot at the monk’s leg. Sing Chi took the bullet out of the monk.

Sing Chi fought with the soldiers and found a box of bomb. Ching Ching pointed the sword at the servant and asked why there’s a box of bomb. The servant got scared and said the government wants to collaborate with the frenchmen to use the bomb against the general. Sing Chi plans to use the bomb against the emperor. A sect member told Sing Chi the hideout of the french. While the french drink, the villagers yelled there’s a fire. The sect members threw water at the french. Sing Chi froze the troops but didn’t find any rifles. Ah Kau came and told Sing Chi she has moved the rifles. Ah Kau ordered the post sect leader to release the sect member. She told Sing Chi sinec he didn’t kill her, she returned the favor. She walked pass Sing Chi.
Ching Ching told Sing Chi that it is good that he can’t steal the rifle so he can see Ah Kau again and again. Sing Chi stood on the plain and thought of Ah Kau. Sing Chi saw Ah Kau and asked for her identity. Sing Chi told Ah Kau that he isn’t as tricky as her but he has more conscience than her. He told her to protect her rifles or he’s afraid she will lose it. Ah Kau said it depends on his ability. She left.

The sect member made a firecracker. The sect member tested the fire cracker and it flew down. The sect member added a wing on the firecracker. Ching Ching drove the sect member away and didn’t see the firecracker in the box. She followed Sing Chi and wants to go with him. Sing Chi promises Ching Ching he will be back. Sing Chi sneaked in the frenchhouse and took out the wing firecracker.

Crimson Sabre episode 26 recap

Ah Kau fought with Ching Ching and pointed a sword at her and killed the real Ah Kau. Ching Ching told Sing Chi that the fake Ah Kau killed the real Ah Kau. The sect member and the monk didn’t believe it. Ah Kau’s maid left a chess piece on the board. Sing Chi, the sect member, and the monk opened the box and saw a bomb and thought it was from the palace. Sing Chi thinks that the general is in the palace. Sing Chi froze Ching Ching and went with the sect member and the monk to the palace. Ah Kau visited the general. Ah Kau told the general she wanted him to visit someone. Sing Chi, the sect member, and the monk dresses as royal guards and heal the soldiers. The guards took the general to Emperor Chongzhen. Chongzhen deals with the general to promote him.

Ah Kau told her maid she didn’t understand why Sing Chi knows the way to the palace but now she found out that the person she trusted the most has betrayed her. The maid fought with Ah Kau. The post sect leader fought with the maid. The maid got injured. The maid said he’s the son of the captain who was loyal to the emperor but he got beheaded for a small mistake and ordered her family to get bannished. Her mother died out of hate. She practiced martial arts to revenge for her mother. Now there’s someone who can revenge for her and saved the general and kill the emperor. The maid died. While the emperor deals with the general, the sect member and the monk fought with the soldiers. Sing Chi came in the emperor’s room and fought with the soldiers and took the general out. Sing Chi and the general fought with the soldiers.

Sing Chi pointed a sword at the emperor and told the sect member and the monk to take the general and leave. Chongzhen said Sing Chi’s father collaborate with others and did bad things and deserved to die. Sing Chi said his father worked hard for him but he listened to rumors and harmed his father reputation and he still lie. Sing Chi was about to kill Chongzhen Emperor. Ah Kau came and took the stab for him. Sing Chi pointed a sword at Ah Kau and carried her to the temple. He asked her who she is and why does she sacrifice her life to save the emperor. Ah Kau asked Sing Chi why did he risk his life to save the general. Sing Chi asked Ah Kau if what Ching Ching said was the truth, she killed the real Ah Kau and bribed the sect. She stole the sabre and framed him and caused the sect to fight and locked the general. Sing Chi asked Ah Kau why didn’t she forgive Siu Wai. Ah Kau said she puts sleeping powder in the candle and stole the map of treasure. Siu Wai came in so she had to kill her. She wore Ching Ching’s clothes and Siu Wai only saw her back and thought it was Ching Ching. Sing Chi laughed and said he thought Ah Kau is an innocent girl but she is cruel and cunning. He has promised Siu Wai to kill her murderer. Sing Chi asked Ah Kau if she ever cared for him. Ah Kau said she only used him and have never cared for him. Ah Kau told Sing Chi to kill her. Sing Chi pointed a sword at Ah Kau and told her to leave. From now on they will go on separate path. Ah Kau told Sing Chi that since he didn’t kill her now, he will regret.

Ching Ching whined to Sing Chi that he wanted to kill her when he thought she was the murderer but now he knows Ah Kau did it, he let her leave. Ah Kau fainted. The post sect leader who is the captain searched for Ah Kau. Ah Kau hugged him and cried. The general told Sing Chi that it is not a good time to kill Chongzhen since the people will be in chaos. The general drinks wine with Sing Chi and his sect.