Blur the lines asian subreddit

Let me tell you a bit of my background. I’m not onto politics. I’m just a normal asian girl who watches asian dramas and blog about them.

I’ve never been a fan of reddit or forum. The first time I found aznidentity was being bashed by some asian guys for whiteworshipping. Being a fangirl of american music and artiste. One guy bash me, then more guys jumped along and do it. It did leave me a bad taste. But I just left it alone since not all asians are like that. It was the time when the asian guy bashed me and another asian girl. The asian girl followed me and she messaged me “Asian guys only treat us as asset and white guys even treat us better”. I disagreed with that but kept it quiet. During that time it was so chaotic, the asian guys were doing activism. Several asian guys from aznidentity followed me. Some asian guys asked them “Hey guys, why are you guys all siding with this JacJac girl, she’s a whiteworshipping bitch?” The guys from aznidentity told him to calm down, it’s not helpful. You know they want us all asians to fight right”. Yeah okay, the aznidentity moderators started following both the extremist and me. I felt a bit relieved inside. Then more asian guys started to follow me. I had a message chat with one of the asian guys “I like you, your tweet is very positive, don’t take it to heart what the extremist said and don’t get too suck up with the twitter fights”. “Well JacJac, there are extremist asian guys who bash asian girls, but there are also many asian self haters who bash asian guys. I don’t let those guys represent me but you don’t let those girls represent you either”.

As I started to follow some of the asian guys from asian identity, one of the asian feminist didn’t agree with me and unfollowed me. I got blocked by some non-asians when I retweeted. Some asian girls messaged me that they blamed it on the guys too, some of them are immature. I had a few times when some of the non-asians tell me that aznidentity seems to be against all interracial relationships and that’s racist. I told them that azngrl4whitegod has been trolling asian communities and playing self pities and they agreed with me that though they are in a white men and asian women relationship, they thought aznwhitegod mindset is terrible and also what she is promoting is terrible. Had a few times when white women who are in a relationship with an asian man tell me “I know there are whites who are very racist but we are white and have priviledge, we have very little power in this”.

Onto the topic of aznwhitegod playing self pity and bashing communities. Azngrl4whitegod has been using asianfeminist against us. Even if asian girls or asian feminist got bashed by asian guys for whiteworshipping, I don’t think we should be blind and support trolls. Let’s us asians unite together against white trolls who try to divide us. I don’t know what are you asianfeminist opinions on this but as for me, I’m on asian sjw side against the white trolls.

❤ Jac.

Legendary Siblings episode 17 recap

Xiao You Er threw the manuel in the river and told Yulang it is better to throw the manuel than to give it to the bad guys. Yulang can’t wait to go home. Xiao You Er told Yulang he knows he wants to kill him when he gets home. Yulang talked to his friends. Xiao You Er had a feeling that Hua Wu Que is nearby. Hua Wu Que gave Xinlan a plant he bought for her. Xin Lan asked Hua Wu Que why hasn’t he ever smiled. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan he hasn’t smiled since he was little even if he’s happy . It became a habit. Hua Wu Que remembered YaoYue forbids him to smile. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan she must follow her father. Xinlan got mad and left. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan he’s worried she may be in danger. He actually likes her a lot.

Xiao You Er pretends to vomit when the guests told Yulang he is supposed to kill him. Xiao You Er ate the chicken then threw it and said he’s full and this should given to a dog. The master treated Xiao You Er to diner. The priests surrounded Xiao You Er and said someone ordered them to kill him. The martial artist came and fought with the priest. The martial artist said whoever bully Xiao You Er has to fight with him. The martial artist grabbed Yulang’s hand and told him to bet his hand. Yulang’s father came. Yulang’s father play a game with the martial artist. Whoever spilled the water out of the bowl then he’ll lose. Yulang’s punched a hole on the table. The martial artist admit loss. Yulang’s father drinks with the martial artist and said he already did a favor by drinking with him.

Xiao You Er said he was supposed to die after the duel with Hua Wu Que but the devil said he was strong enough to be his slave so he kicked him up. Yulang told his father that he and Xiao You Er been attacked by an enemy. They tried to open this love lock but couldn’t. Yulang’s father said he can’t cut this chain with a sword unless they find a key. Xiao You Er said the key is lost. Yulang’s father invited Xiao You Er to his house. Yulang’s father told Hua Wu Que and Xiao You Er to stop their conflicts. Hua Wu Que said Xiao You Er isn’t his enemy but he must die. Hua Wu Que promised Yulang’s father he won’t kill him in his mansion. During diner, Xiao You Er thanked Yulang and his father to give him a safe place to prevent Hua Wu Que from assassinating him. Xiao You Er and Hua Wu Que picked up the same food. Xiao You Er mentioned about the lady. Yulang pretends to go to the toilet and dragged Xiao You Er with him. Yulang told Xiao You Er if he blabs about her again, he’s afraid he will kill him. Yulang’s father promised Xinlan he will find her father for her. Xiao You Er took his time on the baththub. Xiao You Er teased Xiao You Er he has hired a deaf and mute servant. Xiao You Er spilled water on Yulang.

Xinlan wonders why Xiao You Er is here and if he will hide here forever. Yulang’s servant served Xinlan some tea. Xinlan held the jade and thought of her father. Hua Wu Que and Xinlan watches the flower. Hua Wu Que recites a beautiful poem. Xinlan told Hua Wu Que to write the poem on the painting and give it to her. Xinlan smelled Hua Wu Que and said he has a nice odor. Xinlan asked Hua Wu Que if he knows where should she search for her father. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan that she just wants to have a conversation with him to prevent him from bothering Xiao You Er. Xinlan asked Hua Wu Que if he’s mad at her. Hua Wu Que asked why would he be mad. While Yulang is sleeping, Xiao You Er took out the key and opened the lock. Xiao You Er sneaks in Yulang’s father’s room. Xiao You Er sneaks in Yulang’s servant room to see if he has a scar. If he has a scar then he is Xinlan’s father. Xiao You Er gets back to sleep and pulled the cover from Yulang. Yulang wakes up Xiao You Er. Yulang requested to take Hua Wu Que around. Hua Wu Que said he wants to search for Xinlan’s father. Xiao You Er teased Xinlan that she wants to marry Hua Wu Que. Xinlan ran to the house and cried.

Messages Quote of AZNGRL4WHITEGOD

I’m not sure if I should post this but there are some messages from my followers that I liked about azngirl4whitegod. I chatted with my followers and these are some of my favourite messages I’ve received.

Whites who are in a relationship with asians messaged me this.

“I saw. I dislike pretty much any “call outs” because it can easily turn into cyber bullying. I read the woman’s post & she seemed a bit overly obsessed with views & sex. I think she needs to learn that her value doesn’t come from her body. But I’m not her aunt figure to teach her that.But remember I’m not Asian so I just think she’s weird/feel sorry for her. And God isn’t white. So her blog name makes me sigh& it tells me she’s a troll looking for attention”.

A lot of trolls also do this thing where they play a character and morph over time. That kind of looks like what she is doing (because she seems to be saying she is now reformed or something and has changed her views–unless I misunderstood her). II suppose it is even possible she isn’t even an asian woman. Could be someone pretending to be.

Sounds like she is most likely a troll. But also sounds kind of nuts. Asian Community should definitely ban her. I moderate a forum and we get a lot of people who behave outrageously then ask for pity. But part of the problem I find is it can be difficult to tell who is faking it and who is genuinely in distress. My approach is to just ban them but not engage after that (since I figure if they really are mentally ill or something I wouldn’t want to push them over the edge).

I think her impact is very small because I don’t think hat many people follow her or hear messages like her’s that much (the first time I encountered it was when you showed it to me). So I think there is that danger, and people should point out what she is saying is racist and cruel. But when you do, there is always the risk it draws more attention to her (like if she has three followers and you have twenty, you can actually amplify her message by commenting). There are definitely guys who think of asian women as submissive. That is a problem in American culture (and not limited to just white guys, as you will find the attitude among black men and others). I think the solution there is to get people to realize Asian women are as diverse as any group. My wife for example is pretty much the opposite of the stereotype and probably more assertive than I am about things. So I think people just need to see examples of asian women that are not merely stereotypes.

Hapa and Asian Guys messaged me this.

I don’t feel sorry for any Asian beta orbiters and incels that had any sympathy for this troll. Too many Asian guys are completely spineless, which is why no girls like them.

You´re right but why don´t you publish your POV on that issue, even in YomYomf, Princess? You´re a female blogger so you, as an Asian woman, will have more credibility than me, Asian Movement and so, because we are males.

That´s the reason I told you to publish in “other´s blog” as Yomyomf so you could be established as a female writer writing on Asian man-Asian women relationships and the deceiving iformation are spreading trolls as azn and pilleater. But don´t take that so personal, Princess, or they gonna try to put you down. Just presents the facts and show how much are they lying, bashing Asian men.

Thanks for all your good work, jacjac. They are fucking evil. What other group try this fucking hard to divide and conquer other communities. No other than white supremacists.


I shouldn’t dirty this blog by writing about fake asians but I have opinions and thoughts I want to write about.

First of all, I have to mention, I don’t care about the opinions of white Tom and what the white guys say about asian communities. They are outsiders and this is about asian communities. It’s funny how azngrl4whitegod always drag Tom White in her defense. And you should evaluate yourself why you have more white supporters than asians.

White Tom is a jerk bragging about how asian men have a harder time.

The difference between Constance Wu and Erin Chew and AZNGRL4WHITEGOD is that Constance and Erin actually fight for asian women’s issues despite they care about it more than asian men issues. AZNGRL4WHITEGOD fight for asian self haters and white worshippers who already handed themselves to white and it’s funny that she expected asian communities to help those whiteworshippers who bashes asians countless times. You can’t compare AZNGRL4WHITEGOD with those activists. AZNGRL4WHITEGOD wants to help those white worshippers and said it is okay to worship white guys submit to white supremacy.

AZNGRL4WHTIEGOD you are not a special snowflake, you should evaluate yourself why did you get ignored by asian communities and being called white troll, white worshipper, or self hater. Asian Communities didn’t attack you for no reason. The asian guys who defended you are either uncle chans or doing it in a goodwill.

Whiteworshipping asian girls don’t care for asian men, they already submit themselves to white.

AZNGRL4WHITEGOD gaslighting me and asian communities. You will see in almost every single post of her, there will be some quote “No love from asian communities”. And she whines why asian communites doesn’t love her when she turns to whites. She promotes white guys over asian guys.

Porn photos that AZNGRL4WHITEGOD enjoy posting. Enjoy sucking white cock.

Here’s a video of Pilleater interviewing AZNGIRL4WHITEGOD.

Some quotes from the video.

“I want to connect with other Tequilas.

“Let’s say you’re an asian girl, you wished you were white but that’s not your fault but what ends up happening is you ended up being hated by your own communities when you talk about these issues. I went to reddit and wanted to say hey this is me and all I wanted to do is to connect with people like me and other tila tequilas”.

“The only guy who helped me is a white guy named Tom”.

LOL Tila Tequilas are white worshippers, no asian communities would support it. There are reasons why asians don’t support this issues but Yellow Fever males support it.

“A lot of people that came at me are straight up racist and they hated white people”.

Nothing wrong with hating on racist white and yellow fever guys and fighting against white supremacy. It does no good for the asian communities.

“The asian sjw complained about posting my work on yomyomf. “

And it should be removed, you were posting articles promoting self hating and white worshipping is good and encouraged other asian girls to do the same. Shall this article be spread, more asian girls will think self hate is good.

AZNGRL4WHITEGOD, you can gather your Tekkilas and leave but if you gaslight or bash asian communities, then it will need to be called out.