Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 20 (Finale) recap

The official fainted. The lead captain thought of the idea of destroying the general’s grave. Bo Yee’s mother requested Bo Yee to not destroy the general’s grave since her ancestor made a vow if anything happens to the general’s grave they will suffer. The official laid down and begs Bo Yee to save the Song. The official dies. Bo Yee and the captain went to the mansion and fought with the priest. The servant grabbed the priest from the back and got injured. Bo Yee shot at the mansion and it exploded. The servant died and told Bo Yee to take care of Ching Mui for her. Ching Mui saw her father’s body and cried. She told Bo Yee that his mother has passed away; she bowed and suddenly died. Bo Yee cried he learned Fengshui to help people but now he can’t even save his mother. The general bleeds. Bo Yee gave the majesty a good luck charm and a diagram for safety. The majesty told Bo Yee he regrets treating him badly. The majesty told Bo Yee to leave for his safety. Bo Yee told the majesty he also would like to leave this town,

. Bo Yee told Ching Mui he plans to leave this town alone and master his fengshui skills. He doesn’t want to bring her with him because every woman who is with him will die. Ngan Fung is the first one. Ngan Fung picked up the sword and said if they can’t be together she’ll die in front of him. Ching Mui hugged Bo Yee to let her go with her and face the obstacles with him.Ching Mui woke up and didn’t see Bo Yee. The captain sent a letter from Bo Yee to Ching Mui.

The general got angry and told the majesty to order the guards to search for Bo Yee. The priest heals Tin Wah. The priest told Tin Wah he has healed him for ten days. Tin Wah punched the priest and said he knows Fengshui and know he will use him. Tin Wah said he won and there’s only him in this world. He tore the priest in half. Tin Wah came in Chiu Yung’s room. Ngan Fung cried and hugged Tin Wah. Tin Wah gave the general a box. The general’s wife freaked out and saw the head of the priest. Tin Wah told the general’s wife if she wasn’t so kind to him, the general would have ned up like the priest. Ti nWah told the general he always put the blame on him and cold him. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He has to keep his life to to see him suffer.

Ching Mui packed her stuff wanting to see Bo Yee. Tin Wah came and fought with the captain and took Ching Mui with him. Chiu Yung cooked a meal and showed it to Tin Wah. Tin Wah pushed the dishes and said he’s not Bo Yee so why does she has to be so good to him. Tin Wah asked Bo Yee why is she so cheap taking care of him. Tin Wah told Chiu Yung she knows she can’t return and Bo Yee doesn’t love her so she has to be good to him. Chiu Yung told Tin Wah they should be happy together. Tin Wah took Chiu Yung to some poor people and told him to pick a person since she loves Bo Yee.Chiu Yung and her maid left the house and Tin Wah stopped them.

Chiu Yung’s maid grabbed Tin Wah and told Chiu Yung to leave. Tin Wah punched Chiu Yung’s maid and she died. Chiu Yung ran and fell off the hill. Chiu Yung woke up and talked to some nun. She complimented the congee is good. The nun told her this congee is just a normal plain congee but she haven’t noticed it. Some people fight for their happiness but they already have it.

Tin Wah pushed Ching Mui and told the captain if Bo Yee doesn’t show up tomorrow then he will dig up the Song’s grave. The captain wants to have a duel with Tin Wah. Bo Yee held Ching Mui’s hand. Ching Mui woke up and cried and told him that he has tricked her. Bo Yee told her after he left he didn’t know what he was doing. He can’t lose her. Ching Mjui asked him if she will leave her again. Bo Yee sworn and told her they will face the obstacles together.

On the mountain, Tin Wah told Bo Yee his father died when he was born, his mother took care of him. He used to be bullied for being poor. When he had the money to take care of his mother, she died. When he had a good post, he took it away. When he fell in love with a woman, her heart belongs to him. Bo Yee told Tin Wah if he did good deeds, he could change his fate. Tin Wah told Bo Yee. he only say that because he has everything. Bo Yee told Tin Wah the more he has the more he has the more burden he has. Tin Wah told Bo Yee since god defended him he has to kill him. Bo Yee had a duel with Tin Wah. he used his sword and zapped him. Tin Wah got hurt and the bat got out of Tin Wah. Tin Wah apologized to Bo Yee. Tin Wah told him he wants to see Chiu Yung.. Tin Wah died. Bo Yeetold Ching Mui that the Song dynasty isn’t dead. They need to find the dragon to produce water. God isn’t bad to him letting her be by his side. Bo Yee and Ching Mui saw Chiu Yung passed by dressing up as a nun.

On Lie Game episode 21 recap

Ka Ping showed John some documents to sign. Helen’s friend saw Ka Ping wearing the bracelet. Ka Ping edited the checks. Helen’s friend asked her husband if he gave the bracelet to Ka Ping. The husband denied. She told him to call Ka Ping and turn on the speaker. The husband called Ka Ping but it asked him to leave a message. Helen’s friend asked if he’s having an affair with Ka Ping. Helen’s friend kept her husband’s phone for the night.

John drinks tea with his team. Helen’s friend came to the meeting and asked for Ka Ping. Matt came showing his id in front of John as a cop and said he suspect he is related to an online scamming case. Matt lets Hera take over the case.

During the interrogation, Hera explained the case to John of selling opera tickets and people didn’t receive the tickets. John said he did let Ka Ping sell the tickets online but he didn’t know how much the tickets were selling for. Hera asked why did she write 400,000 dollars check for Ka Ping. John said Ka Ping was in a hurry and he was busy but he signed a 40 dollar check not 400,000. Hera and his team watches the video of Ka Ping deposited money in the bank.

Matt told John his team will find Ka Ping. John asked Matt if it will affect his promotion. The customers protests in front of John’s store. Helen and John visited her friend asking for Ka Ping. Helen turned on the recorder. Helen told her friend to let John and the husband talk alone. Helen and her firend heard on the phone that the husband held Ka Ping’s hands and sold tickets with her.

Samantha gave Matt a cd of Ukulele concert. Matt rode the motorcycle with Samantha. Samantha enjoys the rain. Samantha rode the motorcyle with Matt and saw the rainbow. Hera called Brian and asked him to eat dinner with her. Brian is busy working and rejected. Brian’s coworker told Brian he can go to dinner with his girlfriend. While eating dinner at a restaurant, Brian gasped. Brian is looking forward to finish this business so they can expand their business with Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. Brian’s showed the cyber security system to Mr. Hon and it didn’t work. Brian tried to fix the system and finds it weird it worked before he left, and today it didn’t work.

Brenda told Samantha that Matt is so good to her and still finds some clients for her and why doesn’t she consider him. Matt heard Brenda asked Samantha why would a man care about a woman so much. Matt brought Hera to Samantha as her client. Brian came. Brian got upset. He got mad at a man who parked a car in front of him. Brian told Hera there’s a problem in the system and he may lose the contract with the Taiwanese guy and get sued.

Mr.Hon sighed to Brian that the Taiwanese guy refused to see him and his lawyer wants to sue him for the damages. And it’s a sum that the company can’t afford. Brian asked his uncle to lend him 20 million dollars. Brian’s uncle told him to let his business go.

On Lie Game episode 20 recap

Samantha thought of what Stephen said about picking her up. Samantha laid on the couch and received an apology text from Stephen he won’t come and let’s get a divorce. Matt grabbed Samantha on the beach. Samantha showed him the broken sea shells. Matt told Samantha they used to compete on finding the most beautiful shell. Samantha said she longed to find the flawless love. There are so many broken marriages, she hopes it won’t happen to her but it did. Samantha wondered if she did something wrong that her husband wants to divorce her. She thought she could start anew but why. Samantha told Matt to go with him to talk to Stephen. Brian picked up Hera from work. By the harbor, Brian told Hera he will tell his uncle after they get married, she can continued working as a cop. Hera argues with Brian about proposing to her for the five million fund. Brian asked Hera if she thinks he will sell her out for money. Hera told Brian she doesn’t know when he’s telling the truth or lying. Brian asked Hera if she doesn’t trust him. Brian said he will tell uncle he will not with draw five millions. He just wants to marry her. Brian jumped on the sea to show his sincerity. Brian told her he really wants to marry her. Hera told him she believes her and to get up. Brian told her she will be his other half from now on. Hera told him she won’t resign as a cop. If he wants to be a shareholder, she will support him. Brian becomes the Ceo of his company.

Stephen told Samantha to sign the divorce document. She can also say he has committed adultery. Samantha slapped Stephen. Stephen said he loves Mary that much to divorce her. Samantha cried and signed the document. Flashbacks of Stephen holding a ring and reserved a table by the piano facing the window. He also asked for the violinist to play while he gives Samantha the ring. Stephen looked at the computer, the stock went down. Mary took all his money from his account and messaged him she left Hongkong. Mr.Fok’s men beat Stephen up for taking money from his stock and sell them. Mr.Fok threaten Stephen if he can’t pay back his debt, then his wife will have to pay for it. Mr.Fork asked Stephen to do a business with him then his wife will be fine. Stephen signed the divorce paper.

Matt gave Samantha a cup of water. He told Samantha to cry and it will make her feel better. Samantha cried and told Matt she’s tired. Samantha told Matt she wants to move.

The husband hugged Ka Ping and she avoids him. She told him that they have made 30k by selling. The husband bought a necklace. His wife opened the shirt for her husband. The husband told her to sit down and watch tv since she looks tired. He hid the necklace in the box and told he he will fix the toilet. The wife looked in the box and saw a nekclace and smiled and thinking he bought for her birthday. The husband gave Ka Ping a necklace. She whined it is so thin.

Eric told Brian that Mr.Hon wants him to deliver the cyber security system to him. Samantha drinks with Brenda and said she only wants to focus on her work. While dining in a restaurant, Brenda showed Samantha a clip that her friend sent her of Ada being beaten up by Mrs.Hui after finding out she had an affair with her husband. Mrs.Au told Samantha that Ada has resigned. Samantha told Mrs.Au she wants to resign too. She wants to leave to another place.

Samantha and Matt look at the flat. Samantha told the landlord she is not looking for one at the moment. Samantha told Matt that Mrs. Au is planning to transfer her to Beijing. Matt drinks with John on the balcony. John told Matt he wouldn’t want to miss his chance to be with Samantha again.

On Lie Game episode 19 recap

Brian brought Taiwanese takeout. Brian told Hera’s father that Raymond let him have 20 percent of his shares. Brian’s uncle told Brian that the company will give him 15 million dollars but if he gets married, they will give him five more millions.

Ka Ping gave Helen two opera tickets. Helen called Matt that she got the opera tickets. Ka Ping came with the tickets and gave it to Matt in the cafeteria. Matt’s colleague looked at Ka Ping and told Matt to give Ka Ping a chance. Matt gave his colleague the tickets. Matt gave Ka Ping a cup of milk teas. Ka Ping said she doesn’t drink milk teas. Matt told Ka Ping if she she doesn’t like it, then don’t force herself. Matt told Ka Pik she is not his type, and he apologized and it was his mother’s idea. Ka Pik said he is not his type either and she is seeing someone but Helen is nice to her so she couldn’t say no.

Helen’s friend followed her husband. Helen and her friend saw her husband with Ka Ping. The husband told Helen’s friend they got two opera tickets. Helen asked Ka Ping about if Matt treated her some drinks after giving her opera tickets. Ka Ping said Matt took the two tickets and left.

Ka Ping told the husband they were almost got caught. The husband gave Ka Ping some money but Ka Ping counted it is not enough for her. The husband asked Ka Ping if she likes Matt. Ka Ping asked the husband that he currently is keeping 100 tickets and he’s not afraid if John will find out. The husband asked Ka Pik if he deserves a kiss for coming up with this idea.

Samantha had a nightmare of Stephen making out with Mrs. Kwan. She woke up and took some pills. Matt’s colleague kissed his bride. Hera received the flowers.

During Matt’s colleague’s wedding, Brenda told Matt Samantha haven’t showed up during their case at work. Matt and Brenda went to Samantha’s house and found her laying in bed fainting. At the hospital, Samantha told Matt she thought of Stephen making out with Mrs. Kwan. She worked all day to forget the scene. She took many sleeping pills and the nightmare occurs and she woke up. The phone rang. Matt told Samantha to talk to Stephen instead of running away.

Stephen looked at the wedding photo of him and Samantha. Mrs.Kwan showed Stephen their bank account. Stephen asked Mrs. Kwan about her doing business against Mr. Fok. Mrs. Kwan sat on Stephen’s lap and intimately seduced him. Stephen left and told Mrs.Kwan to cover her position or she’ll have no money to pay Mr.Fok. Stephen received a call from Matt.

Matt’s colleague and his wife sing karaoke together. Then Brian started singing and gave her on the micro and gave Hera a bouquet of flowers and proposed to her.

Stephen visited Samantha in the hospital and apologized to her and said Matt told him everything. Stephen asked Samantha to forgive him. Samantha said she can’t forget the scene and and don’t know how to forget. Stephen told Samantha she is the love of his life. He can give up the company for her and he broke up with Mrs. Kwan. He finds out without her by his side, nothing is important to him. She is the most important to him. It is their fourth wedding anniversary in two days and he will go home to take her to have a celebration.

During dinner, Uncle Ryan asked Hera if she plans to quit her job and stay home. He urges them to get married as soon as possible, she doesn’t know how much her wedding is worth. Hera went home and got mad at Brian for using their wedding as an investment. Hera’s father gave Brian a suggestion of he will give him three million of his retirement money for him to add.

On Lie Game episode 18 recap

Matt and his brother took a walk. Matt’s brother looked at Kapik who Matt’s mother wants to introduced to Matt. Ka Pik introduced a fragrance. Helen suggests Ka Pik to put it on Matt. Helen asked Matt’s brother to give up his seat to Ka Pik. Matt told his mother he has to go to the washroom. Matt played the kite. His kite broke. Matt’s parents told him that if the kite broke, he should find a new one. Matt’s parents saw Ka Pik flying a kite and told Matt to fly with her. They took photos of Matt and Ka Pik flying a kite together.

Ka Pik volunteered to take ticket payments for John’s organization. Hera dressed up and went with Brian to his boss’s party. Brian received and award for his company and gave a speech. Hera heard some men saying that Raymond bought this award for Brian. Hera chat with Brian that she overheard that Raymond bought the award. Brian asked Hera if she doesn’t believe he’s capable of winning the ward. He teases her giving the award for being his best girlfriend.

Samantha saw Mrs.Kwan holding Stephen’s hand. Stephen saw Samantha and let go of Mrs.Kwan’s hand. The accountant told Stephen that Samantha planned to withdraw a million dollars but then decided not to withdraw and he wonders if she’s wanting to invest in a new company.

Stephen and Samantha went home. Samantha asked Stephen about Miss Kwan holding his hand. Stephen told Samantha that this is his big day, and if she’s going to give him an award. Samantha sadly left to her room. Stephen checked Samantha’s phone and looked at her texts with Hin the white horse. Stephen confronted Samantha about her relationship with the white horse and she cheated on him. Samantha cried and whined that he is never home and she was always bored. Stephen said he worked hard to give her a better life. Samantha said she only wants a simple life and someone to keep her company. Stephen asked Samantha if Matt knows about it. Samantha said she almost got deceived and reported to Matt. Stephen told Samantha she kept many things from him and what’s the point of being husband and wife. Michael drinks in his office. Mrs. Kwan called Samantha and told her that Stephen got drunk. Mrs.Kwan seduced Stephen. Samantha saw Stephen and Mrs.Kwan made out. Samantha cried and drove. Samantha drove and almost bumped into a man’s car. Samantha called Matt that engine wouldn’t start. Samantha cried and told Matt that she saw Stephen making out with Mary.

Samantha asked Matt if he knows why she wanted to become a wedding planner. Matt told her that the blessing and happiness of people getting married. Samantha said she thought she could get the same happiness but she was dreaming. Samantha cried and said many girls are envious of her having a romantic husband but she is envious of them more.jWhen they are happy, someone would laugh with them. When they are upset, they got someone to lean a shoulder on. But what about her, no one cares about her. Is she happy today and is her life good? She told Matt she feels happy running into him because he understands her. But her husband doesn’t like that. When she’s unhappy she tries to not calling him. Samantha cried and said she talks to herself at home. He said there’s nothing between Mary and him but he has to let her see this scene. Samantha packed her stuff and asked Stephen why did he do it. Stephen told Samantha she doesn’t have to leave, he will leave.

Matt’s colleague gave Hera his wedding invitation. Hera told him she would like to switch places with the bridesmaid and the bridesmaid can be a maid of honor since she is not well acquainted with the bride. Brian does business in Taiwan. The businessman asked Brian if he wants to run his own business.

Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 19 recap

The lead captain gave the manuel he written his strategies in to a guard. He hopes he would give it to a mutual person who cares about the people. The guard showed Bo Yee the manuel with the fortune telling paper. The lead captain is about to be beheaded. The official told the captain to sign the paper. The executor apologized to the lead captain he doesn’t want to. A hawk flew trying to stop the execution but it didn’t work. The lead captain got beheaded. The guards kneeled. Bo Yee did a spell and choked and wondered why heaven wants the captain to die. Bo Yee’s mother stayed in the official’s house. The official believes Bo Yee can heal the majesty.

In the cellar, Ching Mui believes Bo Yee can heal the majesty. Bo Yee yelled that he can’t heal the captain so why did he learned about Fengshui. Ching Mui told Bo Yee that he is the hope of the Song. Bo Yee doesn’t want to give them hope. Ching Mui asked him why does he give up so easily. His mother worked hard to see him although she is blind. Ching Mui told Bo Yee if he wants to see his mother, he has to find a way to leave this cellar.

The official suggests the majesty let Bo Yee heal him. Bo Yee uses his diagram to catch the spell. He found a jade under the majesty’s pillow and told him that someone been using a spell on him. Bo Yee reunites with his mother. The captain returned and wants to collaborate with Bo Yee against Tin Wah. Bo Yee apologized he already resign his post. He wishes to spend his time peacefully with his mother. The priest rushed the majesty to behead Bo Yee. he majesty hesitated and told him after he feels better, he will hand Bo Yee to him.

Chiu Yung puts on a coat on Tin Wah while he is working. She brought gingseng soup for him. As she took off his coat for him, she told him she heard from her maid that Bo Yee has been released. Tin Wah left. The official screamed. Bo Yee saw a purple bruise on the official’s back, and told Ching Ching and his mother that this plant is the cause of the disease. Bo Yee’s mother can’t believe Tin Wah would use the Fengshui to harm the official. Bo Yee asked Tin Wah if he set up the Fengshui. Tin Wah said even if he did it, it isn’t related to him.

Tin Wah persist to learn the dark martial arts in a month. He told the priest he is willing to suffer and lose organs for it. The priest broke Tin Wah’s organs. Tin Wah perform the martial arts. Tin Wah successfully perform the martial arts and told Chiu Yung he must have a duel with Bo Yee.

Bo Yee received a letter from Tin Wah to have a duel with him tomorrow. Chiu Yung visited Bo Yee and requested him not to harm Tin Wah. Though she couldn’t be with the one she loves, but she is blessed to have someone who loves her. Chiu Yung only has Tin Wah in her her. She can’t lose him. Bo Yee promised Chiu Yung that Tin Wah will be back safe. Tin Wah drinks and slapped Chiu Yung for seeing Bo Yee. Tin Wah said he is only Bo Yee’s replacement. Tin Wah is only satisfied if Bo Yee is dead. Bo Yee told Ching Ching he hopes he isn’t the one who ends up killing Tin Wah. Tin Wah has a duel with Bo Yee. Tin Wah fell off the clip. Chiu Yung cried and whined to Bo Yee why did he has to kill him. Bo Yee feels guilty of killing Tin Wah.

The general ordered the guards to guard the door He told the majesty that he has earned the guards respect. The general read and edict of allying with the Mongolian King Any order must be approved by the Mongols. The official threw a rock at the general.

On Lie Game episode 17 recap

Hin treated Matt’s family to dinner. Matt asked Hin what is his company’s name and who’s his boss. There’s not that many film firms in Hongkong. Matt told Hin how about he goes with his brother to visit him in his film firm tomorrow. Hin hesitated and said he has to send his story tomorrow. He left. The members hung out and chat with Hin that Brother Lung went to search for a model to be a ranch person. Hin asked if the woman refuses to give money unless she meets him. They said then they can kidnap her family for money.

Hin asked Brother Lung to be excused to leave. He went to the taxi and texted Samantha that Riding White Horse is fake. He is a scammer online cheating her money. He first had the intention of scamming her but after getting to know her he finds her a nice girl. He warned her not to go to Australian or she’ll be in danger. Don’t make friends online when she’s bored. Samantha went to the station and wanted to file a report. She showed her texts to Matt. Hin packed his stuff and called his mom and asked him to meet him at the pier with his dad. He wants to take a vacation. Hin left his love song record on Samantha’s desk.

While Hin walked to the pier, Brother Lung and his brother caught him and grab him in their van. Matt and Hera and the team discuss about Hin’s IP he used for his text. Brother Lung and his member took Hin to the harbor and tied him up. Brother Lung asked Hin why did he want to leave. Hin said he doesn’t want to do this anymore. The member pushed Hin’s face in the water and forced Hin to record the message that he did all the scamming alone. Brother Lung forced Hin to record a message he deserved to die. Hin apologized to his parents that he cheated money. Brother Lung and his member pushed Hin down the ocean. Matt and his team arrived at the harbor.

Matt grabbed Hin in the ocean. Brother Lung fought with. Matt pushed on to him and handcuff him. The building lights are off. Brother Lung’s member looked around. The receptionist opened the door. Hera and her team pointed a gun toward them.

Matt and his team cheers for solving the online scamming case. Hera said if Hin collaborate with the police, his sentence will be reduced. Matt said Hin’s only request is to see Samantha. At the station, Hin apologized to Samantha in person. Samantha asked Hin he meant to cheat her money but why did he apologize. Hin said he only wanted to work as a scriptwriter but didn’t know it will turn this way. He has toyed the feelings between two people. When she was most upset, she met him and thought god had sent a guardian angel to her. She told him her feelings but she thanked him of telling her all these are fake. His dad has a surgery and he tried to borrow money from the finance company but was beaten up. His boss gave him money but forced him to do it. He treated it like a job and wanted to repay his boss sooner. He then met her and found out she is a really kind girl. He realized he has hurt her. He got June killed too. Matt told Hin he made a mistake but he got a long road ahead. He hopes he will make use of his talent and write a be a good script writer. Hin asked Samantha if she can forgive him. She hesitated and said at the moment she can’t.

Samantha wondered why she was so foolish and trusted people easily. Matt told her that if he was responsible for this as a friend. If he asked her how she’s doing , this wouldn’t have happened. Many people know there are frausters but they are still being deceived. Matt told her she is actually smart. She has helped Hin and the police a lot.

Brenda told Samantha she couldn’t believe she got deceived by Sai Hin though she is smart. She told her she was cheated mentally and did nothing wrong. Samantha said it was pure friendship and they chatted only. Brenda told her she should never tell Stephen about it. Samantha said she will find an appropriate time to tell him. Stephen huged Samantha and said he will be busy with his new business. He would like to go to France with her while he has time.

Mrs. Chow looked at the news and wondered why Hin went this path. Hin sent a letter to John and Helen. Matt’s brother read his letter that he did something wrong and was greedy. He’ll play video games with him when he gets out. He will carry on his scriptwriting and maybe be famous because of this script.

Brian is happy that Taiwan did business with his firm. Hera’s father looking at the flyer and told Matt he’s planning to invest fund.

On Lie Game episode 16 recap

Hin watched June’s father doing a funeral for June and putting her favorite doll. Hin apologized. Brother Lung asked Hin why does he keep on watching the same news clip about June. He didn’t point a gun at her to kill herself. Brother Lung’s member told HIn that people die everyday so he cry everyday? The important thing is they have money now. Brother Lung asked Hin to ask Samantha to give them one million dollars. Brother Lung told Hin that he wanted to have money to buy a flat for his parents.

Matt read the document of June log in a dating app called Love GPS. Hera said June recently chatted with Owen, who claimed to be in the army. He hides his IP address. Hera said June doesn’t have friends in real life but when she logs in the dating app, then many boys will talk to her. Matt and Hera and her team played basketball together. Their colleagues praised Matt and Hera as a great team. Hera’s father came and played with them. Hera’s father got hit in the eye. He said he didn’t see anything and he didn’t see the ball coming. The doctor told Hera and her father that he has cataracts and need to get surgery as soon as possible. The surgery costs 30,000 dollars. Hera told her father she will pay for him.

Brian went to his new job. While drinking with Hera, Brian told Hera that his boss Raymond do charities and is a hidden tycoon, he is looking forward to work for him and gain experience. Hin had a nightmare of following Samantha and she turned and it happens to be June and demanding him why did he lie to her. Hin woke up and freaked out and holding his money he got from June.

Brother Lung read the news of Matt warning about online dating scams. Brother Lung told his member that he already discuss with Master Lui and they may move their office to Indonesia. Hin brought a pack of money and gave to Brother Lung and wants to quit. The member beat Hin up. Brother Lung told Hin to get up. He begs him to convince Samantha and he will give him three hundred thousand dollars and he can leave. Hin apologized to Samantha that something happend in the ranch and the ranch owner wants to see him. Hin texted Samantha that the ranch owner doens’t want the ranch anymore. Hin texted Samantha he needs to buy the ranch to save the horses. He is still 200,000 Australian short. Hin asked Samantha if she can lend him a million dollar or if she can run the ranch with him.

Samantha asked Brenda for her opinion about lending money to a friend. Ms. Chan got angry and left her job. Ka Pik took her position as leading the association for John. Samantha asked the bank person about if she has a million dollar. Matt’s colleague told Matt he found the email Hin used to chat with June and it was also used to buy movie tickets twice. Samantha chatted with Hin. Samantha asked Hin about his horse Dice and if he can turn on the video chat. Hin replied he is not in the ranch right now. Brother Lung told Hin to say yes to Samantha. He can ask the model to video chat with her. Matt looked at the cam of Hin and other two members buying tickets in the cinema.

On Lie Game episode 15 recap

The horse breeder sent a pic of green rose to Samantha showing his love to her. Samantha cooked food and texted the horse breeder she is married and they are only friends. Horse breeder texted her he can’t stop thinking of her and will think of her from afar. Brian argues with Martin and left. Brian talked to his friend Sammuel and Sammuel’s friend Raymond gave his card hoping he will work for him.

Horse breeder sent a photo of his horse and texted Samantha that he needs 5,000 Australian dollars more to heal him. While Samantha is doing research on the illness, the horse breeder texted her that his horse fainted.

Hin received a message from Samantha that she will give him five thousand dollars to treat his horse. Hin chatted with Karen. Hin gave a member an advice of how to win girl’s heart, he look at Samantha’s friend Brenda’s social media and looked at her interests and interact with her. The member thinks Samantha is pretty cute. Hin said they can manipulate photos on app and everyone lies online.

Samantha’s friend asked Samantha to do her a favor by picking up medicine for her. Hin visited John and wanted to give him and his family a treat after his paycheck. Hin asked John for advice about accupuncture since he wants to write a movie about a female practitioner. Samantha went to pick up the pills for her friend. John introduced Hin to Samantha. Hin told her about he is writing a movie. Hin stared at Samantha while she pick up her friend. Matt’s brother kicked Hin and asked him to give her the medicine.

While playing video games, Hin asked Matt’s brother about Samantha. Matt’s brtoher said Samantha is very nice and helped them by giving them money. Matt’s brother asked Hin why did he ask, does he wants to woo her. He is onto married women.

Brother Lung told Hin that June wears cheap clothes, he suggests him to ask her for 300,000 dollars. Hin asked what if she doesn’t have the money. Brother Lun said last time they cheated one million dollars from a cashier. Brother Lung said Samantha is their most important. Hin sent June a text he really wants to meet her in Hongkong but he needs to send money to the army to find someone to take his place. Hin asked her to transfer 25,000 dollars to an indonesian account. Hin wondered if it’s that easy to deceive money. Ka Pik gave gifts to John and his friends.

June replied to Hin that she transfered 200,000 dollars on his account and he wondered where he is. Brother Lung told Hin to block her. Don’t fall for the girl. Get the money and get out and don’t let the cops track them. June cried that Owen won’t lie to her. June’s scold June that she is so frugal not buying clothes nor eating out and gave all her money to a guy she has never met. June cried and stood on top of the building. Hin has a dream of riding on a motorcycle with Samantha. Hin grabbed a drink of water in the morning and saw the news of June suicide. He dropped his cup and got a headache.

On Lie Game episode 14 recap

Hin went to his flat and the lights are out. During lunch, Hin asked John opinions on accupuncture since he wanted to write a script like Jewel in the Palace. Samantha and Brenda are having l’escargots for lunch. The horsebreeder sent an image of l’escargot he cooked to Samantha. Samantha is happy that the horsebreeder have the same tastes as her. Ada got promoted as a Senior wedding planner. Mrs. Au called Samantha that Counsel Hui would recommend customers to Ada so she thought she was a good fit to be promoted. Matt gave a ride to the groom to Samantha’s workplace. Samantha asked Matt if he can give her a ride. He hesitated and is busy.

Samantha woke up during the night and chatted with the horsebreeder. The horsebreeder told her that his horse was mad at him today. Samantha said even if you understand each other, you may not know what the other is thinking. It might be better to be direct as animals. In the cafeteria, Ching told Matt’s brother to sit aside, and he told Kelvin to sit next to her. They chatted about they bought a miner together and should go on a spa hotel. Their friends showed up and showed the news to Ching that Jon Stark denied of having attended any Hill Coin Seminars. People demanded their money back and reported to the cops.

Matt’s colleague found info of Jon Stark’s imposter is Jack Williams. Jack Williams saw a man exchange money for phones. He was about to lend his phones, then Hera and her team interrogated him. During the interrogation, Jack Williams told them that Master of Coin paid him 4,000 dollars to do a show for him. He was greedy and stole his phone. Matt’s colleague located where Master of Coin is through is phone. Master of Coin’s member Jimmy betrayed him and gave the bag of money to the gang. The gang beat him up and received a call from Mr.Fok to let him go since he’s happy.

The people threw food at Master of Coin’s mother and demanded her to return their money. Master of Coin cried and beg his mom to give him money. She told him she will go to the bank and get some money and she told him to wait in front of her pa’s grave. Matt and his team came to the grave. Master of Coin surrender and apologized to his mom. Matt invited his team to play basketball. Matt asked Hera she majored in I.T and what made her wanting to be a cop. Hera said her favorite drama was On the First Beat and she wanted to be one.

Mrs. Kwan flirted and deal with Director Liang. Director Liang signed the contract. Mrs.Kwan talk to Stephen about having Director Liang by their side. Mrs. Kwan kissed and slept with Stephen.