Experience of being asian observation!

I always felt I was a lucky asian girl. The asians always wanted to be my friend seeing I was asian.

So in high school is where I started to notice there were many different high school asian cliques. When I was a freshman in high school. The American Asians wanted to be my friend and get to know me and wanted me to join their clique. I had no clique and just hang out with anyone I feel comfortable with. There was one main asian guy (Chinese) who hang out with many asians and pretty much into asian. He was a junior and he looked at me whenever he sees me. He tell his girlfriends (Asians, we’re all asians). During lunch, he and his two guy friends came up to me and asked me “Hey What’s your name?”. Some of my non-asian acquaintance would ask him “Hey are you guys harassing her?”. He was teasing me. Some of the asians would tell me “I do not like them. Some of them are very cool and everything but some of them are annoying that I want to beat them up”.

I saw the non-asian would cringe seeing a large group of asians.

There was this FOB viet guy who spoke Vietnamese and just migrated from Vietnam. He told me that those Asian American don’t know much of their native language. He was singing the theme song of Perish in the name of Love and we chat a bit about tvb series.

I had a huge crush on a whitewashed Vietnamese guy but he turns out to be gay but I was in denial. He didn’t like the asians. The asian american clique asked me “Why do you like him? He’s rude”. There was another vietnamese guy who is not whitewashed but fell in love with me. He was so shy that he couldn’t talk to me. I always had to come up to him and talk to him. But his parents didn’t let him date. So we just stay friends.

There were always several asians who started at me who wanted to be my friends and talk to me in high shool and college.

Even in the drama blogging world and on twitter: Asian Foodies and Asian Drama Bloggers (who are asians) wanted to be my friend. Yeah I got some privilege of being asian.

❤ Jac

HK/CDRAMAS Chinese Emperors

Let’s enjoy fangirling and looking at the handsome emperors in their outfits.

Emperor Kangxi in Duke of Mt.Deer 98


Emperor Qianlong in War and Remembrance


Emperor Qianlong in Happy Ever After


Emperor Zhu Yun in My Bratty Princess


Emperor Zheng De in Smart Kid


Any cdrama/hkdrama or drama emperor you guys enjoy watching in their emperor outfits?

Legendary Siblings episode 5 recap

Xiao You Er fought with the girl and told her they can’t fight anymore or they will have asthma. Xiao You Er told the girl Tie Xilan there’s this martial art that if she walked more than seven steps she will die. Xiao You Er said he learned this move from the sect. Tie Xilan told Xiao You Er if she thinks he can trick her then it is his biggest mistake. Xiao You Er asked the girl if she’s hurt on her left of her waist. It is a symptom. Tie Xilan touched and fell down. Xiao You Er told Tie Xilan he doesn’t know the martial art but she was stupid for frozen herself. But she will be unfrozen in one hour. A servant told Tie Xilan that some people came in the restaurant and wanted to take her. Jimmy unfroze Tie Xilan.

Tie Xilan fought with the assassins. Xang Jing beat up the assassins with the rope. Xang Jing tied up Tie Xilan and asked her to return he r stuff. Xiao You Er took Tie Xie Lan away. Xiao You Er told XiLan that Zhang Jing is cocky and he should call her a demon. Xilan told Xiao You Er to be careful of her. Xiao You Er asked Xilan to show him her treasure. Xilan asked Xiao You Er a few questions about the sect and the sect leader. Xilan told Xiao You Er she doesn’t have any object. The object is in her close friend.

Xilan pours water from the well and put some sleeping powder. Xiao You Er told her he’s going to give it to some animal. Xiao You Er pretends to drink the bowl of water and fainted. Xiao You Er told Xilan he grew up with medicine and there’s no medicine he hasn’t tasted. He switched the bowl of water. Xiao You Er searched for Xilan’s body. Xiao You Er told Xiang Jing to save Xilan. Xiao You Er called Xiang Jing pretty. Xiang Jing checked up Xilan’s body. Xiao You Er froze Xiang Jing. Xiao You Er kissed Xiang Jing on the cheek. Xiao You Er told Xiang Jing he wouldn’t want her if she went into him. Xiao You Er carried Xilan.


Xiao You Er asked Xi Lan why didn’t she tell him she’s a girl then he wouldn’t search her body. Xiao You Er told Xilan she has no choice but to marry him. Xilan pointed a sword at Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er teased Xilan while does she has to kill him, if she doesn’t want to marry him. Xiao You Er told Xilan she can marry someone else, he hate girls. Xiao You Er told Xilan he hopes she tells other guys to never save a girl because she will rebel against him. Xiao You Er told Xilan to kill him. He would be happy dying under her arm. Xiao You Er to his horse never rescue a girl or she’ll use her sword on him. The horse left. Xilan told Xiao You Er she knows he didn’t meant to harass her. Xilan told Xiao You Er to take her to the sect. Xilan told Xiao You Er she wants to find her lost father. Xiao You Er bids farewell to Xilan. Xilan bled and fainted. Xiao You Er asked his horse if he thinks Xilan will chase him. Xilan rode his rose returning to search for Xilan. Xiao You Er found Xilan. Xilan told Xiao You Er to ignore her and let her die.


Xiao You Er brought Xilan to the hotel. The hotel owner let a customer rent the last room leaving Xiao You Er wiht no room. Xiao You Er told the customers whoever leaves he will give them a golden leaf. The hotel owner let Xiao You Er choose a room. Xilan watches Xiao You Er making medicine for her. Xiao You Er poured medicine for Xiao You and said he learned about medicine from a doctor from his sect. Xiao You Er told Xilan she threw away her shoes. Xilan told Xiao You Er the shoes contain her object. Xiao You Er told Xilan that it’s just a piece of paper. Xilan told Xiao You Er the piece of paper is a map of treasure. Xilan told Xiao You Er to keep the map for her. Xiao You Er gave Xilan a rock for memories.


A servant called Xiao You Er and Xilan husband and wife. Xiao You Er pushed Xilan and said she won’t have this deed. Xiao You Er carried Xilan upstairs. Xiao YoU Er went downstairs and saw Hua Wu Que. Zhang Jing searches for Xilan. Xiao You Er disguises into an elder man bumping into Zhang Jing. Xiao You Er claimed he needs to go to the toilet and said he got used to go to the toilet on the other side of the road. Xiao You Er ran. Xilan chases him. Hua Wu Que walks and thinks. Hua Wu Que speaks to Xilan and asked her if she was with an elder man in disguise. Xiao You Er watches Hua Wu Que giving Xilan a bowl of water. Xilan worries about Xiao You Er injured by Zhang Jing. Hua Wu Que also wants to see Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er eavesdrop on them and said women are so fickle, he only been away one hour and Xilan already left with another handsome guy. Xiao You Er said it’s good since he is free. But he feels so frustrated but just hungry.


Rural Hero episode 15 recap

Roger pulled Fiona’s sister up from the ceiling. Jackie suggests Fiona’s mother to take her daughter to the lunatic hospital. Fiona’s mother sighed that her daugher got crazy due to studying too much. Fiona’s sister stayed in the lunatic hospital. Roger’s friend yelled at Roger’s stepbrother for harrassing Fiona’s sister. Roger’s friend teased Roger that Poon cares for him. Roger’s stepmother pray for her son after putting the fish in the sea. The villagers blamed Roger’s parents for not educating their son. Fiona’s mother told Jessica that her father was right, her daughter is already ill anyway. Roger’s stepmother told the ladyboss she shouldn’t have told Jackie stuff so he wouldn’t have gotten mad at his father. The ladyboss giggled seeing Jessica and Jackie arguing like a couple. Jessica and Jackie looked at the ladyboss photo portrait and asked her about it.


A member got beaten up by his triad brother for wanting to leave. The triad brother put a tattoo on the member and shot the tattoo artist. The triad member called someone and pretended to tell his brother he likes the squid dish. the triad member met with his brother and felt dizzy. The triad brother tied up his member and burnt him and other people will assume is him and is dead. The cops barged in the warehouse and found the body and assumed the triad brother is dead. Jackie is happy to return back to his post. Jessica found out from Roger that Jackie is returning to HK. Jessica confronted Jackie about leaving without telling him. Jackie told Jessica he haven’t alerted his boss nor confirmed his leave. Jackie teased Jessica about worrying about him. Roger told Jessica he doesn’t mind if he is dating Jackie. Jessica told Roger that she is pretty and she’s not worry about finding a boyfriend. Jessica asked Roger if there’s any girl that he likes.

Jackie’s boss told Jackie that his superintendent has a new subordinate so it’s hard for him to return. Jessica asked Jackie to help her for this journalist project. Jackie pretends to be mute and ask for help and only three people helped him. Jessica told Jackie sometimes if people are happy, they are happy too. Sometimes she finds him spiteful, but he is still a good person. Jessica’s mother asked Jessica if she has fallen for Jackie since she kept his sweater. Jackie overheard Jessica told her mother she rather tease him right now than telling him. Jackie smiled hearing Jessica said she was happy for him wanting for returning back to his post.Jackie asked the ladyboss what would she do if she found out his close friend fell for him. The ladyboss knows is Jessica and told Jackie that it depends if he has a good impression of her. The ladyboss told Jackie if he didn’t fell for Jessica, he wouldn’t be so frustrated. Jackie and Jessica helped the ladyboss fund opening her new restaurant and suggested her to open a BBQ restaurant.



Poon’s sister managed to use her chopstick to pick up food. The triad brother followed Poon and her sister. The triad brother paid the rent for the flat near Poon. The villager introduced the triad brother to Poon. The triad waved at Poon’s sister and she didn’t have any reaction. Jessica is not optimist about keeping her journalist job. The triad saw Jackie and Poon, Jackie and Jessica. The triad ordered his brother to kill Poon’s sister and spy on Jackie.


Personal Drama Blog reflection

I had to think why I am so dedicated to asian dramas and wuxia.

So I grew up watching many wuxia and tvb series thanks to my parents. I watched asian dramas since I was eight in Viet dubbed. Justice Bao 1993 is my first asian drama with Zhan Zhao, the royal fourth bodyguard as my idol. My parents wanted me to know more vietnamese anyway. My parents could tell that I was more addicted to asian dramas than my other siblings. I would have thought it is part of my personality that I enjoy watching asian dramas a lot. So I was born in Montreal, Canada, my grandma used to buy me Haw Flakes, preserved plum, and dried plum. My grandma used to take me and my sister to the subway in Canada. So I was bilingual Vietnamese and French back then. My family and I moved to America when I was 10 and I had to learn English. English is my third language.

My first experience of being bullied was in American Elementary School. And even more bullying in middle school. I start to rely more and more on my asian dramas to make me happy. Thanks to wuxia series or I won’t be who I am today. So I chat with a few tvb fans and admins on myspace in 2007. I guest blog to one of my tvb blogger buddies Justtvb blog. Then I created a TVB facebok fanpage called TVB Fanatics Club with 5000 fans but it got deleted. Then a tvb fan recommended me some kdramas My Girl, Full House, and You’re Beautiful in 2011 to watch. My first kdrama was Gong 2005 which my aunt sent me the dvds but I didn’t like it and thought it was boring. I found DramaFever through watching My Girl. I started to get into more kdramas and became connected to DramaFever as I actively commented on their facebook fanpage. I decided to create a drama blog about TVB and Korean Dramas in May 2012 and created my twitter then got to connect with more tvb bloggers and some kdrama bloggers from DramaFever. DramaFever followed me the first week I created my twitter. I then got to connect with more drama bloggers and fans as I do drama recaps.

My sister and some drama fans suggested me in creating a drama blog and be a drama blog cause they think I’m a potential drama blogger. As I drama blog, I got to be affiliates with awesome drama bloggers. Sometimes my sister is not sure why I’m so dedicated to my asian dramas. I think it’s part of my personality that I’m dedicated to something and being bullied also did pushed me into watching more asian dramas. Heck yeah, due to my loyal personality, I got awesome drama blogger friends and followers and my love for wuxia and asian dramas.

Doing drama recaps makes me happy and it’s part of my life and an escape from reality. As a blog more, some fans checked my blog due to some wuxia series and requested me to do more wuxia series so I decided to blog more wuxia. I’m very dedicated to my drama blog and asian dramas. Asian Media went down but I do need to watch some asian dramas from time to time to relieve my stress.

I personally don’t really care about hits or followers cause I treat this as my personal blog since asian dramas is part of my life but it’s nice to know some wuxia fans and bloggers.

There are still amazing wuxia series I haven’t yet to watch and want to cover. This blog is not going to end yet. I’m currently in love with Wuxia Legendary Siblings 1999 with Eye Cnady Jimmy Lin and Alec Su. Some things some fans noticed about me that I mostly always rewatch old and watch old dramas and I’m not onto Historical Dramas.

❤ Jac.

Smart Kid episode 30 recap (End)

Nie Yuan told Dicky he’s thinking of how to deal with Shen Xiao Hai. He’s a good emperor. If he’s good to the people, they will be loyal to him. Shen Xiao Hai’s maid fought with Nie Yuan’s guard as Dicky leads him. Dicky got injured. Nie Yuan teased Dicky to rest and fight with Li Bing Bing. People spread rumors Dicky is the previous majesty son. Shen Xiao Hai killed the messenger and died. Nie Yuan told the eunuch, the more he’s anxious, the more people will believe it’s the truth. The official discuss about Dicky and Nie Yuan going to fight for the throne. The monk told Dicky that there’s a rumor that he wants to steal the throne. Dicky said he doesn’t have the motive. Li Bing Bing said all it matters is what others think. Dicky said Nie Yuan doesn’t believe it. Nie Yuan sent an edict inviting Dicky for diner.


Nie Yuan told the eunuch to bring the wine of death. Feng Jie came and asked Nie Yuan if he planned to sentenced Dicky to death. Is the reign more important than his brother. Dicky’s his teacher, and without him he wouldn’t have confidence and have been killed. She feels really hurt why he became arrogant. Nie Yuan said he’s more hurt. Being a king is not easy. He’s an emperor, he can’t make a misstep. Sometimes being nice can be a setback. He has to sacrifice some people for the world. Feng Jie cried and told Nie Yuan she rather take his old self though he wasn’t confident but has conscience. Flashbacks of Dicky and Nie Yuan.


Feng Jie’s maid sent Dicky a letter to leave the palace with Li Bing Bing. Dicky persist to go to the palace. Dicky told Li Bing Bing he loves her and she should wait for him. Dicky eat and drink with Nie Yuan. Nie Yuan gave Dicky a drink and told him he can build a temple for him to rest but he must promise him to not leave the palace. Dicky said he’s a fish and will die if he will stay in one place. He rather go outside. Nie Yuan told Dicky the more he owes him, he has to get rid of him. if he lets him stay here, then he will always accept his favors. He is the majesty and can’t do it. The majesty handed him the throne because he would do a god job. Nie Yuan said he has to make a choice and promised he will be a good majesty. Dicky drinks with Nie Yuan. Dicky got drowsy and wakes up. Nie Yuan apologized that he already threw the poisonous wine before he arrived. Killing him makes him a good emperor but doesn’t make him a human. Dicky couldn’t believe he won the gamble. But Nie Yuan keeping him here is dangerous because he can threaten him. Nie Yuan said he doesn’t regret because he doesn’t want to do anything he will regret. Dicky told Nie Yuan it is not fated to be an emperor because he knows he doesn’t like to fight. Dicky said he can’t be an emperor because he is emotional. Dicky bids farewell to Nie Yuan. Feng Jie hugged Nie Yuan and said she’s really happy. She thought if she made mistake for Dicky, she will suicide. Feng Jie hugged Nie Yuan. Li Bing Bing hugged Dicky and said he’s so evil.



Twenty years later, the scholars reunite at school. Da Guan gave each other a pear. Dicky returned to school and told them to teach the tough female scholars. The female scholars threw paint at the scholars. Dicky laughed that he revenged them. The scholar chased Dicky and Li Bing Bing. Dicky and Li Bing Bing run.


Elements that makes XianXia entertaining to watch!

1. Pearl: The pearl that everyone is fighting for to have energy or be the most powerful.

2. Mythical Creature: Dragons, Parrot, Serpent, Turtle, Foxes.

3. Power: It is fun that each characters have different set magical powers. It’s fun to see characters transforming objects into gold.

4. Fantasy: Though I’m against of having too much cgi; sometimes cgi can be good or make it fun depending on how or where it is used. CGI on sword and transformation and on the mythical creatures makes it fun to feel the power when fighting. Example, cgi on the sword of Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber and Xiao Shiyi Lang.

So for you guys, what elements in XianXia (Fantasy Martial Art) makes it entertaining to watch compared to Wuxia?

Legendary Siblings episode 4 recap

The four members went in the prison and saw NanTian. The doctor laughed that he successfully turned NanTian into a creature. The doctor asked NanTian why didn’t he kill them. NanTian said he has regain his memory long time ago but he hasn’t successfully practice this martial art. Jimmy asked the female sect member who is the strongest out of the four members. The four members meet up with Xiao You Er during the night. Xiao You Er said the monk is the strongest out of the four members. A member held a hammer and said he can use the hammer to kill them. Xiao You Er laughed at the four fighting and have diarrhea and said now they know who has the strongest abilities. The members plan to drive Xiao You Er away.

The four members cooked food for Xiao You Er. The member told Xiao You Er they served him food to farewell him. The members celebrated Xiao You Er leaving to town. Xiao You Er drinks and said he can’t bear to leave them. Xiao You Er asked the members to give him one object. Xiao You Er told the members to take off their clothes. He took their weapons.


Hua Wu Que wakes up and has a dream of him and Xiao You Er they have to kill each other. NanTian gave Xiao You Er a jade. YaoYu ordered Hua Wu Que. to go to town and kill Xiao You Er. The maid told Hua Wu Que that her family is poor and has to sell daughters. Yuenue told Hua Wu Que to be careful. Hua Wu Que asked Yuenue why does he has to kill Hua Wu Que. Yuenue said she prefers not to tell him nor let him know the reason. Hua Wu Que watches two ladies fight and interrupted. The lady confronted Hua Wu Que of using dirty martial arts from his master. The lady told Hua Wu Que to do three things for her. First he has to stand in one leg and have many people push him down. Hua Wue Que caused the people to fall down while standing in one leg. The second thing is he has to bring him a bowl of rice without using his feet but the rice has to be hot. Hua Wu Que fly and give her a bowl of rice. The third thing is he has to enter a house that is close and he can’t touch anything in it. Hua Wu Que asked someone to open the door for him. The other lady opened the door. The lady promises to forgive the other lady this time.


A lady ask around where is the sect located. The lady followed Xiao You Er and looked at him conning other stall owners for a reduced price. Xiao You Er walk in town and bought a horse with his gold and pearl necklace while dealing with the owner for a reduced price. In the restaurant, the people brought treasures for Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er said he worries the sum he gives them will be too small. Xiao You Er gave them a silver. Xiao You Er told them he is from the sect. Xiao You Er fought with the store owners. Xiao You Er happily walked in the woods with his bag of treasures he receive and threw them on the ground and about to take a bath. The lady asked Xiao You Er why did he threw away his treausres. Xiao You Er said those store owners want to sell fake jewleries so he con them back. Xiao You Er told the lady someone will pick up the treasure and will be happy. It makes him happy seeing the innocent people picking up. If the bad guys pick up, they will fight with each other. Xiao You Er teased the lady for following him because she fell for him. The lady wants Xiao You Er to bow to him as her disciple. Xiao You Er fought with the lady.


Smart Kid episode 29 recap

The monk told Nie Yuan that Dicky won’t fight with him for the throne which is why he decided to leave the palace. Nie Yuan visits Dicky. Dicky asked Nie Yuan to not call him his bro. Nie Yuan rather give the reign to Dicky. Dicky said this world belong to Nie Yuan and whoever tries to rebel against, him he will go against that person. Nie Yuan said whoever hurt Dicky, he will get rid of him. Dicky said his parents die and now all of a sudden he found out his brother is a king. He doesn’t want to fight with his brother. He never had a situation where h should runaway. He just wants to be a normal person. Dicky left. Dicky and Li Bing Bing saw Shen Xiao Hai’s troop coming. Li Bing Bing tried to persuade Dicky to come back. Dicky told Li Bing Bing he wants to kiss her. Dicky kisses Li Bing Bing. Dicky kissed Li Bing Bing again and said they will return.


Dicky sneaked in the sedan chair and told Nie Yuan he has to rebel against Shen Xiao Hai. Shen Xiao Hai told his servant that tonight is a long night. Dicky told Nie Yuan he knows who murdered the prince but he must have evidence. Dicky pick up a butterfly bracelet on the floor for Li Bing Bing. Dicky told the magistrate he believes the maid shot at the prince. Dicky find it strange that when the prince died, he closed his hand. Shen Xiao Hai gets ready to attack. Nie Yuan held Feng Jie’s hand and told him to wait for him. Feng Jie told Nie Yuan even if he’s a king or a commoner, dead or alive she will still follow him and won’t part him. Li Bing Bing served Dicky some tea and accidentally spilled and said it is lucky that the tea didn’t have the smell. Dicky thought of an idea of how to deal with the war.


Shen Xiao Hai and the guards forced Nie Yuan to take down the throne. Nie Yuan said he needs more time to find the murderer. Shen Xiao Hai asked Nie Yuan to give up his throne. Dicky told the prince’s guard he found out who killed the prince’s brother and that’s the dog. Dicky showed the black blood on the prince’s shirt. Dicky used water and ink on the prince’s shirt. Dicky said that when the prince got shot his blood was black instead of red which means that he died before he got shot. Dicky showed the prince’s brother the finger of the prince that got poisoned. Someone has put poison in the harp and the prince played the harp. Dicky said the murderer is even worse than the dog since he is not loyal to his owner. Dicky said the murderer is the person who can visit the prince. Nie Yuan and the troops called the prince’s brother. Dicky put his leg on the prince’s brother and said the plan was created by Shen Xiao Hai. Dicky kicked the sword on the prince’s brother. Nie Yuan and Drink arrived in front of Shen Xiao Hai and accused him of rebel. Shen Xiao Hai laughed that he has many troops and ordered the troops to fight The scholars came and sat in front of the troops and said they support Nie Yuan. The monks arrived and sat and refused to have a war. Dicky told the troops they want to be a hero in front of their children. They don’t want to kill the majesty and kill innocent people that don’t have power. Dicky asked the troops to kill everyone here so they can be promoted. The troops and Shen Xiao Hai surrender.


The other king settled with Nie Yuan. Dicky visits Shen Xiao Hai and said he admires him for being confident in jail. Shen Xiao Hai said his plan was good but he couldn’t understand why would Dicky help Nie Yuan. Withe Dicky’s intelligence he can go against Shen Xiao Hai one on one. Shen Xiao Hai doesn’t understand why would Dicky sacrifice himself. Dicky told Shen Xiao Hai he fail because he doesn’t have conscience and doesn’t care for his troop. Shen Xiao Hai said there are two kinds of people. One who is smart and controls other and one who is dumb and is a servers. If he had another chance, he won’t lose. Dicky told Shen Xiao Hai he will lose again if there’s another chance because he doesn’t have conscience. Shen Xiao Hai told Dicky that it is good to have a strong enemy like him. Dicky told Shne Xiao Hai to not think they are friends; he killed his mother. Shen Xiao Hai asked Dicky if he will leave. Shen Xiao Hai told Dicky to leave as far as possible. He is very emotional and he doesn’t have confidence to defeat him. Dicky told Shen Xiao Hai he will visit him when he is free.

The maid told Li Bing Bing she enjoys solving riddle with Dicky and she told her all his good qualities. Dicky got mad. The magistrate’s son told Dicky that Shen Xiao Hai died in the cellar. Dicky is anxious doubt the death of the confidence Shen Xiao Hai. Nie Yuan looked at his majesty chair. Nie Yuan heard the farmers gossiped that Shen Xiao Hai farmed faster than him but Nie Yuan is a good emperor.


Legendary Siblings episode 3 recap

The member gave the kid a sword and said if he doesn’t kill others, others will kill him. The member put the boy in a room withe a wild animal and told him to kill it with a knife or it will kill him. The boy woke up from his nightmare and hugged Lian Xing. The doctor rubbed the medicine on the boy. The boy hugged the other sect member. Yao Yue pushed the boy and told him to practice martial arts. The boy confidently said he will practice martial arts. Yao Yue transferred energy to the boy and he bled. Lian Xiang said if she hate him so much, she should kill her. Lian Xiang was about to kill the boy. Yao Yu said she doesn’t want to kill him but only want to teach him.


Yao Yue looked in the mirror and thought of Yan Natian. Yao Yu wrote a word on her arm using a knife. The doctor transferred energy for NanTian and grived he couldn’t heal hm. A woman wearing the mask and barged in the house. Zhang Jing appears. Yao Yu appears and touched NanTian’s hand and said he can’t die. If he dies, he has to die under her hand. Yao Yue put the boy and breathe on him on the rock and hopes he revenge for his parents and learn martial arts from Yan NanTian. The boy wakes up from the nightmare.

The boy wakes up as Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er ate an apple and teased a guy of afraid of his master. Xiao You Er told the guy to give him his bag of treasures of he wants to let him go. The guy pull out his sword Xiao You Er told the guy he can have it. The guy freely gave Xiao You Er the treasure. Hua Wu Que thought of his dream meeting his twin. Yao Yu yelled at Hua Wu Que to not daydreaming while practicing swordfights; and if it happens again next time she will kill him. Hua Wu Que told Lian Xing he got distracted by a weird dream. Xiao You Er asked the doctor if there’s that kind of guy. He had a dream of a masked woman told him to find Yan NianTian to revenge for his parents.


The doctor pours a bowl of medicine to Yan NianTian and asked him who is the person in the mask. Xiao You Er eavesdrop in the prison and asked the doctor what’s in there. The doctor said there’s only medicine. Xiao You Er sneaked in the prison and waved at NanTian. The members requested the doctor to let him see NanTian. A member told the doctor he will be happy once he sees his patient in the prison. The doctor took the members to see NanTian The members looked at NanTian. A monk member wants to kill him. The doctor said it’s useless for him to kill NanTian since he is paralyzed anyway. The female sect member said The doctor tried to cure NanTian for seventeen years.


NanTian asked the doctor when will he give up. The doctor told the members he can turn NanTian into an animal in three years. Xiao You Er got out of the bathub and asked the doctor who is NanTian. The doctor told Siao You Er he’s testing his medicine on NanTian. If he successfully heal him then he will become the most powerful martial artist. Xiao You Er asked a man to bow to him three times and give him his sword. Xiao You Er fought with the man. Xiao You Er told the man’s brother that the man gave him this sword to him. The man’s brother told the man he can’t bug Xiao You Er or he’ll die in three days. Ever since NanTian brought Xiao You Er to this village, no one has the luck. The member killed the man and warned the brother that no one is allowed to mention about NanTian and the boy. The member killed the man’s brother.


The doctor took Xiao You Er to see NanTian. Xiao You Er asked the doctor who is NanTian and his identity. The doctor told Xiao You Er about his identity and Yao You has a grudge on Yan NanTian. Xiao You Er practices martial arts and sighed to the member about his parent’s death. The doctor told the member that it’s not impossible to heal NanTian but just out of his skill. The doctor told Xiao You Er that the person with a mask gave him the medicine to heal NanTian. Xiao You Er visits NanTian and encouraged him to stand up. Xiao You Er promised to come to the flower palace to kill Yao Yue. NanTian unexpectedly wake up. The members eat and went to the prison and asked the doctor to unlock since they have to take NanTian out.