My Favorite Asian Food and Drinks in Dallas

A fan asked me to write a blog post about my favorite asian food restaurant and drink in Dallas so I decided to post my favorite asian places to eat and drink. Beside watching dramas, I also love to go out and eat and dine a lot. I hope this will be helpful to you who comes to Dallas, TX:)

Hard to pick my favorite sushi places since they are mostly good but my most favorite sushi places I found the most tasty is Fujiyama and Hibachi sushi restaurants.

Fujiyama Sushi & Yakitori Bar

I nominate this Japanese Restaurant as the best restaurant in Dallas. Everything of it taste good from sushi to Udon to fried rice. I went to many sushi restaurant, and thought they were the best until I went to this one. The chef greets the customers and welcome them. Food are more than enough which is a plus. But the place is kinda small though.


Visit their website Fujiyama

Hibachi and Masu Sushi bar: Seriously I was attracted to two handsome Japanese servers the first time I went there but that doesn’t count. Good looking waiters and tasty sushi though it’s kinda expensive.

Visit their website: Hibachi and Masu Sushi

Little Sheep Mongolian Hotpot:
Best and favorite Hotpot place.


Visit their website Little Sheep Mongolian

Fat Straws: Drank Bubble tea from many different places but Fat Straws still beats other places. Best Bubble Tea Place in Texas especially the Classic Milk Tea. I also like their smoothies and slushes. Staff are very friendly and fast paced. You’ll get your drinks in about 5 seconds.


Visit their Website Fat Straws

Yao Fuzi: Best Chinese restaurant so far despite there are many other good Chinese restaurants too. A bit Americanized but still good. It has tasty Stir fried noodle, fried rice, soft shell crab. It would be a good place for Dramafever to host an event too since the taste suits Americans more than Native Asian.


Visit their website Yao Fuzi

Sichuanese Cuisine: Very cheap lunch and dinner and really good too. I dig the spicy crispy fish. I would recommend this spicy restaurant if you want a real asian restaurant.

Visit their websiteSichuanese Cuisine

Coconut Thai Grill: Good Service; Tasty Curry and desserts.


Visit their website: Coconut Thai Grill

Unfortunately I haven’t found a favorite Vietnamese or Korean Restaurant yet but I’ll list them if I visited one I really like. There are lots of decent restaurants but only a few are my favorite. This is it for now.