Ru Lai Shen Zhang episode 40 recap

Christopher’s master asked Sun Xing to kill the nun. The elder lady, whom Christopher and Phyllis encountered, arrived and took off her fake mustache, and apologized for mistaken him for killing his grandpa due to rumors. She admits she accused Sun Xing of stealing Ru Lai Shen Zhang novel and uses Athena’s aunt to fight against him. She said she got tricked by Chen Long’s father. She asked Sun Xing if he remembered a child who used to bring medicine to Emei Sect. Flashbacks of Chen Long’s father peeking at Athena’s aunt. Sun Xing arrived in front of Athena’s aunt and said he falls for her at first sight. Sun Xing flirted with Athena. Chen Long’s father used some wooden sticks and hit Sun Xing behind his back. The elder lady told Sun Xing that he used to criticize Chen Long’s father. Chen Long’s father is selfish and took it to heart. Chen Long’s father massaged Athena’s leg. Sun Xing pushed Chen Long’s father and called him ugly.Athena told Sun Xing she likes Chen Long’s father. Sun Xing told Chen Long’s father “Hey ugly face, Sun Ling only use you to drive me away, you better hide in the forest or I will scratch the other half of your face. You are ugly and weak, what’s the point of living. If I were you, I would die”. Christopher’s master released the two nuns and gave him a list of hundred prisoners he wanted to be released. Chilam questioned where is Athena’s father. Chen Long’s uncle said he died from aging. Sun Xing told Chilam that Chen Long’s father is selfish and couldn’t win Athena aunt’s heart so he revenged. Chen Long asked Sun Xing why does he keep on revenging instead of letting go. Christopher asked his master if the leader of Emei sect is the illegitimate daughter of Athena’s master. Liu Piao Piao arrived at Athena’s home. Athena said she came here to lead Athena to Chen Long’s place to marry Chen Long. Athena got a stomach ache. Chilam and Christopher’s master used powers on Athena to suppress the poison. Phyllis whined to Christopher that Athena is hurt because of her. Christopher told Phyllis not to waste Athena’s hard work.


Fight for Love episode 4 recap

Watching/rewatching old tvb series gives me more motivation to blog since old series are better than the current ones.

Ha Yu peeked at Aunt Nine dancing. Ha Yu told Patrick that Aunt Nine haven’t forgotten her deceased husband. Ha Yu and Patrick saw Aunt Nine walking with a man in the hotel. Ha Yu asked Patrick to roll down the stairs to test his confidence. Patrick walked down the stairs and Ha Yu saw him missing. Ha Yu tripped on a banana peel and fell down. Bowie and Sonija and their friends chased the taxi. Bowie and his friends found the taxi ahead of Sonija and her friends. The martial art teacher punished Bowie and Sonija and their friends to stand still outside in the heat for ten minutes, for arriving late. Kenny found his cd, which Ho Dan picked up, in his bag. Kenny treats two girls some beers. Boweie and Kenny went to the Disco Bar. Bowie saw Ho Dan at the bar. She told him that her band got dismissed. Bowie persuaded the staff to let Ho Dan and her band perform in the bar. The ladies room ran out of water. Sonija went to the men’s room and asked Bowie to turn off the shower. As Bowie takes a bath, Sonija turned the music on loudly. Sonija dances and told Bowie she won’t turn off the music unless he apologize. Bowie knocked on Sonija’s door and told her he turned off the water. Sonija refuses to turn down the music. The martial art teacher knocked on the door. Sonija threw a bowl of water on his face. The teacher punished Bowie and Sonija to stand in one leg for an hour. Since Bowie put his leg down, and Sonija giggled, he punished them for one extra hour. Patrick arrived at the martial art school and saw the students practicing and doubt if they are practicing the Emei or Shaolin martial arts. The teacher let Patrick stay with Bowie. Ho Dan arrives as the martial art teacher’s assistant. The teacher asked Bowie and his friends to fight with Ho Dan.


Fight for Love episode 3 recap

There’s already a few decent Mainland and Taiwanese Drama recappers but sadly not much tvb recappers. Some old tvb series such as Family Man and this is kinda hard for me to word it in english since it has many cultural contexts.


Bowie drinks Beijing tea and eat food at the restaurant with his friends.Sonija and her friends stayed in the shares the same room with the males. Tha males tries to trap a mouse. Sonjia and her friends misunderstood their conversation as raping them and they were about top throw a jar toward them. Bowie showed the business partner a CD and the CD happens to be Ho Dan song. Sonija recorded her song. The producer is displeased with Sonija’s song. Ho Dan came up to Sonija and asked her to help her promote her CD to the producer. During filming and ancient series, Patrick replaces the lead jumping down from the gate. Patrick found a flyer of the fee of martial art school in Beijing is thirteen thousand dollars but he paid Ha Yu forty thousand dollars. Patrick saw Ha Yu giving money to Aunt Nine.Patrick beat up Ha Yu. Ha Yu explains he fainted out of hunger then he met a pretty lady. He dances with her and brought her a flower. He then found out she has a husband who is a player. Ha Yu said that Aunt Nine’s eyes is almost blind and need money for the surgery. At the hospital, Patrick heard Aunt 9 thanked Ha Yu for paying her for Lasik. Patrick yelled at Ha Yu for using his money to court girls. Bowie visited Ho Dan’s store and returned her CD. Ho Dan told Bowie and his friends she gave his CD to someone else. Ho Dan took Sonija to Bowie. Bowie teased Bowie she will throw his CD out of the window if he doesn’t bow to her. Sonija accidentally dropped the CD in the pool. Ho Dan swims in the pool. Ho Dan returned the CD to Bowie. Bowie and his friends arrived at the martial art school. The martial art teacher punished Sonija and Bowie and their friends to do hundred pushups for arriving late. Sonija and Bowie skipped numbers in the pushup. The teacher punished them to do a hundred more pushups.

To Delete it or to Keep it?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. My love for the new asian dramas have lessen and I’m not sure if I should delete this blog or not.

Reasons to keep it:

-Promote Asian entertainment and Culture

-There are barely any tvb bloggers remaining.

-Some of my blogger friends are still here, I have mostly tvb and wuxia friends.

-What if someday I want to join the Dramafever Dramaclub, which is kinda of a rhetoric question.

-I can use my bilingual to recap dramas which are not subbed.

-I watched asian dramas since childhood, I should make use of it to blog. Yeah not that useful.

-What if someday I want to blog again.

Reasons to delete it:

– Can be a time waster if being too dedicated to it.

– What if someday my blog will be shut for copyright, just like how some other tvb bloggers blog have been shut in the past.

-I don’t have many followers. It’s funny how some of the top bloggers are my friends but I don’t have many fans.

-I’m getting too busy in real life to blog.

-I don’t comment on other blogs since it’s time consuming for me and I just want to post on my blog.

-All I do is recaps, I don’t obsess about the actors. I’m more into the series than the personal lives of the stars. I don’t listen to kpop. I watch asian dramas only.

-There are too many kdrama blogs but it’s not like fans come here for it. Most of my fans are Wuxia and TVB fans which is not a surprise. But sometimes I want to blog about kdramas.

I know Heisui from MyDramaTea and Lynne from TVB Horizon reminded me not to deleted all my hard work on the recaps. I took their opinions in consideration.

Other previous big tvb bloggers have discontinued their blogs, the question is why Can’t I?

Fight for Love episode 2 recap

Despite rewatching this series, it’s like I’m watching a new drama. I really want to recap this underrated series cause I remember enjoying this romance drama.

Bowie’s company will collaborate with a martial art company in Beijing. Bowie pretends and his friends can’t understand mandarin and stayed silent. Kenny and his friends laughed and showed the news to Bowie of him throwing a tv. Sonija is late to the ribbon cutting for the grand opening. Sonija’s assistant hid the golden scissor. When Sonija arrives at the banquet, Sonija saw the scissor and gave it to the boss. Sonija gossiped to her boss about another actress having an affair, so she can be the lead. The producer deals with Sonija to be the lead actress of the movie but she has to go to Beijing for training in three months. Sonija and her girlfriends packed up for Beijing. Ha Yu teaches Patrick some basic kungfu. Bowie bought flowers for his girlfriend. As he bought wet cakes for his girlfriend, he saw her in another man’s car. Bowie grabbed Patrick and said he’s fired. Bowie’s girlfriend reaks up with Bowie. Patrick got picpocketed by some gangsters. A man using her kungfu from Beijing fighting with the gangsters. Beijing and his coworkes go to Beijing. Sonija and Bowie met each other. Ho Dan accidentally bumped into Bowie. Sonija search for her CDs at the music store. A fan asked Sonija for her autograph mistaken her for another actress. Bowie saw Ho Dan in the hotel.


Fight for Love episode 1 recap

As Bowie drives to work, a flyer of Sonija flew toward his face. Sonija’s assistant refuses Bowie’s business proposal. In the cafeteria, Bowie saw Patrick rehearses fighting in front of the water cooler. Bowie grabbed Patrick. Patrick pulled Bowie’s two thousand dollars tie. Sonija rehearses her act. Bowie showed his proposal for Sonija. Bowie saw Patrick outside in his martial art outfit, and he grabbed him. Patrick came to the martial art place. Ha Yu tested Patrick’s muscle and introduce himself as the martial art teacher. Ha Yu deals with Patrick the fee of two thousand dollars per month to be his student. Ha Yu listened to a song in a radio and dreamed of dancing with Fiona. Sonija criticize her model clothes since it looks similar to another model in the magazine..Bowie got mad at Sonija for rejecting his proposal. Bowie saw Patrick holding the water cooler to rehearse his martial art, and he grabbed him. Bowie walked slowly in the stairs and surprisingly saw and elder man who carried the water cooler with energy. Bowie’s girlfriend meetup with Sonija for the proposal. Bowie’s girlfriend wore a mask cheering Bowie up. At the company, Sonija dances. Bowie got pissed his proposal got tweaked. Sonija drinks with Bowie’s girlfriend at her house. Bowie arrived home wore a mask to surprise his girlfriend, Sonija woke up and freaked out. Sonija threw the tv out of the window.


Bỗng dưng muốn khóc (Suddenly in tears) episode 4 recap

Bảo Nam’s father said from now on he will give him 200,000 dollars per day. He Bảo Nam spends money but doesn’t make them. He told Bảo Nam he will give him more money after he passed his exam. Bảo Nam shouted. Bảo Nam is impressed with Trúc’s honest personality and thought of hiring her in their company.Hiều told Trúc if she Bảo Nam’s lying she would have got more money. Trúc said she lied once when she was a child, and she made her mother disappointed. Now she wants to make her mother proud and earn money honestly. Trúc told Hiều she wanted to open a bookstore without using anyone’s help. Bảo Nam’s father visited Trúc and asked her if she wants to work in an office for him. Trúc rejects since she enjoys selling books. Hiều told Trúc she is illiterate but has a dream of opening a bookstore which is impossible like someone who dream of winning a lottery without buying one.Trúc teared up. Bảo Nam waits in front of Trúc’s house. Bảo Nam followed Trúc. Ngọc Diệp told her sister she is thinking of dumping Bảo Nam since he doesn’t have money anymore but she feels kinda bad sine he is handsome. Bảo Nam feels weird eating with his family. Bảo Nam called Ngọc Diệp and asked what kind of creature is she scared of. He plans to scare Trúc. Bảo Nam asked his mother for two million dollars. Bảo Nam’s mother promised to only give her three hundred thousand dollars. She gave him four hundred thousand dollars. Bảo Nam plans to scare her faking ghosts.


Justice Bao scenes

If you guys ever get a chance to watch Justice Bao any version, watch it. It is a very good and classic Chinese Dramas and each episode is very good despite it is long. If you cdrama fans don’t know what Justice Bao is, you haven’t seen enough. :P.

Here are some scenes:

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yu Tang in the 2008 version

Twin of Brothers episode 5 recap

Ron said the most romantic thing before sleeping together with your lover is to recite a poem. Ron wakes up. Nancy is happy that Ron is a gentlemen. Ron told Raymond he heard a sound of a flute last night and saw a shadow passed by last night. Raymond and Ron set up a trap for a ghost at night but they fainted after the dust fell on them. Nancy giggled of how silly they were. Nancy saw a white shadow fly by and she told her not to interfere with her plan. Raymond, Ron, and Nancy saw the captain coming with his sect. Nancy told Raymond and Ron to hide in the cauldron. Nancy used her martial art in front of the captain and said she is interested in Waise and the manuel. Nancy told the captain what he thought he did with her was just an illusion. Nancy beat up the captain and said if she’s happy she will play with him again. Nancy pretends to faint. Ron and Raymond got out of the cauldron and found her. They transfer the energy to Nancy. Nancy thanked them for generate the martial art to her. Leila appears in white and fought with Nancy and asked her to not do anymore mistakes. Leila explains to Ron and Raymond that Nancy is the new sect leader of a dark sect. Leila asked Raymond and Ron to protect the manuel from being stolen from a bad guy. Leila taught Raymond and Ron a martial art. Leila asked Ron and Raymond to jump down the rock. Leila grabbed Ron and he saw her face out of the veil. A monk grabbed Raymond. Nancy chased Raymond and Ron. Tavia’s brother came with his sect. Tavia’s brother and his sect shot arrows. Nancy left. Tavia’s brother would like to see how Raymond and Ron revenge against Waise for Christine’s death. Waise asked Raymond and Ron to leave. Raymond and Ron wants to revenge for Christine.



Ru Lai Shen Zhang episode 39 recap

Athena’s mother said Chen Long’s father let his son practice this kind of martial art will ruin hisself since it’s not really a type of martial art. Chen Long’s father is thrilled that Chen Long is improving his skills so he can beat Sun Xing. Liu Piao Piao asked Chen Long’s father what kind of conflict does he has with Sun Xing. Chen Long’s uncle is anxious that Chen Long might be able to kill him. Christopher and his father visits a the sect leader of Emei. Phyllis and Christopher fought with the Emei sect. A nun begged Sun Xing to forgive the leader of the Emei Sect. Christopher, his master, and Phyllis visit Sun Xing. Christopher’s master deals with Sun Xing to allow the Emei sect to his sect. Christopher’s master told Sun Xing he has his own sect but he couldn’t find out who killed his wife. Sun Xing. Christopher teased Chen Long’s uncle about not knowing where Athena’s father was locked. Chen Long is impulsive to practice the martial art. Chen Long’s father threw up blood and hope Chen Long can defeat Sun Xing before he dies. Athena’s mother stared at the prisoners in the dungeon and asked the guard where is her husband. Phyllis reunites with her mother and refuses to look at Athena. Chilam begged Sun Xing to release Athena’s father. Sun Xing rejected the request afraid Chilam will beg him release everyone. Chilam asked Sun Xing to eliminate his Ru Lai Shen Zhang with his life. Sun Xing asked Chilam to try to defeat him. Sun Xing teaches Chilam the next step in Ru Lai Shen Zhang. Sun Xing told Chilam he’s the first one he teaches Ru Lai Shen Zhang. Chilam asked Sun Xing to eleminate his martial art. Sun Xing got angry and eliminates Chilam’s Ru Lai Shen Zhang. Chilam and his friends reunites with Athena’s mother. Christopher and his friends arrived at Sun Xing’s place. Athena’s mother told her husband she was worried about him and she promised she will always be with him. Christopher’s master announced that the previous leader of Emei Sect killed Sun Xing’ wife. Christopher’s master said Sun Xing will kill her and will let them drink her blood.