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Gentle Reflections episode 15 recap

Sai Moon Hing celebrates his promotion as an official with his friends. Sai Moon Hing’s sister’s fiance eavesdrop on the bandits. He burned their village and Sai Moon Hing fought and killed them. Ping Yee requested Sai Moon Hing to let the fiancee helped her managing the accounts. Ping Yee saw the fiancee keep some amounts of cheque. The fiance sighed when his father was alive, he used to live in fortune and he helped Sai Moon Hing get his post. Now he has to depend on Sai Moon Hing.  Ping Yee told him she didn’t plan to tell on him. She hopes he will achieve a big task.

The new maid helped the fourth wife making some breakfast. Kam Lien sighed to her maid that Sai Moon Hing is busy and barely visit her. The maid suggests Kam Lien to make breakfast from the palace. Kam Lien doesn’t know how did Ping Yee use dirty trick to steal men’s heart.

The maid told Kam Lien she’s petty. Sai Moon Hing stared at lady. Ping Yee brought breakfast for Sai Moon Hing. The fourth wife brought the breakfast she made to Sai Moon Hing. Sai Moon Hing found it tastes so good and told Kam Lien to try it. Kam Lien asked the fourth wife the process of making it. Kam Lien told the fourth wife she probably didn’t make it. Kam Lien told Sai Moon Hing that the fourth wife has hired a new maid to make him breakfast. Sai Moon Hing told the fourth wife to leave.

The maid came and it was the lady that Sai Moon Hing had an eye on. Sai Moon Hing complimented her bean cakes and tell him how did she make the cakes. Sai Moon Hing touched her hand. Sai Moon Hing seduced the lady. Kam Lien came in and she left. Sai Moon yelled at Kam Lien to leave.

The lady told her husband who is the servant that Sai Moon Hing harassed her. Sai Moon Hing’s servant told the lady to tell the recipe to Sai Moon Hing. He threw powder on her and she fainted. The maid told Kam Lien. Sai Moon Hing was about to rape the lady. The servant barged in the room and put his knife toward Sai Moon Hing’s neck. The servant said he’s been working in the mansion for more than years. The first wife was an opera singer, and he put sleeping powder to lure her and she had an affair with another man which is karma. The third wife is the fiancee of his scholar friend. She was sick and asked for herbs and he took the chance to marry her and cause his friends to die. Sai Moon Hing’s servants grabbed the servant. Sai Moon Hing grabbed his neck and he died. The lady woke up and screamed. Sai Moon Hing slapped her and told his servants to lock her. Poon Kam Lien sneaks in the dungeon and gave the lady some jewelries.  The lady said she has to witness Sai Moon Hing. The lady walked and tripped and thought of her husband’s death. She came to the court and want to witness Sai Moon Hing. The official ordered her to be spanked thirty times. The lady said Sai Moon Hing is a jerk and she was lucky that Poon Kam Lien released her and gave her jewelries.

At the court, Sai Moon Hing said the lady and the servant tries to leave his mansion but he can only find the lady. Poon Kam Lien said the lady stole her jewelries. Sai Moon Hing told the official that he is willing to let this case go. Sai Moon Hing left and got angry. The lady stood up on the top of the mansion and accused Poon Kam Lien of twisting her word and Sai Moon Hing of raping her and killing her husband. The lady suicide in front of Kam Lien’s sedan chair.

Sai Moon Hing whipped Poon Kam Lien. Kam Lien cried and told him that she did it because she loves him and don’t want other women to steal him. Kam Lien said she is willing for him to whip her to death. Sai Moon Hing continues to whip her. The wives and sister took Sai Moon Hing out. Poon Kam Lien cried and told Ping Yee she doesn’t need her sympathy. Kam Lien cried and lean on her maid and said she released the lady out of good heart. She truly loves Sai Moon Hing and can’t lose him. Kam Lien blames Ping Yee and refuses to let her steal her position.

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Gentle Reflections episode 14 recap

Sai Moon Hing ignored Kam Lien’s request. Ping Yee requested Sai Moon Hing to punish the maid lightly. Sai Moon Hing punished the maid to be hit three spanks. The second wife yelled at his brother and told him to pack up his stuff and leave. The second’s wife brother blackmailed the second wife about the fake account and he just wants to have the maid. Kam Lien feels frustrated for the maid and caused her to lose faces and didn’t show up to her. Ping Yee brought some medicine for the maid. Kam Lien nitpicked her for have the power. Ping Yee gave Kam Lien the coat she sewed for her.  Kam Lien is afraid if wearing the coat is warm but inside is cold, she won’t feel healthy. Ping Yee told Kam Lien she also feels hurt for the maid.

The second wife put some powder on the teacup. The second wife’s maid went in to take her cup. The second wife treated the maid to dinner. The second wif’es maid poured the wine in the cup and dropped it. The second wife’s maid poured wine for the maid. The maid fainted. The second wife and his brother fainted. Ping Yee told the second wife’s maid to help the maid. She’ll take care of everything.

The second wife and the brother woke up. Sai Moon Hing hit them with a rope. Sai Moon Hing told his servant to lock them together. The maid worries about the second wife. After hearing everything Kam Lien is assure that Ping Yee set up everything. Kam Lien walked during the night and eavesdrop by the window and saw the second wife and his brother being thrown in the well. Ping Yee freaks out and stares at Kam Lien.

Sai Moon Hing ate and told his wives that he has investigated that the second wife and his brother has made a fake account. The second wife’s maid requested to back to her hometown. Kam Lien felt pitiful for the second wife. The third wife felt sick. Lam Chi Yin is worried about getting sick and Sai Moon Hing yelled at her. Lam Chi Yin wants to manage the account. Sai Moon Hing let Ping Yee manage the account. Kam Lien massaged Sai Moon Hing in  the spa and told him that the case of of the second wife is not simple and she feels that Ping Yee will harm him since she knows the dead of her brother. Sai Moon Hing told Kam Lien she must be jealous.  Kam Lien said she is only worried for him. Sai Moon Hing read the news that the general is fine. The third wife passed away. The third wife’s sister visited her sister’s tablet. Sai Moon Hing told her he will take care of her. He will soon marry her as his seventh wife.

An official came and read the edict to cut a magistrate’s post. Mou Chong visited the magistrate in the cellar. Sai Moon Hing and the official enjoy the dance. Sai Moon Hing told the official about his sister and told him about he has an eye on the third wife’s sister who will be his seventh wife. The official told Sai Moon Hing he will become an official. Mou Chong prays in front of the magistrate about to be beheaded in another town.  The ladyboss wants to buy a poor lady in the brothel. The first wife’s servant asked Sai Moon Hing’s sister’s fiance for some money to pawn the girl. The servant pawn the girl and bowed in front of the first wife and brought the girl. The maid told Mou Chong about Sai Moon Hing’s sister fiance came and then the magistrate has been beheaded. Mou Chong came and told Sai Moon Hing he came to pray for the magistrate. Mou Chong told the maid he feels so much better talking to her and  she could be his sister.

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Gentle Reflections episode 13 recap

Ping Yee gave Sai Moon Hing a vase for for his father as a gift. Poon Kam Lien watches Sai Moon Hing kisses Lee Ping Yee. Lee Ping Yee gave Sai Moon Hing’s sister a necklace. The second and fourth wives loved the fabrics. Ping Yee led it to them. Sai Moon Hing to his wives to not take advantage of Ping Yee. Ping Yee gave Kam Lien some of her fabrics. Kam Lien refuses but accepts after Sai Moon Hing told her. Ping Yee requested to make a fur coat for everyone.

Poon Kam Lien told Ping Yee she doesn’t understand why she must be married to Sai Moon Hing.  Ping Yee said she couldn’t reject Sai Moon Hing since he was so good to her. Ever since Chi Hui died, everyone bullied her. Ping Yee told Kam Lien she agrees with her they must find someone to be married too. Kam Lien asked Ping Yee why they must always share a tree. Ping Yee said she only wants to be with someone who loves her so she can be peaceful. Ping Yee told Kam Lien to help her.

The second wife could tell that her brother fell for the first wife’s maid. Her maid came in and the second wife yelled at her. Ping Yee saw the second wife’s maid’s arm full of bruises and overheard her saying to another maid that the second wife stole some money from the account. Ping Yee reminds them to not be nosy so they can be safe. Ping Yee pray in front of her brother’s tablet.  She sees everyone in the family only cares for their own gain. She will slowly expose their scheme. Although Kam Lien is her sister, if she knows she is related to his case she won’t forgive her.

Mou Chong told the maid to take care of Ping Yee. The maid told Mou Chong he needs to think for himself. On the way, Sai Moon Hing’s sister’s fiance got robbed. Ping Yee checked the account and told Sai Moon Hing to go to sleep. Sai Moon Hing whined about sleeping on the floor. Ping Yee told Sai Moon Hing to go to the second and fourth wife, he finds them frustrating. Ping Yee told Sai Moon Hing she has many chances to take care of him he doesn’t need to rush. Sai Moon Hing complained to his sister that the officials are searching for her father in law. Ping Yee told Sai Moon Hing to stay calm and find someone trustworthy to help.

Sai Moon’s sister criticized his fiance. He left. She bumped into the maid and yelled at her. The second wife’s brother looked at the maid’s feet. The fiancee yelled at him and told the maid to be careful. Sai Moon Hing’s sister saw his fiancee walked with the maid and yelled at him. Sai Moon Hing hugged Lee Ping Yee and said from all his wives, only she knows how to help him. Sai Moon Hing received a letter that the fiancee’s parents suicide. Sai Moon Hing told the fiance he isn’t safe until his name is removed from the book. The fiancee is willing to go to the court and remove the name for him. Poon Kam Lien pretends to be sick and got frustrated that Sai Moon Hing is hanging out with Ping Yee.


Sai Moon Hing and the wives guesses the lyrics and whoever earn the most points will be able to sleep with Sai Moon Hing for the night. Poon Kam Lien feels cold. The second wife’s sister apologized to the maid for offending her last time. The second wife’s brother harassed the maid and told her that he loves her. Mou Chong came and took him to the court. Sai Moon Hing told Poon Kam Lien he will sleep with her tonight. Sai Moon Hing told Mou Chong to give the second wife’s brother to him. The second wife accused the maid of flirting with men. The maid cried and denied. Sai Moon Hing’s sister told Sai Moon Hing she saw the maid flirting with the second wife’s brother in the garden. Poon Kam Lien told Sai Moon Hing to let her punish the maid since she belongs to her. Sai Moon Hing ignored and ordered to hit the maid.

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Forensic Heroes IV episode 8 recap

Flashbacks of Wild Boar showing Prawn Crackers some diamonds. Wild Boar got shot by the cops. Then Prawn Cracker tried to run away but got arrested. Prawn Crackers eavesdrop on Kelvin talking to Chi Kit Yu that Wild Boar is greedy and he is so ugly so he let him play the crown so he could die. Prawn Cracker hit Kelvin with his object. He then twisted Chiu Kit Yu’s arm and killed her.  Kelvin swallowed the diamond. Kelvin put Chiu Kit Yu and Kelvin in the vaccum. Kwok Sir and Ko Ching went to the flower shop and talked to the ladyboss and saw a photo of Chiu Kit Yu and Prawn Cracker. A man told Prawn Cracker that Wild Boar gave him three hundred grand for him to leave alone. Prawn Cracker didn’t believe it. Ko Ching and her colleague saw Prawn Cracker punching the man. They chased him and arrested him.

In the station, Prawn Cracker told Ko Ching and Kwok Sir he’s already been charged for robbery, they can’t charaged him again for stealing diamonds. Prawn Cracker said Wild Boar would always share the best thing for him. Kwok Sir said that’s why he killed two people. Pran Cracker said  he killed Kelvin because he killed Wild Boar. Chiu Kit Yu pretended to be nice to get near him so she killed her too. Prawn Cracker said Wild Boar killed the clowns and returned and gave him the diamonds. Chan Sam said for Wild Boar, he has nothing to regret.

Lee Oi Lam visited Prawn Cracker and said despite what happened he’s still the one she cares the most. Prawn Cracker saw the necklace. She apologized and said it’s from her husband. Oil Lam said she thought he turned a new leaf so she returned to invite him to dinner but why did he went back in prison. Prawn Cracker said he came back to revenge for Wild Boar. Oi Lam said Wild Boar should have been dead long ago, he even had an eye on her. He drank and got her pregnant. Her dad took her to Canada but she found out she can’t have a baby again. He only cares for his own gain.

Kwok Sir searched for a good music school for Ko Ching and asked Man Ka Hei for help. Kwok Sir thought of he used to watch the typhoon and caused his brother to be dead.

Monique drinks with Master Yu. Master Yu requested Monique three hundred grand to fly on a private jet with her. Monique threw the gown at him. She cried and sat on the stairs and called Cotton. Monique leaned on Cotton and glad he was there. Someone called Cotton and told him to check the clip she she sent him. Monique wakes up and is behind him.

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Forensic Heroes IV episode 7 recap

The forensics did an inspection on the body and found bruises on the neck and signs of arm being strangled to dead. The blood is A plus. The person put the victim in the nylon bag and threw him in the sea. A man came in the station and told Kwok Sir to look for his daughter Chiu Kit Yu. Kwok Sir suspects she is the person being murdered at the pier. Chris followed Miss Ying in her covered face and interviewed her. Ko Ching came and showed her badge to arrest Miss Ying.

Ko Ching asked Miss Ying if Kelvin killed Chiu Ho Chuen. Miss Ying is surprised to hear Chiu Kit Yu died. Chiu Kit Yu’s  father blamed himself for letting her daughter go to work and meet Kelvin. Her daughter said Miss Ying slapped her and gave her a hard time. Miss Ying said she doesn’t know who killed Chiu Kit Yu but she knows Kelvin killed Chiu Ho Chuen. It was Kelvin who hired those clowns to rob Ho Hing Sang back in 2011. Chiu Kit Yu’s father saw Miss Ying and yelled.

Shui Wai Ming and Monique ate with Elaine and saw a text from her ex Ricky and they advised her to take time finding the right guy. Cotton and Monique walked in the beach. Monique dreamed one day they will open their own winery. Flashbacks of Cotton made a wish of him and his two sisters will never fall apart. Chris had a nightmare of searching for her brother.

Kelvin’s body got wrapped in a vacuum. The forensics found a bed bug on Kelvin’s body. Chiu Kit Yu’s father barged in Miss Ying’s room and was about to hit her with an antique. Miss Ying accused him of killing Kelvin and his daughter. Flashbacks of Chi Kit Yu’s father hitting Kelvin with a plate and Chi Kit Yu drove him out of the room.

Kwok Sir showed a piece of diamond to Chiu Kit Yu’s father he found in Kelvin’s stomach and asked him if he recognizes it. He recognized the diamond were stolen goods from the clowns. In the tech diagram,  Cotton recognized the piece on Kelvin’s forehead as a locking clip on Chan Sum’s bottle. The cops and forensics assumed Chan Sum killed Kelvin to revenge for Wild Boar. The real murder of Kelvin is Prawn Cracker.

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Forensic Heroes IV episode 6 recap

The forensics found out the vessel’s name is Scarlett. Kwok Sir visited Miss Yin and said Chu Hoi Chuen killed her father is one of the robbers who killed her father eight years ago so he believed she is related to the murder. Kelvin let Kwok Sir search the yatch. Kwok Sir asked Miss Yin did he sailed his yatch last night. Kelvin told Kwok Sir that he and Miss Yin went on the afternoon tea on the 12th of October. Shui Wai Ming found a piece of glass and saw blood stains. Cotton found a lavender broken nail.

Miss Ying complained to Kelvin about being followed by reporters. Kelvin is frustrated about not being able to pay his debt. Kelvin said he didn’t have a choice, Wild Boar saw him sailing and sworn if he didn’t pay his debt he will kill him so he had no choice. Miss Ying told Kelvin he dared to kill Wild Boar but didn’t dare to cut him and throw him in the sea. Kelvin left and told Miss Ying they will go their separate ways.

Cotton saw his friend Chan Sum working in a flower shop. Kwok Sir went in Chris’s room and saw a picture she took of Miss Ying. Chris sent the photo of Miss Ying having a lavender nail to Kwok Sir. Man Ka Hei told Sis Chau if she’s sick she feel hurt too. Sis Chau told Man Ka Hei she’s afraid she will leave her, she has brain cancer. Sis Chau said it’s all Miss Kiu said.  Man Ka Hei took Sis Chau to the doctor. Sis Chau whispered to Cotton that it wasn’t a brain tumor but her ear got clogged by an earwax.

Chris gave Charm Ting a sesame soup and would like to request Cotton for an interview. Chris came to the gym and interviewed Cotton. Cotton mentioned about his lost sister Ko Sin who got kidnapped.

Kwok Sir and Ko Ching researched that Kelvin and Miss Ying mentioned they took the pic in the both in October 12th but during that time the apps wasn’t released yet. Kelvin got into a lot of debt of the jewelry and coudln’t afford a boat. Kwok Sir and his team found a dead body.

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Forensic Heroes IV episode 5 recap

Cotton and his team did a lab test. Man Ka Hei confirmed the clown died five days ago. They couldn’t find any substances in the seawater so they guessed the victim was dumped in the seawater. Man Ka Hei told Cotton about there were signs of teeth broken, and he was either attacked by the back or being hunted. Flashbacks of Five clowns participated in a robbery. Wild Boar killed the other clowns and told Wo that that they were planning to kill and not rob and after that those clowns planned to kill them two also. Wild Boar tries to leave by the speedboat but got chased by the cops. He got shot five times and fell into the sea but his body was never found. Kwok Sir and Ko Ching asked Chan Sum  about if he kept in touch with Chu Koi Chuen and what does he thinks of Wild Boar’s death.

Monique opened the box of wine and looked at the bottle of wine that the french guy gave her. Cotton ate hotpot with Monique. They thought of their first time they met, the gang fight in the food stalls, Cotton grabbed Monique’s hand and ran. Sis Chau used Monique’s wine bottle to cook. Cotton showed Monique the wine text from Ko Ching. Monqiue told Cotton now she has him, she doesn’t need the wine. Chris searches for her long lost brother online and found out Cotton might be her lost brother. While Cotton boxes, he thought of his lost sister. Chris has a dream of the clown abducting her brother and the car crashed her mom. Chris sent Cotton a message she is interested in his forensic career and would like to interview him. Cotton rejected that he is not taking interviews. The forensics wore goggles and saw blood stains on the vessel.