On Lie Game episode 9 recap

Helen’s friend told Helen about Mr.Niu’s relative Ka Pik who is a kindergarten teacher. Helen took Ka Pik to see John to check her pulse. Helen looked at Ka Pik’s but and told John that she looks healthy. John told Helen that Matt is not a kid, he won’t let her choose a girl for him. Ka Pik cooked seafood paella with Helen. Helen told Ka Pik that her sons prefer western cuisine and she thanked them for helping her. Samantha looked at the Ukulele concert poster and thought about he was late and the concert ticket was sold out but he surprised her with two tickets. Samantha saw Matt and smiled and had coffee with him. Mrs. Kwan saw Samantha and introduced her boyfriend John to her and Matt. Samantha smiled and told Matt she still wants to go to Ukulele concert. She ordered tiramisu.

Helen wants to go out to dinner with John. She told him about Matt having dinner with Ka Pik. Matt came home. Helen saw Matt’s brother enjoy the food with Ka Pik. Matt’s brother told Helen that he got stood up on a date so he came home. Ka Pik left. Matt’s brother looked at the tender steak and flowers and teased Matt about Helen wants to set up a date for her.

Martin nitpick on Brian that he’s under him. Brian tries to fix the virus.Tony called Fong Kwok Wah and he told him that Brian would never know he is behind the hacking. Tony meet with the Fong Kwok Wah and gave him his pack of money.  The man gave Tony the usb. Matt and his crew arrested them. Flashbacks of Brian told Matt that he has never told anyone except Martin about the computer being infected by the virus. He suspects Fong Kwok Wah hacked into the company’s system for revenge. Matt told Brian to create a fake client profile, when Fong Kwok Wah hacked into the data they will have evidence. Matt apologized to Brian for suspecting him. Matt told Brian that the society failed Kwok Wah doesn’t mean he can break the law.

Brother Lung read romance Hin’s script and hired him for twenty dollars on probation. He will get a raise after probation. He will get a bonus if the movie is a hit. He gave him ten grands in advance. Hin signed the contract. Brother Lung threaten three chinese men to learn english.

Hin and Matt’s brother hung out at the bar. Matt’s brother gave Yin Ching a watermelon. In the restroom, Hin asked Matt’s brother if he fell for his school mate Yin Ching. Matt’s brother told him he fell for her the first day he met her.He’s afraid to ask her out and being rejected. While Samantha went browsing for suits for Stephen. Mrs. Kwan showed her a green suit and said it suits him. Samantha said Stephen prefers a darker color. Mrs.Kwan said tastes changes and relationships change too. There’s no eternal love. Samantha saw John with her husband. Mrs.Kwan invited Samantha for dinner. Mrs.Kwan told her that being simple woman is the happiest. Behind a successful man, there are many women. Samantha asked her if she feels it challenging being a mistress. Mrs.Kwan said she fell for a married man. Samantha asked her if she was with Stephen in his birthday. Stephen called Mrs. Kwan and asked her a question about business deal.

A man known as Master of Coin did a rap and drop money and people picked it up. Helen and John tried to tell people it is against the law to pick them up. Helen twisted her leg.

On Lie Game episode 8 recap

Brian’s colleague told Brian to check the computer system. Samantha showed the loan flyers to Brenda which was posted in front of the company’s door. Brenda thinks Richard wants her to take up his loan. Samantha drove Brenda to see Richard. Brenda called Richard but he ignored her call. Richard told Brenda he doesn’t have money to pay and she signed the document so she’ll pay it. Brenda cried and told him he only saw her as his client and he has never loved her.Samantha slapped Richard and said he better take care of his debt or she’ll call the police. Brenda cried and asked Samantha if she is a fool. All the men she met has scammed her. She still love Richard. Samantha told her she still have her as a friend. She can learn a lesson.She went in a relationship without checking his background but luckily she found he’s a con man. Brenda smiled and remember it is Samantha’s birthday. Samantha received a bouquet of red roses and a necklace. Stephen called Samantha for her birthday.

Samantha went in Brenda’s house to celebrate her birthday. In the restroom, Samantha’s friends talked to each other that Stephen is in Shanghai but doesn’t make time to celebrate Samantha’s birthday. They checked Mrs.Kwan’s instagram and it is the similar pic that Stephen sent. Samantha got out of the restroom and cried in front of the mirror. She called Stephen but he didn’t answered. Samantha drinks a lot. One of Samantha’s friend brought a man with abs for her to dance with.

Samantha went outside and drink. Matt looked after her. She played in the rain. Matt put his jacket on her. Hin found a classic limited edition soundtrack at a store. The store owner gave him a discount for 1500 dollars. Matt’s brother put it back and told Hin he can buy it online. Hin told Matt’s brother he can skip a few meals for it. Hin bought the soundtrack. Hin and Matt’s brother went to the building. Some of the people striked and said his film company is closed. During dinner, Mrs.Chow’s husband gave Hin some money to help him. Mrs.Chow took it back. Hin saw a Mikami film scriptwriter job on the newspaper.

During the interview, the producer who is the triad leader Brother Lung gave Hin several days to write a love story. Kei came and asked the producer if Hin really believed that he’s the producer. In the spa, Kei talked to Brother Lung about Tin Chow left. Flashbacks of the gang burned the warehouse.

During breakfast, Matt sneezed. Matt’s brother eavesdrop on Matt reading Samantha’s text. Brenda visited Samantha and gave her a box of herbal tee and a bowl of congee. She told her that Matt told her to do. Stephen called Samantha that he can’t come home and has to stay in Shanghai for two more weeks.

Brian’s head Martin nitpicked on Brian for bringing a previous coworker Wah to get his files. At the bar, Brian sighed Martin is so arrogant to be wanting to be on the top.  Wah told Brian during the night    when he went to grab a cup of coffe, he saw Martin having an affair with his secretary Anna. Then  Martin’s wife came and slapped Anna. A few days later, Martin came with a security guard and fired him and accused him of messing the system. The security guard got fired and it turns out he was the one who told Martin’s wife about his affair. Tony greeted Brian at the bar.

Hera drove Brian home. She asked him to have dinner at a Japanese Restaurant tomorrow. Brian sighed to Hera he doesn’t know which website Martin visited causing the whole computers to be infected by virus. Helen found a girl who is Mr.Niu’s relative at a dance, a pretty girl.

On Lie Game episode 7 recap

In the car, Samantha asked Stephen why didn’t he tell her he knew Mrs. Kwan back in France. Stephen said Mrs.Kwan’s ex husband is a businessman in Shanghai. She does business in Singapore and Mainland and give him investors. Stephen held Samantha’s hand that even if Mrs.Kwan is pretty, she is still the most important woman in his heart.

Another case aroused as Brian told Matt about his company’s fund has been stolen. Matt checked Brian’s server and it went down. Matt’s colleagues took photos of Brian and the businessman. The female colleague recognize the business man as Tony Ma, a senior manager of a fashion chain.

Stephen showed Samantha his office in Hongkong and plans to expand it to Beijing. Samantha went in the restroom, and then left and watched Mrs.Kwan straighten the tie for Stephen. She told Mrs.Kwan that Stephen  asked her for her opinions of his design.

Stephen picked up Samantha from work. They looked at the Ferris Wheel. Stephen told her he would take her to a different ferris wheel on her birthday. Samantha said her birthday is next week. Stephen apologized he has to go with Mrs.Kwan to meet with a client in Shanghai. A song played, Stephen told Samantha that everytime he goes away for a trip, he always let her know where he is. Samantha hugged him by the ferris wheel.

Hing told Matt’s brother that his father sold peanuts and he worked hard to raise him so he has to work hard and not disappoint him. Hin took Matt’s brother to the acting set. Matt’s brother got scared of a man in disguised. He tasted a bun and spit. Hin told him that the bun has been there for days. The producer yelled at Hin for revising the script. He told him to revise again. The director told him to write a script goodbye scene with a girl. Hin tried to find a place to sit but the food stall owner lead him away. Matt’s brother let Hin write on his back. Hin gave the director a script. Matt’s brother came.

The producer let Matt’s brother played extra role. A staff yelled at Hin for writing action scenes in the script. Hin accidentally tripped down, and the actor told the staff Hin is good at playing the role.

While Samantha drink coffee, her coworker Brenda  told her that her boyfriend  Richard felt ashamed of being a salesman and can’t give her a good life. He wanted to borrow a hundred grand from her. Brenda asked Samantha to lend her some money but she refused. Samantha joined Brenda to a tea dinner with Richard. Richard took the 50 grand for her and left. Samantha told Brenda that Richard doesn’t know about doing business and she should ask him what’s the money for.

At the bar, Samantha’s friend told Samantha she saw Richard with another girl. She should go with her to take pictures. Samantha and Brenda followed Richard and his mistress. They catch them kissing but got scared by cockoroaches. Two men found them hot and harass them. Matt showed his id and told them to leave.

While driving Samantha home, Matt suggests her to get a private eye detective instead of going alone. He told her that Brenda won’t believed them unless she wakes up. She’ll deny the photos.

Hera went on a date with Brian. She saw  her colleague and pretended to itch her eyes. Hera gave the document to Matt. She asked Matt about him sending a colleague to spy on Brian. She hopes he has evidence to do it. Matt asked Hera if she knew that Brian’s server went down for half an hour.

During the interrogation, Brian told Matt and his colleague that his colleague took his work from home but couldn’t do it on his server. He went in and reboot the server in the company. His name is Lo and he is almost retired and he doesn’t want Martin to give an excuse to fire him so he covered for him. Matt showed him the photos of him with Tony Ma. Brian said Tony requested him to pass the date of his clients but he refused.

While cooking dinner, Hera asked Brian what does he thinks of Matt. Hera’s father teased Hera of having prejudice of Matt. Brian checked the company’s computers have been hacked.

On Lie Game episode 6 recap

Helen confronted Siu Hung about using her flat invite men in her massage business. John hid under the bed. The cat meow. Helen noticed John’s bag. Helen left. Helen called John if he’s done with going to the library. Helen punched John. At home, John told Helen she also hid something from him, he only lied two times while she lied to him many years. John confronted her of lending the flat to Siu Hung. Helen said her mom gave her the flat before she died. Her mom told he that no man can be trusted.

On the balcony, John sighed to Matt he wondered how many men are like him having no self respect at home. She kept her secret of the flat in the dark. Matt told John that marriage should be compared to sweet, sour, and spicy. John told him he should be a lawyer instead of being a cop. John told him that Helen has never trusted him and what’s the point of them being together. Samantha helped the groom with his suit. Stephen brought flowers to Samantha. Samantha introduced him to Matt and the groom. Matt watches Samantha enjoying the flowers.

Stephen cooked steaks. Samantha looked at him and hugged him. While dining, he gave her a ring he bought from France. Samantha tasted the L’Escargot and found it good. She told him that when the husband treat his wife so good, it means he did something wrong. Stephen asked Samantha if she’s mad at him. Samantha told him he’s a man and should put work first. Stephen kissed her hand. Stephen told her he found an office in Hongkong, and he can see her everyday. Samantha hugged Stephen.  The phone ring and Stephen is lazy to pick up Director Kwan’s call.

The groom drinks and sighed to Matt at the bar about his fiancee Joyce took off Shark fin as the dish in the menu for their wedding and called his parents names. He told Matt to order Shark Fin with him. Matt carried the groom while he’s drunk and saw Stephen carrying a lady in the elevator. On the bed, the lady is drunk and she kissed him asked Stephen to spend time with her. Stephen leave her down and told her his wife is waiting. Stephen took off his clothes and and kissed Samantha on bed.

Helen played mahjong with Mrs. Chow and told her she will kick Siu Hung out once her flat lease ended. Mrs. Chow suggests to lend the flat to her cousin’s son. Matt and his brother encouraged John to hang on to Helen for the family. Matt’s brother held the box of chocolate and said they taught him to make a living, since he bought this they have to give him two dollars for a piece of chocolate. Helen went home and brought two boxes of rice and meat for Matt and his brother. Matt’s brother asked Helen for five hundred dollars. Helen agreed but she has a request. She gave Matt and his brother a request of cleaning Siu Hung’s flat.

Helen pushed Siu Hung’s stuff on her cart. A young gentleman helped her. He went in front of the flat with her and introduced himself as Ho Sai Hin who is Mrs. Chow’s nephew. Matt’s brother came and said he was late to help. Helen showed the flat to Sai Hin. She gave him a discount of five thousand dollars.  Helen cooked for him. Hin told Helen he majored performing arts in Macau and is now a screenwriter in Hongkong. Matt’s brother said he loves the show Come Home Love. Hin said he is a movie screenwriter. Helen told Matt’s brother to learn from Hin. Helen told John he is old enough to play a vampire without make up. She joked with Hin to write a play for him.

Matt’s brother helped Hin organizing the room. Matt’s brother looked at some vcd and posters. Hin showed a vcd and said his dream is to write a play like Jean Luc Godard. received a call from the director that Master Lung doesn’t like the screenplay and he should send it to him by tonight. Hin told Matt’s brother that when one of his play get to be played on screen he’s happy so he has no complains.

Samantha looked at the dating apps on the bride’s phone. The bride said she can still make friends while having a boyfriend. Matt asked Samantha to join him for lunch. He took her to a restaurant and saw Stephen and his female coworker. The female coworker introduced herself as Mary Kwan, the director. Mary told Stephen that since he love French cuisine, the steak here isn’t bad. In the girls room, Samantha complimented Mary of having a fashion sense while Mary said she rather have a good husband like she does. Samantha recognized the red lipstick that Mary uses is the same one from France that Stephen gave her. Stephen asked Matt about if he told Samantha about he took Mary to the room. Matt said he won’t jump conclusion. Matt said he owes him no explanation, all it matters is if Samantha believes him.


On Lie Game episode 5 recap

John checked pulse for a female. The female seduced Mr. Chow and asked him to give her a discount on toilet papers. A lady took a pic of Mr.Chow and John going to the food massage where the female introduced. During dinner, Helen moved the dishes and told John to wash his clothes. She told Matt and his brother that John met a prostitute today. Helen showed the picture. Matt told Helen that pictures may not tell the truth and she should let John explain. John said he only went there for a massage. he swore that if he went there again, he would die in a tragic death.

Samantha organized the room and want to go to the concert with Stephen. Stephen told her on the video chat he’s busy with work but next time they’ll go to Finland. Samantha checked out her friend Brenda at the bar. One of her guy friends talked to Samantha. She told him she’s a wedding planner. He told her he design houses.

In Thailand, the workers trikes for not being paid for two weeks. Brother Lung guaranteed they will get paid. Some of the workers try to escape. A gang member drove the car and tries to crash them but they fell down the plain. Brother Lung and his member beat the workers. The thai cop contacted Matt and his team and will send them the evidence of two dead people in the warehouse.

Mrs. Choi search in the room and took her mom’s necklace to pawn her boyfriend out of Iraq. Ms.Chow told Matt and Hera because of their investigation, she couldn’t transfer money to her boyfriend. Matt said he found his IP is in Thailand not Iraq. She pushed Hera and called a taxi. Matt grabbed Mrs.Chow from the back and the cops handcuffed her. Matt asked Hera if she has ever been in a relationship, love should be a happy experience but some would kill for love. Hera told Matt that her unhappy experience was her mom passed away. Hera received a call from her boyfriend Brian. Hera introduced her boyfriend to Matt. Hera’s boyfriend gave Hera a ride.

Brian and Hera meet up with Brian’s family. Hera apologized for spraining her ankles. Brian’s uncle told Hera if she doesn’t like her job as a cop, she can change careers. Brian’s uncle told Hera to resign and get married to Brian. Hera apologized that is not her plan. Hera got upset and told Brian that his uncle only cares about money and sees women as an object. Hera said she feels happy cracking cases. Hera said what bothers her in the case is that scammers con women’s heart. Brian told Hera that relationships are based on lies and sexes. He kisses her.

The female customer Siu Hung called John to do foot massage. Mr.Chow told John that Mrs.Chow beat him up for it. Mrs. Chow asked them what they are talking about.  A worker told Helen that her flat has used to serve men. Siu Hung massaged John’s foot.  Helen rings the bell. John hid in the room.

On Lie Game episode 4 recap

Samantha looked at the wedding dress and thought of Matt drew the wedding dress with her. Matt helped Samantha searched for the bride’s bracelet. Samantha and Matt looked at the wedding dress and Samantha said she didn’t get a chance to wear it. She apologized to Matt for mm he has an exam and couldn’t fly over. She tried to get a drink of water at night and slipped. A french guy spoke with Samantha in French during her workout, and Stephen helped translated it. They hung out and ate together. Samantha told Matt she’s been married for two years. Matt lead Samantha to her car. Stephen talked on the camera with Samantha.

The woman Choi Suk Ngor woke up. Her sister came and told her her to tell Matt and his colleagues everything. Suk Ngor said her boyfriend told her to get the money for her. Her boyfriend is an intel and knows that the russian are creating a new weapon and he wanted to bribe the researchers. Hera asked her if she ever thought why Matt would post his real pic online. Hera said ID can be impersonated and reports are confidential. Suk Ngor said her boyfriend haven’t been online for a few days. Matt asked her how would he give her boyfriend the money if she received. Suk Ngor said he has a bank account for her to transfer.

Matt’s colleagues checked the account belonged to Leung Yau, a jobless man. He was paid to do it. There were 14 suspicious transfers in the past few months to several banks overseas. Hera and her team investigate the case and told the cafe staff about fake wifi. Hera and her team investigate Fei Fei, the popular cashier in the cafe. Hera looked in the camera and noticed a man with a mask sitting in the cafe. The team noticed the guy had been there tree times during the the three crime scene. He stayed in the cafe until Fei Fei clocked off. They wondered if Fei Fei didn’t have time and the guy is her partner.

Fei Fei dances. She sold drugs to a teen. Hera and her team showed their cop id. At the station, Fei Fei told Hera’s colleagues that she sold dog pill for a discount. They showed the photo of a man with the mask and asked her if she knows him. She denied and said many people follows her after work. Fei Fei hung out after work, and a person wearing a clown mask tailed her and grabbed her by the wall. The person told her she played nice and flirt in front of the bad boys but is cold to him. The cops chased him and handcuffed him.

At the station, ther suspect told Hera and her team that he use phishing wifi to make money. He fell for Fei Fei the first time he went in the cafe. Fei Fei used his wifi and he hacked into her social  media sites to get to know her. He saw her pictures with her boyfriends. He watched her dances with the boys. He was the one who posted her pic online causing her to be a cyber celebrity. If they didn’t come, he would have cut her face so she couldn’t flirt. The sergeant gave Matt his cream he bought for him. Hera’s colleagues asked Matt about the gossip of the sergeant. Matt denied and said don’t judge the book by its cover.


On Lie Game episode 3 recap

John checked Mrs. Chow’s pulse and asked him he has eaten which causes diarrhea. He said his wife has given him pills. John sit and listen to Prof Mo making a speech telling the people they should stop going to doctor. He has a food massage and a gem that brings luck. John yelled at Prof Mo and asked him what is this selenium, Mrs. Chow got diarrhea after drinking it. The doctor did a bioelectrical test. John’s bioelectrical instrument didn’t shine. The customers said he need more selenium. Matt looked online that drinking selenium will cause nausea and diarrhea. Mrs. Chow treated her customers for dinner in her house. Mr.Chow found the food so sour. Helen came to her house and told the customers that the good aren’t healthy. Helen told me Prof Mo was afraid to be called out so she didn’t show in the conference. Helen and John drink Mrs.Chow’s soup. A customer looked in his phone and saw a video of Prof Mo got arrested for making deceiving talk about health food. The women complained about losing money.

Matt and his crew uses Coco’s account to chat with Peter. A gang from Thailand used the name Peter to chat. Peter agrees to meet with them and give them money.

A person in the black suit carried a suitcase. Matt and Hera watched the person. The person pushed Hera. Matt and Hera chased the person. Hera fought with the person and she appears to be a woman. She pushed Hera and tripped down the stairs. During the conference, Matt’s colleague said that the woman is a nice girl and likes to play on mobile and watching dramas. In past two weeks she took two hundred grands. She is probably a collector and not the person who conned Coco. After the conference, Matt told Hera he told her to stop chasing, and his motive was to let the woman send the money to the mastermind so we can catch him. Losing an earphone is not an excuse as an inspector and she put everyone in danger.

Hera’s father brought red bean soup for Hera. Hera told her father about she failed her mission today and Matt put his anger on her. Hera’s father told her when he was a principal, there was  a fat boy who who wanted to lose weight. He took pills too fast in a month causing him to have diarrhea. He missed the midterm exam and has to repeat a year. Hera’s father told Hera to learn to take her time.

The women demanded Mrs. Chow their money back.  Mrs Chow tripped. Helen helped her up. Helen and Mrs. Chow chat about she had a blind date with Mr.Chow and he picked up the umbrella for her and she mistaken him as pervert. Helen gave Mrs. Chow a necklace.

Matt introduced a couple to Samantha. He looked at the wedding dress and Samantha received a bouquet of red roses.



On Lie Game episode 2 recap

The group of women told Helen that the costs of the game card is 80 grand. Matt discussed with his family that the coupon link is fake. Matt saw a white car. He looked at a newlywed and saw his ex Samantha helping them.

Matt drinks by the balcony and thought of them chatting she became a wedding planner. He thought of the time they rode a motorbike. Matt rode the motorbike and followed the truck. Hera bumped her car into his motorbike and apologized. Hera gave him her phone number and license plate and is willing to pay for the repairs. Matt called Hera and demanded 50 grand for the repairs. Hera came to the office and introduces herself as the new madam. Matt’s boss came and told him to introduce the colleagues. Afte the meeting, Matt told Hera he doesn’t take things personal and he only cares about her work. Matt treats his colleagues to lunch. Hera’s colleague looked and talked about the sergeant with a limp.

Mrs. Chow complained to the front desk about Helen being able to perform in the opera whereas they rejected her health appointment. Mrs.Chow seduced Mr.Chow hoping to bear hi ma child. Mr.Chow asked John some pills. Matt took his motorcycle to Stephen to fix and met Samantha. They chat. Helen and John watches Matt and Samantha.

During dinner, Helen worried Matt will get hurt by Samantha again. Matt told her that he and Samantha are just friends now. Matt drinks on the balcony and thought of Samantha giving him a pair of pendant from Japan and Matt gave her a ring. Matt looked at the ring.

Matt told Samantha he is selected to go to England for training and only five inspectors are selected. Matt told her the training will take a year. During the nine months training, Samantha texted she wants to see him. It’s been a month he passed the exam. Matt packed his clothes and gave Samantha a voice mail he is on his way to see her in Paris. Matt received a break up text from Samantha.

Hera chat with Coco and took pic of the ring Peter gave her. Hera took a picture of Peter and said the ring cost ten dollars and the picture can be found online and is not Peter. Hera asked Coco why does she still defend the person who has conned her.

On Lie Game episode 1 recap

This series starts with the triad money laundering. Matt and his crew investigate the case. John checked up on a three year married couple and criticized them of watching dramas and online shopping and they need to develop a healthier habit.

Helen came to the herb shop and told John to go to their 43th anniversary for their company. Two ladies brought pigs and abalones to the customers. Helen criticized the lady for interfering of John’s speech.

Coco wants to jump down the building after her mother slapped her for stealing money. Matt asked Coco if she stole money for that man. Coco asked Matt why did her mother didn’t let them be together. Matt told her that they need to meet each other. Love is not communicated through verbal messages. If she haven’t met him it is like talking to the air. Matt told Coco that her mother work hard to give her designer handbags and a better life. Coco tripped down the building and Matt held her up. Coco hugged her mom.

During dinner , Helen told her family about the time seh looked at the zodiac pendant and whatsapp Mung Dip about her age and her group of friends saw it and laughed and Mung Dip got mad at her until now. While Helen is sleeping, John received a text from Matt to meet with him up in the balcony. Matt drinks with John. Matt talked to John about how Helen picked him up from the bin when he was drunk. John asked Matt he’s been single for three years and he haven’t found anyone. Matt told him that he’s not interested. John told Matt that his mother is wanting a grandchild.

A man dropped his phone and told the boss in the restaurant he couldn’t pay the bill. Matt told the cashier he’ll paid instead. Matt picked up the man’s id of a big acounting firm. A group of woman strikes against Helen’s company. Tsung yelled at Mrs. Chow and pointed a cactus toward her. Matt told him he has a friend who wants to do an accounting business with him but he needs his number. Tsung put back the cactus and Matt grabbed him. Matt walked and talked to his brother about someone stole Tsung’s hard earned saving for graduate school and he became crazy.

Matt made a presentation about cyber con artist. Helen texted John to buy some gamecards. Helen waited for John for the conference. John arrived and showed her the play cards. The group of women arrived and showed her the play cards she whatsapp. Matt’s brother stood and made an announcements they are victims of online scams.

Swordman Lai Bo Yee episode 16 recap

Ngan Fung saw the soldier hitting the han slave and she told the soldier to let him rest and put some bandage for him. The prince saw the two soldiers asking why does Ngan Fung cares for the Han. The prince got mad and ordered them to be beheaded.

The prince looked at the sword. The prince told the priest that Ngan Fung always wanted to be the general of the mongolia and her sifu told he that out of his students she is the smartest one whom learn the fastest. The priest said that Ngan Fung will master it faster than the Mongolians.  The priest apologized for blurting out. The priest said he followed Lai Bo Yee and he told out the secret to ruin their relationship. The priest warned the prince to be careful of Bo Yee. He gave him a pendant for good luck. The priest laughed that this pendant can suck the energy  and the prince took it as a treasure. The han slaves wondered why Ngan Fung distributed bowls of rice for them to work harder. The priest ordered the two slaves to run or they will be killed. As they run, the priest threw the sword at them killing them. The priest showed the sword to the prince.

Ngan Fung told the prince he can’t use a dirty tactic to torture the han slaves. Ngan Fung said they are righteous and won’t kill weak people without weapons. The prince told Bo Yee that he’s just a priest and doesn’t have a say in it. Bo Yee’s sword sensed a dark power, he uses his sword.  The priest ordered Bo Yee to be locked. The prince told Ngan Fung she is not completely wrong. They have to settle with the Hans. The priest promised Ngan Fung he won’t kill people recklessly. Ngan Fung asked the prince to forgive Bo Yee.  Bo Yee confronted about the deal of releasing the previous emperor.The prince told Bo Yee and the captain and the general to return to the Song. The prince ordered them to be locked.

The soldier told the prince that the second prince sacrificed the war which they’ve lost. The prince hugged the second prince’s body. The soldier told the prince that they had bad luck with the bad weather. Ngan Fung hugged her brother and cried. The priest told the prince that he has a feeling that they lost because someone ruined their fengshui. They dug the ground and found a coin of the Song. The priest thinks Bo Yee did it. Bo Yee told the servant and the captain that his sword sensed the dark power on the prince. It must be the priest wanting to use the prince to get rid of them.

The soldiers surrounded Bo Yee, the servant, and the captain and said each arrow contains poison. The prince showed Bo Yee the coin and asked him what is this. Bo Yee said he put the coin to relieve the dark power of the Mongols. If the Mongols didn’t attack the Hans then the prince wouldn’t be sacrificed. The prince asked if they don’t go to war, how can they win the land. The prince ordered Bo Yee to be behead tomorrow.

The priest hit the captain and the servant with a rope. The priest wants to soak Bo Yee with the salt in the rope. Ngan Fung came to the dungeon and told the priest if he wants to hit them then hit her. The prince cried and told Ngan Fung that her brother doesn’t deserve this. The maid told Ngan Fung that only her can help Bo Yee. Bo Yee, the captain, and the servant was about to be beheaded at the court.  Bo Yee requested the prince to let go to the captain and the servant.

Ngan Fung came and begged the prince not to kill Bo Yee because she has married him. Ngan Fung told Bo Yee that when they get married, he can leave to the Song. The prince told the priest he wants Bo Yee to stay by him to help him conquer.  The maid brought food to Bo Yee and told him that she cares for him and sacrificed a lot for him. Bo Yee came to Ngan Fung’s room and told her he has to officially marry her. Ngan Fung cried and hugged Bo Yee.

Tin Wah got promoted. The general got mad. The official told the other official that there are cohort of rebels in the palace. Tin Wah gave Bo Yee’s mother some gifts. Bo Yee’s mother encouraged Tin Wah of being a good official. Bo Yee’s mother gave Tin Wah a fur coat she sewed for him. Chiu Fung invited Bo Yee’s mother to go to temple to pray for Bo Yee. The Mongolian troops brought gift to Bo Yee’s mother and invited her to Bo Yee and Ngan Fung’s wedding. Chiu Fung denied and ran. Chiu Fung wondered why Bo Yee chose Ngan Fung over her. She tripped. She asked a stranger if she is very ugly. She asked some men if she let them be a prince, would they be willing to. Tin Wah kicked them. Tin Wah told Chiu Fung to hit him if she feels better to do so.

Chiu Fung drinks in the restaurant. Chiu Fung drinks and looked at the moon and told Tin Wah that the person she likes isn’t there for her while the person she doesn’t like keeps on bothering her. Chiu Fung said she has to find Bo Yee. She jumps down the restaurant and Tin Wah held on to her.

Chiu Fung told Tin Wah she can’t forget Bo Yee. Everything is good about Bo Yee. No one can replaces him. Tin Wah asked Chiu Fung who took care of her. Tin Wah told Chiu Fung he is fine as long as she is happy. She doesn’t have to love him but he hopes she has him in her mind. Tin Wah told Chiu Fung he did everything for her but she doesn’t have him in her heart. Tin Wah coughed. Chiu Fung asked Tin Wah he is hurt so why does he stills be with her. Chiu Fung apologized and asked if he is willing to be the prince.