Legendary Siblings episode 14 recap

Yulang told his father he won’t leave the lady. Yulang believes the lady will get well. Xiao You Er followed the servant and doubt the deaf servant is the gambler and if he wrote those papers to alert him that Yu Lang’s father is Jiang Feng’s brother. Yulang visits the lady. The lady held the sculpture and said she sees ghost. Yulang said he’s preparing for their wedding and she needs to wait for him. Xiao You Er wonder where’s Hua Wu Que and Xinlan are. Zhang Jing wished Xiao You Er is alive. Xiao You Er pretends to be a ghost and told Zhang Jing he will suck her. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er she misses him. Zhang Jing told Xiao You Er she is his friend so he has to find her. Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing she he has to leave tomorrow. Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing he has a new target he suspects as Jiang Feng’s brother. Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing he won’t tell her. Zhang Jing hugged him. Xiao You Er told her who he suspects. Xiao You Er told Zhang Jing to stay at his house and he will find her. He will send her letters. Jiang Feng’s brother talked to the masked girl about Xiao You Er is still alive. The masked girl told Jiang Feng’s brother that his wife knows about Xiao You Er identity. Yulang told his father he has a feeling the lady is faking illness.

Zhang Jing told the lady to stop pretending to be crazy. Xiao You Er told her that she threw the needles for Hua Wu Que to fall down. Xiao You Er followed Yu Lang. Yu Lang fought with Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er told Yu Lang this road is big, he can go wherever he wants. Yu Lang grabbed a lady out of the bush thinking someone is attacking him. The lady cried and told him that her husband has been killed by some bandits. The lady said she went with her husband for a business trip but he got killed by bandits. The lady asked Yulang to hold her. The lady leaned on him. Yulang treated her to lunch. She touched his hand and thanked him. The lady pretends to feel dizzy and leaned on Yu Lang. Yu Lang put her on the bed and put on the cover. The lady told Yu Lang that it isn’t warm enough. She needs his body. The lady leaned on Yu Lang and said she feels so cold. Xiao You Er eavesdrop Yu Lang and the lady sleeping together and laughed that he knew Yu Lang wasn’t a gentleman.

The lady is a female sect leader and led Yulang to his kingdom. A bunch of men served her. She told Yulang to be her queen. Yu Lang played along as the queen and asked the men to leave. Yao Yu’s maid came and told Hua Wu Que that under Yao Yue’s order he has to kill Xiao You Er. He has to be a good model for the sect. He has to break up with Xinlan. Hua Wu Que told Xinlan he has to leave her tomorrow. The next morning, Xin Lan received a farewell letter from Hua Wu Que he left. Xin Lan and Hua Wu Que thought of each other on their way. Xiao You Er sits alone and eat and wonder where’s Yu Lang. He thought the lady who is with him is weird and he has to investigate. Yu Lang wakes up and said he’s tired and plead the lady to let him rest. The lady told Yulang to leave.

Xiao You Er walked in the woods and dragged the lady out of the bush. The lady cried and told Xiao You Er the story. Xiao You Er told the lady he will take her out to eat. The lady tripped. Xiao You Er told the lady he knows she wants him to help her up. Xiao You Er told the lady he has never touched a girl so many girls hated him. Xiao You Er piggyback the lady. Xiao You Er piggyback the lady. The lady said she’s dizzy and asked Xiao You Er to help her on the bed. The lady said she feels cold. The lady told Xiao You Er she feels cold and need his body. Xiao You Er backed up and asked the lady why does she wants to take off his shirt. Xiao You Er told her she wants to help him take a bath. The lady got mad and asked Xiao You Er if he doesn’t understand or have never been near a girl. Xiao You Er told the lady that his mother died, and he only has his sister in law and his neighbor. The lady bumped into him and said to let her be his mother. Xiao You Er left and said he won’t let her hugged him since she is not his mother. The lady wakes Xiao You Er and gave him a bowl of soup.

Beautiful Eye Candy Couples

When watching a drama, there’s always good looking couples that I can’t stop looking at. Here are my eye candy.

Chilam Cheung and Gigi Lai in Shades of Truth:

I gotta confessed TVB Shades of Truth was what made me a fangirl of this couple. They just have plenty of chemistry togher.

Chen Kun and Li Bing Bing in Sword of Outlaw:

Beautiful Couple! Both just looking so perfect!

Louis Koo and Carmen Lee in Return of Condor Heroes:

No need to say more on this one. Louis Koo and Carmen Lee are one gorgeous asian actor and actress.

There are a lot of gorgeous asian couples I like and a there’s a lot of gorgeous actors and actress but these are some my favorite ones. What’s your favorite Eye Candies Couple in Asian Dramas?

Legendary Siblings episode 13 recap

Xiao You Er hanging out with Black Spider and told him he wants to tag along with him to see Hua Wu Que. Yu Lang greeted the lady white she eat with the ladies. The ladies got mad and told him he interrupted her. The lady told Yu Lang to call her by Miss instead of her name. Yu Lang told the lady it is a deed for him to marry her. The lady fought with Yu Lang. The lady pointed a sword at Yu Lang. Yu Lang said it is good to die under her arms. The lady told Yu Lang she won’t marry him. Yu Lang’s father and Mu Rong master discuss about Yu Lang and the lady’s wedding. The lady told Yu Lang father she doesn’t know if Yu Lang is alive when he will marry her. Yu Lang’s father told the lady to apologize. Murong master told the lady to bow and said all his daughter are mature except her. The lady wants to choose who she wants to marry. Murong’s father told the lady he decided to marry her off to Yu Lang.

The lady told Black Spider he hung out with her since he was little. Does he likes her? Black Spider told the lady yes. The lady told Black Spider he doesn’t want t marry Yu Lang. he rather marry him. Yu Lang told Black Spider she doesn’t want to marry him but she doesn’t want to marry Yu Lang even more. The lady told Black Spider to find a way to prevent the wedding. Zhang Jing thought of Xiao You Er. The lady visited Zhang Jing and sighed. Zhang Jing wished Xiao You Er is alive. The lady wished Yu Lang died.

Xiao You Er entered Zhang Jing’s room and laid next to her trying scare her but the lady freaked out and thought he was a ghost. Xiao You Er froze the lady and said because he died innocently, he has to bring her to hell. Xiao You Er told the lady he has to kill her. The lady told Xiao You Er she didn’t kill him but Hua Wu Que unluckily let go of his hand. Xiao You Er told the lady he has to sratch her face so she will turn into the ugliest ghost. Xiao You Er took off the lady’s clothe and said he has to suck her blood. Xiao You Er left. Zhang Jing came. The lady fainted. The lady freaked out and yelled there’s a ghost. Yu Lang touched the lady’s maid hand and asked her what illness does the lady have. The lady’s maid said the lady isn’t ill but got scared by a ghost. Zhang Jing told the lady to not scared since Xiao You Er only came to look for her. Zhang Jing told Yu Lang that the lady doesn’t want to see him and her illness may get bigger if he visits her. Black Spider saw Xiao You Er and punched him. Xiao You Er told Black Spider that the lady is faking illness so she doesn’t have to marry Yu Lang. Xiao You Er visited the lady and told her he is Sun Wukong. Xiao You Er told the lady he has a way to luring the ghost away. Xiao You Er told the lady to take off the ghost then the ghost won’t appear. The lady begged Xiao You Er to help him. The lady takes off her clothes and about to froze him. Xiao You Er went away and told the lady she is good at pretending and almost fooled him. Xiao You Er told the lady to save her body for Black Spider and Yu Lang. He doesn’t need her though it isn’t his first time seeing her naked. He doesn’t have feelings for her and was just pretending. The lady threw a needle at him. He avoided it and left.

Xiao You Er told Black Spider he chatted with the lady and she is faking. Xiao You Er told Black Spider he has to leave town tomorrow to see Jiang Feng. Xiao You Er told Black Spider he’s more worried about him blind by love. Xiao You Er told Black Spider he’s just sensitive he is lower than the lady. Mu Rong’s master told YuLang’s father that the lady has been crazy by a ghost. He asked him to cancel the wedding. Yu Lang’s father refused to to cancel the wedding. Mu Rong master doesn’t want Yu Lang’s life will be ruined. Yu Lang’s father suggests Mu Rong master to postpone the wedding date. Xiao You Er followed Mu Rong master and told him that he idolized him so he followed him. Yu Lang’s father touched him and told Xiao You Er he would like to be friends with him. Yu Lang’s father touched Xiao You Er’s chest and he ached. Xiao You Er said he is not as smart as other servant and never succeed in learning martial arts. Yu Lang’s father told Xiao You Er everyone has their own skills and told Xiao You Er to work hard. Xiao You Er said Yu Lang’s master isn’t simple.

Rural Hero episode 16 recap

The construction worker asked the triad member to help him with the renovation of the ladyboss restaurant. Jackie’s colleague’s girlfriend gave his friend a sweather she knit for him. Jackie’s colleague told his colleague to focus on his work. Roger’s father asked Roger and his friend why the goods price got reduced from two dollars. Roger teaches Poon’s sister to play the harmonica. The triad saw Roger’s friend taking up the screwd on the ladder. Jackie’s friend told Roger he messed up the ladder. Jackie stood up the ladder and tripped and jumped own. Roger arrived and asked Jackie to watch out. Roger yelled at his friend for playing tricks on Jackie. Jessica brought congee for Jackie. Jackie gave the ladyboss a tape. The ladyboss asked Jackie if he likes Jessica. The ladyboss told Jackie to cherish his chance with Jessica. Jackie’s colleague’s girlfriend meet up with Jackie’s colleague friend at the theater. Jackie told his friend privately that he doesn’t want he and his colleague personal life affects his work. Jackie’s friend told Jackie that they were pretending to date to test his colleague.

Jackie picked up Jessica from work. Jackie’s car didn’t work. Jessica pushed the car or Jackie. Jackie held an umbrella and told Jessica he hopes to have a chance to sacrifice for her. Jackie hugged Jessica. Jackie’s grandma told Jackie to cherish Jessica. Jessica apologized to Jessica’s father and assure him she will be honest as a journalist. Jackie and Jessica looked in his album. Jackie told Jessica that one time his grandma hid a picture of his mother. Jackie wanted to see. His dad got mad and tore the photo. He drew his mother using his imagination. A villager asked Jessica’s parents if Jessica is dating Jackie. Jackie held Jessica’s hand and greet Jessica’s parents. Jessica’s mother is happy for Jessica having a good boyfriend. During diner, Roger’s stepbrother asked Jackie if he can be a cop using connection. Roger’s friend told Roger he has Jackie protecting him. Roger told his friend he will help him. Roger worries because of him, Jessica and him will break up.

Poon fainted after cooking for her sister. Poon’s sister held her watch and freaked out. Poon’s sister ran down the stairs. Roger came and saw Poon’s sister. Poon’ sister called Poon as her sister. Poon hugged her sister. The villager brought the triad to Poon’s house. The village told the triad to take care of Poon’s sister. The triad asked Poon’s sister if he recognizes him. Poon’s sister walked away. The ladyboss asked the triad to be her server. Poon’s sister had a nightmare and screamed. Poon asked the triad to help her sister. The trida threw the pack of lucky stars on the sea. Poon’s sister jumped in the sea.