Limelight Years episode 15 recap

Buddy massaged Alex and said he must be ready to win Linda against other guys. Linda’s mother will take Linda on a blind date in Long Island. Alex told Buddy he has to give his Behind the Glamor book to the director. Buddy asked Alex if he cares about Linda since she will leave to China if she accepts the blind date marriage. Alex told Buddy he must really thank Linda’s mother for finding her a good guy or else he will be responsible for hurting her. Buddy asked Alex if he chooses Linda or his book. Buddy madly told Alex he is the stupidest guy around. In the blind date, Linda told her date he needs to be her match. She ate lots of food which he didn’t ordered. Buddy came and said he ordered them and said he’s the owner of this hotel. Linda leaned on Buddy’s shoulder and said there’s always someone better. Linda laughed and praised Buddy of being amazing for being able to fool others with his suit. Buddy praised Linda of wearing colorful outfit which makes her a charming cheap lady. Linda stared at Buddy’s designer suit and asked him if it will use most of his credit card. Buddy told Linda that he didn’t use his credit card. Alex wrote a review for this hotel and he was just following the script. A clerk asked Buddy to help the boss manage the hotel since he is his son. Buddy told him that the boss has a baby but he also has one. He asked the clerk to help him managed the hotel.

Alex saw Miss Wah talking to the director in the meeting. Alex gave the director the manuscript for Behind the Glamor. The director gave it back and said he’ll read it when he wants to. Miss Wah had a chat with Alex. Alex told Miss Wah though he can’t get his book Behind the Glamor published, he still has other ways. Miss Wah asked Alex how much his small channel is worth. Even if he spread bad rumors about her online, he won’t make much money. Alex told Miss Wah his goal is not money but he longed for fame. Back then he couldn’t make noises using cheap lady, now he is using Wah Fong Ying. Miss Wah asked Alex if this Wah Fong Ying published a book herself. Who would have more noises? Alex told Miss Wah she would but her reputation would be ruined. Miss Wah said she already has status, money, and fame, what can’t she afford to lose. Alex said he doesn’t have any status, money, or fame, what can he afford to lose. Miss Wah told Alex that he can still publish his book and she can tell him everything about her but he can’t mention about Tong Wing. Alex said then he’ll lose half of his work.

Linda knocked on Alex inviting him and celebrating about publishing his book. Linda intimately thanked Alex for sending Buddy to help her. Linda told Alex she can’t believe that the hotel manager would give him so much perks for writing a food review. Alex asked Linda what food review. Alex told Linda that Buddy is so stupid, he did all that. Linda asked Alex if he’s not worried about her going for a blind date. Alex said it’s just a blind date why would he be worried. Linda said Buddy is her friend but he helped her so much. Alex is her boyfriend and he should be the one most concerned but he’s not. Alex asked Linda why should he care for her, he told Miss Wah everything. She gave him trouble and the publisher gave him an option of either listen to him or his work becomes trash. Alex told Linda she doesn’t need to apologize since he was the one who started this misunderstanding. Romance and Career cannot go together. He chooses his career.

Miss Wah told Eliza that Tong Wing will soon be able to publish his own record. Tong Wing played the instrument and said he has a new song for everyone. Tong Wing fainted. The doctor told Miss Wah and Eliza that there’s a dosage of abused drugs. Miss Wah recalled the time when Tong Wing prepared for his first concert. Tong Wing received the best singer award 2011. Tong Wing told the audience he was lucky to have a family background of a singer but he promises that each music he compose will be his own effort. Tong Wing’s family held Tong Wing’s hand hoping he will wake up singing his new song. Miss Wah asked Tong Wing if he remember he said he hope the audience will remember him as Wah Fong Ying’s son. She is really scared to be forgotten but she is willing to be forgotten for him even if no one listens to her songs but his songs. Tong Wing smiled and said he finished his last song. Tong Wing told Miss Wah she is his first idol but also his first fan. Tong Wing sings his song for the last time before he passed out.


Linda told Alex she knows he put a lot effort in his book Behind the Glamor and she doesn’t mind him taking out on her. Alex told Linda she is funny that last time he yelled at her and didn’t even say sorry and she still likes him. Alex said besides the Siamese Twins, everyone is an individual. She and he are not related so stop using the word “we”. Alex asked Linda what does he mean. Alex said they are not that close in a relationship. Linda asked Alex what’s their relationship since they’ve been through so much together. She put a lot of effort helping him. Alex told Linda he already said it that he won’t date anyone until he gets famous. Linda told Alex she wants to remind him that he once said she was his V.I.P. Alex said anyone who can help him and make use of is his Very Important Person. Alex asked Linda if she knows how long she will wait. He didn’t ask her to wait. She could have gone to Diamond or Nash. Why dos she keep tagging him. Alex told Linda to have some pride. Alex told Linda a man won’t be moved by a woman like her. He will only think she’s cheap. Linda slapped Alex and cried and thanked him for the advice. Linda apologized to Alex for being a cheap lady and giving him trouble and bothering him for so long. Don’t worry she won’t show up in front of him again.

The taxi driver recognized Alex as the internet video poster of Cheap Lady. Miss Wah’s song played in the taxi. Miss Wah and Eliza took a walk out the hospital. Alex waited for Miss Wah and said he decided to accept her offer. Alex told Miss Wah he will publish his book Behind the Glamor without using Tong Wing as she requested Miss Wah nodded and said it’s too late now. Miss Wah said Tong Wing is dead. It’s all over. He’s free to write his book the way he’d like. Eliza played with Chris. Eliza told Lancy that when she plays with Chris, it reminds her of Tong Wing. Tong Wing is in another life now. There’s no more success or failure. Eliza said Miss Wah loved Tong Wing the most and is heartbroken now that he’s gone. Alex talked to the editor about his novel. Alex turned around and saw Linda sitting with Nash. While talking to the publisher on the phone, Alex saw Diamond opening the car for Linda. Alex said so there’s two people competing. Alex told Buddy she ran into Linda twice today with two different guys. It’s good that she recovered since he hurt her. Buddy asked Alex if those two guys were Diamond or Nash. Buddy said Linda is working as Diamond’s assistant and Diamond is working on a project for Nash’s company. Buddy told Alex though she broke up with him but she is still his friend. Buddy asked Alex if he is jealous. Buddy told Alex he should ask Linda clearly next time instead of misunderstanding her of two-timing.


Hugo went home tired and told his father that Wah Fong Wing canceled the concert and lots of actress wanted her timeslot and he’s busy doing promotions. Hugo slept on the couch. Damien looked at the magazine flower page and said it’s the season to see fireflies again. As Damien took photos for his client, he said when a family is happy together, it doesn’t matter where they take photos. Damien looked at the photos of Miss Wah. Damien visited Alex. Damien return the photos to Alex. Damien told Alex that the theme Glamorous Transformation was his idea. Damien asked Alex if he remembered he said it is okay to fall as long as he get back up. As long as he keeps trying, there will be a chance for transformation. Damien said he won’t take back the photos but he hopes Alex can convince Miss Wah to perform her concert. Damien criticized Alex’s lousy plot of girls chasing guys even though they were surrounded by the police. Alex asked Damien “So What?You said I’m good at coming up with ideas”. Damien smiled and said “That’s a yes!”. During the meeting, Diamond asked Linda if she’s alright worrying she may feel frustrated about Miss Wah’s concert being canceled. Linda told Diamond that she stopped being Miss Wah’s assistant. Linda met Master Kai. Master Kai told Linda that he’s not the only one who thinks highly for her, Miss Wah also does. Master Kai told Linda that Tong Wing has died and he doesn’t know how to console her. If she has time, she should visit her. Master Kai told Linda he doesn’t know what happened between her and Miss Wah but he can assure her that before Tong Wing died, Miss Wah hoped she would resume working for her. She haven’t really fired her nor hire a new assistant. Linda checked her account and found out Miss Wah been depositing money in her bank.


Buddy passed by Linda. Linda told Buddy that Miss Wah still pays her while she’s not working. Linda told Buddy she feels so bad. Buddy showed Linda a huge mic and asked he what’s so special about it. Buddy asked Linda to tell what she has to say to the mic. It’s a mic god. Buddy told Linda that Alex still cares for her a lot. Buddy dared Linda to say that their relationship are over. She’ll be curse if she lies. Linda held the mic and yelled that her relationship with Alex is over.

Damien gets ready to go to Taiwan to see the fireflies Damien told Hugo he can stay in this house in condition he doesn’t invite any girls but Corina. Hugo told Damien he can’t marry her but he can support her financially. Damien said he lost his daughter and wold like a daughter in law. Hugo said no one can replace his sister. Damien said no one can replace Corina. Damien wished he spent more time with his daughter. Damien recalled his daughter asking him to buy her a purple rabbit sticker to fill out her rabbit rainbow color sticker.


Sword of the Outlaw episode 20 recap

The master told Zhuiyun he saved the master in the black suit to find out what happened in the past but too bad he got murdered. Xiao Qian said she has a bad feeling about the sect leader. In the cellar,The flower lady asked the elder prisoner to let her look at his necklace. The flower lady put the half jade pieces together and thought about the master. The flower lady doubts the prisoner is the father of the master. Zhuiyun asked Xiao Qian to look at the man in disguise sitting in front of the master owned stores selling vegetables.Xiao Qian told the man he will buy all his lettuces. Xiao Qian asked the man to carry the basket of lettuce to her house. Zhuiyun pointed a sword at the man and asked about his identity. He said he is a guard of the government. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian he believes that the case of the master bribing other officials isn’t an ordinary case. The two members bowed in front of the Eunuch wearing the majesty gown. The two members pointed a sword at the majesty and called him a lazy bump and they warned him that the eunuch is rebelling against him.


The majesty ordered the magistrate to bring the guards to arrest the eunuch for him. The maid told the eunuch that the majesty is missing. The magistrate told the majesty that he was drunk last night drinking a tasty wine. The eunuch slapped the magistrate for ruining his scheme. The majesty asked the magistrate to bow for rebelling against him. The eunuch said he gathered the troop to arrest the rebel but people spread fake rumors about him. The eunuch told the majesty he’s been framed. The member told the master that their plan has failed and the majesty spared the eunuch. The eunuch told his two members that the master has betrayed them.

An assassin attacked the master. Zhuiyun fought with the assassin. Zhuiyun told the master he didn’t came here to save him but figuring out who killed the master in the black suit. The eunuch got pissed that Zhuiyun ruined his plan.The master invited Zhuiyun for a drink. Zhuiyun told the master he doesn’t consider him as a a friend since he doesn’t like making friends with people who is not a gentleman and bribe others. The master told Zhuiyun he didn’t know that he already killed the greedy magistrate. The master asked Zhuiyun if he didn’t bribe the greedy magistrate, how could he get all those food and supplies from him to save the people. Zhuiyun asked the master if he knows that the officials from the government are spying on him. The servant told the magistrate that the government forbid the food stall owners to sell meat and poultry for the people under the order of the eunuch.


Limelight Years episode 14 recap

Miss Wah asked Linda if she think she is cold blooded and if she thinks she deserves this. She rather she is the one who’s in trouble instead of her son. Linda said that Marjorina said in his book that it’s either people owes her or she owes the people. There many debts that can’t be repaid. Miss Wah said his ex lover was Chow Shun Long. Jazz looked for an amateur which is the music teacher Shung Long. He composed the hit song which made her famous. One time a reporter took photos of Shung Long and her in the movie theather, her mom saw it and disapproved their relationship. Jazz composed a song and asked her to leave Shung Long or he’ll let someone else sing the song. She chose to follow her career but didn’t expect the reporters would create gossips about Shung Long. In order to protect Miss Wah’s image, they would write that Shung Long is a stalker. Linda frowned and asked Miss Wah that she didn’t apologized to Shung Long after ruining his reputation. Miss Wah told Linda she told her about her past so she can help her not judge her.

Miss Wah introduces Damien to the team as her photographer. Alex said it’s good to have a professional photographer since he is just an amateur. Damien said professional is not everything about photographer, he must also have integrity and not leak those photos. Alex suggests Miss Wah to let Jazz be the creative director. Alex said there will be a lot of excitement when Mr.Man returns since he is Miss Wah’s mentor and he’s known for classic songs. Linda told Miss Wah she can mend her relationship with Mr.Man and perhaps Vince may produce Tong Wing’s songs. Linda took photos of Tong Wing playing his cello. Damien watches Linda and asked what she’s doing. Damien talked to Miss Wah privately and said he suspects that Linda has been taking photos of Tong Wing secretly. Damien asked Miss Wah that Alex could ask Linda to be his spy. Damien told Miss Wah that Alex gave Linda the disk and and asked her to play it to Tong Wing. After he listened to the song, he was very agitated. Damien reminds Miss Wah to be careful since it wasn’t easy for her family to reunited. Linda took photos of Tong Wing while he’s playing the guitar. Miss Wah stared at Linda and asked her to take out the garbage and let her borrow her phone since her battery is low. Linda dialed Master Kai number and gave it to Miss Wah. While Linda is out for a moment, Miss Wah checks Linda’s phone. Miss Wah asked Linda to come downstair with her. Miss Wah showed the photo and asked Linda if Alex asked her to do this. Linda asked Miss Wah to fire her. Miss Wah told Linda she met many people but none as stupid as her. Alex used her many times and she could sue her. Linda asked Miss Wah if she thinks someone is stupid sacrificing for love. Miss Wah told Linda that love brings down others, and the person who she should love the most is herself. Linda said now she understands why she treated her uncle this way. Linda said because of Miss Wah, her uncle was called a stalker and got freaked out and couldn’t write songs and afraid to see people so he hid in the island. Linda said her uncle is dead now but he lived a life even worst than dead. Linda told Miss Wah her songs were touching and sweet and well loved by fans but her children don’t want to be with her. Linda said this is karma and god let her be her assistant. Perhaps Alex wanted her to work for him to expose her true nature and justice is served for her uncle. Miss Wah told Linda she will repay her but please don’t let Alex uses her anymore and make up stories about Tong Wing. Linda told Miss Wah Alex won’t make up stories but write a biography about her.


Alex and Buddy planned for a hotpot diner and saw Linda with her head covered down in front of their house. Alex took Linda out for diner and it’s raining. Alex held the umbrella for Linda. Linda stared at the smileys on the umbrella. Alex told Linda the world is crying but he doesn’t want her to cry. Linda asked Alex how did he know she wants to cry. Alex said he can’t predict the weather but he can see her mood. Alex told Linda he can’t change the weather but he hopes he can cheer her up. Alex bought sweet and sour chicken for Linda. Linda said she doesn’t have the appetite. Alex told Linda it’s not she doesn’t have the appetite but she doesn’t have the mood. Alex asked Linda if she wanted to ask him something. Linda told Alex that Miss Wah found out she secretly took photos of Tong Wing; she had a fight with her and won’t work for her anymore. Alex said the relationship can be fixed. Alex asked Linda why didn’t she tell Miss Wah she took photos of Tong Wing because she loved his music. Linda told Alex that Miss Wah also found out about Uncle Long’s disappearance and his two books. Alex pissed and asked what’s the point of apologizing now. Alex told Linda he will figure something out. Alex asked Linda to show the photos she took of Tong Wing. Linda said she shot a lot but why does he still want them. Linda said she feels so relieved after telling out to Miss Wah and she doesn’t need to hang out with the hypocrite. Linda got the mood to eat the sour chickens. Alex checked the photos and told Linda he has something urgent to do. Alex went home and wrote his novel and madly asked Buddy to see if Miss Wah or money is more attractive.

Linda’s mother told Linda she found a nice guy for her and forget about Alex since he works for Miss Wah. Linda told her mother that Alex doesn’t really work for Miss Wah. He’s just using Miss Wah to get ahead. Linda’s mother told Linda she’s afraid Alex is using her. Linda’s brother suggests Linda to have a baby with Alex so their mother can’t deny them. Linda asked her brother if she wants him to drop his phone. Linda’s brother asked Linda to ask Alex to convince her mother. While Alex is writing his novel, Linda asked Alex if he would like her to bring some take out food for him from a good restaurant. Alex yelled at Linda that he’s really busy and don’t have time for breakfast or lunch with her. Alex drank coffee at the coffee shop while typing his novel. Jori gave Alex another cup of coffee on the table. Alex paid for the coffee for Jori. Jori gave Alex a ride. Alex told Jori she is the only woman who can sit with him while he’s writing the manuscript. Jori told Ale that perhaps their love has fizzled. When he wrote the manuscript, she used to complain he’s always writing while he complained she wouldn’t give him some personal space. Jori told Alex maybe they don’t love each other anymore since they didn’t notice their bad habbits. Jori told Alex perhaps he needs another woman. Alex said before he finish writing his book, all the women has to wait.

Buddy and Linda saw Jori dropping Alex off. Linda asked Jori why are they together.Jori told Linda she doesn’t need to worry since Alex only treated her as a family. Linda said she doesn’t need to worry since she is only Alex’s friend. Alex held around Linda and told Jori he forgot to introduce Linda as his buddy number two. After Jori left, Linda stomped on Alex’s food “Buddy Number 2?”. Alex wiped off his foot and advised Buddy to never offend a woman cause she has so much free time to go to breakfast and will step on his toe. Buddy told Alex it would be better if she broke his leg so he couldn’t go anymore. Buddy told Alex that he is so cold to his girlfriend. Alex told Buddy that Linda is not his girlfriend she is delusional about love and he should help her. Buddy told Alex that Linda helped her so much. He doesn’t need to use her; he just need to make her happy. Alex said he didn’t say he wouldn’t be with Linda but before he gets famous. Buddy told Alex that today Linda said he would be waiting for him even if she gets old. Alex said he didn’t ask her to wait, she can leave anytime. Buddy threw his phone at Alex and said he’s hopeless and he’s not taking his side anymore.


Uncle George complimented the food during diner. Hugo told his father and Uncle George that Corina resigned. Damien puts his arm around Hugo. Damien told Hugo that Corina told him that she is pregnant. Hugo told Damien that he’s not going to marry Corina just because she’s pregnant. Hugo told Damien that he and Corina agreed that they would use contraceptives. Different scold now is different. Hugo said he doesn’t think his attitude will change. Damien told Hugo that he has a son now and will be a father. Hugo said he doesn’t want to be tied down by a family. Damien told Hugo if he doesn’t want to take responsibility then he shouldn’t have done it. Hugo told his father if he and mom didn’t do this then there wouldn’t be this sister. Hugo said they always try to forget about his sister’s death but they will still always remember her. Hugo said he will always remember telling her stories but a car accident took hear away from them. Reality is cruel and not a fairytale so he decided not to have kids. Hugo told Damien he is not strong like him he can’t suffer losing someone. Damien said there are gain and loss in life, shouldn’t they accept reality.

Damien look at his family photo album. Alex told Theresa he had a daughter but she died very young and he put her photos away. Hugo is careful but his sister’s death affect him. Now he doesn’t have the courage to build a family. He doesn’t approve but he understands the feeling of losing the person you loved the most. He wants his son to be happy but whenever they talk about his sister’s death, they are both sad. The cop told Miss Wah that Uncle Long went missing but there were no trace of him. Miss Wah tored the paper and said she knows she owes a lot of people but why she can’t make up for them. Miss Wah asked Damien to help him patch her relationship. Damien told Miss Wah that every kid knows that when they did something wrong, they must apologize. Damien and Miss Wah Watch Jazz play the piano. Miss Wah asked Jazz what can she do for him to forgive her. Jazz introduces Miss Wah to his music students. Miss Wah sings a song for the students. Jazz stopped playing the piano and told Miss Wah that her voice isn’t as good as before and she was so clumsy when she sung. Miss Wah told the students she hopes they will remember who taught them music from scratch. When they become successful, they must look back at their roots. Jazz told Miss Wah to let the past go. Miss Wah begged Jazz to persuade Nash to produce Tong Wing’s record. Damien told Miss Wah it is easy to offend people but hard to patch up. She needs to make some effort to mend relationships but now she understands.


Twin of Brothers episode 42 recap (End)

The majesty slapped Tavia’s brother and asked him why he killed the two princes. Tavia’s brother said the princes grabbed him as hostage and Raymond and Ron shot at them to save him. The majesty asked Tavia’s brother if the believes it is a good reason for Raymond and Ron to be innocent. The majesty said as long as he is the emperor, he won’t will treat Raymond’s sect as rebel. Tavia’s brother pleaded to let him take all the guilt. The majesty asked Tavia’s brother if the didn’t know that he knew he was the one who won the land but he didn’t expected the princes to cause troubles. The majesty told Tavia’s brother he can give the reign to him but he has to promise him to revenge for the princes and go to war against Raymond and Ron. The soldiers told Tavia’s brother they owe Raymond and Ron their lives and rather sacrifice their lives than going to war. They rather rebel against the majesty. Tavia’s brother refuse to rebel and held a sword.

Ron chat with Leila by the sea for the last time. Leila asked Ron if this will be the last time she will see him. Ron asked Leila to not tell Nancy about this war or she’ll sacrifice her life. Leila leaned on Ron’s shoulder and cried. Ron told Leila that the greatest thing about this world was meeting her since she helped her turning evil into good. She should not be sad but should be happy for him. Leila told Ron to do what he needs to do, their heart will never be torn apart.

Raymond told Tavia the first time he met her, he fell for her and tried to be successful for her. It was his wish to romantically watch the fireworks with him but too bad his feeling has faded. He feels that his feeling for her has gone. Tavia told Raymond that he only has the initial feeling with her Li Qian is the one in his heart currently. Tavia said was her fault for leaving him and not cherishing him. Tavia told Raymond he wasn’t wrong, they are just not fated to be together but she will always remember their good times together. Raymond told Tavia she is not only pretty but generous. Raymond meet with Li Qian. Li Qian told Raymond that she expected she will be heartbroken so he needs to be blunt. She won’t blame him. Raymond told Li Qian he didn’t say anything cause he know she’s going to be disapointed. Li Qian said she knew it. Raymond told Li Qian she always has been there for him everytime he’s in trouble but now she cannot anymore. He hopes she won’t feel upset. Li Qian said she understands and know who he loves the most. Raymond apologized to Li Qian that he hurt her. Li Qian asked Raymond to not say anymore. Li Qian leaned on Raymond’s shoulder and cried. Raymond asked Li Qian to promise him to live healthy life.


Raymond and Ron meetup with Tavia’s brother. Raymond and Ron drink the wine with Tavia’s brother. Tavia’s brother told them that the majesty give him the reign but in condition for him to kill the one who killed the princes. Raymond told Tavia’s brother a person who wants to accomplish a big task cannot be emotional. Tavia’s brother told Raymond and Ron that it won’t be easy to kill them but it is easy for them to kill him. Tavia’s brother gave the sword and asked them to kill him. Tavia rode the horse and saw Li Qian. Li Qian told Tavia she’s going back to her hometown. Tavia told Li Qian it is good for her to tell the news to her family. Li Qian said it is better to know the answer sooner instead of beating around the bush. Tavia said they will respect Raymond’s decision and still being friends. Tavia and Li Qian wish each other happiness with Raymond. Li Qian and Tavia went back and told each other what Raymond told them. Tavia said Raymond is in danger. Leila told Nancy that Ron is going to war. Raymond and Ron asked Tavia’s brother to kill them. Tavia and Li Qian and Leila and Ron hurriedly went to the war scene. Sok Ne said she successful revenge and only has revenge in her heart. Raymond and Ron died. Tavia and Li Qian went to Raymond; Leila and Nancy went to Ron; and they cried and hugged their lovers in the snow. Raymond asked Ron to let him go down and let him reincarnate. Raymond bids farewell to Ron and asked him to visit him in his grave and drink with him. Li Qian stared at Raymond holding her slippers and smiled. Raymond told Li Qian she he is naive and now she knows who he truly loves. She feels she is the happiest girl in this world. Li Qian told Raymond though he parted her, he will always be in her heart. Raymond wakes up and wiped Li Qian’s tears. Raymond held Li Qian’s hands. Li Qian hugged Raymond as he vanishes. Raymond told Li Qian she must live well after he leaves; she can chat with him under the stars if she misses him.


Tavia and her brother watch the fireworks celebrating their ten years of being on the reign, and thanking and thinking of Raymond. Ron and Leila watch the fireworks. Nancy sent Ron a basket of fruits with a letter. Nancy said though she didn’t win his heart but she hung out with him for awhile leaving her memories. Ron looked at the girl sending the letter and doubt if she is Nancy’s maid or daughter. Ron visits Raymond grave and said his sacrifice wasn’t futile and Tavia’s brother is a good emperor. Ron drinks with Raymond. Ron told Raymond he needs to leave some place in the stomach to eat with Li Qian. Raymond teased Ron when he can call Leila sister.


The End!

Sword of the Outlaw episode 19 recap

As the magistrate about to drink the wine, the bodyguard grabbed the wine and pointed a sword at the flower lady. The bodyguard took out the stick and showed the poison. The flower lady told the magistrate though they weren’t enemies, he bribed money from innocent people. The maid notified the master that the flower lady has been arrested by the bodyguard. The master said he needs to plan out carefully how to rescue the flower lady since the bodyguard is smart. The bodyguard visited the flower lady and asked her if she was the one who killed those officials. The flower lady said those magistrates are greedy and did many bad things. The bodyguard asked the flower lady how many of those magistrates are powerful officials. The bodyguard asked the flowerlady about the mastermind. The bodyguard told the flowerlady she will cause chaos if she kill others. He hopes she never get used by others. The flowerlady said the majesty only enjoy playing and it is fine to rebel against this kind of person. The bodyguard yelled at the flower lady “How dare you say such a thing?”. The bodyguard asked the flowerlady if she doesn’t believe in justice. If she uses her beauty to seduce men, there’s still no moral. The flowerlady asked the bodyguard if law can do justice for the people. The flowerlady told the bodyguard he is just a slave to those officials in her eyes.

Xiao Qian told Zhuiyun that they misunderstood the flowerlady, she is righteous for killing those greedy officials. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian that some of those officals are have done many merits to the government. Zhuiyun believes that the master is using the flowerlady to kill those officials to cause chaos in town. Zhuiyun said only the flowerlady knows the answer. The bodyguard told the magistrate he set up a trap for the master to save her. The bodyguard plead the magistrate to give him the case to investigate the greedy magistrates. Zhuiyun sneaked in the dungeon. The bodyguard saw Zhuiyun and asked him if he wanted rescue a prisoner. Zhuiyun told the bodyguard he wanted to ask the flowerlady as question. He suspects the flowerlady is related to a powerful organization. The bodyguard told Zhuiyun though they are good friends, there are rules he has to follow. Zhuiyun asked the bodyguard that it looks like he is scared he will find out the secret.


Some female sect in the black suit injured the guards. The maid beg the master for forgivness for failing to rescue the flowerlady. The master told the maid he will eventually save the flowerlady but he needs to plan out carefully. Zhuiyun and Xiao Qian found the master in the black suit in the master’s house and an assassin passed by. Zhuiyun doubted if the master is the mastermind , how come he hid the master in the black suit instead of killing him. The magistrate told his servant that he will use the bodyguard to lessen the master’s power. The master visited the flowerlady’s room. The bodyguard asked the master for a drink and ask about the whereabout of the flowerlady. The master said he doesn’t have that kinda of power to be the mastermind. The master said if there were more heroes like the mastermind, then the world would be more peaceful. The bodyguard told the master that only he knows what he’s doing, and he will investigate the truth. Plus, the flowerlady has been arrested, more person will be arrested, and perhaps even him. The master thanked the bodyguard for giving him an advice.

Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian that the master is very secretive which is hard to finds out clue. The bodyguard has been investigating the case for all they have to to follow him to his house. Xiao Qian found the bodyguard’s house so organized. Xiao Qian told Zhuiyun that the bodgyuard is righteous but if he didn’t always follow the law, he isn’t that bad. Zhuiyun and Xiao Qian stole the paper from the bodgyguard and read the list of officials. Zhuiyun and Xiao Qian stared at the master giving gift to the greedy official. The bodgyguard demanded Zhuiyun to return the paper. Zhuiyun gave the paper and asked him how come he suspected him. The bodyguard asked Zhuiyun to stop investigating the case, and the it isn’t simple as he thinks. Zhuiyun said he has the right to investigate the case as long as he did something wrong. Zhuiyun suggests the bodyguard to collaborate with him. The bodyguard warned Zhuiyun to not continue investigating the case or else he will arrest him. Zhuiyun visited the master and said he came here to ask him a question. Zhuiyun pointed a sword at the master. Zhuiyun told the master he suspects he is related to the feud with is past sect. The master said he didn’t. Zhuiyun asked the master how come the master in the black suit is in his house. The master said he saved the master in the black suit from the sect. The master asked Zhuiyun to come with him to know the reason. The master took Zhuiyun to the grave where his father’s tablet located. The master told Zhuiyun that his father told him that his father is their savior and they must always remember it.


Limelight Years episode 13 recap

Tong Wing returns home. Damien told Miss Wah that he should have brought his camera to take this warm family photo. Linda recorded Tong Wing. Damien said Tong Wing can not only play guitar but can also speak english. Eliza looked around her room happily. Miss Wah told Eliza that they can’t turn back on their lives so they have to cherish their present and future. Eliza asked Miss Wah if Mr.Lai is her friend. Eliza asked Miss Wah then he wouldn’t fire her if she teachers her yoga. Damien showed Miss Wah the family photo and said the first time he took a picture of her with her two daughters but now he coudldn’t believe he took a family photo of her. Damien said he will close down his shop once his tenancy expires. Miss Wah asked Damien if he thinks she would let him retire since she will book him to take picture of her grandson Chris’s kindergarten graduation. Damien complained that Hugo still haven’t married since it is his wife’s wish. Miss Wah returned Michelle’s letter to Damien. Damien saw on the bench outside and read Michelle’s letters. Theressa came up to Damien. Damien told her she always visit him in his worst mood. Damien feels guilty he couldn’t do anything for his wife after she died. Damien said Michelle really wanted to attend Miss Wah’s concert.

Uncle George bought lots of food from the market. Damien teaches Hugo how to make his soup to win his girlfriend’s love. Corina requested Damien to give her a chance to be his assistant photographer for Miss Wah’s concert. Before Damien takes the family, he asked Tong Wing what comes after Do and Re in the song. Tong Wing answered “me”. Damien asked Miss Wah and his family to say “Do Re Me” as he takes the family photo. Eliza’s father told Damien he has a feeling that the pictures he took will be the best. An expert can draw the sword before he kill. Miss Wah asked Damien to be her photographer and publish her album for the concert. Damien said his wife’s longtime wish was to attend her concert. How could he say no to i? Corina looked at Eliza’s father pointing a sword in the photo. Damien told Corina she’s a fan of Eliza’s father. Corina said she used to watch Chinese and Hongkong movies to learn chinese and she was a big fan of Tong Junior in the movie One Arm Swordman,Beggar So, and Drunken Hero. Corina said Hugo is more westernized so she act western to please him. Corina said back in England, she saw one shot of Hugo and admired him so she offered to be his assistant and that’s how their relationship started. Damien said he doesn’t know whether Hugo is smart or stupid but she is the first girl he brought home to dinner. Damien told Corina his wish is to have a daughter in law.Corina said she also wanted to have kids with Hugo but she can’t do that with Hugo. Damien stared at Corina and saw her looking pale. Corina told Damien that it won’t change Hugo’s mind even if she has a baby. Corina told Damien that Hugo said he only wanted an open relationship with her but not marrying her. Corina said of course he wanted to marry Hugo but Hugo doesn’t want to marry her.


Eliza and Miss Wah brought Hugo to his bandroom to surprise him and they asked him to open his eyes. Linda said Miss Wah hired a professional craftman to renovate the bandroom and she even supervise it herself. She paid them tripple to do it. Eliza told Miss Wah that it is worth it since Tong Wing loves his bandroom. Tong Wing looked around his bandroom and play the piano. Miss Wah requested Mr.Man to let Tong Wing to perform the concert with her. Mr.Man gave a suggestion to have other singers sing Tong Wing’s song. Mr.Man told Miss Wah that Tong Wing lacks charisma and talent and wouldn’t be here without her. Miss Wah told Mr.Man this is just his subjective view; many fans admired him. Tong Wing only released one record and was successful. Mr.Man said everyone they promote are successful, there are plenty of people better than him. Miss Wah argued that Tong Wing wrote all those songs. Mr.Man said those copyrights of the songs belong to the company. Miss Wah said besides their contract, there’s also ethics. Mr.Man said she’s so heartless so he rather stick with his contract.

Mr.Man said thirty years ago, she ditched her mentor after he made her popular. Miss Wah asked Mr.Man how’s he related to Jazz. Mr.Man said she still remember his father. Linda called Alex to postpone the interview since Nash invited her for diner and she will get lots of info. Alex asked Buddy which car makes the sound Vroom!. Buddy said “a sports car”.Alex wonders who is that Nash guy. Alex and Buddy checked Nash’s profile and read that he has a Master in Business Administration in Harvard. Buddy told Alex he just needs to get a sport girls to attract girls. Buddy pointed a the picture of pink champagne Nash used to court girls. It seems that Nash is a seasoned playboy. Linda feels dizzy while drinking with Nash. Nash told Linda that Mr.Champagne is calling the charming Pink Lady like her. Before eating food, Nash held Linda’s hands. Alex rushed to the restaurant searching for Linda and Nash. Alex came to pick up Linda but Linda let go of his hands. Nash asked Alex who is he. Alex said he is Linda’s boyfriend. Alex took Linda out. Linda asked Alex if he meant it when he said he is her boyfriend. Alex told Linda she’s really drunk. Alex said this is not the first time he posed as her boyfriend. Linda asked Alex why did he interrupted her and Nash. Alex told Linda that Nash is a lecher. Linda asked Alex if there’s other reason he saved her. Alex said Linda is his messenger. Linda said she’s going to see Nash right away if Alex sees her as a messenger. Alex told Linda she is not only his messenger but also her partner. Now he promotes her to be his V.I.P. Linda drunkenly laughed and asked if she gets the pink champagne. Linda laughed that she didn’t get a discount which means she is not his V.I.P. Alex asked Linda to shup up, and he kissed her in front of the crowd.


Linda leaned on Alex’s shoulder. Alex told Linda that he rated her the highest and there’s also Buddy. Alex asked Linda about his date with Nash. Linda praised that Nash took her in the sports car and lots of girls were staring at her jealously. The he got a perfect pink champagne which matches her perfectly. Alex asked Linda if Nash took advantage of her. Alex said Nash actually prayed to the gospel before eating then he showed up. Linda said Jazz trained Miss Wah. He couldn’t take the blow after she left cause Miss Wah was a successful singer he promoted. Nash reminded himself to not be blind by fame and greed. Alex said it scary how one could be ugly behind the glamor. Miss Wah and Eliza watch Tong Wing play the guitar. Tong Wing told Miss Wah he wants to sing in front of the fans.

Jazz played the piano. Miss Wah brought cream cake for Jazz he used to treat her. Miss Wah asked Jazz to ask his son to be kind to Tong Wing and let him perform his record. Jazz said he retired so he won’t interfere with this. Miss Wah asked Jazz to give her a price. Miss Wah said she will buy the copyrights of his son’s song.Jazz asked Miss Wah how will she compensate him for training her and making her famous. Miss Wah told Jazz after she became famous she helped his son study abroad and she helped him buy this studio for retiremnt. Jazz said this is karma; back then he wanted to make her famous so he forced her to break up with Uncle Leong. He betrayed the composer Kat Leung and she betrayed her lover. Jazz said back then she would cried and tell him how much she loved Uncle Leong but then she carried on with her career as a superstar and married a wealthy man. She’s destined to be a singer and could maintained it for forty years.