Legendary Siblings episode 32 recap

Hua Wu Que teaches Xinlan his martial arts. Hua Wu Que’s maid told Yulang the secret of Yao Yue’s martial arts. Murong Jiu asked a bun stall owner for a bun but he refuses to give it for free. Murong Jiu ate someones’ chicken at the restaurant. Some male customers fought with Murong Jiu and harassed her. Black Spider kicked the customers. Murong Jiu told Black Spider she was bored in the cave and wanted to hang outside. Black Spider told Murong Jiu he finally found her and he asked her if she feels happy being outside. Murong Jiu said she doesn’t have money and got lost. Black Spider told Murong Jiu from now on he won’t leave her or let her suffer. Black Spider and Murong Jiu reunites with Zhang Jing and the martial artist. Zhang Jing told Black Spider to stay with Murong Jiu in a place.

Yulang’s father and the sects get prepared to attack Yao Yue’s sect. Hua Wu Que and Xinlan fought with the sects.Yulang and his father defeated and locked Hua Wu Que and Xinlan. Yulang forces Xinlan to bow in front of him begging him to marry her. Yulang asked Xinlan if she wants to know where’s Hua Wu Que. Yulang knocked on Xinlan and carried her to Hua Wu Que. Yulang told Hua Wu Que to not worry, he will not hurt a pretty girl like Xinlan. Yulang kisses Xinlan on hte cheek and told her that Hua Wu Que have lost his organs and she should follow him. He wants her to beg him to marry her. Hua Wu Que said he rather die than let Yulang touch her. Xinlan said she rather die with Hua Wu Que. Yulang refused to let Xinlan and Hua Wu Que die together and he uses his power on Hua Wu Que. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan to not beg Yulang, even if she agrees to follow him, he won’t forgive her. Yulang told Xinlan that once his father comes here, his punishment won’t be as light. Xinlan told Yulang to unfroze her, then she came came and hugged Hua Wu Que. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan to not do silly things because of him. Yulang told Xinlan to think about it, he will meet her tonight and she better uses her action to answer him. Yulang told Hua Wu Que he should be happy there is a lady sacrificing for him. Yulang and his father generates energy. Yulang’s father told Yulang to not tell Hua Wu Que’s maid that Hua Wu Que is in his hands. Yulang said he worries since the Emei Sect leader knows. Yulang’s father told Yulang that he already told the Emei Sect leader to keep the secret and he must keep an eye on Hua Wu Que’s maid and don’t visit Xinlan again.

Hua Wu Que’s maid knocked on Yulang’s room and didn’t see him. She over heard some sect members said Hua Wu Que is in their hands and realized Yulang made up his stories. Hua Wu Que’s maid froze Yulang while he’s sleeping and grabbed the key and unlocked the cellar’s and Hua Wu Que’s chain. Hua Wu Que said his martial arts has been eliminated and his organs has been crippled. Hua Wu Que’s maid cried and said it was her fault for telling Yulang the secret of his martial arts. Hua Wu Que’s maid told Hua Wu Que and Xinlan to leave. Hua Wu Que told his maid that Yulang is using her against his sect. Hua Wu Que’s maid said he has fallen deeply in love with Yulang. Even if Yulang uses her, she won’t leave him. Hua Wu Que told his maid after Yulang uses her, he will kick her out and even kill her and don’t be naive. Hua Wu Que’s maid said she has never fallen for someone so deeply like Yulang and even if she dies under his hands she won’t regret. Hua Wu Que asked his maid if it is worth it. Hua Wu Que’s maid told Yulang to not return to the palace, the sects will tackle this incident. Xinlan told Hua Wu Que to let his maid go. She understand her feelings as a woman, when a woman fall in love with a man, she will risk her life. She is not naive but just in love deeply. Yulang’s father slapped Yulang.

Yulang went to his room. Hua Wu Que’s maid told Yulang she knows he really despite her. He can beat her or kill her. Yulang told Hua Wu Que’s maid he doesn’t hate her. He should have released Hua Wu Que but he knew his plan of attacking Yao Yue’s sect. Yulang told Hua Wu Que’s maid he isn’t mad at her. Hua Wu Que’s maid hugged Yulang. Xinlan rode on the horse and Hua Wu Que fell off the horse in the woods. Zhang Jing and the martial artist came and helped Hua Wu Que up. The martial artist, Zhang Jing, and Xinlan transfer energy to Hua Wu Que. Hua Wu Que had a dream of Xiao You Er told him he can’t die. Xiao You Er had the same dream. Hua Wu Que saw Xiao You Er’s belt on Zhang Jing. Hua Wu Que said he had a dream that he felt down the sea. He woke him up and told him to wake up. He had a ream of Xiao You Er laying by his bed telling him not to die. Hua Wu Que believes Xiao You Er is still alive and isn’t dead. Hua Wu Que told Zhang Jing and Xinlan that he grew up with this bell.

The girl tied the button for Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er wants to help the girl making the net. He asked her if she wants to catch fishes. The girl said she can’t swim. The lady said sometimes the ship travel close and far, but when the travel far, people bring interesting things. The girl asked Xiao You Er if the city is more exciting. Xiao You Er said the village is very peaceful, it’s not like the city where everyone fights. The girl said she believes if we love god as we love us, god will love us. Three years ago, a hurricane hit them, her father and brother drowned. They myth said those victims will become a white fish. The female village asked the girl if she will choose her male friend or Xiao You Er. They said Xiao You Er is still an outsider so she has to be careful of not wasting her time. Xiao You Er cooked fish for the girl and his mother. Xiao You Er worked hard to hold the bucket of water from the well. Xiao You Er shouted on the well he has to get well to revenge for his mother. The male villager asked Xiao You Er who he is. This village is peaceful, if he wants to revenge he shouldn’t stay here and don’t bother the girl. The girl told the male village that Xiao You Er is her friend so don’t bully him.

Xiao You Er told the girl that the male villager is her lover and he can explain but the girl stopped him. The girl said there’s nothing between the male villager and her. The girl’s mother told Xiao You Er that birds can’t swim on the water, fishes can’t fly in the sky. The girl’s mother doesn’t mind about his identity but she wants to know if he wants to leave or stay in the village. Xiao You Er said he has never felt home as the village. Xiao You Er said he doesn’t know if he has enough power to do his mission. The girl’s mother thinks the girl loves him. Ever since he appears, she has changed. The girl’s mother said the feelings between her daughter and the male villager isn’t love but ever since he appears she understood what love is. Xiao You Er told the girl’s mother he can’t love her. The girl’s mother said he can’t love and he doesn’t love are two differet situation. The girl’s mother said her mother won’t give up when she love someone. The girl’s mother told Xiao You Er she also likes him a lot. Ever since her daughter saved him from the sea, she feels like her son has returned. If her daughter marries him, she would be very happy. Xiao You Er said her daughter is a very sweet girl. The girl’s mother told Xiao You Er to finish his task sooner, her daughter will wait for him. If he wants to be with her, she won’t keep her daughter. Xiao You Er said he can’t take the girl with him, life in the city is complicated. He doesn’t know how tomorrow will be. If the girl follows him, she wont’ have happiness. The girl’s mother told Xiao You Er if he doesn’t love her then tell her.

Comment: Lol that’s a lot of writing I wrote. Not sure if the episode has a lot of details or I was just too stressed this week and itchy to do wuxia recaps. But there’s a lot of interesting parts in this episode where Xiao You Er starts to meet a new girl in the village and want to live a peaceful life cause you know a life in a wuxia world can be hard to survive. Aw the love triangle between Xiao You Er, the village girl, and Zhang Jing. But Xiao You Er was just playing with Zhang Jing and never told her he loves her.

Legendary Siblings episode 31 recap

Hua Wu Que knocked on Xinlan’s door and said he had a nightmare of falling down the cliff and screaming. Hua Wu Que doubts Xiao You Er fell down in the sea.

Xiao You Er wakes up. The girl told Xiao You Er she found him on the sea. The girl asked Xiao You Er his name. Xiao You Er told the girl his name is fish. The girl said he’s a fish who got lost in the sea. Xiao You Er told the girl and his mother he remembered he fell down the sea and forgot everything that happened. Xiao You Er couldn’t hold a bowl of food. The girl pour the bowl on Xiao You Er’s mouth. Xiao You Er tried to walk and tripped. Xiao You Er wonders if his arms and legs have been broken. Xiao You Er tries to generate energy. Xiao You Er wonders why his martial arts didn’t work. Xiao You Er denies of his martial arts have been removed and his arms and legs been crippled. Xiao You Er grieved why doesn’t Yulang’s father have karma. There’s no justice in this world. Xiao You Er asked why didn’t they let him die but they let him suffer. Some kids played with each other and bumped into Xiao You Er and he fell. The villagers gave some medicine and clothes for Xiao You Er. A boy gave Xiao You Er is lucky charm. He asked the villagers if Xiao You Er is mute. The girl gave Xiao You Er a bowl of medicine.The girl’s mother told Xiao You Er that the villagers care for him but he just lay here like he is dead. Xiao You Er said even if he’s well, he is still crippled. Why did she saved him. The girl’s mother said it is useless to save him, let her throw him in the sea. Xiao You Er asked the lady why does his life matters to them. Xiao You Er sat in the rain and grieved he can’t revenge for his parents and Xinlan’s father. While Hua Wu Que is generating energy, he had a dream of he told Xiao You Er to stand up. Xiao You Er held the charm and remembered the kid told him he used to fall down when he walk but he keeps on trying and wasn’t scared of falling anymore.

Hua Wu Que told Xinlan that he has a feeling Xiao You Er is in danger and is somewhere farawaraway. They are lost and they will search for him on their way. Xiao You Er ate next to the girl.

A kid told Xiao You Er to play with him on the lake. The kid introduced villagers to Xiao You Er. The kid asked Xiao You Er about his name. The kid said the villagers like to eat fish. The girl and the villagers told Xiao You Er, after he came here, luck came in the farm. Xiao You Er tried to walk. The girl shouted in the well wishing Xiao You Er getting well soon. The girl told Xiao You Er there was a god who drink the water in the well. He got drunk and fell down the well. People drank the water in the well and was ill due to the water was dry. The god was punish to be locked in the well to help the villagers to repent his mistake. The villagers shouted in the well because god’s ear isn’t good. Zhang Jing wished for Xiao You Er’s wellness at the temple. Zhang Jing thought of Xiao You Er. The martial artist told Zhang Jing he found a hotel with good food. Zhang Jing wants to stay at the temple and told the martial artist to cook. The martial artist said he will cook fish soup. Zhang Jing nagged the martial artist if he wants to kill Xiao You Er. Zhang Jing told the martial artist to repeat after her that Xiao You Er is fine. The martial artist pray in front of Buddha wishing Xiao You Er healthy. The martial artist told Zhang Jing that Xiao You Er may be playing in the brothel. Zhang Jing got mad and said if Xiao You Er has another woman, she will confront him.

Yulang’s father gather the sect to discuss to defeat Yao Yue’s sect to revenge for Murong Master and he nominated the Emei Sect leader to lead them. Yulang’s father told the Emei Sect leader that he has found a maid from Yao Yue’s sect who has escaped and will tell them the secret of Yao Yue’s martial arts. Zhang Jing held Xiao You Er’s bell and watches the moon and wondered where’s Xiao You Er. Yulang hatches some roses for the maid and about to kiss her but said only if everyone was happy like them. Yulang told the maid that he and his father need to destroy Yao Yue and Lian Xing but needs her help. Yulang told the maid to tell him the secret of Yao Yue’s martial arts. The maid hesitated and said but that means she is rebelling against her sect. Yulang told the maid that the floral sect been manipulating her, she doesn’t need to protect them. Yulang told the maid she still has him and the sect. Lian Xing stared at Yao Yue in the tomb. Hua Wu Que and Xinlan heard some customers at the restaurant said Yulang’s father is having a reunion with the sects. Hua Wu Que wants to go back to the floral sect to save Yao Yue and Lian Xing. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan that they may never come back after they come back to the palace. Xinlan suggests Hua Wu Que to go to the Emei Mountain and kill Yulang’s father.

The Unholy Alliance episode 8 recap

Joel and his gang prepared to shoot. A man gave Mr.Chan the diamond necklace. Oscar and Ruco got beaten up by Mr.Chan’s gang. A gang tried to rape Nancy. Ruco said no bullying of women. The man put some fire on Ruco’s body. Nancy saw a light. Nancy pretends to tell the gang she will do whatever they want. Joel shot the wall. Nancy kicked the gangsters and threw the keys to Ruco. Joel’s gang shot with Mr.Chan’s gang. While Nancy shoots the gangsters, Ruco helped her. Elaine drove the van picking Ruco and his friends. Joel introduces himself to Ruco. Joel told Ruco to stay in Nancy’s house since Mr.Chan is looking for him. Nancy put some bandages on Ruco’s butt. Yik told Ruco that Miss Ling cares about him a lot and she has done lots of things not like he was thinking. Yik said he was sent him to watch him and Auntie Mei every year. Nancy did a good job.

A gang shot Mr.Chan’s gang and sneaked in his truck and found illegal goods. Mr. Lau receives a call from Mr. Chan saying Miss Ling stole his goods. Mr.Lau gives Miss Ling some time to investigate who stole Mr.Chan’s good. Nancy showed Ruco sleeping and his injuries on his butt to Miss Ling. Miss Ling told Nancy to take care of Ruco. The police searches Miss Ling’s house. Miss Ling told her family that Councillor Lau and the police think that they have robbed Chan Man Fai’s goods. Pierre said if they didn’t tell Joel about the land acquisition then they wouldn’t be in trouble. Elaine thought of when Stephen Huynh’s wife showed her baby picture on the phone to her. Nancy texted Miss Ling that Ruco is awake. Miss Ling called Ruco and asked him how is his injury. Ruco told Miss Ling he knows she didn’t kidnap him.

Joel apologized to Kwok Fung that he didn’t tell him about the land. Joel asked Kwok Fung who does he think is the culprit. While Kwok Fung and his songs drink Joel’s wine, Joel and Elaine eavesdrop on their conversation on the phone. Kwok Fung and his sons talked about sportscar. Stephen Huynh showed Kwok Fung a new Spanish Restaurant that Elaine suggested. Kwok Fung told his sons that Joel’s wine is passable for the first time but then it turns sour and bitter and it is poor quality. Joel said Kwok Fung is right he’s been on the business for a long time and have it covered. Elaine said she feels uncomfortable listening to her father. A member told Kwok Fung that the police have searched two of their warehouses. Ruco told Oscar and his family that Chan Man Fai is searching for them and it wouldn’t be safe for them to leave.

Miss Ling visited Auntie Mei’s grave. Nancy took RUco to Auntie Mei’s grave. Ruco cried and grieved she shouldn’t have sacrificed her life for him. Miss Ling told Ruco that if Auntie Mei wasn’t careless, his identity wouldn’t have been exposed. Ruco told Miss Ling that her friendship with Auntie Mei is based on calculation. She’s not loyal. Miss Ling told Ruco to leave because it is dangerous. Ruco said he will leave and he thank her for teaching him how to be heartless. Some gang took pictures of Miss Ling, Yik, and Joel.

The Unholy Alliance episode 7 recap

Joel realized the passcode for the garage has changed. Pierre warned Joel to not talk behind his back or else he won’t be able to enter his house. Oscar’s father went missing. Ruco dragged Nance before she could cook her eggs and noodles for breakfast. Nancy found a footprint on the sand and assumed Oscar’s father ran during the rain. Nancy assumed Oscar’s father has been kidnapped on the van. Ruco ran in the warehouse but Nancy stopped him due to having cctv. Ruco is about to kiss Nancy and told her he knows she cares about him, he ran to the warehouse. A dog appears. A dog barked at Nancy and Ruco. Nancy stood in front of Ruco and barked at the dog. Nancy and Ruco ran. People took pictures of Ruco’s underwear.

Miss Ling and Councillor Law had a conference with Mr. Chan. Elaine told Joel that the container yard opened in 2010 and it started to decline in 2012 and the revenues dropped by fifty percent in 2015. They hired more staff and bought advanced infrared detectors from US. Mr. Yik threw a pin at Mr. Chan’s men. The gang fought with Joel. Elaine fought with the gang and got kidnapped in the van. Joel in a hurry and rode the motorcycle and chased the van. Elaine opened the van and told Joel she told him to not make her wait too long and how should she punish him. Joel kisses Elaine. Joel called Miss Ling and said she’s worrying about her being attacked by Mr.Chan. Miss Ling said he’s more worried about him and Elaine since Mr.Chan know they went to the container yard. Ruco and Oscar told Mr.Chan that his father went missing after standing up for the vilLage. Oscar told Mr. Chan that Ruco went to the container yard and saw many cctv. Miss Ling warned Ruco to not be involved with Mr.Chan. Stephen and his colleague asked Mrs. Ling about a missing man Luk Kam Wai.

Kwok Fung shoots on the target and told Joel to try. Kwok Fung asked Joel if he needs help with Uncle Chan. Joel apologized and said he can’t discuss it. Kwok Fung looked at the phone which he stole the data from Elaine’s phone. He would like to see Miss Ling and Mr. Chan fight. Elaine and Joel hung out for their anniversaries. Joel asked Elaine if she ever thought when they would get married. He saw her looking at Stephen’s child photo and knew she loves kids. Elaine told Joel that if they get married, Kwok Fung will put more pressure on him. Joel told Elaine no matter how hard it is, he won’t give up on her. Elaine asked Joel if her father and his mom fight, who would he take side. Joel asked Elaine he’s more interested on if he and her dad fell on the sea, who she will save first. Elaine said she would save neither of them because one is competitive and the other one is stubborn. Joel and Elaine listened to Mr. Chan and Mr.Ma dealing on the phone.

Oscar cried about being useless and always argued with his dad. If he has known he went missing, he would have spent more time with him. Ruco poured some Hongkong stew for Nancy. Nancy stared and refused to eat. Ruco and Oscar ate the bowl of noodle. Nancy switched the bowl with Ruco and said she doesn’t eat sunny side eggs. Ruco switched the bowl with Oscar and doubt if Nancy knows he put drugs on her bowl. Oscar brought glasses of Lemon Tea. Nancy switched the glasses and told them to drink it. Oscar yelled at Nancy that she already knew the noodles and lemon tea had drugs. Nancy twisted Oscar’s arm. Ruco and Oscar eavesdrop Nancy drinking the bottle of sesame soup during the night.Nancy laid down and thought of a man who has choked her. Nancy grabbed Ruco’s neck and held a knife. Nancy is about to stab Ruco with a knife then freaked out.

Ruco and Oscar sneaked in the warehouse. The alarm rung. Ruco fought with Mr. Chan’s gang. Nancy fought with the gang. Joel and Elaine watched the cctv and were surprised Nancy, Ling Hung’s top bodyguard helped Ruco. Mr. Chan’s gang caught Ruco, Oscar, and Nancy and led them to Oscar’s father.