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Apple Colada episode 10 recap

Eliza told the class there’s an art exhibition for kids this sunday and she encouraged them to go. Raymond refuses to do volunteer work. Raymond told Eliza that he works in the fruit market day and night and if she wants him to lose sleep to volunteer. Raymond asked Eliza what’s important about learning english and art. Eliza gave the class an assignment of translating those exhibits in english. If they are not going, then they would be considered absent.

At the smoothie store, Matt told Eliza everyone has a jinx. He compared her and Raymond like Black Ants and termites, and cat and mice. Matt told Eliza that Raymond was raised in the fruit market and not interested in going in other places. Matt asked Eliza if she wanted to show Raymond how the world is like. Eliza or else Raymond will return to the fruit market after completing his classes. His potential will be a waste. He will never change. Matt told Eliza she wants to change Raymond from Fruit Market Prince to Prince Charming. Matt asked Eliza why does he care for Raymond so much? Eliza told Matt it is her duty as a teacher to train and love every student. Matt’s mother told Matt that Eliza is a good girl and he should pursue her.

Bong chat with Karman and introduces himself to her mother. Bong told Karman’s mother he caught a robber this morning so he’s free. Bong helped Karman cut the boxes of fruits. A customer told Karma’s mother the bean curd skin and egg sweet soup she gave him last time was nice. Karman’s father drove him out and told his wife that she managed Eliza’s store to flirt with the customer. Karman gave a bottle of rabbit congee and gave to his father.

At the exhibition, Eliza told Raymond she told him to serve the food and to eat them. Raymond served fruits for a girl. The girl told him that mom said to not eat from strangers. Raymond said the room is full of strangers but why did she pick on him. The girl told Raymond that mom told him not to talk to strangers, she walked away. Raymond served fruits to a boy. The boy told Raymond to put two pieces of watermelon on his abstract art. Eliza praised the painting in front of the kid’s parents. Raymond told them that the painting looks like aliens. Coco took Raymond out and told him if he has kids, he wouldn’t mind what his kids does no matter how poor it looks. Coco believes someday her dad will be back. Raymond left.

Eliza told Alice she doesn’t need to worry. Hongkong people loves to eat and will still eat even if they have the flu. Eliza thought of what Raymond said and wakes up. Alice told Eliza that she will play the queen while Soho, a popular actor will play the emperor. Alice said this is her best opportunity for her comeback. She must compete against Bing Bing. Eliza told Alice she will make her a pearl barley and red bean to give her energy.

The employees told Alice that the shooting is canceled because it is raining at West Kowloons. After filming, the staff criticized Alice and called her a veteran. He told her that she came back after more than ten years so she doesn’t really know what to do but she is lucky to have a job. Bing Bing slapped Alice again and again. Alice received a text and picked up her phone. Alice picked up her phone again. She yelled at the staff and took off her costumes and tell them to pick other actress who is willing to be slapped by that hateful woman. Raymond and his workers helped Eliza moved the goods during the rain. Alice dressed in her white costume wearing a wig and came toward Eliza during the rain. Jazz got scared yelling there’s a ghost. Alice fainted. A staff rung the door bell and took back the wig and said she quits but why did she took the wig with her, it is expensive. Alice asked him if he didn’t come to take her back. The staff told her to be bright, she is not young and she is a veteran. Don’t think she is an A class actress. If she is useful then people will compete to have her. Alice cried.

Alice and Tommy ring the abacus and greeted the customers to buy fruits in their stores. Alice apologized that she made a mistake and she gave an apple for the lady to try. The lady found it crispy and good and ordered two boxes. During the meeting, Master Or proposed the store owners to participate in a wooden cart race. A store owner said he can manage but those old people can’t push the cart. Matt’s father suggested Raymond and Jazz to participate. Master Or asked Matt’s father and the store owners to let Alice back in the store.

Raymond and Jazz play games while Eliza explains about the wooden cart. Raymond told Eliza he grew up in the fruit market and no one understands the wooden cart more than he does. Raymond and Jazz went to Double Eight for a massage. Jazz asked Double Eight why she puts a cctv on. Raymond said he told her to do that cause it’s dangerous to be alone. Raymond watches Eliza practicing pushing the cart. Eliza pretends to injure her leg. Raymond pushed the cart while Eliza is sitting on it and both had a fun time. At the fruit market, Eliza got up and said she’s fine.

Master Or spoke at the Yung Shu Tao Festival. Raymond, Jazz, Eliza, and Alice dressed in fruits and compete in the cart race. They won the cart race. Brother Kent came. A gangster seduced Brother Eight. Matt’s parents watches Karman dancing on the stage. Crystal chased Matt on the stage and asked him where’s Double Eight. Matt’s father told Matt’s mother than dancing is a waste of time, Karman should do something more useful. Tommy performed martial arts. The host told Tommy that he’s good at breaking coconuts with his hands, but they don’t have coconuts so they give him durians.

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Apple Colada episode 9 recap

Matt and Eliza teamed up to research the market. Bong and Karman went to the market Bong held Karman’s hand and smiled and told her to pose as husband and wife. He showed a picture of Alice and Brother Thai. Bong and Karman saw Brother Thai buying vegetables. Bong called Eliza and Matt. They chased Brother Thai. Bong and Karman chats. Bong told Karman it would be good if he could try the food she cooks.

Alice’s oranges arrived. Alice hugged the boxes of oranges. Eliza told Alice that Brother Thai didn’t return from Israel. He sells vegetables in Kowloon City. They are being conned. Alice looked in the boxes and saw big and small oranges. The owners sit and told Alice that they oranges she sold them is bad quality. Alice blamed on Tommy for complaining about them. Matt’s father asked Alice if she bought bad quality oranges. Eliza apologized and said she will put away the oranges and take responsibilities. Raymond showed Alice and Eliza a news video of Elders interviewed fallen sick from eating the oranges. Tommy told Alice that everyone in the market grew up eating fruits. She needs to watch out since everyone hates him. Eliza thought of her father. Eliza bowed and apologized to the store owners. Matt’s father told Eliza if she can’t pay ten thousand dollar losses then she surrenders the store. Alice took responsibility of trusting the wrong guy and left the store for Eliza.

Eliza gave Alice a pack of money to pay for her debt. Eliza said she mortgaged the flat and borrowed money from the loan shark. Alice told Eliza to take the money back and redeem the flat. Bong told Eliza and Alice that his colleagues searched for Brother Thai but haven’t found him yet. Jazz checked on the fruits and told Raymond he can’t wait to watch the soccer game. Raymond criticized Jazz and told Jazz to continue to count the fruits and put the remaining fruits in the fridge. Alice cooked oatmeal for Eliza. Alice told Eliza that now she’s alone she must take care. Eliza told Alice not to blame herself. Eliza said she worked overnight and find Alice’s food so yummy. Alice told Eliza to eat some more, she may not be able to eat it again. Alice told Eliza she will film again and will let the producer beg him.

Raymond told his dad he can’t attend his mom’s birthday since he has to attend his english lesson. Raymond kisses his father and said Goodbye. Jazz saw Raymond with a girl and he distracts Tommy. Tommy drove his van and saw Raymond gives money to a girl. Tommy confronted Raymond.

At the bar, Raymond drinks with Math. Eliza took the wine and told Raymond he didn’t come to class today. Eliza told Raymond his father paid for his class and he skipped it. Does he knows he failed his father. Raymond told Eliza he only comes to class when he’s interested and if he needs to make an account for her. Raymond left. Matt told Eliza to let Raymond chill and his father already yelled at him. During dinner, Tommy told his family to not save food for Raymond. Tommy told his family that his wife and he bought fruits and found Raymond as a baby by the pier before they went in the ferry to Hongkong. They saved the baby but the baby saved them and brought smiles to his wife. Raymond saw his dad punching on the pole and he asked him to stop it. Tommy asked Raymond why didn’t he go to his mother’s funeral. Tommy asked Raymond if he accepts him as his father and if he accepts his mother. Raymond told his father that his grandma told him to be a good boy or no one will love him when the baby is born. Raymond cried and said he didn’t want the baby to be born since he didn’t want a brother to compete but he didn’t expect his mother would die. He didn’t want his mom to die. Raymond hugged Tommy. Eliza cried.

Actress Bing Bing sits next to Alice in the dressing room. Bing Bing told Alice they are going to work on a game show. During the game show, a staff helped Bing Bing out but let Alice answered the question wrong. Alice answered some of the questions such as fruit questions right. The staff talked to Alice in a corner and told her to let Bing Bing win since he promised to not let her be wet. The balloons are big and getting ready to burst. Alice answered the last question right but the balloon burst on her and she got wet. The staff told Alice she lost the mark for saying it wrong the first time. Being Bing bids goodbye to Alice.

David gave Alice a ride and it rained David told Alice it’s a shame she does’t work in the fruit market anymore. Alice told David if he seen her movies, he would think she work better as an actress. David said he did an interview about victims being poisoned by the fruits. David wiped the face for Alice while holding an umbrella. Alice felt touched.

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Apple Colada episode 8 recap

Customers buy fruits from Alice. Tommy told Jazz and Raymond to split their shares. Tommy told his maid he will hire Gill to replace them next month. Alice’s friend came to see Alice at her store. The maid showed the workers the photo of actress Ting, Alice’s friend. The maid told the workers that the pornstar is Ting not Alice. Alice thanked the maid for clearing her name A couple complained Tommy always have the same fruits. They went to the other store. Raymond and Jazz laughed. Raymond criticized them for skipping classes. Raymond told Tommy if they didn’t have a phd, they wouldn’t sell fruits. Raymond told Tommy even if they don’t know english, they can find a different job. Tommy told them that they are losers. Even if they don’t have a phd, they should learn english. Raymond told Tommy he doesn’t have time, he works everyday. Tommy asked Matt how to get Raymond and Jazz to learn english. Matt told Tommy give them time. Tommy enrolled Raymond in an english class but gave Jazz thirty percent raise to work. Matt told Tommy to let Raymond attend the class ninety percent of the time or his salary would be reduced. Raymond threw a chair at Matt.

Raymond saw Coco in the class. Coco told Raymond that Crystal told her to enroll in the class to get more job opportunity. Eliza told the class Good Morning. Raymond stands up and asked Eliza if she’s a ghost and why does he sees her everywhere. Eliza told Raymond to sit down. Raymond asked Eliza if she thinks he’s a dog. He left the room. Raymond confronted Matt. Matt told Raymond that he bet ten dollars he wouldn’t last after five lessons but he just left. He picked this place so he and Eliza will understand each other. He bet ten dollars because social workers don’t make much. Raymond told Matt that he knows they don’t get along and he still put us together. He doesn’t think they will understand each other. He just want to forget her. Matt told Raymond don’t be so harsh. Eliza may be stubborn and longwinded but she’s a nice girl. Raymond told Matt to count him out, he won’t go to her class. Matt told Raymond he must inform Tommy that there’s no refund. Raymond asked Matt to not to tell his father since they are buddies. Matt told Raymond to go back to class. Raymond told Matt he will work hard to return his favor. Matt told Raymond bye.

Eliza told Raymond to please have a sit. Eliza told the class that it’s rude to tell someone to sit down but it’s polite to say please have a seat. Coco told Raymond that Eliza used him as an example to teach them english. She is thoughtful. Eliza asked Raymond if it’s okay for her to use a command tone. Raymond said solly. Eliza told Raymond it is sorry and roll his tong on r. Eliza told Raymond to keep on repeating. Raymond played games. Eliza told Raymond to repeat the sentence. Eliza told Raymond he is lazy but if he works hard he can make it.

Eliza happily told Alice they made ten thousand dollars this month. Alice sighed to Eliza she pulled two all nighter and only make ten thousand dollars. Alice and Eliza read the news there’s a crop failure for California orange.

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At the restaurant, Raymond asked Jazz to go to the lesson for him. Jazz told Raymond that Tommy raised thirty percent of his salary. Jazz told Raymond he must polish his english to talk to foreigner. Raymond and Jazz saw Brother Chai recommended his signature dish to a customer in english. Eliza told Raymond to have more confidence, when he speak more english he must have more confidence. When he is confident, he will speak english very well. Eliza turned off Raymond’s game. Alice asked Uncle Man what they can do with their crop failure. Uncle Man told Alice and Eliza that the temperature of California will drop to zero and fruits will be damaged. Uncle Man told Alice and Eliza to buy African or Australian oranges or other oranges. Eliza asked if they will taste different. Raymond said of course not, peels of African and Australia oranges are thin and they are sweet and juicy but they don’t taste like oranges. African Oranges are bright. The pulp has different colors. They are juicy and sweet but don’t taste like oranges. US oranges are sweet and juicy and taste very good. That’s why people in Hongkong favors them. Alice said oranges are expensive, they can buy pears. Raymond told them they should offer them pears in the winter.

Matt took Eliza to his mother’s smoothie shop. Matt told his mom to go home and teach Karman to cook while he and Eliza will stay in the shop. Matt’s mom asked Karman what does she wants to learn to cook. Karman said she wants to cook fried eggs with bitter melon. Last time she cooked, dad and Matt said it’s yucky. Karman whined to her mom that dad misses her cooking and she’s far from cooking good. Matt’s mom told Karma she will go home with her. Karman cook in the kitchen and asked her mom when dad will come home. Karman’s mother told her if she were a guy, she would go for her. Karman said she doesn’t have time. Karman’s mom told Karman she is young and have time and don’t married so young. Karman told her mom now she’s free.

Karma’s dad ate the soup and found it so good and sweet. Matt told Karman the fried eggs and bitter melon is so nice. It is different under her mom’s supervision. Karman’s mom picked up fried eggs. Karman and Matt asked their dad about the situation of the shop since there’s a crop failure on California oranges. Karman’s dad asked Karman’s mom what’s the point of running her smoothie shop. Karman’s dad told Karman’s mom she got to put up with people who bullied her and please come home. Karman’s mom said she has to put up with someone for so long so outsiders don’t matter. Karman’s mom left. Matt asked his father why is he always like that. Mom rarely comes home ad she left. Karman’s dad argued that she never took place of being a mother. Matt said taught Karman to cook. Karman’s dad argued Matt always argue with him instead of persuading his mother. Karman’s dad said it makes him mad seeing Karman’s mom flirting with those men and women. Matt said those are her customers. She enjoys chatting with people. Karman gave Matt a bowl of soup and told him to calm down. Karman told Matt she thought their parents would agree with each other but mom left before dinner, he didn’t try to resolve their conflicts but argued with dad. Matt apologized and said dad was immature. Matt told Karman how about they buy two tickets and arrange a room for their parents.

Matt sprayed paint on the wall. Crystal asked Matt if he needs an umbrella. He seems gloomy as if it is going to rain. He needs an umbrella. Matt told Crystal sometimes it’s better not to talk. Crystal told Matt it’s tough, and he cant hold back and he wants her to relieve it. Matt held Crystal’s hand and told her to get a room. Crystal punched him. Crystal said she helped him to relieve it bleeding helps him relieve it. Matt and Crystal sit down and looked at his painting of a wolf eating an apple. Matt asked Crystal if he doesn’t like apples. Crystal said she doesn’t like fruits.

Uncle Man introduced Brother Tai to Alice and Eliza in the restaurant while eating dimsum. Brother Tai said his father loved fruits and bought an orchard after immigrating to Israel. He grew California oranges there. Brother Tai told them they can grow Japan oranges there too. Brother Tai gave them Israel oranges to try. Alice tasted it and found it sweet like California Oranges. Alice told Brother Tai to consider selling oranges to them. Alice and Eliza gave a customer a sample of orange. The customer found it taste good and thought it was California Orange but it was so expensive. Eliza told the customer it is Israel Oranges but taste like California Oranges but it’s cheaper. The customer asked them to give him two boxes. Tommy tasted the orange and told Alice it is California Orange. Tommy told Alice she knows California Oranges are expensive so she presents them as Israel Oranges.

While Eliza is teaching, Raymond play games. Eliza told Raymond to say scream. He says slim. Raymond told Alice he works in the fruit market, why does he have to be polite. Eliza told Raymond he can never be too police. She told the class, in every profession, when they talk appropriately, it shows respects. Eliza asked Raymond if he talks loudly to the customers, how can he run a business. Raymond told Eliza he talks loudly doesn’t mean he’s rude. He always talks like this in the fruit market. How often does he talks to foreigner in the fruit market. Eliza told Raymond that young people pays attention to the customer service, if the service is good they will pay more. Eliza pointed a pen at Raymond’s classmate to say scream. She pointed at him to say I wanted to scream. Raymond held a cup and said I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. The class clapped.

After class, Raymond hugged Matt and wants a kiss. Raymond told Matt to tell Eliza to be careful and check the supplier’s background of selling middle east oranges as California oranges. Raymond told Matt that he works in the fruit market for years and can tell they are California Oranges. Matt asked Raymond why doesn’t he tells her. Raymond said she may think he’s jealous or is tricking her. Raymond kisses Matt on the cheek and left. Matt told Eliza that Raymond said to be careful since the supplier sold California Oranges as Middle Eat Oranges.

Eliza asked Brother Tai what parts of Israel is the oranges growing from. Eliza said the weather there is good to grow watermelon and melon too, but he can grow oranges too. Eliza asked him for the address so she can take a look. Brother Tai asked Eliza if she doesn’t trust him since she asks so many question. Brother Tai said he runs a business and not that desperate to sell oranges. Alice said Eliza doesn’t know how to run a business. She signed it. Eliza took a picture of Alice and Brother Tai together. Alice tol Eliza she asked so many questions and is paranoid. Eliza told Alice it is their first time working together. They must be careful. Alice told Eliza Brother Tai did them a favor and she asked him so many questions.

Bong researched and told Elia that there’s isn’t an orchard in Israel under the name of Cheng. His friend texted him that there’s no orchard similar to California Oranges. Bong told Eliza he asked his colleagues and gangsters and they have heard of Brother Tai. Eliza and Bong touch the keyboard and stood in front of the computer when Alice came. Alice watches the screen showing porn. Eliza said she saw Bong uses her computer to watch porn. She has lectured him. Alice said he’s dirty. Eliza apologized to Bong. Eliza told Bong she will treat him for a drink. Bong said the bar she treats him has many guys from the fruit market while the bar he usually go to has many beautiful girls. Matt came to Bong and Eliza to research the market and and Karman came.

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Apple Colada episode 7 recap

A the bar, Matt thanked Raymond and Jazz for helping Coco reunited with her mom. Jazz asked Matt how did he know that Sis Kuk was kidnapped. Matt said he puts a camera inside Sis Ku’s pocket. He called Crystal to follow them then he called Raymond and Jazz. Coco gave Crystal her ice bucket and said the best thing is she hired her to work at her bar. Matt told Coco she must work hard, Crystal is seldom nice to other people. Raymond told Coco he is also uneducated but he is rooting for her. Eliza told Raymond it is bad to see him as a role model. Eliza told Coco that it takes hard work to be mature, and Coco shouldn’t model after someone who is lazy. Matt told Eliza to suggests Coco what she should study Eliza told Coco study for not the money but for nurturing. Raymond argued with Eliza that studying isn’t for nurturing, when he become a parent he will let his kid raised by himself.

Fans take picture with Alice at the store. While helping Eliza putting up the sign, Bong told Eliza she should treat him for dinner. Bong tripped down the later. Eliza told Bong to be careful. Bong told Eliza she cares for the sign more than him. Eliza said he is young and can get get well easily while the sigh is old and can break easily. People have feelings and the sign belongs to the fruit market. Eliza told Bong that she loves being a teacher but she has to take care of her father’s fruit market.But she promised she will be a part time english teacher at a community center. Raymond and Jazz and his workers looked at Alice’s nude photo. Tommy thought he seen this movie before. Alice came and tore her pornstar photo. Raymond made fun of Alice she used to be a pornstar.

Alice called Producer Leung asking for the girl who shot her photos but he can’t remember. She called Director Ho and he said he will search for her. Some employee look at Alice in a weird way, Eliza poke his eyes. Alice received a phone call and told him that they have no kiwis and she told him to come back in two weeks. Eliza told Alice they have boxes of kiwis and also back in the storage. She told her to go home early.

Jazz went in Raymond’s room and asked him if he noticed Tommy’s expression. He thinks Tommy got mad at Alice stealing his business so he posted those porn photo. Matt and his father talked to Matt’s father about searching who posted those porn photos. Eliza and his Matt and his parents looked at the camera and saw a guy covered with his jacket putting the picture on the wall. Tommy saw Raymond playing games and told him that he will do the rest of the work tonight. Raymond looked at Tommy’s pocket and asked Jazz if he noticed there’s a paper. Raymond fought with Tommy and told him there’s no turning back if he puts the piece of paper. The camera blinked. Raymond and Tommy looked at the camera. Eliza came down. Raymond admit to Eliza he did it. Eliza told Raymond to apologize to Alice in the chamber. Tommy tries took the paper and told them he doesn’t know what they are trying to do. Jazz read the paper about warning people not to cause trouble. Alice teared up and told them that they the workers were right, she should have stopped shooting the porn photos instead of letting this be blown. Alice told them if they want to help her then don’t talk about this anymore.

At the bar, Tommy criticized Raymond and Jazz that he may hate Alice but he will not do such tricks. A customers told Crystal he wants that whiskey. Crystal said it’s not for sale. The customer asked if she thinks he can’t afford it. Crystal said even if he can buy, she won’t sell it to him. The customer was about to hit her. The bartender held his hands and said he can’t play games here. The customer left. The bartender gave a drink to Crystal and told her to take a break. Matt asked the bartender if the bottle of whine isn’t for sell. The bartender said it is Crystal’s brother, and no one can touch it before he comes back. Matt eavesdrop on Crystal talking to a patient in coma in the hospital. A lady came in and confronted Crystal of visiting her husband, if it wasn’t for her brother, her husband wouldn’t be in coma. Crystal told her that she wanted him to get well sooner. The lady was about to slap Crystal. Matt interfere. The lady slapped Matt. Matt pushed Crystal out. Crystal received a call that someone broke her brother’s wine. Crystal came to the restaurant and threaten the customer if he broke her brother’s wine. Matt stopped Crystal and told her it would be serious if he’s wounded. Crystal hit a chair on the customer’s arm. Matt checked on the customer. The bartender gave the customer money and told him to say that he tripped. In the massage room, the bartender told Matt that a year ago, Crystal’s brother and the lady’s husband had a fight in the fruit market. The car crashed them. The lady’s husband was in coma, if he died, Crystal’s brother would be charged for muder. he went on a flight. Matt asked the bartender if he knows where’s Crystal’s brother is. The massager massaged his feet hard.

Crystal sprayed graffiti on the wall. Matt gave Crystal a law document. Crystal told Matt she won’t let her brother go to jail. Crstyal told Matt to go with her to get in a room, she knows he likes her since he follow her. Matt told Crystal he knows she’s playing him. He sprayed at her.

Eliza saw Alice’s legs being crippled while walking and asked Alice if her legs is alright. Eliza asked Alice if she’s mad at her. Alice told her she’s good at forgetting. Alice asked the waitress for steamed rice ting. The waitress told her that people wait in line for it. Alice looked at her friend passing out streamed rice ting. Alice gave her friend a gift. Her friend told her she has two kids. Alice told her she wants her to testify she didn’t shoot those porn photos. Her friend said those photos caused her career to peak.

Tommy signed a document to join the fruit market meeting. Tommy told Jazz and Raymond they gamble everyday, the don’t have to go to work, he can hire university kids. Tommy told them there is a fruit exhibition tomorrow, and look for new supplies. Raymond and Jazz went to the exhibit. Raymond complained there’s no abalone. A white man named Jack greeted them. They slutter Jack showed Raymond and Jazz their produce and their cotton candy. Raymond told Jack that they only sell fruits. Jack said cotton candy is a grape. Eliza greeted Jack and said she likes his product. A white woman showed Raymond a flyer of pineapple guava. Eliza talked to the white woman. Raymond told Tommy that those foreigner sells common fruits such as grapes ad feijoa. Tommy watches Eliza showed Alice new fruits that she ordered.

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Apple Colada episode 6 recap

Matt searches for Coco and encourages her to go home. Coco told Matt that Sis Kuk oly cares about money but not her. She spent her life on Macau her whole life and don’t want to work in the fruit market. She just want to go farther. Matt watches Coco takes model pictures in bikini. Matt watches the bulldog in the cage and left. Raymond’s grandma watches Alice in her movie and teared up. Jazz gave his grandma some of Alice’s movies. Raymond’s grandma said she must ask Alice for her autograph at the fruit market. Raymond’s maid said Alice seduced Jazz. Jazz argued with his maid that he bled his nose. Raymond’s grandma told Tommy to find a girl like Alice.

Raymond’s maid dresses up in a black dress and a pink hat. Alice teases her of dressing like in the 80s or 90s. Raymond and Jazz laughed at their maid arguing with Alice. Raymond and his coworker watches the clip of Coco filming with the dog in the sea. Sis Kuk kicked a coworker for criticizing Coco for posting the clip online. Karman ate and asked Coco if she really wants to be famous. She must know how tough it is for her mother to run the family. Coco told Karman though her mother sacrifice to take care of her, it doesn’t mean she will sacrifice her life for her. Karman told Coco whatever her goal is, she must believe someone will be there for her.

At the bar, Matt drank whisky and threw up and asked Crystal he ordered beer but why she gave him a whisky. Matt asked Crystal if she wants to work as a model. Crystal told him to go away. Matt saw Brother Kent’s brother went to the restroom. Lam Sir came and asked Crystal and her coworker if they saw Brother Kent’s triad. Crystal told Lam Sir she doesn’t know. She runs a bar and if someone makes trouble, she will break his arm. Matt told Lam Sir that he saw someone go through the back door. Lam Sir’s subordinates checked and assumed that he must have left. Matt showed Crystal the bag of drugs in the restroom. Matt told Crystal that if she showed this to Lam Sir, she will be in trouble. Crystal asked Matt when can she work as a model. Coco and her friends watches Crystal playing on the rooftop. She walked like a model joined the model agency. Matt asked Crystal why she dresses like a teenager. Crystal asked Matt to pay her for the pool party. Crystal said Master Link likes Coco after the clip with the bulldog so he invited her to the pool party. Matt thinks they have a hidden agenda to gain Mr.Lin’s attention. The bartender told Matt he came with his girlfriend. He looked at Crystal and asked her why she dressed like that.

Sis Kuk yelled at Alice to stop flirting with her colleagues. Sis Kuk told Coco to get out of her friend’s car.Sis Kuk chased the car and tripped and hurt her hands.

Crystal told Matt that Tom looked at the picture and wanted to rent a house in Clearwater. Crystal sneaked in the office with Matt. At the bar, Brother Kent told Crystal that Johnny put the drugs in the water tank and now it’s gone. Crystal told Brother Kent that the cops followed his member and he put the drugs in the watertank and if he thinks this is a storage. Matt told Brother Kent he was so nice he didn’t tell the cops. Brother Kent asked Matt to give the drugs to him. Brother Kent’s members grabbed Matt. Crystal told Matt to not make troubles in her place. Brother Kent asked Crystal what does she want. Matt grabbed Brother Kent. Raymond came grabbed Brother Kent. Crystal took out a pack of drugs and washed it in the sink and held the bag. Brother Kent told Crystal she will give her face to her brother Yung that he lost the stuff. Matt and Crystal followed Tom’s car and saw him bumped into another Car in front of him then he parked. They saw his triad took the blame for him.

Karman told her mother the good she cooked is so good. Her dad ate all of the fried eggs with shrimps. He even finished and extra bowl of rice. Karman’s father said it’s better than the dishes in famous restaurants and she should cook more often. Karman said she finished two bowls of rice today but too bad Matt can’t come home for dinner. Matt came home and argued with his dad and said he’s even more busy than him. Matt ate the dishes and said his mom’s dishes are so good. Karman said of course that’s why dad love mom so much. Matt told Karman she often talks about dad. He is a tyrant, he would have moved out like mom not because of her. Karman said he is tough like dad. Matt said lucky his younger sister is so nice he doesn’t have to worry about her. Karman said too bad she worries about them, he fights with dad all the time. Mom moved out. She needs to worry about Coco. Matt told Karman she doesn’t need to worry about Coco, he is working on her case. Matt asked Karman how can he look trendy for the pool party tomorrow.

At the pool party, Crystal stood behind Matt and asked him for his name. Matt said “Calvin” but mumbled when she asked him for his last name. She laughed. Matt dragged Crystal by the side. Matt told Crystal it’s his first time joining the pool party. Crystal told Matt she looks good but his behavior is too sneaky and should flirt with girls. Coco went to he pool. Master Lin and Coco flirt with each other then left the pool. Crystal drove Matt and followed Master Lin’s car. Mister Lin fainted in bed. Coco’s friend called Master Lin’s father and asked him for ten million dollars. Matt and Crystal arrived to the house and took Coco. Matt told Coco she broke the law. Matt told Coco that Mister Lin has a gps and his bodyguards are coming. Coco’s friend ran. Coco tripped. Matt ran and threw the dummy at Master Lins’ bodyguard.

At the bar, Matt told Coco to be wise making friends. Crystal said they need to know how to deal with Master Lin’s father. Matt told Crystal that Master Lin is fine, he won’t purse this anymore. Crystal asked them if they think Master Lin is an ordinary guy, ow they messed up they will have consequences. Coco called Tom and he yelled and she turned off the phone. Matt told Coco to go home, her mom scold her but she will protect her.Crystal said when a person is in trouble, she wants her family member to be there for her. She may be stubborn but she must be prepared to lose her family member.

Matt took Sis Kuk to see Coco. Sis Kuk yelled at Coco she loves money and better be a prostitute. Coco yelled at her mother she rather be a prostitute. She said if she hates her so much she shouldn’t see her. She left. Sis Kuk yelled at that let the police catch her and put her in jail. Matt told Sis Kuk he knows she is under pressure but she shouldn’t take it on Coco. Matt told Sis Kuk a story of a granddaughter of a wealthy got kidnapped a few years ago. The kidnapper got caught and was sentenced twelve years in jail. Soon it will be her daughter’s turn. Master Lin haven’t reported the incident to the police. He doesn’t know what he wants to do with Coco. Coco watches the clip of her friends got beaten up. Coco cried and told Matt and Crystal and she can survive without her mother but her younger brother and sister can’t. Matt promised Coco he will help her.

Tommy ate with his coworker and said everyone must be united and successful is near. Raymond’s maid brought snake soup. Master Lin’s bodyguards came to the fruit market to take Sis Kuk. Tommy fought with the bodyguards. Sis Kuk ran to the backdoor.

Master Lin’s bodyguard kidnapped Sis Kuk in the van. Master Lin’s father asked Sis Kuk where’s her daughter. Sis Kuk said she failed to teach her daughter well and she hangs with those bad guys. Master Lin’s father said his son is sick because of her daughter, if he doesn’t teach her daughter a lesson, everyone will bully his son. Master Lin’s father said he wants her daughter to lie in bed like his son. Sis Kuk bowed multiple towns and bled her forehead. Crystal and Coco watches them. Coco saw Master Lin’s father kicked her mother and she ran up to her. The bodyguards grabbed Coco and her mother. Raymond and his coworkers came. Matt told Master Lin’s father he recorded what he said. If he messed up Coco or her family or Tom, he’ll give this to the police for his crime of kidnapping and murder. Master Lin’s father left. Sis Kuk hugged Coco.

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Apple Colada episode 5 recap

Jazz and Raymond visited Eliza in the hospital. Raymond gave Eliza a fruit basked. a patient teased that Eliza is only in the ER and if Raymond needed to give her a fruit basket. Alice said there’s only apples and oranges and she can’t sell them and they must be expired. Raymond told Alice that his fruits are fresh and better than her apples she sells which are sour like her heart. Eliza told Raymond he must be sincere when he apologizes. Matt asked Raymond how’s Eliza. Raymond told Matt Eliza is polite as a teacher. She is injured but an said unusual things. She’s okay. Eliza introduces Matt to Alice. Bong told Matt that Black Dragon attacked them.

At the bar, Brother Kent asked his two members about Matt’s background. He drank with a bartender Tart and slapped him and said he lost. Matt ate with Raymond. Matt asked the chef for the menu. Raymond saw Brother Kent and his members and he whispered to Raymond to run. Raymond and Matt ran and stopped in front of the fence. Raymond fought with Brother Kent and his members. Bong came. Bong took all of them to the police station. Bong asked Brother Kent why he went to the fruit market. Brother Kent said he wanted to buy durians. Brother Kent said he bought many boxes. Lam Sir came and confronted Brother Kent about his cases.

Crystal sat with Matt at the bar and asked Raymond if he knows Kungfu, what is he afraid off. If he wasn’t low key, she wouldn’t have worked hard to trap Eric and his members. Matt explained about he invited him to lunch then let Brother Kent saw them and chased them and it was time for Bong to arrest them. At least the cops knows Kent wanted to hurt Raymond.

Raymond wore a cast and told his father and the workers that he fought with Brother Kent but Brother Kent and his gang got hurt more than him. But now the police noticed this case. Raymond said he needs to do medical tests. He asked Matt’s father for money. The workers also want to give him money. Raymond thanked them and said now he knows how Uncle Kwong feels. Raymond spoke for the workers that most of them will suffer without protection. Raymond said they can give him money for medical expense and then the workers can use it when they need it. Matt told Alice that Raymond wanted to help the workers so he pretended to be injured. Tommy asked Raymond how can he cover that. Raymond said he can tell them that his limbs are fine. Eliza asked Matt and Tommy if they feel ashamed. Alice received a call that they have more new fruits.

During dinner, Jazz told his maid he wants oyster congee instead of fish congee. Tommy wondered why Mr. Law sell the fruits to Alice. Raymond told Tommy that Alice plays Mahjong with Mr.Law. Jazz told Tommy and his maid to play Mahjong with Mr.Law. Raymond’s maid came in Mr.Law’s office. Mr.Law told her that she must ordered those fruit three months earlier. The phone rang and he told her he has work to do. Raymond’s maid followed Mr.Law and Alice’s taxi. Raymond’s maid saw Alice holding Mr.Law and pretended to trip in the hotel. Raymond’s maid gave a janitor five hundred dollars to open Mr.Law’s room. The janitor knocked on Mr.Law’s room but he closed the door and said he’s doing a business. Raymond’s maid eavesdrop in the room that Alice told Mr.Law she is willing to give up everything to be with him. She knows he will give her happiness. Alice rehearses the scene to Mr.Law and his wife. Mr.Law held his wife’s hands and said his wife didn’t want to regret after watching this scene and decided to marry him. Mr.Law told Alice that his wife got dementia and can’t remember but she remembers things in the past. Mr. Law’s wife called Mr. Law by his name Fai. Alice tears up.

Eliza accidentally spilled water on Alice’s shirt. Jazz fell down and bled. Raymond’s maid looked at Alice while she checks on the goods and smirk. Raymond’s maid saw Jass reading the newspaper and smiled, she yelled at him. Raymond’s maid yelled at at Alice to not show her cleavage. Raymond’s maid confronted Alice of seducing Mr.Law. Alice told Raymond’s maid she wears red like him. They fought with each other. Raymond’s maid told Tommy that Alice went to the hotel with Mr.Law to get the supply. Alice showed the customers a photo of her with Mr.Law and his wife. She said she went to hotel to perform the act of the movie. The customers recognized Alice as the actress who plays in the movie Lingering Love.

The police called Sis Kuk that her daughter wanted to steal money in her flat. Sis Kuk was about to slap her daughter. Matt came. Sis Kuk decided not to press charge. Sis Kuk told Matt her daughter quit school so she told her to work in the fruit market but she couldn’t work long. Matt told Sis Kuk he will look after her daughter. Sis Kuk said she wish she never given birth to her. Matt asked Karman about Coco, Sis Kuk’s daughter. Flashbacks of Sis Kuk argued with her husband. He left her and his daughter. Karman told Matt that Sis Kuk always yell at Coco. Flashbacks of Sis Kuk yelled at Coco telling her to grow up and work hard. Karman told Matt that Coo has pressure too just like when he talks back when his father yells at him. Karman told Matt that Coco set up a model agency with her friend calling Fly4Free. Matt called Fly4Free agency.

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Apple Colada episode 4 recap

Raymond complained to Matt’s father that business is going down and he has to work overtime. A the meeting, the store owners told Tommy to settle with Alice since she did many things because she doesn’t like him. . Matt father told Tommy he’s so heartless to want to throw Alice and Eliza out. Matt’s father told Tommy to talk to Alice or buy Wo Fung store. Tommy said if he talks to her, she will increase the price. Matt’s father said the store belongs to Alice and Tommy ran it for twenty years and made enough profit. Matt’s father told Tommy to pay for Alice out of goodwill. Alice ate ice cream bar and told Raymond and Tommy that she is busy and everyone wants to buy in her store. Raymond told Alice they don’t want trouble and only want everyone to be happy. Tommy deals with Alice to give her three million dollars.

Eliza told Alice she will run the store well to return her father and her favor. Alice freaked and told Eliza she doesn’t need to return her favor. Alice asked Eliza if someone buys the store, would she will sell it. Eliza said she will consider it. Alice went shopping and found a red purse she likes but thought about saving money to pay Tommy three million dollars. She asked the sales woman to keep the purse for her for one night but she refuses. Alice thought the shop will close in two hours so no one will buy the purse. She saw a woman trying the purse. Alice paid fifty eight thousand dollars for the purse.

Eliza ordered one egg sandwich and one black coffee for takeout. Eliza told the restaurant cashier that she worked the whole night in the fruit market and needed black coffee. Eliza said she’s young and can stand working hard. Raymond said if he had three million dollars, he wouldn’t mind the hard work either. Jazz told Raymond said she must immerse her character to gain audience. Raymond told Eliza that his father agrees to pay her aunt three million dollars for the Wo Fung store but she still pretends to work so hard. Eliza told Raymond he’s making up stories. Raymond told Eliza that his father told her aunt to go to the store to get the cheque. A man told Raymond he will pay him three hundred and fifty dollars to pretend to be a Wo Fung store customer but he refuses.

Alice asked Tommy for the cheque. Tommy spit water on the cheque and picked up the phone. Alice wiped the cheque. Tommy took the cheque back and told Alice that she hired people to fool him. Tommy ate the cheque. Eliza came and asked Alice why she sold the store. Alice told Eliza she didn’t sell the store and her father worked hard on it. Tommy told Eliza that Alice sold it for three million dollars. Alice asked Tommy for evidence. Eliza asked Alice if she didn’t sell the store then why did she come back to the store. Alice said she went back to get her keys and went to the store to see how’s Tommy’s doing. Eliza asked Alice if she lied. Alice said she can vow. Eliza heard Alice talking on the phone she will pay him back. Eliza asked Alice what happened. Alice said the tv isn’t sharp enough and she should get a 4k. Alice said Uncle Man said it would take a week to pay. Eliza is about to call. Alice told Eliza it’s not good to ask people in the morning. Alice told Eliza that the customers was being hired by her, and now their boss asked her to pay him. Alice told Eliza that’s how they do sales. Eliza whined there’s no real customers. Eliza told Alice she lured Taikoon store to buy her store. Alice told Eliza she doesn’t understand and she will take a nap.

Alice came to Mr.Law’s office and asked him what supplies she could buy. Mr. Law asked Eliza how many apples and oranges she want. Eliza talked to Brother Hoi. He gave her a tea can. Eliza told Brother Hoi that the goods will arive at 8:30 pm tonight. Raymond teased Eliza of hiring a porter. Eliza said she is helping her dad and she doesn’t play tricks. Raymond told Eliza to drink the herbal tea to calm down. Eliza threw the tea at Raymond and told him to use it since she is afraid she will be mad again.

Eliza told Alice to clean up the trash since it will look weird if people sees it. Alice searches for the eight diagram. Eliza told Alice it’s better to focus on improving their business. Eliza came and complained to the porters that they helped Raymond carrying the good instead of her. The porter told Eliza that they helped Raymond unload his goods then his truck will leave then she will get a parking space. Tommy teased Alice of not having customers. Alice chopped the apple and made a treat for the customers but they didn’t like it. Raymond laughed and told Eliza that the fruits have expired. Eliza confronted Mr. Law on selling her bad fruits. Mr. Law told Eliza that she wanted something delivered early so he suggested her US apple. If there were three items, she would also sell US apples. She couldn’t sell because she doesn’t know how to sell them. She can only blame herself. Alice told Mr. Law that Eliza should blame herself for being naive. She thought no one would fool her and he would give her advices. Alice told Mr. Law if he wants to make money then don’t lie again. She’s watching him. Mr.Law recognized Alice as an actress and said he loves her movies and she acted so well in Lingering Love. Alice said she had small screentime in that movie and only died once. Mr.Law said he still remember that gaze. Alice high five Mr. Law and thanked him. Mr. Law asked Alice for an autograph. Alice walked with Eliza on the street and asked her if she looks like a superstar. Alice told Eliza she should have come with her last time to talk to Mr. Law then he wouldn’t have sell her bad fruits. Eliza told Alice now that Mr. Law promised to give them good fruits and they have achieved something.

Alice told Eliza to quote her name in the future, she appeared in top stations and have many fans. Eliza asked Alice if she wanted to keep a low profile. Alice told Eliza she wanted to keep a low profile but fame can’t hold her back. Alice told Eliza she can promote her store by letting customers buy five hundred cans and receiving an autograph and when they buy one thousand cans, they can take a picture with her.

The workers made a rally in front of the fruit market. Matt’s father told them to go back to work or he will send them home. Matt argues with his father to give employee protection. Matt told his father that Uncle Kwong worked for years and didn’t receive compensation. Matt’s father said the workers didn’t complain before and Matt only cause trouble. Matt’s father told the workers to either work or leave. Matt’s father wants to call the police. At the bar, Raymond consoled Matt that his father won’t change and if he changes the policy, the others in the fruit market won’t.

Matt and Raymond drank water. Crystal told them that she didn’t want them to drink without paying. Brother Kent came in the bar and ordered a whiskey. Brother Kent offer to buy Crystal dinner tonight. He gave her eighty dollars then more dollars. Crystal rejected and told him to drink his wine. She has an appointment with someone else tonight. Matt Yeung and Crystal walked out of the bar in different direction. Brother Kent drove his car and followed her. Crystal hangs on to Matt and said she’s hungry and wants to order Japanese Food.

Crystal ordered many food. Matt asked her why she ordered many food since he isn’t hungry. Matt was about to try it but Crystal stopped him and said she she thought he wasn’t hungry then she told him to go ahead and eat. Matt asked Crystal who is that guy. Crystal said Brother Kent is a gangster in Yau Ma Tei and they called him Black Dragon. Matt said he heard of him and Bong used to arrest him. Crystal said Brother Kent was a young gangster and then climbed up. Now he takes over the gang. Matt said he doesn’t think Brother Kent wants to take over the gang but he wants her. She better be careful when he’s not around. Crystal said Brother Kent thinks he’s a black dragon but people think he’s a worm only. Matt told Crystal he doesn’t care he will stick with her whether Brother Kent is a black dragon or a worm. Crystal told Matt to see if she can manage sticking with her. The workers carried the boxes of fruit and said they will receive labor insurance.

Alice told Tommy if he wants to keep the staff, he should make them feel comfortable. Eliza told Raymond and Tommy that Mr.Law saved the Snow Rabbit for Alice’s specialty. Raymond asked Alice how she got it. Alice told Tommy she will give him a discount of thirty percent if he buys fro m her. Matt’s dad yelled at Matt for adding labor insurance. Karmen showed a dish of prawns to her dad. Brother Kent went to Matt’s father office and offer to help his business. Brother Kent’s gang fought with Raymond and the workers. Eliza got stabbed and fainted.