My Commissioned Lover episode 3 recap

Matt went in the front door and spoke. People thew food at him. A person threw his phone at Matt. Samantha took the hit for him and bled her head. Samantha asked Matt if he uses sympathy to win people’s heart but how can men win sympathy as much as women do. In the lunch room, Matt saw a coworker buying Samantha a cup of coffee. Samantha told Matt the guy is an air pilot and just greet her before he flies. During the meeting, Matt congratulates Samantha for having news about her for Chin Chow agency. Samantha told Matt she checked that Cat wants her to quit. The three kids knew it. Samantha asked Matt why didn’t he tell her. Matt said he knew it but she doesn’t need to know and he won’t let Cat do it. Matt refuses to take down his family member. Samantha told Matt that she used to be betrayed by a man. Matt promised he will treat her nicer. Samantha whispered to Matt what she will do to him if he kicks Cat out for her. Matt said no.

Samantha tried to scan her card in the vending machine. Matt then swiped his card and Samantha turned around. Matt told her he will deal with her case with that guy before he deals wit her case. Samantha ached her stomach. Matt took Samantha to the doctor. Samantha did a surgery. Matt turned off the phone. Samantha went to the restroom and called her colleague and she told her that Granny Sam is back. Samantha called Matt and told him if there’s something wrong with Granny Sam’s flat she won’t spare him. Matt realized Samantha took her phone while he turned off his phone.

Samantha went to the staircase and remembered she yelled at her dad and tripped. Samantha thought of her father giving her a chicken since her brother ate one last time. Samantha gave Granny Sam her id and suggests her to sell her flat. Granny Sam said she has so much memories with her husband and she refuses to sell it. Samantha remembered she untied herself from her bed and chased her father. Samantha told Granny Sam she can’t rely on memories, she must move on. Samantha since she lives alone so she needs money. She didn’t have family members ever since she was nine. Flashbacks of the loanshark hold on to Samantha and his brother and demanded their father to repay his debt in three days. Samantha tied her brother and told him that their father will take him away while leaving her since he loves him the most. She tied them together cause she’s afraid she may fall asleep when he leaves. Samantha’s father told them that the failed them. He grabbed her brother and left. Samantha chased him. A car came toward her in front of her on the street. In the present, Samantha told Granny Sam she was taken to orphanage. Her younger brother isn’t any better, he hasn’t looked for her. Samantha said her father gave her the name Kimchi which means he wanted a son. When she has money, her father will come find her. Samantha ache her stomach. She must make money. Matt piggyback Samantha. Samantha told her granny Matt is not her boyfriend but her colleague in her company. Matt said he will be there for her and show her father how competent she is.

Matt told the nurse he will buy Samantha a cup of coffee. He ran inthe room and saw Samantha’s face pale. Samantha asked Matt if Granny Sam has signed the document yet. Matt left and went to the flat to let Granny Sam sign. Granny Sam told Matt that Samantha said he’s tappable. Matt got thrilled. Matt begged Granny Sam to sign the flat. Matt came in the room and about to kiss Samantha. He told her that he got Granny Sam to sign the flat. Samantha thought Matt left. She opened her eyess and freaked out seeing Matt. Matt told her that her eyelid twitched when he told her that he got Granny Sam to sign her falt. Samantha told Matt she didn’t say he wasn’t nice to her but she cares more about money. Matt told Samantha he underestimate her feelings. She got affected by her ex boyfriend and her father left her. No one can give her a sense of security. He gives up being her boyfriend, he wants to be her family member. He will give her a home and a sweet home. Samantha and Matt kisses each other.

My Commissioned Lover episode 2 recap

Samantha dropped her ring. Matt picked it up in the groundwater. Samantha closed her nose and don’t’ want to touch it. Matt’s mother criticized her of playing Matt. Samantha denied of going to bed nor kissed him. Matt’s mother criticized Samantha for using Matt to open her company. She pushed Samantha in the sea. Matt’s mother jumped in the sea and told him to see who he will save first. Six wing dried his hair and it go stuck in the hair dryer. Matt’s mother made breakfast and sneezed. Six Wing asked her why did she jumped in the sea, she and Samantha can swim but Matt can’t.

An elder woman called Six Wing handsome and that he forgot to zip his pants. Matt helped him in the bathroom. Six Wing feels bad he isn’t as good as Matt. Matt told Six Wing he is a senior accountant and don’t live in the shadow of his girlfriend. Flashbacks of Six Wing held a bouquet of flowers and followed a woman and took out a tissue from her back. She told him when she met him she was a receptionist and now she is a manager. He took three years to retake his exam. Six Wing kneeled in front of Betty to come back to him. A lady complained to Six Wing he got the wrong reimbursement. Matt told Samantha Six Wing is confused because she set her up, he saw her putting the claim form in his file while he was in the bathroom. At the restaurant, Matt told Samantha she must back his brother up. Matt asked Samantha if it’s fair for her to judge Six Wing as a sales person instead of accounting clerk. Six Wing heard their conversation.

In the present, Six Wing thanked Matt for helping him. Matt told him to get some new clothes and hair do. The janitor complained the bathroom is so dirty. Six Wing apologized. Matt told the janitor if the bathroom isn’t dirty then she doesn’t need to work here. Matt asked Six Wing if he did something wrong. If he did it then don’t apologize. If he’s right then no one can can blame him.

Samantha criticized Auntie Cat of making a bunch of Ginseng copies in her office. Auntie Cat said those are for the company. Auntie Cat gave Matt her suggestion of giving ten thousand dollars Gingseng coupon. Kirby came in and suggest they give out cash instead of coupons. Matt coughed and Samantha dragged him to stay and deal with it. Matt told Chiu Yan to use cash for the contest. Auntie Cat told Matt to pay for his uncle’s birthday present to his aunt. Matt’s uncle recorded music. One of the three sons pees in his pants.

Flashbacks of Matt gambled the company’s money. Loan shark threw red paint at Auntie Cat for Matt’s uncle not paying his debt. Auntie Cat gave a two thousand dollar cheque to Matt. In the present, Matt’s uncle held a jacket and said Gordon gave it to him to motivate him. Samantha took Matt’s uncle jacket. The three sons confronted her. Samantha told them if they tell Matt’s uncle then she will tell him that they went to her office to steal carbon paper. Six Wing saw Kirby and held her butt as she stacks the adult diaper in the cafe.

In the elevator, a man pinched Samantha’s butt. Six Wing said he didn’t do it. Samantha told him she knows he didn’t mean it. Six Wing thought of what Matt told him to have more courage. Six Wing confidently said he didn’t do it and request to check the cctv. Samantha and Kirby demand Six Wing to apologize. Six Wing got scared and apologized. Six Wing grabbed the roast pork and dropped and slapped his hand for being bad. Six Wing’s mother knows Six Wing didn’t do it. Six Wing said there’s Master Cho and he who stood behind Samantha. Master Cho is rich and can get girls easily but he’s different. He’s thirty and don’t have a girlfriend. Auntie Cat said Samantha will do anything for money. One of the agents sold a flat to an old woman with a cheap price. People protest outside of Matt’s agency.

My Commissioned Lover episode 1 recap

Matt showed the watches and told his employees whoever close two deals will get these two watches. Some of the employees hesitate to wear those watches. Matt said it means they are useless and can’t complain. The employees then wear the watches. Matt said those watches means he has faith in them being the fastest selling agents. Flashbacks of Matt being chased by her mother for doing bad in school. Samantha showed a client around the house. The client molest her. The client told her he knows she is using the excuse so he can buy the flat. Samantha opened the closet and told Matt he saw the client molest her and he will fight for her right. Samantha kisses Matt. Matt told Samantha he will massage her. Samantha pinched Matt’s arm. Matt said he will call the police. The client asked Samantha what does she wants. The client left. Samantha got happy. Samantha told Matt that the client was good at running away and she knows what he is trying to do. She’s not telling anyone about it. Matt thought his mother tried to teach him but now Samantha enlighten him. Matt has a goal of buying houses for girls.

Matt dresses up and greet Samantha in his van. Samantha asked Matt to beat up a contractor Mr.Hate for doing a bad job. Matt asked Samantha for a kiss. Samantha did it. Brother Hate argued with Matt about stealing his job. Matt greet Ben Sir who moved on his new flat. Brother Hate greets him and leave. Matt’s mom told Matt that she asked her to help her get the flat back but he helps Samantha. Samantha told Matt if he is her partner, they can make profit faster. Matt daydream of Samantha dip soup for him. Samantha gave flat a sleeping bag. She rent a flat and told him to renovate it. Matt opened his shirt while renovating. Samantha saw the tattoo kimchi from his back. She called him apologizing she can’t make it. Matt shakes his hands while eating. Samantha dip soup for him. Samantha’s boyfriend Jee came and asked her what she’s doing. He gave Matt his finance ID card. Jee told her he doesn’t believe her. Matt thinks is so dramatic so he must be acting. He thinks Samantha saw his tattoo.

In the present, Kirby told Samantha she must thank Matt for helping them closing so many deals. Samantha said she got so much to settle with him.

Flashbacks of Samantha yelled at Matt for using cement to paint. Matt told Samantha they will only talk about money so her boyfriend won’t misunderstand. Kirby and Samantha talked with each other how she used Matt. They saw Matt beat up his twin brother Six Wing. Six Wing said his girlfriend Betty wants to dump her due to him failing his accounting test. Matt held him in front of his van and told him to look in the mirror, if he were a girl he would have dumped him. Six Wing told Matt he is dumb too for falling for a girl who loves to feel pretty. Matt said if a girl don’t crave for beauty then she is ugly. Matt told Six Wing when he becomes an accountant, Betty will crave for him.

Samantha dressed in a costume and distribute flyers for her company. Matt laughed and took pictures. Samanthat dropped her flyers. Her bossed yelled at her. Samantha said she is an agent, not a mascot. She took her costumes and said she quits. Matt took Samantha to his mother’s office and would like her to be his shareholder. Samantha asked Matt to delete those photos he took. Matt refuses.

In the present, Samantha got mad at Matt for giving out those watches. Samantha said when they stop giving them stuff, then they will say they are cutting the costs. Samantha told Matt to control his team nad they shouldn’t fight when they get criticized.

The next morning, Matt went to the office and his subordinates pretends to work. Matt told them he is wearing high heels to make it loose for Samantha. Samantha hit Matt and told him to give back her shoes. Matt bumped into his mother.

Ghetto Fabulous Lady episode 11 recap

Judy found Superintendent White’s cigar in the house. Judy assumed Nan Qian passed out after drinking the wine. William White was meeting with someone. William told him to leave from the back door. Judy thinks it’s Wong Lit. Judy watched a lady eating eggs with her foreign husband, and sighed to Master Kiu he doesn’t even know his wife despite him. Mui Dai and Yat Fu dig and moved and burry Chan. Mui Dai told Yat Fu real ghost can’t be scarier than people’s ghost in their hearts. What counts is to have conscience. She sold tip to the police that Philip is not dead so she can’t say she has a clear conscience. Yat Fu doesn’t believe she betrayed Judy. Yat Fu said she pawned the jewelries for others. Hiu Yiu looked at the pictures of Philip and Judy in the album. Judy looked at her photos and noticed the clock of Philip. Judy asked herself why is she so stupid. She told Yat Fu that she remembers Philip has a watch that made the same sound as William.

Yat Fu and Judy unlocked the mansion. Judy opened the cover and got shocked seeing the body of her dog Bobby. One time the dog bit her and she was in the hospital for a few days. Philip said he ran away. Yat Fu said when she was in the hospital, he went in the basement and saw Philip chopping Bobby. He said he was dead and made a specimen out of him.

Miss Ngai told Hiu Yiu that Judy’s friend accepted her in her art school. But she doesn’t know why when this came, she wasn’t ready. Judy told Yat Fu she thought she knows everything about Philip but she only knows little and he also hide a lot of things from her. Judy looked at the photos and said he took a lot of photos. Yat Fu said maybe the photos were in the camera. Hiu Yiu and Miss Ngai lie down on the same bed. Miss Ngai asked Hiu Yiu if she would go to England with her. Jau Ci ate Siu Mai with Hiu Yiu and asked her to tell Miss Ngai to not leave for England. Hiu Yiu thought of going to England with Miss Ngai since she doesn’t want to live with other people. Judy told her that going away is good.

Mui Dai dreams of Yat Fu saving her. Mu Dai’s son watches her taking a nap. Mui Dai told her son to bring this star fruit lantern to class. Mui Dai’s son smelled some chestnuts and want to buy Mui Dai some since she made a lantern for her. While Auntie Fong went to buy some chestnut, the classmate took the lantern from Mui Dai’s son and asked him to catch him. Wong Lit’s man did a lion dance in Master Choi’s grand opening. Mui Dai’s son watches the lion dance and covered his ears. The man dropped the knife. Master Choi’s men fought with Wong Lit’s men. Dak Jing grabbed Mui Dai’s son. Dak Jing told the story to the tenants. Mui Dai’s whipped her son for not going to school. Judy stopped Mui Dai and told her that her nephew wouldn’t dare to skip school to watch the lion dance. Dak Jing said he just saw her son wanted the green. Mui Dai’s son said he wanted his lantern back. Judy pointed a the lettuce that she put the lantern over there. Mui Dai’s son touched the lettuce and said it is not the lantern. Judy said Mui Dai’s so isn’t lying, he thought the lettuce was the lantern because he’s short sighted. Judy told Mui Dai’s son that being short sighted is not an illness, just buy a pair of glasses. Mui Dai told Judy that she didn’t even know her husband is the ripper is Hiu Yiu is running away from her. Mui Dai’s son apologized and gave Mui Dai a chestnut. He told her not to be angry at him anymore. He will be brave. Don’t give him away. Mui Dai told him she thought she could train him to be brave but she didn’t even know he was short sighted. She promises no matter how hard it is, she will buy him eyeglasses.

Judy borrowed some paintings from Miss Ngai. Yat Fu looked at some photos of Philip and Judy from the camera. Judy saw King’s Mystery Gallery and checked in. She made an appointment with Miss Ngai under the name of Mr.Holmes. Judy entered Miss Ngai’s room. Miss Ngai took off her clothes. Dak Jing knocked in and told Judy that her goods have been burnt. Judy looked at the painting on the wall and now realize why it’s familiar. Judy entered the villa and saw the view that Miss Ngai drew. Judy laid down on the ground and cried and said Miss Ngai is Philip’s mistress.

Happy 7 years to my blog HK-KDRAMA ISLAND!

It’s this time of the year. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for seven years. The first drama I’ve recapped was TVB’s House of Vengeance of Harmony. It was my first one since I wanted to start blogging with an ancient series. I started this blog back in May 2012 seeing how many tvb bloggers have stopped and there was a lack of tvb blogs. I wanted to fill in and create a blog to cover hk dramas and k dramas. Back then when DramaFever was still there, I decided to blog about kdramas too. Then I blog about wuxia series too since I grew up with great wuxia series.

Now seems like this year have become different. Many drama bloggers have either quit or just tired or lost interests in watching asian dramas. Some big drama blogs are still around but most drama blogs have quit. There’s not really any new blogs popping out.

I’m trying to cover more new hk dramas I enjoy. I am halfway through Ghetto Fabulous Lady and almost done with Fist Fight. Yeah took me a long time to finish these two tvb series. I’m trying to finish them, just couldn’t handle 30 episode tvb series these days. I’m not sure if there will be good ones out there.

I don’t know how is the future of asian dramas and blogging but I think there will be some big drama blogs who always remain.

Dramabeans, Ockoala, A Virtual Voyage, and Drama Panda are still here but not sure how long they will stay.

I’m just take my time I blog as it goes.

❤ Jac

Fist Fight episode 22 recap

Yeung Ching Ching, Ho Tit Nam and their crew wants to take down Chang Man Kei. The member of the knight club told Ching Ching that Ko Chin Cheong suicide and there were no evidence that Chang Man Kei did killed him. Wan Sing Hang told the members they must put all the blame on Chang Man Kei. Wan Sing Hang said it’s hard to change someone’s mind but it’s one in a million chance to find a genius. He would like Cheung Fei Fan to join them.

A man in a mask shot Ching Ching in the parking lot. She hid behind the car and got injured. She took out her gun and stands up and shoot. Ho Tit Nam seeing Ching Ching injured and got angry and wants to kill Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan showed some evidence of Chang Man Kei took some money from some transferred account. Ho Tit Nam and Ha Tin Hang fought with Chang Man Kei’s women in the parking lot. Chang Man Kei left. Chang Man Kei met Cheung Fei Fan. Cheung Fei Fan lead him to the top of the building. Cheung Fei Fan pushed Chang Man Kei down the trash bags on the truck. Then he jumped down.

Cheung Fei Fan asked Chang Man Kei if he killed Ko Chin Cheong. Flashbacks of Chang Man Kei giving money to the men to find the evidence back from Ko Chin Cheong of his bribery. Chang Man Kei said he didn’t kill Ko Chin Cheong. He and his wife were bunt to death. Cheung Fei Fan wants to collaborate with Chang Man Kei to find the killer of Ko Chin Cheong. Ha Tin Hang told Ho Tit Nam he suspects Cheung Fei Fan made up the evidence of Chang Man Kei for a different purpose. Ha Tin Hang told Ho Tit Nam they also need to keep an eye on Cheung Fei Fan.

A person online added Cheung Fei Fan in the chat room and said he knows he made up fake evidence of Chang Man Kei, he has the real evidence. The doctor told Ma Si Ting she has the first stage of dementia. While walking in the beach, Ma Si Ting wondered why she has possessed her grandma’s dementia instead of her parent’s genes. Cheung Fei Fan said she has bad genes but found a handsome and tall man like him. Cheung Fei Fan told Ma Si Ting if she falls sick, he will take care of her grandma. Ma Si Ting told Cheung Fei Fan she remembered he said he will give her several million dollars. Cheung Fei Fan laughed at her being a lousy actress. Ma Si Ting told him she can deal with it. He has enough to worry about already.

Cheung Fei Fan met with Holy Man. He gave her the document of evidence against Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan’s father followed Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan gave Chang Man Kei the document. He wants Chang Man Kei to find the real killer of Ko Chin Cheong. Cheung Fei Fan’s father saw Cheung Fei Fan in the car with Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan speed up in the road. Ha Tin Hang and Ho Tit Nam follow him. Cheung Fei Fan burnt the document and threw it in the sea. Chang Man Kei got out of the police station and bragged how they didn’t have any evidence.

Cheung Fei Fan’s father and sister asked Cheung Fei Fan why he hung out with Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan told his father and sister to not act like they are in korean dramas. He has enough troubles already. Cheung Fei Fan’s father asked Cheung Fei Fan if he knows why he doesn’t help him, it’s because he found him on the street. Cheung Fei Fan told him he knew it long ago. Flashbacks of Cheung Fei Fan took his father’s hair string while he’s drunk and tested the DNA.

Ho Tit Nam told Ha Tin Hang them brothers didn’t grow up together but Double is okay. He does’t know there’s bad guys. Ha Tin Hang said it’s hard to deal with Fever, and if Double inform him then it will be hard to fight him. Ho Tit Nam saw Chan Ling and he took the basket of towels and let Ha Tin Hang carry it for her. Chan Ling joked with Ha Tin Hang and massaged his head.