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Gentle Reflections episode 7 recap

At the court, Mou Chong told the judge he saw the trees got crooked in his brother’s grave and he dug his body and found a black bone. The doctor said he drank wine during that night. Mou Chong won’t let his brother die without proof. Lee Ping Yee hopes Mou Chong understands her feeling that she won’t let her brother die without proof. Mou Chong cried in the cellar and asked Mou Dai Long’s daughter if she trusts him. A doctor came to the court and said  he inspected the body and found it was being poisoned.

During the night, the doctor knocked in front of his door and admitted he poisoned Mou Dai Long. A doctor said the doctor threaten to kill him if he won’t lie about being poisoned. Sai Moon Hing rewared a doctor some silvers. Sai Moon Hing told him to leave with those silvers. Two guards chased a doctor and throw him down the sea. Sai Moon Hing told the nanny and Poon Kam Lien he has sent his men to get rid of a doctor.

In the court,  the bone was inspected to have a rat powder. The  elder doctor witnessed the doctor of stealing the powders including rat powders. Poon Kam Lien told the judge that the doctor steleft and was angry and said he won’t forget this incident. She was bringing the bowl of medicine for Mou Dai Long but he was sleeping. She then brought fabrics for the nanny. She went home and didn’t see the bowl of medicine there. The judge sentenced the doctor for stealing the bowl of medicine and poisoning Mou Dai Long.

Lee Ping Yee told Mou Chong that her brother didn’t kill anyone, and is he happy with the consequence. Lee Ping Yee wants to admit guilty and she told Far Chi Hui to find the whereabout of the doctor. Lee Ping Yee told the judge that during the night, she went to beg Mou Dai Long to let her brother marry his daughter. She thought of Mou Dai Long treated Poon Kam Lien badly. She saw the rat powder and put it in the bowl of medicine. She poured the bowl of medicine in Mou Dai Long’s mouth. Lee Ping Yee asked Mou Chong if he understands the feelings of the person he love being sentenced. Poon Kam Lien had a nightmare of Ping Yee being beheaded and won’t forgive her. Ping Yee told Far Chi Hui she rather take the guilt for her brother.



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Gentle Reflections episode 6 recap

Poon Kam Lien freaks out and told the nanny she has killed Mou Dai Long. Sai Moon Hing is frustrated and told Poon Kam Lien to surrender. The granny begs Sai Moon Hing to help Poon Kam Lien. Sai Moon Hing visited a doctor . The doctor told Sai Moon Hing that his wife has passed away a half year ago, and borrowed his money for the funeral. Sai Moon Hing asked the doctor if he misses his wife. Sai Moon Hing gave the doctor a silver to do the funeral for his wife. Mou Dai Long’s daughter and Poon Kam Lien did a funeral for Mou Dai Long.The pupil blamed the doctor for killing Mou Dai Long. Poon Kam Lien told Mou Chong that the doctor had a fight with Mou Dai Long and he died. Poon Kam Lien told Mou Chong she thought Mou Dai Long was sleeping so she didn’t wake him up.

Mou Chong had a nightmare of Mou Chong calling him he died miserably. Mou Chong wants to dig Mou Dai Long’s grave since he suspects his brother died from poisoning. Mou Chong dug Mou Dai Long’s body and found a poisonous bone. Poon Kam Lien told the nanny that she’s scared and frustrated everytime she hears they mention about Mou Dai Long. The pupil told Mou Chong he thinks the killer is the doctor. Lee Ping Yee told Mou Chong she believes it isn’t her brother the doctor since he loves Mou Dai Long’s daughter so much. Poon Kam Lien has a nightmare of Mou Dai Long killing her. Poon Kam Lien wants to surrender.  Sai Moon Hing told her that as long there’s him, there is still her, he won’t let her die.

Poon Kam Lien stood on the  mountain and about to suicide.   The nanny told her that she is still young and pretty. She still has a path which is being with Sai Moon Hing. The nanny told Poon Kam Lien that Sai Moon Hing is handsome and rich and loves her and it’s better to be loved than being with someone who she loves. Poon Kam Lien reuniteswith Sai Moon Hing. Sai Moon Hing gave her his jade.

Sai Moon Hing thought of having the doctor as the scapegoat. Mou Chong asked a doctor who bought his herbs. The doctor told Mou Chong he remembered the doctor also bought his herb and even stole it. Poon Kam Lien told Mou Chong about the doctor wanted to see Mou Dai Long’s daughter but she told him to leave. She was preparing medicine for Mou Dai Long. As she brought the medicine she saw him sleeping so she left. A servant told Mou Chong that he saw the doctor leaving his house being grumpy. Mou Chong confronted the doctor of killing Mou Dai Long. Ping Yee heard Mou Chong want to witness her brother.

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Gentle Reflections episode 5 recap

Mou Dai Long sighed to Mou Chong he worked hard to buy Poon Kam Lien but all he get is criticism. Mou Chong encouraged him to be more gentle. The nanny gave Poon Kam Lien some herbs from Sai Moon Hing. Mou Dai Long gave Poon Kam Lien an hairpin. A pregnant lady asked for direction to the palace. Her son is hungry. Far Chi Hui gave her his bag of buns. The lady is giving birth. Far Chi Hui’s servant brought Lee Ping Yee. Far Chi Hui held the baby. Poon Kam Lien eaves drop on the nanny told Sai Moon Hing he brought herbs and bird’s nest and must have a crush on her. Poon Kam Lien refuses his love.

Far Chi Hui beat up a man for stealing his money when he gambles. Far Chi Hui took him to his wife, the pregnant woman. The man told his wife that he didn’t went to the palace to take the exam, someone stole his money. Lee Ping Yee spoke up for Far Chi Hui to his father that he helped a man reunite with his wife. Far Chi Hui went in the kitchen and asked Lee Ping Yee why did she helped him.


The doctor lead Ping Yee to Muo Chong. Ping Yee gave Mou Chong a bag of buns. She almost tripped and she gave him her handmade shoes. Poon Kam Lien got upset and gave him the shoes she sewed. Poon Kam Lien got mad at Lee Ping Yee for stealing  Mou Chong from her. Lee Ping Yee drinks and sighed to Sai Moon Hing and the nanny that Lee Ping Yee stole Mou Chong from her. Poon Kam Lien gave Mou Chong a drink. Mou Chong told Poon Kam Lien he only has Lee Ping Yee in his heart. Poon Kam Lien seduced Mou Chong. Mou Chong pushed her. Poon Kam Lien asked Mou Chong if he knows how much she has suffered from his brother. His brother has let the master rape her and ruined her life. His brother forced her to marry him. Mou Chong told Mou Dai Long to treat Poon Kam Lien nicer.

Mou Dai Long’s pupil wants to marry Mou Dai Long’s daughter.  Poon Kam Lien said the doctor is a thief and now is a bodyguard who wants to steal stuff from the court. Poon Kam Lien said whereas Mou Dai Long’s pupil is hardworking. Mou Dai Long’s daughter refuses and slapped the pupil and left. Mou Dai Long’s daughter and the doctor begged Mou Dai Long to let them be together. The doctor held Mou Dai Long’s daughter’s hand and left.  The pupil and Mou Dai Long chased them. Mou Dai Long held on the the doctor’s bag and fell down the stair and fainted.

A doctor said Mou Dai Long broke his back. Mou Dai Long yelled at Poon Kam Lien and told her to give her some herb and lock his daughter. The nanny told Poon Kam Lien if Mou Dai Long injured more when he fell then everything will be fine. Mou Dai Long yelled and ache his stomach. Poon Kam Lien put on the rat powder in the pot. The doctor begs Poon Kam Lien to let him see Mou Dai Long’s daughter. Poon Kam Lien brought the cup of drink to Mou Dai Long. Mou Dai Long drank the cup and ached. Poon Kam Lien pushed the pillow on Mou Dai Long. Poon Kam Lien freaks out seeing Mou Dai Long dead.


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Gentle Reflections episode 4 recap

Lee Ping Yee gave Mou Chong a sachet she made and did the hair for him. Sai Moon Hing and Far Chilam played ball against the other team. A member in another team got injured, and requested Mou Dai Long as a replacement. Sai Moon Hing’s team won and laughed at Mou Dai Long that he should embraces his wife or she will leave him. Mou Dai Long came and told Poon Kam Lien he loves her a lot. Poon Kam Lien told Mou Dai Long if he loves her he wouln’t let the master rape her. Mou Dai Long tried to rape Poon Kam Lien. Poon Kam Lien threw a knife and pushed the basket of grains and yelled.

Mou Chong won the round. Sai Moon Hing told Far Chi Hui to block Mou Chong while he kicked the ball. Mou Dai Long finished raping Poon Kam Lien. Poon Kam Lien told him he lost his concience Mou Dai Long told her that he used his own gold and silver to buy her, she can either accept it or not. Both teams earn half of the reward. Far Chi Hui gave Mou Chon their half of the rewards. Mou Chong checked up on Poon Kam Lien. Mou Chong rubbed Poon Kam Lien’s arm. Poon Kam Lien leaned on Mou Chong. Mou Chong told Mou Dai Long it is a good deed he married a good wife like Poon Kam Lien but why he must hit her. Poon Kam Lien sighed to the maid that she’s been raped by Mou Dai Long so she can’t be with Mou Chong.

Mou Dai Long forbids his daughter to be with the doctor. Mou Dai Long’s pupil fought with the doctor over her. The masters laughed that  a person like Mou Dai Long has a pretty daughter. Poon Kam Lien told Mou Chong she doesn’t understand why he wants to break up a couple. He did many bad things so how he has the right to yell at his daughter. Poon Kam Lien gets ready to get to bed and Mou Dai Long came and wants to sleep with her. Poon Kam Lien pushed her.  Mou Dai Long slaps her and told her she is his wife and she must do chores for him.

Poon Kam Lien asked a man if she can eat his wonton. He gave it to her.Mou Dai Long came and slapped Poon Kam Lien. Poon Kam Lien ran and hit the drum and wants to witness Mou Dai  Long. Mou Dai Long bowed and told the judge that he was drunk and saw her flirting with a man in the noodle stall so he couldn’t stand it and hit her. The judge said that the person in the noodle stall said he only said two words to her and he pushed her. He can’t hit his wife and he can lock him. Poon Kam Lin told the judge that it’s not the first time that Mou Dai Long hit her, and she wants to request to separate from him. She doesn’t have feelings for him. The judge said that she has to serve her husband. The judge punished Mou Dai Long to not drink for three months.

Mou Dai Long apologized to Poon Kam Ling. Poon Kam Lin packed her stuff and leave. Mou Dai Long pulled her and tied her up. Mou Dai Long held a knife and told her she will scratch her. Mou Dai Long’s daughter stops her. Poon Kam Lien dropped her pennies and a girl bought a rat powder. Poon Kam Lien bought a rat powder. Poon Kam Lien was about to put the rat powder in the pot. Poon Kam Lien pushed the pot and asked her if she’s crazy. Poon Kam Lien said she really wants to die, if she stays her she will suffer. Sai Moon Hing told Poon Kam Lien she has a lot of bright days ahead. There’s someone who’s there for her. Lee Ping Yee waits for Mou Chong. Mou Chong gave her a hairpin. Mou Chong told Poon Kam Lien to give him time. Poon Kam Lien told Mou Chong to leave wiht her. Mou Chong told Poon Kam Lien that he only treats her like a sister in law. Poon Kam Lien won’t give up on him.



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Gentle Reflections episode 3 recap

Poon Kam Lien apologized to Sai Moon Hing and left. The nanny invited Sai Moon Hing for a drink of tea. Sai Moon Hing asked the nanny which family does Poon Kam Lien belongs to. The nanny said Poon Kam Lien’s husband is the hunchback Mou Dai Long. Sai Moon Hing told the nanny she wants a mistress but needs her help. Sai Moon Hing laid down and thought of Poon Kam Lien. Poon Kam Lien drinks and told the pupil she doesn’t trust him because he tried to get her drunk so he can marry Mou Dai Long’s daughter. Sam Moon Hing waits in front of Mou Dai Long’s house. He requested the nanny to help him win Poon Kam Lien’s heart.

The nanny told Poon Kam Lien to sew a cloth for her. Sai Moon Hing greets the nanny and asked Poon Kam Lien about her identity. The nanny prepared a meal for Sai Moon Hing and Poon Kam Lien. Mou Dai Long and his pupil eavesdrop on Sai Moon Hing and Poon Kam Lien. Mou Dai Long’s pupil gave the nanny some money. The nanny told the pupil to leave.

Mou Dai Long confronted Poon Kam Lien and Sai Moon Hing for having an affair. Mou Dai Long dragged Poon Kam Lien out. Mou Dai Long slapped Poon Kam Lien. Mou Dai Long cried and  told Poon Kam Lien  he feels very hurt. He rather being scold by her and don’t want to lose her. Poon Kam Lien asked Mou Dai Long even if she goes out with Sai Moon Hing in public, does he dares to call them out. Poon Kam Lien pushed Mou Dai Long and said she is pretty and has standard but he and the master have ruined her reputation. Mou Chong held on her. Mou Chong came and grabbed Mou Dai Long. Poon Kam Lien told Mou Chong other wouldn’t believe that he and Mou Dai Long are brothers.

People wouldn’t hire the doctor. The doctor asked Mou Chong for a job. Mou Chong said there’s a bodyguard post. Lee Ping Yee gave a good luck charm to Mou CHong and Mou Chong. The maid teases Lee Ping Yee of falling for Mou Chong. The master told Poon Kam Lien he got promoted to be a magistrate. The master looked at the food and asked Poon Kam Lien who’s he waiting for. The master slapped her. Poon Kam Lien told her master that Mou Dai Long is scared of him but he’s scared of his wife. Poon Kam Lien said everytime he’s here she only sees him as a pig or a dog. The master slapped Poon Kam Lien. The master threaten the nanny to not let anyone else know it. The nanny told Sai Moon Hing that the master is Poon Kam Lien’s husband and Mou Dai Long only fake his marriage. Sai Moon Hing blocked the master’s way.’

The master came out of the sedan chair and told the workers to continue throwing down the boxes of Sai Moon Hing’s herbs. The master heard the news of the master bringing three fabrics to the official. Sai Moon Ling’s two servants sneaked in the master’s warehouse of fabrics. The master’s wife screamed seeing the men.  The men accidentally pushed the lamp on the fabric and it burn the warehouse. Lee Ping Yee came in the warehouse. The two men pushed the library and it fell on her. She fainted. Mou Chong carried Lee Ping Yee out of the fire. The doctor told Mou Chong he thinks Sai Moon Hing did it since he competed with him to be the magaistrate. The doctor came and asked if he ordered his men to burn the master and his wife. Sai Moon Hing told the official that the doctor wanted to revenge him being angry he fired him and he accused him of setting the fire. The official asked Mou Chong if he has evidence of someone setting up a fire. Perhaps the stick fell on her and he fainted. If there’s no evidence of a third person in the incident and there was fire so it was an unfortunate fire incident. The case is closed.

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Gentle Reflections episode 2 recap

The people at the stall gave Poon Kam Lien a handkerchief for free. Mou Dai Long paid for it. A man told another man that having a pretty wife like that he has to watch out.  Poon Kam Lien went home, and the master showed her the golden bracelet. Mou Dai Long’s daughter saw the master walking out, and she asked Poon Kam Lien how would she face her father. Poon Kam Lien criticized Mou Dai Long’s food. Mou Dai Long’s daughter asked Mou Dai Long if he knows that Poon Kam Lien has an affair behind his back. Mou Dai Long asked her to shut it. Mou Dai Long slapped his daughter. Poon Kam Lien told Lee Ping Yee that she faked marriage with Mou Dai Lang. He has let the master raped her. Poon Kam Lien said once she finish seducing the master then she will leave. She feels ashamed and no different than those prostitutes.

Lee Ping Yee, Poon Kam Lien, and the maid heard a tige roar. They ran. Lee Ping Yee tripped. Mou Chong held Lee PIng Yee’s hand and ran. Mou Chong invited Lee Ping Yee to rest a the teahouse. Lee Ping Yee thanked Mou Chong for his kindess but she needs to leave. A family did a funeral for a husband got eaten by a tiger. During the night in the forest, the tiger jumped and  Mou Chong punched it. Poon Kam Lien watches Mou Chong on the chair being rooted by the people for defeating the tiger. Mou Chong got promoted as a bodyguard and visited his brother Mou Dai Long. Mou Dong asked Mou Dai Long why did he get married. Mou Dai Long drinks and said he knows he isn’t good enough for her. Mou Chong told Poon Kam Lien that Mou Dai Long always protect him as a kid. Poon Kam Lien told Mou Dai Long that he hasn’t been here so things have changed but he won’t understand. A lantern fell on Poon Kam Lien’s foot and Mou Dai Long wiped for her and put on the bandage for her.

Sai Moon Hing greets the official. Far Chi Hui gambled wit his brother. Far Chi Hui gambled against Sai Moon Hing. Sai Moon Hing bids his jade.  Sai Moon Hing requested Far Chi Chi Hui’s vase. Far Chi Hui lost his vase.  The official asked Far Chi Hui where’s his vase. Chi Hui blamed on the maid. Lee Ping Yee told the official she knows how the vase was lost, Sai Moon Hing lost his vase to Far Chi Hui. The official asked Far Chi Hui if he needs to visit Sai Moon Hing’s mansion and ask him. The official got angry an told Far Chi Hui he already told him that gambling can be addicting. From now on he forbids him from gamble. Sai Moon Hing came and returned the vase to the official.



Lee Ping Yee’s brother gave Lee Ping Yee the herb he stole from the clinic to earn more money. While the doctor  arrange his herb, Lee Ping Yee’s brother stole the gingseng. The doctor caught him.  Lee Ping Yee begs Sam Moon Hing to forgive him. Far Chi Hui requested to let him take the case. Far Chi Hui told Lee Ping Yee to crawl in front of the people if he wants her to forgive her brother. Mou Chong came and asked Far Chi Hui why he’s a gentleman would bully a weak lady. Far Chi Hui said this is family affair but he played enough. Poon Kam Lien brought a basket of soup for Mou Chong. The master in the sedan chair passed by and got irritated seeing Poon Kam Lien treating Mou Chong nicely. The master dragged Poon Kam Lien. The master told Poon Kam Lien that as long as she’s his woman he won’t let her escape from him. Poon Kam Lien closed the window and the stick accidentally fell on Sai Moon Hing’s head. Sai Moon Hing turned around and saw Poon Kam Lien.


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Gentle Reflections episode 1 recap

Poon Kam Lien takes a bath. A maid told Poon Kam Lien she’s just a maid who dream of marrying a rich man. The ladymaster asked the maid where’s the candles. The maid blamed Poon Kam Lien didn’t bring it. Poon Kam Lien watches the ladies. Poon Kam Lien bought a red umbrella. The stall owner looked at her and gave her buy one get one free. Poon Kam Lien tries some blushes. The stall owner touches her. Lee Ping Yee took her out. Lee Ping Yee teased Poon Kam Lien to stop seducing men, and Poon Kam Lien chases her and bumped into  Mou Dai Long, a hunchback. Mou Dai Long teased Poon Kam Lien if he wants to marry her then how much should he pay her. Kam Lien said five hundred thousand taels.

Poon Kam Lien and the two maids threw the incense sticks. Poon Kam Lien told them that this is the third time she picked up a good fortune and she may marry a rich man. Lee Ping Yee said they have to work hard. Poon Kam Lien daydream of being a concubine. Lee Ping Yee rather work hard and make her own living. Lee Ping Yee want to save money to open her own business. Poon Kam Lien believe they must rely on a man. The master eavesdrop on Poon Kam Lien taking a shower. Poon Kam Lien screamed. The lady master saw her husband’s eye having bruises. The master said he saw a cat eating a fish and he accidentally bumped into the wall. Poon Kam Lien said maybe it was the cat causing noises. The lady master picked up a red fortune letter of she would like to get married. The lady master got mad and punished Poon Kam Lien cutting the woods three days.

During the night, the master told Poon Kam Lien she is good at keeping the secret. The master wants to make her a concubine. The maid overheard them. The master gave her a piece of jade. The lady said last night she lost her golden bracelet and who stole it. The maids checked Poon Kam Lien’s room and didn’t find anything. Poon Kam Lien held her golden jade. The maid found it. The lady master hit Poon Kam Lien. Poon Kam Lien said hte master gave it to her and wanted her to be his concubine. The lady spanked Poon Kam Lien and asked her to admit it. The master came. The master blamed Poon Kam Lien to be spoiled.

Mou Dai Long’s daughter asked for a medicine. The doctor gave her a pack of herb while the elder doctor is looking for some herbs. Mou Dai Long poured a bottle of his saving from baking pancakes and requested Lee Ping Yee to marry off Poon Kam Lien to her. Mou Dai Long begged the lady master to marry off Poon Kam Lien to him. Poon Kam Lien refuses to marry Mou Dai Long. The lady master told her she must either marry to Mou Dai Long or go suicide. The lady master ordered her maid to pour food in Poon Kam Lien.  Poon Kam Lien shakes her head. Lee Ping Yee visited Poon Kam Lien and told her to agree to marry Mou Dai Long, he’s a gentleman and it’s a good temporary plan. The master visited Mou Dai Long and ordered him to pretend to marry Poon Kam Lien. The master’s servant beat him up. The master told him even if he can’t have Poon Kam Lien, he won’t let anyone have him.

The lady master returned the ransom paper to her. Poon Kam Lien tore the paper and said after this then she doesn’t have to worry about being framed. The people and the lady master cheered for Mou Dai Long to kick the sedan chair. The lady master offered to piggyback Poon Kam Lien. She rather just walk. Mou Dai Long upsetly drink. Mou Dai Long left. The master raped Poon Kam Lien. The master told her she is only missing a title. He can visit her every night. The master gave Mou Dai Long his gold. Poon Kam Lien spit at Mou Dai Long.