Doll House Review

Doll House is another Korean Web Series co-produced by Dramafever besides Love Cell. It’s a mystery thriller with lots of loophole since the plot is so mini.

The series is about a professor teaching orphans. The orphans come in his mysterious house located in the forest, and every girl who comes in are not able to get out. Freaky Huh?

– The series starts with the main girl character Young Hee (Sun Joo Ah) arriving at the professor’s home. The maid asked her to dressed in her school uniform. With curiousity, she walked down the basement and saw some farewell comments from some of the orphan girls who previously came into the house and died.

-The maid has a new girl impersonating the professor’s daughter (whom died beside her mother) whenever the old girl is no use. The professor’s wife turned crazy. The maid gives the professor’s wife some drug to keep her in hallucination state. The maid and her husband and her son Byung Tae (Jung Hee Chul) collaborate with each other to con the professor’s money. At times Byung Tae asked his mother not use Young Hee and his father due to his morals. Byung Tae is semi evil. He is on his mother’s side but always conflicted with what’s right and wrong.

-In the end of the series, Byung Tae even helped her mother to lure Young Hee to her death.

-If this series could elaborate more on the professor and the family’s background, the plot would be more clear. But I guess the writer wants the family to stay mysterious. Perhaps someday a female orphan could escape from this mysterious house. It’s a mysterious family in a haunted house. haha.

For acting, Byung Tae and the maid has the most outstanding acting. They really do make me scared with their looks.

Rating: Decent series but could be better.

Doll House episode 10 to 12 recap

The maid grabbed Young Hee in time and took Soo Jung’s mother and her back in the house. The girl told the maid she’s even scarier than Soo Jung’s mother. Soo Jung wakes up and ran away as the man is about to bury her. The professor told the man he known him for a long time but he made too many mistakes. He asked him to be good to his wife. Young Hee read a book to Soo Jung’s mother, then saw the maid and ran upstairs to the room. Young Hee ran into the woods and saw the girl impersonating the professor’s daughter. The girl told Young Hee she wants to die next to her mom. Young Hee told the girl that her mother won’t recognize her. The girl recalled her nightmare of being kidnapped in the house. As the maid gave a drug to Soo Jung’s mother, Byung Ta approached her and pointed a knife toward her neck. Byung Ta told the maid that she is using his father for money. The maid told Byung Ta she didn’t use his father’s love though. The professor knocked Byung Ta down. Buyng Ta’s father killed the fake Soo Jung and bury her. Byun Ta told Young Hee to walk through the back door and follow the marks in the forest to the escape path. Young Hee looked at the tree with the marks on the right side and the tree without the marks on the left side and followed the tree without the marks. She encountered the professor. Young Hee begged the professor to spare her and let her go. The professor told Young Hee that for all the sins he committed with the girls, he will pay back in the house. “You can go back to your room Soo Jung. I’m sorry, it’s not time yet.”. Byung Ta’s father walked by Young Hee and she got freaked out and jumped down the cliff. Byung Tae holds the flashlights and waits for a new girl. A new girl arrived at the creepy house impersonating as Soo Jung, the professor’s daughter. They cycle repeats.


The End!

Doll House episode 7 to 9 recap

Korean Movies and dramas keep on airing on MNET Channel. I’m ready to continue recapping more kdramas while watching it on Dramafever. 🙂


The maid asked Young Hee to keep impersonating Soo Jung, the professor’s daughter if she wants to live a rich life. Young Hee sneaks down to Soo Jung’s room. She saw Soo Jung’s uniform. She looked around the boxes and saw the fake Soo Jung being tied up. Young Hee reads the diary. The fake Soo Jung refuses to leave with Young Hee. Soo Jung asked Young Hee to do what she says. Young Hee ate breakfast with the professor and Soo Jung’s mom. Young Hee took Soo Jung’s mom to the plain for walk but a man grabbed Soo Jung away. Soo Jung’s mother recognized her daughter.

Doll House episode 4 to 6 recap

The maid told Young Hee that she can go to her room. The professor will come tomorrow. Byung Tae asked his mom to leave Young Hee alone. A girl impersonated the professor’s daughter and ate with the professor. Young Hee’s mother stared at the girl and recognized she is not her daughter. Young Hee had a nightmare of seeing the dead body of a girl. The girl promised the maid she will do a better job next time impersonating the professor’s daughter. Young Hee told the maid she saw the professor walking outside. The maid denied and said she had an illusion and she gave her a glass of orange juice. Byung Ta returned to his room and saw Young Hee fainting. In the dark and hollow hallway, the maid took the tape off the professor’s daughter’s mouth. The professor’s wife hugged the girl. The maid took the professor’s wife to Soo Jung’s room looking after the girl. Soo Jung’s mother was about to go to the study room. The girl who impersonated Soo Jung got tied up in a room. Young Hee woke up and looked in the mirror and saw her hair in a mess. The maid told Young Hee there was a girl (Soo Jung) whom was seventeen who die in front of her mother. Soo Jung’s mother has a trauma looking for her daughter. Now she can reborn as Soo Jung. A shadow of a person arrived close to the girl impersonating Soo Jung.


Doll House episode 1 to 3 write up

Saw this drama pop up on Dramafever and decided to give it a try. It’s about a girl Young Hee entering the mysterious mansion and met some people without knowing their identities. She tried to leave the mansion but it’s hard.

This series starts with Young Hee arrived at her professor’s mansion back from school. Dressed in her uniform, she saw a white line on her desk “The Beauty was here”. A strange noises played outside the room. She cried and screamed. Byung Tae cover her mouth and walked out with her. The maid asked Young Hee to go back to her room. Young Hee walked around the hall and met Soo Jung, which is the professor’s daughter in front of her room. Young Hee saw the clock ticking and a line saying “It’s always Christmas on the basement.” Young Hee walked down the basement and saw the maid. The professor tried to calm Soo Jung’s mother who is crazily wants to see her daughter and slapped the maid. Byung Tae showed a map to Young Hee in the forest. Young Hee asked Byung Tae what was he whispering to the maid about. He asked “You mean my mom?” The maid creep out and asked a man how long will she stay in that house. She’s afraid she will die before getting the money. As Young Hee about to fall, Byung Tae grabs her.