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Fist Fight episode 15 recap

Ha Tin Hang told Lui Wai Bing he finally found his brother after searching for years but he didn’t get used to it so he switched the report. Maybe he wanted to run away from reality. Ho Tit Nam’s world is so different than him, he doesn’t know what he’s been through. His enemies may be looking for him. He doesn’t want him to get hurt. Lui Wai Bing told Ha Tin Hang she knows it is a tough decision and she told him to think carefully.

Ha Tin Hang watches Ho Tit Nam punching his bag in the boxing gym and he asked him to box with him. Ho Tit Nam boxes with Ha Tin Hang. He told him that it looks like he haven’t wasted the power he gave him in twelve years. Ha Tin Hang told him he didn’t only give him power but his life. Ha Tin Hang helped him up and said if he wants to fight then he will be his best adversary. He should fight the good fight in the ring. He wants to watch him fight not through telepathy.

Stephen Huynh told Ha Tin Hang that Ho Yin Kiu did go to Brunei in 1993 but she died in a car crash by three vehicles. Brother Loi told Chan Ling not to see Ha Tin Hang in the boxing gym anymore. Chan Ling left.

Ma Si Ting gave a guy his bag of phone while he told her he transferred 48,000 dollars. She read the receipt that it is 1,800 dollars. She chases him. Ma Si Ting caught him and he got injured. Cheung Fei Fan held the bag and smiled. He told her she checked her online account and the guy responded to him so he checked his background. He didn’t expected she was so dumb and getting cheated. He told her she can go to work immediately. She told him she won’t go to work until she sells the cell phone or he can buy it for fifty thousand dollars. He made the deal. Cheung Fei Fan gave her a tissue and told her to clean. Cheung Fei Fan told her he wants her to do something important for him. Ma Si Ting visited Chan Ling and asked Ho Tit Nam who will Sifu sent in the boxing gym. Ho Tit Nam drank with Sifu and Senior Brother. Sifu wants Ho Tit Nam to win the fight for him. Ho Tit Nam told Cheung Fei Fan he will participate in Fist Fight.

Ho Tit Nam wakes up and grabbed a drink of water and jogged. Chan Ling jogged with him. Chan Ling told him that she admired a boxer. Her dad used to take her to watched a boxing match, she likes him working hard. But one day he got defeated and stopped doing boxing. But she hoped he wouldn’t give up easily. She hopes to see him boxing again. Chan Ling tapped on his shoulder and said the boxer she is talking about is him.

Cheung Fei Fan gave the sifu his package of money. The sifu made fun of Ho Tit Nam as gullible believing he wanted to reunite with him.

Ho Tit Nam punched the bag and got three hundred fifty pounds which broke the record. Cheung Fei Fan went in his car and saw Ha Tin Hang behind him. Ha Tin Hang asked him if it was his idea for Ho Tit Nam to be in the boxing game. Ha Tin Hang worries someone will play him. Ha Tin Hang told him if he gets hurt in this match, he will get to him.

Ha Tin Hang fixed the glove for Chan Ling. Chan Ling asked Ha Tin Hang a few questions and massaged him. Chan Ling took pictures with Ha Tin Hang while he’s taking a nap.

Chan Ling ordered black coffee for her and tea for him. She showed him a photo of him falling asleep and she’s been working all night so she needs coffee. Chan Ling’s father told Chan Ling to go home and sleep. Ha Tin Hang showed Brother Loi a picture of the cops and asked him if he knows them for interrogating his wife for making a fake passport. Brother Loi told Ha Tin Hang to forget his past and shouldn’t look for his father.

Cheung Fei Fan thinks of ideas of how to get more viewers for his online boxing game. Si Ting go the idea of guessing who will win the match and the person who guesses correctly will have double rewards. Yeung Ching Ching encouraged Ho Tit Nam during the boxing game. Cheung Fei Fan told Ma Si Ting to film Ho Tit Nam at his eyes. Ho Tit Nam fought hard and won the match. Yeung Ching Ching sadly watches Chan Ling hugging Ho Tit Nam. Sifu picked up food for Chan Ling and thanked her for training Ho Tit Nam.

Chan Ling wrapped Ha Tin Hang’s wrist and asked him how does it feels. She picked a wrap for Ho Tit Nam. She told him she will ask him to help him pick something for Ho Tit Nam.

Fist Fight

Fist Fight episode 14 recap

Ho Tit Nam sat in front of Ha Tin Hang’s van and said he needs a place to stay tonight. Ho Tit Nam said he got punched by winning the boxing match for his sifu. Ha Tin Hang told Ho Tit Nam that his sifu isn’t a good guy. He wanted him to do the boxing match. Cheung Fei Fan’s bodyguard showed Cheung Fei Fan a fan Standing who defended him online. Ma Si Ting reads the fans comment and got irritated they talk bad about him. Ho Tit Nam told his mother he protected his client so he got injured. His sifu didn’t hit him. Ho Tit Nam told his mother to not worry about him. Ho Tit Nam’s mother told Ho Tit Nam to take care of his body.

A cop came and arrested the Sifu for illegal gambling. Yeung Ching Ching told Sifu that she knows that Ho Tit Nam owes him but he felt guilty that he was in prison. She asked him not to take out of him. Sifu said Ho Tit Nam is dumb but a girl has fallen for him. Yeung Ching Ching said Ho Tit Nam is kind hearted but that doesn’t mean he can use him. Yeung Ching Ching told Sifu if he wanted to go to prison so soon. He’s involved in illegal gambling; she can take him to court anytime. She’ll give Ho Tit Nam faces and not giving him charge this time but he won’t be so lucky next time. Sifu said he is Ho Tit Nam’s sifu, he asked him to do boxing for money. She is abusing her authority. Yeung Ching Ching asked Sifu if he wants Ho Tit Nam dead. Sifu said Ho Tit Nam made his life miserable, he won’t pity him if he’s beaten to death. Yeung ching Ching put her hands on the table and warned him if anything happens to Ho Tit Nam, she won’t spare him.

Ho Tit Nam asked Yeung Ching Ching if she gave the order to arrest Sifu. Ho Tit Nam told her he knows she cares for her but this is a problem between him and Sifu and he would like her to stay out. Yeung Ching Ching yelled if this carries on, he will be beaten to death. She told him he only cares about his sifu but what about his mother. Ho Tit Nam said he feels better when Sifu hit him or yells at him. His injury is nothing compared to Sifu’s suffering. Yeung Ching Ching said she’s not entitled to say anything between him and his sifu but he hopes he thinks carefully. How long does he wants to make up to him. He wants to be controlled by him. This is not making up for him but encouraging him to do more wrongs.

Cheung Fei Fan set Ma Si Ting aside and said she was brave for arguing with the fans as Standing but she’s really dumb. Cheung Fei Fan showed Si Ting her profile picture on her account. Cheung Fei Fan’s bodyguard said the computers haven’t been hacked. Ma Si Ting went home and saw her grandma said she is defending Cheung Fei Fan. Ma Si Ting’s grandma said she posted her family photo to prove she’s a nice girl. Ma Si Ting’s grandma said Cheung Fei Fan should repay Si Ting two dozen cupcakes.

Sifu bet one hundred thousand dollars for Ho Tit Nam to win the boxing game. Yeung Ching Ching warned Sifu if anything happens to Tit Nam, she won’t spare him. Cheung Fei Fan’s bodyguard gave a man a document and told him to do a good job on it. Cheung Fei Fan told his bodyguard he placed a bug on Ho Tit Nam’s phone and heard the conversation about telepathy. He wanted Ho Tit Nam to lose the boxing matches so he can use his telepathy. Cheung Fei Fan’s bodyguard record the boxing match. Chan Ling watches the boxing match and recalled Ho Tit Nam is her idol. The man switched Ho Tit Nam’s drink. Chan Ling cheered Ho Tit Nam and gave her the drink. Ho Tit Nam felt dizzy. The opponent punched and punched him. Ha Tin Hang closed his hands. Ho Tit Nam closed his hands and stood up. Ho Tit Nam punched his opponent and then the referee and ran. Ha Tin Hang fought with Ho Tit Nam. Ho Tit Nam was about to punch Ha Tin Hang and stopped. Ha Tin Hang asked Ho Tit Nam’s mother if Ho Tit Nam ever lose his temper when he fights. It seems like he’s been using drugs. Ho Tit Nam’s mother searched for Ho Tit Nam around. She tripped and Brother Loi helped her. Ho Tit Nam’s mother sighed if anything happens to Ho Tit Nam, how can she explain to his real mother. Ha Tin Hang received a call that Ho Tit Nam’s drink has been laced.

Ha Tin Hang drove in front of Cheung Fei Fan. Ha Tin Hang asked Cheung Fei Fan if he has laced Ho Tit Nam’s drink. Ha Tin Hang punched Cheung Fei Fan and said Ho Tit Nam risked his life in the boxing match but he did a dirty trick to win the game. Cheung Fei Fan said he didn’t want to get Ho Tit Nam killed. He told Ha Tin Hang there’s telepathy between him and Ho Tit Nam. He wanted him to save him. Cheung Fei Fan said he didn’t know why Ho Tit Nam would become impulsive after the match. Cheung Fei Fan told him that the telepathy between them is so unusual he won’t miss it. Ha Tin Hang told Cheung Fei Fan if anything happens to Ho Tit Nam, he will burry him. Sifu called Cheung Fei Fan and showed him where Ho Tit Nam is hiding. Ho Tit Nam pulled Cheung Fei Fan on the rooftop then stopped and fainted.

In the hospital, Ho Tit Nam woke up and said he remembered he was in the boxing match then he felt so weak. Cheung Fei Fan showed Ho Tit Nam the video of him getting impulsive. He said he put the drugs in his drink to test the telepathy but didn’t expect it would control him that much. Sifu went in and criticized Cheung Fei Fan and about to punch him. Sifu told Ho Tit Nam he already repaid his debt by being injured. Ho Tit Nam went home with his Sifu. His sifu apologized to Ho Tit Nam’s mother. Yeung Ching Ching said she can arrest Cheung Fei Fan for putting drugs on his drink. Ho Tit Nam told her to let it go since it did helped he and his sifu reunite.

On her duty of protecting a model, Ma Si Ting was surrounded by reporters asking her questions about her defending Cheung Fei Fan online. Ma Si Ting’s boss gave Ma Si Ting a warning and a long break. Cheung Fei Fan told Ma Si Ting to not worry, he didn’t see her grandma at her house.

Ha Tin Hang and Ho Tit Nam told Cheung Fei Fan if they don’t feel comfortable working with him they will quit. Cheung Fei Fan showed them the documents of the Star Medial Hospital that it was fake and he hacked into the lab and found out they are blood related. He sent some people and discovered that Ha Tin Hang was tested in a different lab which means Ha Tin Hang kept from him that he is his brother. Ho Tit Nam asked Ha Tin Hang why did he lie to him. Ha Tin Hang said he knew Cheung Fei Fan sent someone to follow him so it’s best for him he didn’t know. Ho Tit Nam asked him if he take him as his brother.

Fist Fight

Fist Fight episode 13 recap

Ho Tit Nam sighed to Yeung Ching Ching that a man wants to see him and he caused him to be in jail more than ten years. If she was him, would she forgive him. Yeung Ching Ching told him to apologize. Chan Ling told the senior that his sifu was here and asked her students to pay the fee. The Sifu gambled and punched Ho Tit Nam. Ho Tit Nam pushed Yeung Ching Ching and let his Sifu punched him. Yeung Ching Ching showed her ID. The Sifu mocked Ho Tit Nam needs protection from a madam. The Sifu told Ho Tit Nam to not thing he will let it go just for taking punched from him. He can never repay him in full. Yeung Ching Ching brought Ho Tit Nam home. The senior told Chan Ling that Ho Tit Nam was Sifu’s student. He won many fights and got the title Teenage Boxing King. Ho Tit Nam’s mother told Yeung Ching Ching that Ho Tit Nam lost the first time in eighteen years. He wanted a rematch. His Sifu punched the manager for criticizing him. He got sentenced for six years in prison. He fought with another person in the prison and got charged up to ten years. Ho Tit Nam wanted to see him but he refused. Ho Tit Nam blames himself for wanting a rematch. The senior told Chan Ling that Sifu’s life is finished.

During the competition to be the secretary of innovation of technology, Cheung Fei Fan received a call if he wants to see his sister, he should let Chang Kim Chiu beat him and make an announcement he will withdraw the competition. Cheung Fei Fan didn’t answer a question. Ho Tit Nam told Ma Si Ting that the phone call must be from the kidnapper. Cheung Fei Fan made a speech. Ha Tin Hang told his crew that Cheung Fei Fan is using a code they told him to let Chang Kim Chiu defeat him. He said he heard the sound of a helicopter. He said there weren’t people talking or cars honking so it must be in a new territory. Ma Si Ting said Government Flying Service. Ma Si Ting looked at the route and think that it must be taking water from the sea and release the bomb in these three locations. Lui Wai Bing and the bodyguards went to the Government Flying Service searching for Cheung Fei Fan’s sister but didn’t see her. Cheung Fei Fan received a call to make an announcement in twenty four hours to withdraw from the competition.

The women massaged Chang Man Kei and happy about taking Cheung Fei Fan’s sister. Wan Sing Hang believes in Cheung Fei Fan if he can secure his place. Cheung Fei Fan invited Ha Tin Hang and the bodyguards to a chinese restaurant. Lui Wai Bing told Cheung Fei Fan that Chang Man Kei is in there. Cheung Fei Fan held a drink and recorded in front of Chang Man Kei he is withdrawing from the competition. Cheung Fei Fan’s colleagues told Cheung Fei Fan he lost four hundred thousand subscribers per hour. Cheung Fei Fan reads the angry comments. Chang Man Kei’s women threw the bag down the van. Cheung Fei Fan’s sister walked out.

Ha Ting Hang wondered how could Chang Man Kei knows how to switch the location. Ha Tin Hang and Cheung Fei Fan thinks there’s a mole. Cheung Fei Fan treats his colleague for a trip to Japan. Cheung Fei Fan closed the file. He watches Chang Kim Chiu made an announcement to withdraw from the competition. Chang Man Kei came to Cheung Fei Fan’s office and asked him what did he offered his nephew. Cheung Fei Fan asked Chang Man Kei if he knows his nephew really wants. He gave him a recommendation letter and an air ticket to Silicon Valley so his dream will come true and he will meet his idol Bob Metcalfe. He also paved the road for him to run his own company in Silicon Valley. Cheung Fei Fan showed Chang Man Kei a photo of Chang Kim Chiu in Silicon Valley and said he sold his house. Wan Sing Hang watches the news that Lai Ho Cheung will become the secretary of innovation of technology. Flashbacks of Cheung Fei Fan told Wan Sing Hang he’s not interested to be the secretary and their goals are to prevent Chang Man Kei to put his people to work for the government. Cheung Fei Fan showed Wan Sing Hang a document of Lai Ho Cheung bad thing he did. Wan Sing Hang believes Cheung Fei Fan will become big one day.

The Flyingman staff wants to leave Cheung Fei Fan’s company. Cheung Fei Fan asked them if they know why he gave them a chance to work in Flyingman even though their scores were the lowest. He saw their creativity. If they take the letter back he will assume nothing has happened. Cheung Fei Fan tapped a code. The female staff looked at his hands. The female staff told Sean to not listen to them, they are ganging up. Cheung Fei Fan asked her how did she know they are ganging up. She saw him use the code last time. She spreads rumors online so the staff will quit. She leaked the games out online. The female staff Mia said she was forced to do it, Chang Man Kei set a trap luring her dad to do business. Then he made him borrow loans to make repayment. Chang Man Kei wants her to bring Flyingman down or he will sue his parents. Cheung Fei Fan told Mia she’s fired.

Cheung Fei Fan gave Ma Si Ting a coin and chat with her about Mia. Ma Si Ting asked Cheung Fei Fan how can Mia repay her debt. He is like Chang Man Kei driving other people down the corner. Cheung Fei Fan told her to not trust a traitor. Ma Si Ting told him he only cares about himself and don’t care about others. He can’t expect others to always do things his way. Ma Si Ting gave back his coin. Ma Si Ting cheered up Mia. Mia showed Ma Si Ting a text of Fever sent her three million dollars. Mia said Cheung Fei Fan is the best employer and his most reliable friend but too bad she won’t have a chance to work for him anymore. Ha Tin Hang asked Stephen Huynh to find Ho Yin Kiu. Ho Tit Nam’s sifu took Ho Tit Nam to a boxing game and told him to fight and bet on him. Ho Tit Nam won.

Dragon Love

Dragon Love episode 6 recap

The dragon absorbed the power and left. Chow Ou Tin yelled. Dai Pang called his men useless and asked Chow Ou Tin why did he let the dragon escape. Dai Pang asked Chow Ou Tin how powerful is his sword. Chow Ou Tin suggests Dai Pang to guard Yip Hei’s house then the dragon will appear. Chow Ou Tin made his sword stronger.

Yip Chui took care of Sun Yuet and told Yip Chu that the dragon is their savior. Yip Hei wants to take Sun Yuet’s clothes off to check her pulse. Yip Chu told Yip Hei to leave and let Yip Chui taking care of Sun Yuet. Yip Chui said she can’t since she’s a girl. Yip Chu said it is why he and Yip Hei can’t touch Sun Yuet. Yip Hei’s mother looked at Sun Yuet asked Yip Chu if Sun Yuet is a girl disguised as a male. Yip Chu apologized and said Sun Yuet is a maid who ran away from her house. Sun Yuet wakes up and worries that Yip Hei is mad at her for disguising as a male. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu to go away. Yip Chu told Yip Hei that Sun Yuet did many things because she likes him. Yip Hei said love can’t be forced. They have to have fate. Yip Chu brought medicine to Sun Yuet and said Yip Hei made it for her. Sun Yuet reads the poem and said Yip Hei is also romantic.

As Yip Hei’s mother picked up the pears, it flew. The dragon greeted Yip Hei’s mother. Yip Chui looked at Sun Yuet’s pendant and asked her how is the princess. Sun Yuet said most of the officials in the palace are in their seventies and eighties. No one to play with her. She prefer hanging out in the town. Dai Pang sits and wait to kidnap and Yip. Dai Pang and his guards surrounded Sun Yuet and Yip Chui. Yip Chui asked Dai Pang if he knows who he is. She showed him Sun Yuet’s pendant and said she’s the princess. Dai Pang laughed and said if she’s the princess then he is the king. Yip Chui asked him why didn’t he bowed. She told him about the courts. Dai Pang bowed in front of Yip Chui. The dragon sighed about Yip Hei’s father’s dead. Yip Hei’s mother refuses to be in laws with the dragon. The dragon admits his fight with Chow Ou Tin has affected innocent people but he has changed. Someday she will believe he has become for the good. Yip Chui and Sun Yuet came with Dai Pang and his guards. Yip Chui thanked Yip Hei and his family for taking care of her and Dai Pang won’t bother with the capture of the dragon. Yip Chui enjoyed her golds and fabric and sword. Yip Chui wonders if she can be a real princess. Yip Chu asked her if she really wants to marry Dai Pang. She just wants gold.

Yip Chui ordered Dai Pang to catch her a fish. Dai Pang looked at the fist in the river and finds it hard to catch. Yip Chui pushed Dai Pang in the sea. She told Dai Pang to hit the bee hive. The dragon dressed up a as a poor man. The dragon told Yip Hei he is sick. Yip Hei took him to his clinic and treated his feet. Yip Hei massaged his head and back. The dragon said he’s hungry. Yip Hei offer to treat him. Yip Hei said he didn’t have a chance to take care of his father since he died. He now be nice to elders. The dragon saw Yip Hei’s mother and said he was Yip Hei’s father’s best friend. The dragon treated Yip Hei to dinner and talked about chess game. The dragon feels so blessed that Yip Hei served him tea. Yip Hei’s mother told the dragon that Yip Hei has a lover and will get married. The dragon told Yip Hei’s mother that his daughter is pretty and matches with Yip Hei. Siu Yu’s mother worries for the dragon and went to search for him.

Yip Hei’s mother saw Siu Yu on the street and took her to meet Yip Hei. Yip Hei’s mother told Siu Yu to stay for dinner. She will cook her favorite soup. Sun Yuet showed Yip Chu the two butterflies embroidery she made for Yip Hei. Yip Chu said if she didn’t say there were butterflies, he would have thought they were witches. Sun Yuet hit him multiple times. Yip Chu looked at the her hands being scratched. She said she got cut by needles. It is her first time sewing. Yip Chu asked her why she is so naive. Sun Yuet said as long as Yip Hei likes it, then she is happy. Sun Yuet saw the letter and reads it and found the ink haven’t dried yet. Yip Chu said he told Yip Hei to give him his letter.

Yip Hei’s mother told Yip Chu that she will tell Yip Hei to apologize to Siu Yu, they love each other. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu that Yip Hei doesn’t like her, and those letters were fake. Sun Yuet slapped Yip Chu and called him a jerk. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu he knew that Yip Hei has a lover but he continues to let her fall deep. Sun Yuet whined if Yip Chu had free time, he should go to the woods to catch crickets but why must he try to make her happy. She feels so hurt. Yip Chu told her he also feels hurt. He has lied because he loves her. Sun Yuet said he changed the subject to put her down more. Yip Chu said he always loved her. Sun Yuet said she forbids him telling her he loves her. Yip Chu searches for Sun Yuet. He picked up a shoe and threw it down the hill.

Yip Chu went home and saw Sun Yuet eating dinner with his family. Sun Yuet told him there’s a guest. Yip Hei’s mother said Siu Yiu is almost a family member. She gave her a jade bracelet. Sun Yuet helped Siu Yu in the kitchen. She asked her how long have she known Yip Hei. Siu Yu said six months. Sun Yuet held two pairs of chopsticks and said they are equal. Sun Yuet asked Siu Yu if Yip Hei has healed her and traveled with her. Sun Yuet add more chopsticks. Thee pairs for her and four pairs for Siu Yu. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu that she used to be mad at him but she thought he just wanted to help her. They can be friends again. Yip Chu said there are many pretty girls out there. He worries she will get hurt for Yip Hei. Sun Yuet said she wants to win over Siu Yu. She will win Yip Hei from Siu Yu.