Battle of Seven Sisters episode 3 recap

The lawyer told Samantha to plead guilty and he can plead the judge for sentence reduction. Samantha told him she doesn’t need his help. Samantha complained there’s no good cheap lawyers. Ben interrogated the girl at the court and asked her which hand did Samantha used the bottle to stab her. If she used her right hand to stab then she would have gotten hurt on the left side but she got hurt on the right side of her head. Ben asked the girl if she was the one who stabbed Samantha and she pushed her out of defense and she accused her of injuring her. The girl said she wanted Samantha dead since she stole her boyfriend and she’s lucky the glass didn’t kill her. Ben called Priscilla that Samantha got released. Priscilla thanked her.

The girl came in motorcycle and brought roses to the guy. The girl told him and Samantha that she won’t bother them again and she doesn’t mind if they get married. Samantha told her that she is not related to that guy. The girl hugged Samantha and said if she loves him, she can’t hurt the woman he loves. She told her she needs to broaden her horizon, there are better guys than him. The girl told him that he must treat Samantha right or she won’t forgive him.

Samantha gave Helen two egg sandwiches and asked her to compete with her to eat. Samantha told Priscilla that their mother only recognizes her, and don’t recognize her. Priscilla told Samantha she should spend more time with Helen. Samantha asked Priscilla if she thinks college will make her smarter, she only cares about making money from her client. Priscilla told Samantha she would have been in jail if it wasn’t of her. Samantha told her she doesn’t owe anyone and she will pay her as soon as possible. Priscilla drinks

. Joel received a call from his wife to go home for dinner. She gave two diamond necklaces for Joel’ to give to his daughter and wife birthdays. Joel and Priscilla kissed each other.. Samantha meets with Gilbert. Gilbert told Samantha that she’s the one that her father loves the most but why she didn’t attend his funeral.

Samantha sat on the bridge and read The Legend of Condor Heroes novel. She thanked her father for reading wuxia novels before she went to bed. She’ll continue writing and someday she’ll write something good. Gilbert gave Samantha a letter from her father. Samantha read the letter that he wanted her to help her lost sister who’s gone through depression to gain some weight.Then she will inherit 10 million dollars from him. Lin Xia Wei rejected her staff proposals during the meeting.< She confronted a client for not paying this month’s membership fee. Lin Xia wei’s boss asked her why did she changed her attitude.Lin Xia Wei visited her husband’s funeral. Samantha asked Lin Xia Wei to sit with her on the stairs.< !– Samantha cried and told her that everytime she visited her mother in law, she misses how she used to be sweet to her.. She also misses her boyfriend. – Samantha told her that her boyfriend traveled for business and died in a car accident.-

Motive of tvb characters

TVB sometimes make these unexpected plots and strange characters which make us thinking if the incident were to happen in real life.

In On Lie Game, Alex Yung played the role of a young man Hin who aspire to be a successful screenwriter. In desperate to make money to pay for his dad surgery, he was willing to collaborate with the triad to pretend to be a lonely farmer and plan to con Samantha into falling into him and asking her for millions of dollars. That time Samantha Ko was really heartbroken. After meeting Samantha in person when she picked up her medicine, he fell for her and told her the truth that everything was fake.

In Battle of Seven Sisters, Priscilla Wong, a lawyer who twisted the truth that the victim didn’t run over the red light causing him to be not guilty causing a grudge from Lin Xia Wei, that she couldn’t fight justice for her husband who died from the car crash.Priscilla also hired a lawyer to seek Justice for her sister Samantha Ko who got accused of harming a girl. Law and money can be used rightfully or wrongfully!

In Limelight year, Alex Fong filmed a prank on Linda Chung to get views on his videos to promote his novel. He wanted to marry Linda with a motive to promote his novel. In the end, he gave Linda his only excerpt of his novel and proposed to her and it is her choice if she wants to marry him.

Battle of Seven Sisters episode 2 recap

Lin Xia Wei was about to slap Priscilla but Gilbert stopped her. Gilbert gave Priscilla and Lin Xia Wei the letters and said their father wishes is them to fulfill them then they can inherit his assets. Lin Xia Wei tore the paper and said ever since she lived with her mom, she has nothing to do with her dad and Priscilla. Priscilla told Gilbert he already did his job as a lawyer. Samantha took her friend to the street and screamed. Lin Xia Wei threw a bucket of poop at Priscilla. Samantha looked at her car with spray paint Bitch. Her friend told her not to call him anymore. Lin Xia Wei looked at the harbor and thought of her husband. Lin Xia Wei do chores. Lin Xia Wei was about to cut herself but the cat meow.

Samantha held a hammer and tried to hit her boyfriend. Samantha picked up a boy from school and a man stopped her and asked her to let him in. He told her he met a girl at a casino, and they slept for two nights. He showed Samantha his scar on the back she did to him. Samantha let him stay in her van.instead of in her flat.

Lin Xiao Wei confronted the customer and paid the bag of rice for 35 dollars, she told her it is forcing customers to buy more if she buys two for seventy dollars. She will pay 35 dollars instead of 45 dollars. for one. If she has a problem, she can call the police. Lin Xia Wei’s boy friend paid the cashier 10 extra dollars for her. A man put a chair in the middle of the road. Lin Xia Wei took the chair away and told him he can’t stop others from parking in this place. Lin Xia Wei held her phone and asked him to hit her. Lin Xia’s boyfriend stopped her. The man found his friend’s jade and wanted to borrow it. Samantha told him to put it down, she will give him a lift.

During the ride, the guy’s boyfriend spray paint on Samantha’s car. The guy’s girl grabbed the guy’s neck. Samantha yelled at her for spraying paint on her car. The girl called Samantha a slut. She threw a bottle of glass at the guy’s eye. Samantha used a hose and sprayed water on her. She pushed her and checked out on the guy. In the hospital, the cops asked Samantha to come to interrogation for the case of assaulting a girl.

Gilbert’s student Jasmine came and showed Priscilla the letter and told her that her father worked hard and she was angry at not seeing him much and now she regrets. Priscilla left and said she made up such a story. Jasmine ran and followed Priscilla and told her that what she said was the truth and hope she accepts the letter. Priscilla accepted the letter. Jasmine called Gilbert that she made it. Priscilla’s assistant told Priscilla about the lawyer who took Samantha’s case. Priscilla read her father’s letter hoping she would let go of her grudges of him and some of her sisters have never met him. He hopes she would find her fifth sister. Then she can inherit his asset.

Battle of the Seven Sisters episode 1 recap

This series starts with Samantha writing a script. Samantha gave gave Priscilla and her man a ride and told him to leave after hearing his convo Priscilla asking him about the case. A car passed by and broke Samantha’s rear end mirror. Priscilla’s assistant asked Priscilla if she has a history with Samantha. Priscilla took up a case of a guy named Ryan who claimed ot rush to his friend’s party and ran over someone. Priscilla told Ryan to go to the police station. If he doesn’t turn himself, then there’s a high chance he will go to jail.

Priscilla saw her father in the restaurant. He ordered two milk teas and told her she used to love to drink milk teas the none day she threw all of them away. He asked her if she recently took a hit and run case. He requested her to turn it down. He can’t tell her the reason. She laughed and said she never turns down a case. She told him she stopped drinking milk teas long time ago, if it’s not important, don ‘t call her again. At the court, Priscilla asked the victim’s mother if her son died two years ago in an accident. She heard a bang during the current accident and turned around and didn’t see the victim get hit.

The following case continued, Priscilla asked Lin Xia Wei if her husband has been seeing her ex behind her back. Priscilla told Lin Xia Wei that before hte accident, she and her husband argued over the phone about his affair. He ran in the road. Lin Xia Wei told Priscillla she twisted the word and her husband died in an accident. Lin Xia Wei told her lawyer that before her husband died, he would go to the market and buy groceries for her and cook for her. Lin Xia Wei got mad at Priscilla and slapped her assistant that Karma will get her. Priscilla had a drink and told Peter the lawyer that she used to believe in the law but now she believes the law is not all black and white.

Priscilla asked the judge how could he let Ryan, an innocent young man who takes responsibility for the accident to take the punishment. Ryan asked Priscilla if he can send 300,000 dollars to the victim’s wife. He felt guilty and had bad dreams every night. He told her that he was high and crashed into her the victim’s husband. He’s not sure if he ran into the red light. Priscilla told him not to tell anyone especially his mom. Priscilla go angry and had sex with a man. Lin Xia Wei thought of her husband. Priscilla’s father’s lawyer told Priscilla he invited her to the funeral, her father died from lung cancer. He also invited another person to the funeral. Lin Xia Wei came. He told them that they are step sisters.

Debts of a Lifetime episode 5 recap

Marco and Jackie talked about GIgi. Johnny told Marco to keep on daydreaming, her boyfriend is the CEO. The neighbor’s girlfriend saw her boyfriend mentioning about karaoke, she got mad and whined to him he needs to grow up. The boyfriend received a call of having a new job offer. He told Jackie to help him carry the boxes. Hilary’s ex teased her that she should have worked for him or else she wouldn’t be jobless like now. Hilary got mad and dumped the boxes on his car, then she hid behind the basket. The ex saw boxes in his car. He asked Jackie where did Hilary went. Jackie pointed another direction. Hilary treated Jackie dinner and desserts.Hilary sat and describe all her past relationships to Jackie. Jackie looked at a couple passing by. He told Hilary from all the love stories he heard, her story is the most real. Benz and Mary fought over a taxi. A man got into the taxi. Mary fell and bled her knee as the taxi left. Benz piggyback Mary. A granny mistaken them for a couple. Mary nitpicked on Benz to the neighbors that no one visits his clinic.Benz yelled at Mary that she fell down and he has spent his time piggyback her, and now he failed the exam.

The neighbor gave his girlfriend a movie ticket and she gave it to Hilary. Jackie teased Hilary of tearing down after watching the movie. The best part was the female lead died but still wanted to see the male lead. Hilary asked Jackie to wipe down her tears. A businessman asked Jackie to give him five million dollars to leave hk since police has been investigating him. He gave Gordon some documents and said he has used th e money Jackie bribed him to transfer to a private company. Gigi asked Law Lok Lam to lend her some money. Law Lok Lam gave Gordon some money.

GIgi drinks with Marco. Gigi drinks with Marco and asked if men loves seeing girls. Gigi wondered why Jackie is hiding from her. Gigi said Jackie bribed. The next morning, in the office, Gigi apologized to Marco and gave her a new dress shirt. Gigi apologized to Marco if she has blurted out some nonsense yesterday. Marco gave Gigi an analogy of the plastic cover of the dress shirt that he tore and forget about it. While Jackie fried food, he asked Marco if Hilary is home yet.

Hilary went home and happily told Jackie and Marco she is dating. She mean she is wearing a ring and she loves the feeling. Jackie showed Hilary the dish he cooked. Hilary hesitated to eat since it looks ugly but she tasted it and found it so good. Jackie told Marco he thinks he likes someone. The neighbor’s girlfriend threw a glass at him and he hurt his head. She told her she saw the passport and was worried he would go find a mistress. He said he wanted to work hard to rent a house for her to stay. He is stressed during work but scared to tell her. He has used his money to buy a ring for her. They hugged each other. Jackie told Marco he thinks he has fallen for Hilary.

Debts of a Lifetime episode 4 recap

.Gigi celebrates her birthday. Gigi received a call from a client asking where Jackie is. Marco drove Gigi around and turned on the english rock music. Marco cheers Gigi up that her boyfriend is busy with work. Gigi sighed she doesn’t know where Jackie is. Marco told Jackie to write for him wishing Gigi a happy birthday and he loves her. Jackie finds it too cheesy and refuse to write. Gigi received a bouquet of flowers and happily smiled seeing a love letter from Jackie. Marco told Jackie to write a letter complimenting Gigi’s yellow suit.Gigi received a bouquet of flowers and a letter and got upset. She told her secretary to ask who sent her the letter. The secretary told her the letter is from anonymous but she heard that he didn’t have enough money to pay and will come to the flower shop to pay for the flowers. Gigi went to the flower shop and told Marco to let her pay for the flowers. Gigi walked and got mad and told Marco that she only wore the yellow suit recently and how could Jackie saw it. Gigi asked Marco if he knows what he did was stupid and will hurt her feelings. Hilary teased Marco he must have fallen for Gigi.

.Mary deals with a business man to sell her flat. Marco’s neighbored paid Jackie to carry his good. He saw a pretty lady and he bumped his van into a pole. Jackie’s neighbor confronted her who did he avoid then bumped his van. She whined to her boyfriend he used her 20,000 dollars she saved. He mumbled about looking at ladies while singing karaoke. She asked him to leave. He and Jackie asked Hilary to convince his girlfriend. She told Hilary that her boyfriend always use all the money he work. Marco told Jackie about the background of the boyfriend, that he used to drive trucks for the girlfriend’s family. He fell for her and married her. They worked hard without asking their family for help. Jackie find the couple so romantic. Marco told Jackie if he ever found a girl he likes and he will know what love is like. The boyfriend stayed wooden. Law Lok Lam went with Gordon to eat with a businessman. Gordon sat and drank tea with the business man and requested him to cut the ribbon. The businssman denied that he’s busy and has to attend a meeting in Beijing. Law Lok Lam told the businessman man that the other business man will be visiting them here. Gigi happily apologized to Marco and complimented his song. Marco happily danced. Gigi eavesdrop her colleagues talking about her telling Law Lok Lok Lam about the bid so he won the bid of the building. While Marco drives Gigi, she whined about being accused. Marco invited Gigi to dine with him. Jackie went eating with Hilary and looked at Gigi.