Legendary Siblings episode 10 recap

Yu Lang drinks with Hua Wu Que. Yu Lang and his father complimented Hua Wu Que as a gentleman. Hua Wu Que asked Yu Lang’s father about a martial artist and said he is Xin Lan’s father. Hua Wu Que gave Xin Lan a sachet of flowers for her to sleep easily. Hua Wu Que told Xin Lan he will work hard to find her father. Xin Lan held the rock and and the sachet of flowers and wonder why she still thinks of Xiao You Er though he is a jerk to her. The lady requested her father to not marry her off. The lady’s father told the lady he already made an announcement to marry her off to Yu Lang. The lady refused to marry Yu Lang. The lady sighed to Zhang Jing she doesn’t like Yu Lang. Zhang Jing asked the lady if he is someone else would she marry. Zhang Jing told the lady someday she will fall in love. There will be a guy she will fall for.

Xiao You Er drinks with Black Spider and feel poor for him being lovesick. Xiao You Er told Black Spider he will die under the lady’s hand if he marries her. Black Spider punched Xiao You Er. Black Spider chased Xiao You Er. Xiao You ER looked at the piece of paper and asked told him to investigate Jiang Feng’s brother.

Xin Lan asked Hua Wu Que to go with him to the martial arts conference. Hua Wu Que refused and said he wants to take a walk. Xin Lan wonders if Hua Wu Que wants to search for Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que has a feeling that Xiao You Er is nearby. Hua Wu Que knocked on Black Spider’s door and searched for Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er sit on the roof and stares at Yu Lan and the lady. Xiao You Er and Black Spider eavesdrop on the sect leader gambling. Xiao You Er told Black Spider that Yan NanTian is crippled. Xiao You Er dressed as a gambler and played with the gambler. Xiao You Er treat food for the gambler and the wine. The sect leader drunkenly told Xiao You that his master and his wife left. He told the bandit to kill them. The bandits were cruel and kill them. He stole his master’s money to do business but he fail. He joined the sect. Xiao You Er told the sect leader he understands he did it for his kids’s future or they’ll stay as servant. Xiao You Er heard the sect leader mumbled his name as his parent’s murderer but he wasn’t sure if he he is the killer.

Yu Lang came. The lady fought with Yu Lang and asked him to leave. The lady asked Black Spider why is he with Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er said saving people isn’t a mistake. Killing others is a mistake. Black Spider apologized to the lady he stole the medicine. Black Spider said Xiao You Er is his friend. Xiao You Er teased the lady that Black Spider likes him more than her. The lady fought with Black Spider. Zhang Jing fought with the lady. The lady slapped Black Spider. Xin Lan asked Xiao You Er how will he treat her. Xiao You Er told Xin Lan he won’t use Hua Wu Que’s woman. Xin Lan slapped Xiao You Er. Zhang Jing searches for Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er his behind the bush. Zhang Jing asked Xin Lan she already have Hua Wu Que, why does she still want Hua Wu Que. Xin Lan said Hua Wu Que doesn’t belong to her, Xiao You Er doesn’t belong to her. Zhang Jing said Xiao You Er belongs to him. Xin Lan told Zhang Jing that Xiao You Er doesn’t love her. Zhang Jing said Xiao You Er have kissed her twice. Zhang Jing warned Xin Lan to not bother her Xiao You Er.

Xin Lan cried and told Hua Wu Que he is so nice to her. The lady watches Xiao You Er pray in front of the grave. The lady threw needles at Xiao You Er. The lady kidnapped Xiao You Er. The lady showed Xiao You Er his poison bottle and pour it on Xiao You Er which has the effect of itch. Hua Wu Que feels itchy. The lady kicked Xiao You Er. The lady pour more poison on him. Xiao You Er ached. Hua Wu Que generates energy. Zhang Jing went in Xin Lan’s room helping her making medicine. Hua Wu Que drinks tea and wonder if he ached his stomach because of Xiao You Er. Xiao You Er unfrozes himself.

Something that makes me feel uncomfortable lately!

Okay! So there’s been a few white guys whose been bothering me lately. They think asian girls are submissive. One time I blocked a white guy who harassed me, he used to be sweet to me and then got angry and blocked me back after I blocked him on twitter.

Yeah I do get mad when I used to be called by some asian guys of being a whiteworshipper previously for posting American Music and Fangirling American Boyband. But the feeling of reading whiteworshipping blogs from white trolls or asian girls makes me feel more uncomfortable. I don’t really take the accusation of whiteworshipping to heart. But the submissive asian girls made me feel more comfortable. So I was browsing self hating and whiteworshipping tweets from asian girls and it didn’t make me feel comfortable what they said about asian guys. I couldn’t relate to them at all. I never had that mindset of wanting to be white or bleaching my hair blonde or shunning asian men.

I’m a full asian girl mix of Vietnamese and Chinese and always been loved by the asian community so I couldn’t relate to how asian girls feel about self hatred. My family is strict but that’s just family problem. As an asian girl myself, I don’t know why there are many asian self hater or is this new generation of asians more whitewashed? The word AsianGirl White God annoy me. Yeah it may look normal to some Asian Women and White Men couples or to some asians. But to me it’s annoying and creepy. Some drama bloggers who are not asians also don’t like that term but they are not asians. So it’s better for me to call out these things as an asian female. I felt those whiteworshipping blog is really strange. Yeah some people like submissive asian girls cause they are easy. I personally don’t envy the submissive asian girls, they make it easy without realizing how much danger they could be in.

As for asian sub reddit can’t get along. Asian males and females both have different opinions. Asian Feminism and Asiantwox doesn’t like being called a white worshipper. I can understand that. But I feel more uncomfortable with being harassed by white creep which only asian identity talk about white creep. And I like being with my asian males. Yeah and it feels so warm that some of the asian males from aznidentity already called me their sisters.

There’s one thing I disagreed with asianfeminism is that those asian self haters should be called out. Having a bunch of vocal self haters who shun asian men not only make asian men feel inferior but it also make asian women an easy target for white creeps.

My advice for normal asian girl is to be strong and confident. Break the stereotype of submissive asian girl! I am always who I am and I like being myself.

❤ Jac

Legendary Siblings episode 9 recap

Xiao You Er let go of the knife and told Zhang Jing he doesn’t have to heart to scratch her because she is pretty features. Xiao You Er kissed Zhang Jing and sit it’s so biter. Xin Lan saw them and ran and cried in the woods. Xin Lan cried why does he treat Zhang Jing this way. If he loved Zhang Jing. Black Spider teased Xiao You Er he will get killed by Zhang Jing someday. Black Spider asked Xiao You Er why is he heartless to Xin Lan. Xiao You Er said Xin Lan was with Hua Wu Que. Xiao You Er told the black spider to be loyal to the lady. Black Spider took Xiao You Er to Mu Rong mansion to find the treasure. Xiao You Er told Black Spider to alert the Mu Rong people there’s an intruder while he’s here watching out for them.

Xin Lan knocked on Hua Wu Que’s door and wants to chat with him. Hua Wu Que remembered Lianxing told her to not be too close to XinLan because Yao Yue doesn’t like it. Hua Wu Que told Xin Lan it is night and it’s better for him to sleep. Xin Lan asked Hua Wu Que why is he avoiding her. Hua Wu Que invited Xin Lan in his room. Xiao You Er eavesdrop them and said she is heartless going with Hua Wu Que.

Xiao You Er step outside of the lady’s room and frozen her. Xiao You Er told the lady he can come back alive from the death. Xiao You Er slapped the lady for being an orphan. Xiao You Er put a pill in the lady’s mouth. The lady asked Xiao You Er to take off her shirt. The lady said it is a poison pill. She fainted. Xiao You Er checked up on her. Xiao You Er punched him. The lady laughed and told Xiao You Er she’ll wait till the wolves eat him. Xin Lan told Hua Wu Que she plans to find her father. Xin Lan asked Hua Wu Que if he plans to kill Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que feels poisoned. Xiao You Er crave for water. Black Spider held Xiao You Er’s arm and told him not to drink water or he’ll die. Black Spider poured the medicine on Xiao You Er. Hua Wu Que generates energy. Hua Wu Que told Xin Lan sometimes he got a headache but doesn’t know why. Xiao You Er spit blood.

Xiao You Er couldn’t believe Black Spider is willing to steal the medicine for him. Xiao You Er called Black Spider his brother. Xiao You Er asked Black Spider about Jiang Fen’s brother. Black Spider and Xiao You Er watches the two sect fight. Xiao You Er and Black Spider watch the sect fighting with fake weapons. The lady’s father came and asked the two sect to stop fighting. Hua Wu Que arrived stopping the fight. Xiao You Er smirked seeing Hua Wu Que with Xin Lan. Hua Wu Que asked the sect how did they know the treasure is here in the cave. The sect told Hua Wu Que that the map of treasure led them here. Xin Lan said she has a map of treasure and which is why the people keep on attacking her. Hua Wu Que suggests someone created the map of treasures for them to fight and for him to rule the world. Yu Lang said if the sect were innocent then they wouldn’t have fought each other for the treasure. Mu Rong asked the sect to leave. Mu Rong Master complimented Hua Wu Que as intelligent and hopes Yu Lang will learn from him. Xin Lan saw Xiao You Er leave. Black Spider told Xiao You Er he admires Hua Wu Que. Black Spider told Xiao You Er only he would listen to him. Xiao You Er is smart as Hua Wu Que but isn’t as mature and doesn’t has powerful martial arts. Xiao You Er told Black Spider that he only look on the outside. Seeing Hua Wu Que dressed nicely. Xiao You Er said he hides his feeling. Black Spider teased Xiao You Er if he was XinLan, he will choose Hua Wu Que. Xiao You Er was about to punch Black Spider.

The lady transferred energy to her father and got injured. The lady believes that the person who injured her father must be a skilled martial artist. YuLang’s father is willing to generate energy to MuRong master. The lady told Zhang Jing that she knows she’s happy that Xiao You Er is alive and kissed her. She warned her to not fall for Xiao You Er. He has sneaked in her house so she poisoned him. The lady and Zhang Jing searched for Xiao You Er’s body. The lady found her bottle of medicine. Zhang Jing laughed. The lady asked Zhang Jing if she remembered he played her. Zhang Jing said she likes being played by Xiao You Er. Zhang Jing told the lady that it is normal to fall in love. Mu Rong Master got well. Mu Rong master bowed in front of Yu Lang’s father. Mu Rong master praised Yu Lang. Mu Rong Master engaged the lady to Yu Lang.

Favourite asian twitter messages

Some of my favourite messages from my twitter friends. ❤ those responses I've received from you guys about asian culture and stuff.

Self Hater Chat

” But I think for her personally this is dangerous behavior. And I believe anytime a woman offers easy sex like that, whether it is to white guys exclusively or any other group, a lot of men will sign up no matter what it entails (so guys who aren’t into BDSM or whatever she is into will be contacting her I am sure). I think there is always going to be guys like that unfortunately. I don’t think it stems from people like her writing though. I think it already kind of exists and she is just tapping into it.”

“The internet flattens everything. Imagine if there is a serial killer out there for example. Someone like her would be an easy target. so I think her personal safety is worth considering. What she is writing is terrible. I don’t know why she is doing it. But I think there is a real danger when someone presents themselves like that on the internet in this day and age.

“One thing that does trouble me a lot is that the stereotype of the asian women as anything from super submissive wife to sex slave has persisted in the US for too long. Sometimes when I introduce my wife to people I get that vibe from certain men (like they think having an asian wife is all about that or something) and it creeps me out.

“Those books are strange. She is either deranged or a troll. “The Romantic Rape of Nanking: War Crimes of Love”? That is one of the single most horrific events in recent history. That is truly atrocious. It would be like saying the holocaust was a love fest or something.”

Asian Chat:

“Yeah the thing about interracial couples is that there is a world of difference that you have to look past in order to love the other person, yes everyone’s should be given the chance to be treated equally but not everyone is equal and I mean that in the sense that people are differnt there are specific traits for each race that may be stereotype but it does have some validation to it…i feel like when Asian date whites it’s basically saying that they accept all the white folks customs or practices and one main example I know old school Asians say is that white folks date around and divorce too much

“I think the culture makes it easier to bash Asian because people aren’t as afraid of the consequences”

“Yea and I feel when people. Think of diversity they just think of white and black and now latinos are getting in the mix as well

Like I don’t want to throw a fit but I feel Asians are really underrepresented as far as when people talk about more diversity

I do not condone hateful language. Some issues should be pointed out, however. One thing I’ve learned that’s very true, as they frequently say in the US, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Our Asian tradition, especially Chinese, is to be modest and humble. Therefore, we are generally the quiet workers or students who work diligently without complaint, and try to excel despite adversity. Being an Asian American really requires more thoughts and careful action to balance what we want and how to achieve our goals.”

My experience of calling out a self hater asian girl

So recently I did a good deed calling out an asian girl self hater for the guys on twitter. She is half white and half asian. So you know how I used to rant with some of you drama bloggers about being called a white worshipper. Forget that. There are some extremist asian guys who call all asian girls white worshipper or who couldn’t tell the difference of what is a white worshipper. But things has settled and it was kinda of a misunderstanding. And now I have about a little more than 10 asian guys from aznidentity reddit following me. There are extremist asian guys but there are also vocal asian girl self haters out there.

So what made me calling out a self hater was I saw a few blogs running around about asiangirl white god and asian girls are slaves to white and should worship white. I felt disgusted and it was an insult for asian girls to bash asian guys that much despite they like white guys. They hate themselves to the point of bleaching their hair blonde and changing their eye colors to blue and whiten their skin to be white. What annoyed me is they said they represent how asian girls feel.

What annoys me is they said “A nice white man told me to blog about white worship”. So thanks to asian subs I got to know some of the racial stuff happening and I kinda research some of the I don’t date asian guys blog out there and found out there are those types of asian girls.

The debate was intriguing, the asian girl would blame the asian sub for banning her and not being nice to her when she promotes her whiteworship blog. She kept on bashing the asians and asian sub so I pointed out her whiteworship. And what I’ve noticed is a bunch of white guys or people with white pride supporting her. She has a lot of white pride supporters. I felt kinda scared but I felt good inside because I did a good thing for you asian guys. Plus the asian guys told me it’s better for me to call them out. There are self hater asian girls who seek statuses to be white but the asian guys are just coping it and hoping it is a white troll.

Those asian girls don’t represent asian girls! And Asian girls out there, I hope you guys could be vocal in supporting asians and asian men too!

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❤ Jac.