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Ghetto Fabulous Lady episode 11 recap

Judy found Superintendent White’s cigar in the house. Judy assumed Nan Qian passed out after drinking the wine. William White was meeting with someone. William told him to leave from the back door. Judy thinks it’s Wong Lit. Judy watched a lady eating eggs with her foreign husband, and sighed to Master Kiu he doesn’t even know his wife despite him. Mui Dai and Yat Fu dig and moved and burry Chan. Mui Dai told Yat Fu real ghost can’t be scarier than people’s ghost in their hearts. What counts is to have conscience. She sold tip to the police that Philip is not dead so she can’t say she has a clear conscience. Yat Fu doesn’t believe she betrayed Judy. Yat Fu said she pawned the jewelries for others. Hiu Yiu looked at the pictures of Philip and Judy in the album. Judy looked at her photos and noticed the clock of Philip. Judy asked herself why is she so stupid. She told Yat Fu that she remembers Philip has a watch that made the same sound as William.

Yat Fu and Judy unlocked the mansion. Judy opened the cover and got shocked seeing the body of her dog Bobby. One time the dog bit her and she was in the hospital for a few days. Philip said he ran away. Yat Fu said when she was in the hospital, he went in the basement and saw Philip chopping Bobby. He said he was dead and made a specimen out of him.

Miss Ngai told Hiu Yiu that Judy’s friend accepted her in her art school. But she doesn’t know why when this came, she wasn’t ready. Judy told Yat Fu she thought she knows everything about Philip but she only knows little and he also hide a lot of things from her. Judy looked at the photos and said he took a lot of photos. Yat Fu said maybe the photos were in the camera. Hiu Yiu and Miss Ngai lie down on the same bed. Miss Ngai asked Hiu Yiu if she would go to England with her. Jau Ci ate Siu Mai with Hiu Yiu and asked her to tell Miss Ngai to not leave for England. Hiu Yiu thought of going to England with Miss Ngai since she doesn’t want to live with other people. Judy told her that going away is good.

Mui Dai dreams of Yat Fu saving her. Mu Dai’s son watches her taking a nap. Mui Dai told her son to bring this star fruit lantern to class. Mui Dai’s son smelled some chestnuts and want to buy Mui Dai some since she made a lantern for her. While Auntie Fong went to buy some chestnut, the classmate took the lantern from Mui Dai’s son and asked him to catch him. Wong Lit’s man did a lion dance in Master Choi’s grand opening. Mui Dai’s son watches the lion dance and covered his ears. The man dropped the knife. Master Choi’s men fought with Wong Lit’s men. Dak Jing grabbed Mui Dai’s son. Dak Jing told the story to the tenants. Mui Dai’s whipped her son for not going to school. Judy stopped Mui Dai and told her that her nephew wouldn’t dare to skip school to watch the lion dance. Dak Jing said he just saw her son wanted the green. Mui Dai’s son said he wanted his lantern back. Judy pointed a the lettuce that she put the lantern over there. Mui Dai’s son touched the lettuce and said it is not the lantern. Judy said Mui Dai’s so isn’t lying, he thought the lettuce was the lantern because he’s short sighted. Judy told Mui Dai’s son that being short sighted is not an illness, just buy a pair of glasses. Mui Dai told Judy that she didn’t even know her husband is the ripper is Hiu Yiu is running away from her. Mui Dai’s son apologized and gave Mui Dai a chestnut. He told her not to be angry at him anymore. He will be brave. Don’t give him away. Mui Dai told him she thought she could train him to be brave but she didn’t even know he was short sighted. She promises no matter how hard it is, she will buy him eyeglasses.

Judy borrowed some paintings from Miss Ngai. Yat Fu looked at some photos of Philip and Judy from the camera. Judy saw King’s Mystery Gallery and checked in. She made an appointment with Miss Ngai under the name of Mr.Holmes. Judy entered Miss Ngai’s room. Miss Ngai took off her clothes. Dak Jing knocked in and told Judy that her goods have been burnt. Judy looked at the painting on the wall and now realize why it’s familiar. Judy entered the villa and saw the view that Miss Ngai drew. Judy laid down on the ground and cried and said Miss Ngai is Philip’s mistress.

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Ghetto Fabulous Lady episode 10 recap

Nan Qian told Judy that Superintendent White didn’t know his way so she served him. Judy told Nan Qian she suspects that the person who killed Ding Yuet and Little Mulan is William. Superintendent White and his officers came and found the body of Miss Ying Nam. Jau Ci promises Miss Ngai he will do his best to protect her. Jau Ci gave her flowers and asked her to accept him. Miss Ngai held the flowers and said flowers are perfect but men can never be perfect. Flowers have passed it’s day and he better not think too much. Judy told Yat Fu that William has enough time to cut Miss Ying Nam’s throat and get back to the pier.

Dak Jing and his officers distract the cops and let Yat Fu and the reporters in William’s mansion. Judy came and confronted William of being the ripper and killing Miss Ying Nam. Yat Fu told William to take out his watch. Hiu Yiu confirmed that was the sound she heard. Superintendent White took out his watch and said his watch is not as expensive as William but does make similar sound. Superintendent White showed the glasses of Philip he found. Hiu Yiu said Philip is dead. William and Master Kiu reopened the tomb to check Philip’s body. William told Judy that when they were in university in England, Philip’s right arm got injured by playing basketball. The body examination didn’t show injured arm. Master Kiu told William that the body was burnt and he also thought it was Philip so it is normal for Judy to mistaken. William told the reporters that the body isn’t Philip and he believes Philip is the ripper. Judy thinks the cops searched her house and William found the glasses and left there after killing the victim.

Judy asked Mui Dai how did she got the money to pawn her jewelries. Judy told Mui Dai she sold info to Superintendent White. Mui Dai said she did it for her family. Yat Fu told Mui Dai that Judy sent her mother six thousand dollars with chinese cakes. Mui Dai asked Judy why she never showed up or asked how she is. Yat Fu said Judy’s mother thinks westerners are bad guys. Mui Dai said her mother also thinks Judy didn’t marry a human or a a ghost and it is a shame for her family. Judy thought of Philip. Judy asked Yat Fu for his opinion of Philip as the ripper. Yat Fu said his opinions doesn’t matter. In every case, their mindset and judgement changes. No one will know the truth until the end. He just wants to stay by her side to find the truth. Judy cried and said she is a failure as a sister. The tenants eat dogmeat together.

Hiu Yiu takes care of Miss Ngai. She told her since she drew a painting of her mother, she should take care of her. Miss Ngai told Hiu Yiu she heard that when they suffer, they remember it. It is a bless to be like her and forget it. Jau Ci brought food for Momo the dog. Hiu Yiu took a walk with Jau Ci and sighed sometimes it’s better to be a dog since they don’t have to be calculating. Humans are calculating, you don’t know whether they are real or fake. Hiu Yiu is not sure if it is Philip who killed her mother and if Judy is hiding something. Mui Dai has a dream of Yat Fu saved her from a ghost.

Judy found paper posts arresting Philip. She saw Nan Qian walked by with bruises on her face. The people at the stalls threw food at Judy for allying with westerners. Master Kiu came and said they are laborers for westerners. Judy is a victim and they shouldn’t fight other chinese. Dak Jing told Judy that Master Kiu has been invited to supervise the execution. Yat Fu worries about Chan’s execution.

Yat Fu saw Chan Fuk’s mother bringing food for Chan. Yat Fu and the stall owners brought Chan Fuk’s mother and his son to the execution scene. Superintendent White’s cops beat them up. Judy came and said everyone’s life is valuable and all men are created equal. The stalls owner said Superintendent White didn’t have a choice being born mixed western but Judy married a foreigner and she’s a traitor. Judy told William, he’s a British and she thought he would help the Hongkong but why does he take their land. William told her that her husband Philip is a ripper. Judy told William in his eyes Chan Fuk is trash but in the eyes of Chan Fuk’s mother and son he is a son brought to life and a father. Judy asked William to let their family see each other. William delay the execution for fifteen minutes. Chan Fuk apologized to his mother that he should have never touched opiums. Superintendent White bumped into Judy. Yat Fu said he thinks that the person who they bumped in the Mongkok Village isn’t William.

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Ghetto Fabulous Lady episode 9 recap

Two cops drove Hiu Yiu away. Judy told them that she is with her. Judy watches the two cops driving two men away. Judy thinks that Philip found out William is the ripper so he collaborated with Master Lit to frame him. Judy had a nightmare of Philip getting burry and asked her to save him. Judy asked Yat Fu if there are ways to find if Philip is dead. Sis Kuk did a fortune telling for Judy and said Philip is blocked by clouds and storm and she needs to pay her for her to draw the stars. Master Choi told the workers if they join his team, he will pay them twice as much. Flashbacks of the workers threw up opium and woke up. Yat Fu and the doctor treated a man affected by opium.

Judy complimented Miss Ngai’s paintings. Judy told Miss Ng that she heard her father is a famous artist in Guangzhou. Miss Ngai said she didn’t go to art school but her family taught her. Her father would teach her to use papers and cans. She even painted a white pig black. But war broke out, and her family took her to Hongkong and live in Heung’s cottage. It took her half a year to finish this landscape painting. Judy showed Miss Ngai her picture with Philip. Miss Ngai cried and said she sees her being so happy in the picture but she doesn’t have a picture with her family. Judy told Miss Ngai she has a friend who is in art appreciation who is looking for someone to study in England, she can introduce her. If Mr.Johnson likes her work, she can also watches different famous paintings.

The pig broke Mui Dai’s vase. Mui Dai demanded the tenant to pay five dollars. The tenants accused each other of owning the pig. Dak Jing said it is Granny Lin’s pig. Judy told him that what he sees may not be what it is. Granny lost her pig six months ago. This pig is only two months old. Dak Jing told Granny Lin that she should give the pig to the watchmen. Miss Ngai told her she can visit it. Mui Dai recommends Dak Jing to ask Judy to be his mentor. Judy told him he must promise her no matter how big the target is, he must keep working until he finds the truth. Dak Jing ate with Mui Dai. Mui Dai told Dak Jing that the vase only cost forty cents. She must lie that it is five dollars so the tenants will be careful. Dak Jing watches Mui Dai eating and feels infatuated by her. Sis Kuk told Dak Jing he needs a strong woman like Mui Dai to protect him.

Jau Ci carried Zhou Fan Nan Qian and chased after Miss Ngai. Nan Qian told him she forgot something and needs to go. She told Jau Ci this is his chance. Miss Ngai held the camellia and said this flower blooms till the end. Miss Ngai drew Hiu Yiu playing stones with Jau Ci by the lake. Dak Jing interrupted Superintendent White and Nan Qian. Dak Jing told Superintendent White that Nan Qian is William’s old mistress.

Sis Kuk gave Mui Dai an incense with a discount. Sis Kuk did a fortune telling for Mui Dai and she saw characters written in chinese. Sis Kuk said Yat Fu has a friend who has a western birthday and she has to turn it into a lunar birthday. Mui Dai freaked out and told Judy she saw Philip by the pier. Judy went out. Mui Dai said she doesn’t need to go out since she lied. Mui Dai told her Philip is not dead. Yat Fu told Mui Dai that the police mistaken the dead body was Philip so they let them be so they won’t follow Judy. Mui Dai whined to Judy that she used Philip’s death to gain her sympathy.

Miss Ngai came and told the secretary something came up and she can’t deliver the painting. She told Miss Ngai that her boss is very angry.

Dak Jing told Judy that Nan Qian went to Victoria City and served William. He heard from Superintendent White that William used to be a butcher and cut beef. Yat Fu and Judy analyzed that during the Ripper case in 1888, William didn’t go to university but he lived in White Chapel. Miss Ngai showed Hiu Yiu the painting of her and her mother washing clothes on the stream. Jau Ci told Judy and Yat Fu that he carried Nan Qian to Sai Yeung Choi and then she took a walk alone. Judy and Yat Fu saw the sign of Mongkok Village. Nan Qian served William. Judy and Yat Fu found brown cigars. Nan Qian got a headache. Yat Fu went pick up Camelias for Miss Ngai. He saw blood on the grass and Miss Ying Nam dead.

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Ghetto Fabulous Lady episode 8 recap

Hiu Yiu wakes up and told Judy she saw the back of her mother’s murderer. He has a black coat and a hat. Hiu Yiu wakes up and asked Miss Ngai who she is. Judy said Hiu Yiu may have lost her memory due to seeing the blood. Maybe she doesn’t want to forget seeing the ripper. Judy looked at her coffee and said we are all like that, we don’t want to remember sad things but we don’t want to forget happy things. Hiu Yiu ate congee and told Judy she must not be cold hearted since she made congee for her. Hiu Yiu looked at the tenants and tried to remember their names. Jau Ci’s mother said Jau Ci haven’t come home. Yat Fu showed the string to Mui Dai and said his workers found it at the factory. Jau Ci may have been caught by Master Lit. Flashbacks of Yat Fu playing the harmonica while Mui Dai is locked during the plague.

Dak Jing looked for Yat Fu to help convince Judy to take him as his student. Mui Dai told him that Judy won’t believe others easily unless that person is close to her. Mui Dai told Dak Jing to do him a favor. She has put powder in the wine and he can steal the keys. Mui Dai got the keys. Master Lit looked at Mui Dai. Mui Dai hugged Master Lit and said she was his worker’s woman. She threw the keys toward the window and made a sign for Dak Jing to pick it up. Dak Jing tried to pick up the keys with the cane and dropped it. Mui Dai seduced him. He was about to rape her. Dak Jing hit him.

Jau Ci and the two workers climbed out from the window. Master Lit whistled. Jau Ci and the workers came back in the warehouse. Dak Jing fought with Master Lit’s men. He got thrown in a barrel of water. Dak Jing kicked him and ran with the workers. Mui Dai hid behind the bag of rice. Mui Dai got caught. Yat Fu fought with the men. Yat Fu pushed the sticks at Master Lit’s men. He and Mui Dai got caught in the net. He held her. Mui Dai dreamed of them running together in the wedding. Mui Dai asked Yat Fu he promised he will return to his hometown to see her. Judy asked Yat Fu if he still has feelings for Mui Dai. She thinks he can be there for her.

Jau Ci showed his shark tooth to Hiu Yiu and said he used it to untie the rope. Jau Ci’s mother yelled at Jau Ci and asked him to show him his tooth. He showed his bare hands. Hiu Yiu tucked the tooth behind Miss Ngai She and Miss Ngai showed their bare hands. Hiu Yiu and Jau Ci looked for the tooth behind Miss Ngai. Miss Ngai showed the tooth on her hand. Hiu Yiu had a dream of the ripper. Judy tapped the spoon to the bowl and Hiu Yiu recognized that sound near the ripper. Yat Fu teaches Hiu Yiu to pour the glass of wine. Miss Ngai dresses up for Hiu Yiu.

At the banquet, Hiu Yiu offends Mr.Johnson picking up his glass of wine. Mr.Potter stood up for her and told him that there’s cigar in the wine. The ladies said Mr.Potter is known for appreciating chinese culture and opera. Judy dressing up as a frenchman and dances with Nancy. While dancing, Nancy told Judy she looked familiar. Judy said they met in Kennedy Rd. Nancy recognized her as Judy. Judy swinged her arm and dances around. Nancy told the guests that Judy is a guy she met in French and is known as Mr.Holmes. Judy commented on Nancy’s watches. The frenchmen took out their watches and told Judy to check them out. Judy hear the ringing sounds of the watches but Hiu Yiu didn’t recognize them. William walked and Hiu Yiu recognized the sound of his watch.

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Ghetto Fabulous Lady episode 7 recap

Yat Fu showed the graduate certificate of Philip to Judy. William told Judy that he also graduated from Theodoric University like Phillip. Philip was two years above him. In the restaurant, Mrs Chiu invited Judy to join her with her husband. The two ladies kicked her feet and Mrs. Chiu’s slippers fell off. Yat Fu picked up the slipper for her. Judy told Nancy that after she left Victoria, she opened her eyes and saw that William didn’t care for Philip. Judy told Nancy that them couples used to eat and drink tea here. After she stayed in Yau Ma Tei, she realized how tough it is to live as a woman. Nancy is stronger than she thought. Nancy told Judy that William was upset Philip told him to save some women in NanYang, it made him lose faces. Judy asked Yat Fu how much are her books worth.

Yat Fu gave Judy’s clothe for Hiu Yiu to fix the hole. Judy said the mouse did it. The tenants freaked out seeing a mouse getting out of the basket. The female tenant threw dagger at the mouse. Mui Dai told the tenants that plague is coming and she needs to use lots of water to clean so she will charge them fees. Jau Ci’s mother said Judy is Mui Dai’s sister so she gets to pay later while they have to pay now. The tenants said Judy’s husband collaborated with pirates and is a thief and why should she let her stay. Jau Ci said pirates rob the rich and help the poor. The tenants made fun of Jau Ci’s father being a pirate. The tenants accused Jau Ci’s mother of cheating when they played mahjong. Jau Ci’s mother pulled Jau Ci’s necklace charm. Jau Ci said this is his father’s necklace. He left.

The dog bit the necklace. Jau Ci told Hiu Yiu that his father’s boat was attacked by the shark and he and his friends killed the shark and got his tooth. He made the necklace string with the shark’s tooth. His father was a pirate but he taught him the thief robs the rich to help the poor for the others to respect his mom. Jau Ci said Master Lit ships rice from Thailand, his father offered to escort them but only Master Lit’s boat came back. They claimed his father stole the rice from their boat. Miss Ngai said it’s hard for a fish from a pond to swim in the sea. There are many sharks and he can get killed by a shark anytime. Jau Ci asked Miss Ngai if she doesn’t believe it is a real shark tooth. Jau Ci told Hiu Yiu he is happy that Miss Ngai has spoken to him and fixed his necklace. A boy told Mui Dai’s son to pretend to sleepwalk and take his mother’s book to repay for the cleaning fee. Mui Dai’s son closed his eyes and walked on the stairs and tripped. Yat Fu carried Mui Dai’s son. Flashbacks of Mui Dai tripped and looked for Judy. Yat Fu carried her. Yat Fu told Mui Dai’s son when he grows up he will be brave like his mother. Mu Dai’s son gave Mui Dai the coin which Yat Fu gave him.

Hiu Yiu asked Judy how to write the word pirate. Judy wrote a resume to apply for jobs but she ran out of ink. Hiu Yiu told her that Miss Ngai gave her a pencil. Miss Ngai gave Judy her perfume. Judy complimented Miss Ngai’s painting. Miss Ngai showed Judy the painting on the cover of her book. Judy asked Miss Ngai if she knows any art job in Yau Ma Tei. Miss Ngai said she usually sells her paintings to Victoria City. Judy asked Miss Ngai if she knows any job that require Chinese and English. Miss Ngai told her she has a job for her.

Master Lit confronted Mr.Choi for by doing a funeral for Tat in front of his pier. He slapped Dak Jing’s mother. Superintendent White came and told Master Lit he sold opiums. Superintendent let Mater Lit and Mr.Choi share the pier. Flashbacks of the kids played tricks on Superintendent White causing him to fall of the chair. Dak Jing told them to bully a stronger person instead of playing tricks. During the fight, Superintendent White beat up Dak Jing. Dak Jing complained he didn’t get to be a cop and realized that William is the superintendent’s uncle. Superintendent White complained he always plays the thief while Dak Jing plays the cop.

Judy received four cents for translating a letter to an elder lady. Dak Jing listened to the story of Detective Dee. Judy doesn’t agree with how the case ended and argued with Dak Jing. Judy told the story of Golden Prince Nez. In a mansion, a young male secretary with no enemies has been killed .The police found he was holding a golden pince nez. Sherlock home asssumed the killer was a woman with short sighted. She was squinting her eyes like Dak Jing. Judy told them if they want to know who is the killer, she will continue nex time. The people gave her money. Judy pay the rent for Mui Dai. Jau Ci’s mother gave Mui Dai money and said maybe they are putting a show since sometimes they fight but sometimes they are not. Judy told Mui Dai she will go for tea. Mui Dai had tea with Judy and returned the money to her.

Dak Jing looked at Yat Fu teaching Hiu Yiu told hold the tea cup, and he wondered since he is so meticulous could he be the one who attacked him at the warehouse. Dak Jing placed a chicken bone behind Yat Fu. The dog chased Yat Fu. Yat Fu jumped on the rope. Dak Jing served tea for Judy. Judy told Dak Jing they have to analyze every word the killer said and deduct what he didn’t say. Dak Jing told Judy that Master denied of setting up the fire and said it was Superintendent White. Miss Ngai returned the necklace to Jau Ci. Jau Ci searched for the shark tooth. Hiu Yiu took Jau Ci’s search and let the dog smell. The dog went in the sea. Jau Ci swam down the sea searching for the tooth. Master Lit and his men beat up some workers and asked them where were when his goods were bunt. Mui Dai and Yat Fu watches the men being beaten up. Hiu Yiu and Miss Ngai followed the dog. Hiu Yiu saw blood and remembered her mother’s killer and she fainted.

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Ghetto Fabulous Lady episode 6 recap

The man introduces himself as Chiu Fung, the captain of the pirates to Judy. He said he scared Miss Ngai that night. He and Philip are good friends. He saved him from the shipwreck. Someone knew about their friendship and framed them for robbing the opiums. His ship was taken by the marines. They found some opiums and a transfer agreement to Philip’s villa. Chiu Fung showed her boxes of opium and said the robbers collaborated with Master Lit and sold them. The lady told him it is perhaps that he stole the opium and made up a story. Chiu Fung laughed and said Philip is right that she is very intelligent. He wants to collaborate with her to find the opium to prove Philip and his innocence. The ship got burnt. Yat Fu helped Judy jumped own to the small ship. Superintendent White saw Chiu Fung from behind and thought he was Philip. He shot him from the back. Chiu Fung laughed and threw some drugs at himself. Dak Jing saw a man in a black suit being burnt and thought it is Sir Philip. Judy told Yat Fu she wonders why the cops could follow them to the pier and she thinks there’s a mole.

Mui Dai slept and dream of Yat Fu putting a blanket on her. Judy confronted Mui Dai that Yat Fu’s workers heard that Superintendent White tipped her off. She asked her if it’s because she got mad at her for causing her son to be put in the coffin. Judy asked Mui Dai if she hates her that much. She is her sister. Mui Dai said she is only helping her. To find her husband, Superintendent White has taken down Yau Ma Tei. IF she doesn’t put down the case of her husband, they will go after her son. They could frame her as an accomplice. If they find her husband, they won’t find her husband again. The tenants asked her if Sir Philip is innocent, why didn’t he show up. Judy said Sir Philip is innocent. She couldn’t live her while he’s in trouble. Judy told Mui Dai she shouldn’t leave her gambling husband. Mui Dai said they asked her for help but she ignored them. Judy said she couldn’t watch her sister being with a gambler. Mui Dai said he’s not a gambler but a scholar. He wasn’t being appreciated so he became a gambler. Judy said she became soft hearted so she didn’t give her the money so she can give it to him. Mui Dai told her she looked down on him; he was in debt so he died. Mui Dai told Judy she looked down on people and thought no men can compared to her husband. She also looked down on Yat Fu. Mui Dai asked Judy how come their fate are so different.

Flashbacks of Judy teaching Mui Dai to write and gave her candy. Mui Dai gave her half of it. Judy confronted Yat Fu of going out with Mui Dai. At the party, Judy wouldn’t lend Mui Dai and her husband money in the cold. Mui Dai carried her son and ran from the debt collectors. She saw her husband dead. She did a funeral for him. Mui Dai worked extra to feed her son. She and her son picked up a bun on the ground to eat. The villagers laughed at Superintendent White being naked at the pig’s barn. Yat Fu prepared Jasmine Tea for Judy and tied up the knot for her dress from behind.

Master Kiu came and told Judy and Yat Fu that they found dead body by the fishing boat and think it is Sir Philip Fletcher. Master Kiu asked Judy if she can confirm it is Sir Philip. Judy said opium has harmed many people. Judy talked to Chiu Fung in front of his tomb that he dressed like Philip to see her and even died as Philip. She assures him she will revenge for him and Philip. Hiu Yiu Mui Dai the funeral money back from Judy. Dak Jing and his friends opened carton and saw the injured dog.

Mui Dai gave her son a cup of herbal tea. Yat Fu told him he can’t drink this. Two officers came and grabbed two bowls of herbal tea and drank. Yat Fu told Mui Dai’s son to throw up. Yat Fu said he put a painkiller in the herbal tea to help people cooling down the opium. Mui Dai told Yat Fu that Judy doesn’t like anyone taking opium so he must be careful.

Dak Jing brought the injured dog and announced to the tenants he will chop him. The tennants criticized him. Hiu Yiu wants to keep the dog. Some female tenants said Judy should leave since her husband died and now the dog. Miss Ngai came and said there are other widows around. Miss Ngai said she will keep the dog.

William yelled at Superintendent White for finding a dead body without knowing if it is Philip Fletcher. Jau Ci saw Nan Qian being harassed by Superintendent White. He confronted him. Superintendent White said he has the most power here. Superintendent grabbed Jau Ci. Superintendent White told Nan Qian someday he will make her open the door for him. Hiu Yiu wrote that Judy is as strong as the stone. She couldn’t write the sword stone so she drew it. She asked her to teach her how to read and write. Judy told her if she do one thing for her, she will teach her how to write one word each day. Judy told Hiu Yiu to prepare breakfast for her.

Yat Fu teaches Hiu Yiu to cook eggs for Judy. Judy told Hiu Yiu to hold her chopstick properly and wash her nails. Judy told Yat Fu she learned after Captain Chiu Fung die, that they need knowledge to survive. She hopes Hiu Yiu can learn from it. While visiting Chiu Fung’s grave, Yat Fu told Judy that his person have seen William meeting with Master Lit by the harbor about the opium.

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Ghetto Fabulous Lady episode 5 recap

Yat Fu rent a room at Mui Dai’s flat. Hiu Yiu praised Yat Fu of neatly preparing the teapot and the bed. Yat Fu told Hiu Yui that ironing the clothes neatly will make him look more stylish. Mui Dai told Yat Fu that Judy is not an upper class but why he must be so dedicated in serivng her. Mui Dai told Judy if she wants a servant, then pay the rent for him. Mui Dai took the iron as a pawn. Hiu Yiu dresses up for Judy and saw a candle wax on her dress. Judy asked Yat Fu if he can remove the stain. Yat Fu explains to Judy how to iron the stain. Mui Dai iron her clothes and burnt her fingers. While Mui Dai is out, Hiu Yiu told Yat Fu and Judy to come in Mui Dai’s room to iron the clothe. Yat Fu iron the stain and saw the opium batch number. Yat Fu said before Hiu Yiu’s mother died, Junkie Wing stole some opium. Judy told Mui Dai as a landlady she is unreasonable but she is not bad as a mother. She wanted to iron her clothes to look good to root for her son in his recitation competition. Mui Dai thought of Yat Fu serving her tea.

Dak Jing told Miss Ngai her attackers where Brother Irongut and her daughter. They there a dart but only one dart is stuck on the wall. She went past it and got injured. Judy told Dak Jing that his assumption is nonsense. Miss Ngai got injured but it doesn’t mean no one was following her. Judy told Miss Ngai she can smell the fragrance of her shampoo. Miss Ngai said she made it using Jasmine. She will make one for her next time. Dak Jing asked Judy how did she get Little Mulan’s handkerchief. His guess would be the ripper knew Little Mulan was a drug addict so she followed her and killed her. Judy told Dak Ying that the opiums could be hidden in Yau Mau Tei.

Hiu Yiu apologized to the stall owner she couldn’t find that pink dress. She carried a drunk customers from the stall. The customer said he wants to go to Shanghai to see his wife for the last time. Hiu Yiu told Jau Ci that the customer’s wife is sick in Shanghai and he just drink to recover from his grief. Jau Ci remembered there’s a ship going to Shanghai today. He carried the customer to the pier.

Dak Jing disguised as a worker and watch for Master Lit. Jau Ci and Hiu Yiu carried the customer and saw Superintendent White beat up Master Lit’s men and asked them if they saw the ripper. He was about to hit the dog. Master Lit came. Master Lit told Superintendent White his dog came from a foreign ship, and he barked so much on the chinese land so he took him. Master Li told him if he open his boxes, it will get wet and if he will compensate for it. Superintendent White asked Master Lit if he won’t let him open the boxes which means he is hiding the ripper. Jau Ci and Hiu Yiu suddenly rushed and pushed the box. The customers came out and asked who took him here, he wants to see his wife from Shanghai. Superintendent White’s men grabbed the customer. Superintendent White asked Master Lit he thought he said no one could hide in his box. Superintendent White’s men searched the boxes and found tea leaves. Master Lit confronted Jau Ci of causing the cops to search his place. Jau Ci said he did nothing wrong. He yelled at Master Lit. Master Lit ordered his men to beat Jau Ci. The customer apologized to Superintendent White he got so drunk, he served tea for him. Superintendent White told the customer he has caused him to have a chance to take down Master Lit.

During the recitation, Mui Dai watches her son, her son saw a boy about to punch him, and he got scared and had hiccups. A man kidnapped Mui Dai’s son. Master Kiu told Judy he has a villa and she can stay there. Judy asked Master Kiu if Philip has offended anyone. Uncle Thirteenth’s son told Judy that he remembered the kidnapper had a scar on his leg. Dak Jing wondered if it is Superintendent White’s men. Mui Dai found her son’s ribbon the grass and went into Kwong Nam’s coffin warehouse and searched for her son. Mui Dai got caught. Superintendent White told Mui Dai if she let someone rent her flat she needs to pay the price. Mui Dai bowed and begged Superintendent White to give back her son. Master Kiu came and told Superintendent White he is abusing his authority. Master Kiu took Superintendent White to the warehouse and said everyone in Yau Ma Tei worked hard to make a living but he uses the ripper as an excuse to bully them. In the tomb is Uncle Cheung who passed away because he couldn’t get his medicine. Mui Dai heard her son hiccups and opened the tomb and held him.

Dak Jing told Master Kiu that Judy found the batch number of the opium on Little Mulan’s fabric. Master Kiu told Dak Jing that Superintendent White is after Philip Fetcher. Master Kiu told Dak Jing to find Philip. Mui Dai son sleptwalk. Yat Fu lead Dak Jing out. He told Judy that Dak Jing doesn’t trust her. Dak Jing left and think that Judy must be hiding something. Judy thinks Master Lit started a fight with Superintendent White on purpose to divert attention. Hiu Yiu dresses up as Judy and mislead Superintendent White’s men. Mui Dai told Superintendent White’s men that Judy and Yat Fu is at the pier. Flashbacks of Superintendent White told Mui Dai that if she told him about Judy then he promised her son will be safe.

Yat Fu and Judy went to the pier saw the injured dog. They found an underground. Master Lit and his men moved the opiums to another location. Judy saw a man and thought it was Philip and she followed him. Dak Jing went in the warehouse. Yat Fu wears a mask and threw sac at him. Dak Jing fainted. Judy followed the man and he turns around and it wasn’t Philip.