Justice Bao 1993 Case of Dragon Slayer (p2)

The third brother insulted Wang Chau, Mahan, Zhang Long, Zhao Hu. Gongsun Ce told Zhan Zhao to hurry and protect Bao Zheng. A man in the black outfit sneaked in the room and took the deer skin manuel. Zhan Zhao fought with him. Zhan Zhao caught the second brother. Wang Chau, Mahan, Zhang Long, Zhao Hu fought with third brother. Fourth Brother settled with them. Their mother warned the brother to not ever anger Judge Bao. Their mom couldn’t sleep and questioned the brothers where’s the second brother. The brothers told her that since the second brother stole the deer skin manuel, perhaps he got caught by Zhan Zhao. The mother told the brothers to come with her to Kaifeng Court to demand Judge Bao to release the second brother.

While Judge Bao is judging the second brother in the court, the mother came. Judge Bao asked Gongsun Ce how could he let the secret of the manuel being leaked out to the second brother. Judge Bao ordered Zhang Long and Zhao Hu to spank Gongsun Ce 20 times and cut his salary for two months. The mother puts the glden robe on her second son and warned Judge Bao that this is the golden robe the previous emperor gave it to her and he can’t touch her son. Gongsun Ce sadly drink tea. Gongsun Ce told a magistrate he doesn’t want to work for Kaifeng Court and just wants to retire. Gongsun Ce suggests the magistrate to put good words for him in front of the Wen. Gongsun Ce suggests the mother to switch the deer skin manuel. The fourth brother asked the mother about the girl. The mother is concerned about the second brother in prison. The fourth brother asked the brothers what happened. The fourth brother read the words in the manuelscript of supporting the Mongols. The mother told the fourth brother to make a fake deer skin manuelscript.

The brother suggests the girl to not marry the fourth brother since they are wealthy. The third brother came and wanted to see the girl to see how pretty she is that caused the fourth brother to fall all over her. The third brother gave the girl the painting claiming it’s from the fourth brother to leave her and he gave them five hundred silvers. The third brother beat up the brother and told them to never come back to this place. The girl threw the fourth brother’s jade and told the third brother to give it back to the fourth brother.

The third brother gave the jade to the fourth brother and told him the girl and her family left. The Wen Brothers thanked Gongsun Ce for his help. The third brother told Gongsun Ce besides their mother, they have never bowed to anyone. If the knows he tricked them he won’t spare him. Judge Bao looked at the deer skin manuelscript and ordered Wang Chau, Mahan, Zhang Long, and Zhao Hu to arrest the Wen Family. Zhan Zhao came and ordered his guards to not use physical strenghth on the Wen. Zhan Zhao told the Wen that they have surrounded their mansion with guards. Zhao Hu fought with third brothers. The guards shot the brothers. Fourth Brother came and want to talk to Judge Bao alone. Gongsun Ce brought the boy in and told the fourth brother he used his ten thousand silvers from the Wen to save people. The boy told the fourth brother that his family is evil for burning his family. The fourth brother bowed on behalf of the Wen. The fourth brother ran to the lady’s house. A man told him that the lady has moved next door and is getting married. Zhan Zhao fought with the two brothers. The second brother told the first brother he just realized something wrong with Judge Bao’s manuelscript or he wouldn’t use Gongsun Ce to trick them to have the manuelscript.

The fourth brother opened the girl’s red veil. The fourth brother wants to runaway with her. The lady’s brother tried to attack the fourth brother but accidentally killed the lady’s father. The lady’s father told the lady before he died that he can’t be with the fourth brother. The brother blamed himself and killed himself. The lady pointed a sword toward herself. The fourth brother left. In Kaifeng Court, Judge Bao had seven soldiers wearing a mask and also told the first brother to wear a mask and asked the boy if he recognizes who is his parents murderer. The boy cried mom and asked Judge Bao if he seen his mother behind the murderer’s back and pointed at him. The first brother turned around. The first brother wants to take all the blame. The first brother asked Judge Bao to gather more evidence before judging them. Judge Bao asked them if they have conscience.

Justice Bao 1993 Case of Slaying Dragon (p1) recap

Hey guys! Haven’t done recap for a while. Been rewatching Justice Bao 1993 again and this case is good.

The episode starts with three bandits wants to attack Prime Mnister Wang. Zhan Zhao appears and fought with the the three bandits. After a personal meeting between Prime Minister, Pong Taiseng, Judge Bao and the emperor, Minister Wang thought reduced paid was too lightly of a sentence and he suggested the majesty to demote Judge Bao to a lower rank. As Prime Minister Wang invited Judge Bao for a drink, he told Judge Bao, it was him and the majesty’s plan to demote him to investigate the Wen Family. Fourth Brother of Wen Family watches the opera and fell for the opera lady but he received an urgent letter from Pong Taiseng and quickly left. The Wen family gets ready to greet Judge Bao.

A magistrate told the Wen Brothers about Judge Bao asked him about the case of a burned family. Judge Bao ordered Gongsun Ce to give him all the cases related to the Wen. He will make them big. A lady submit a case accusing the second brother of the Wen creating troubles for her business. Judge Bao found it nonsense for her to falsely submit a case and ordered the guards to chop her legs. The lady spoke for herself. Then he ordered them to spank them 40 times.Judge Bao punished the second brother for making his own rules by having the Wen brothers sweeping the street for seven days. The fourth brother gave the lady a painting of her in the opera. She told him she doesn’t understand the poem since she’s illiterate The fourth brother taught her how to write and asked her to meet him by the harbor.

The boy begged Judge Bao helped him since his parents got killed. His father planned to sell his deer skin sheet to the Wen. His house then got burnt by the Wen. His mother told him the deer skin manuel is the proof of his family got burnt. His mother got killed. He brought the deer skin manuel to a magistrate. Judge Bao asked the boy to give him the manuel.Judge Bao told Gongsun Ce and Zhan Zhao he couldn’t read anything since it was wet. Gongsun Ce believes that the Wen got the real manuel.

The lady bids farewell with the fourth brother and told him that her father has forced her to marry her brother. The fourth brother told her he’s taking her to see his mother so he could marry her. The lady cried and told him that her father is right they are from different class. The fourth brother showed the lady to his mom. His mom objects to let her stay here. The fourth gave the lady his jade. The lady’s father whipped the lady for not marrying her brother. The three brothers think of a way to trap Zhan Zhao and get back the manuel from Judge Bao. The second brother told the brothers to not let the fourth brother know of the plan nor take part in it in case anything happens to them, he can take care of their mother.

Justice Bao 2010 case recap

I’ve been watching Justice Bao 2010. The series is more geared toward the story of Seven Herores and Five Gallants where Zhan Zhao is using his martial arts to save people before he met Judge Bao.

The case starts with the Pong Tai seng’s son hiding poultry from the poor people to sell them for money.

Zhan Zhao saves the good magistrate from being executed for giving rice to the poor people.

Judge Bao sent his guards to arrest Pong Taisen’gs son. Judge Bao ordered the guards to take the prince’s garment off so he can judge this case. Judge Bao uses the dog guillotine granted by the majesty.


Pong Tai Seng came at the court to save his son from being executed.

Pong Tai Seng vs Judge Bao

Mr Unfortunate Boyfriend episode 5 cute scenes

I’ve been watching a kdrama Mr. Unfortunate Boyfriend on Feevee Imbd app on TV. It’s a pretty amusing series. There was a misunderstanding between Tae Woon being a pervert to Jina but then Jina eventually sees his warm side as she gets to know him. Chul Kang and Mi Jung played the more serious couple.

Tae Woon piggyback Jina during the rain.

Hee Chul Kang invites Hye Mi Jung for dinner. She cooks for him twelve dinner dishes but it ends up badly so they dined at a restaurant.