Barrack Karma episode 5 recap

Master Kai looked at the doll display in front of the clothing store. A girl screamed for the robbery. Master Kai    chased the Raj Sir. Joel caught the robber and told the man that he caught a cop. Ching Ching managed to sell clothes to a female customer. A guy Timothy, joined Ching Ching and her girlfriends at the bar and said he has a porsche. Ching Ching acted she’s not interested and he left. Ching Ching met her boyfriend Raj. Raj gave her fried chicken. Raj smelled cigarrettes on her. Ching Ching apologized and said she went for a drink. Raj told her next time don’t lie to him. Raj pretends to have a stomach ache. People gave Ching Ching a red rose one by one. Raj played the guitar and sung. Raj put on the ring on her finger and asked her to marry him.

Joel has a dream of Selena being grabbed by someone behind her back and she fainted. Lau Kong said Joel may have the look but not the character. Joel stared at the sky and wondered how many airplanes are in the sky every night. Ching Ching cooked for Master Kai. She found a piece of hair on the floor  then went in the room and saw a doll laying on the bed and she  freaked out. Ching Ching gave Master Kai a wallet. Ching Ching told Raj she doesn’t undestand her father so he shouldn’t see him. Ching Ching asked Sister Yuki how does she get the service of a whore. It’s for her father. Ching Ching worried about her father having a doll fetish.

Six Wing and Jazz showed the video of wedding proposal of Ching Ching and Raj to Master Kai. Master Kai got angry. Master Kai told Ching Ching that everyone knows about the engagement except him. Marriage is for life and she should think carefully. Master Kai said none of those men are good. Ching Ching told Master Kai that he doesn’t like him marry Raj but she’s also tired of having a sick father. Ching Ching brought the doll out. Ching Ching told her father she always ask him where’s her mom, but did she leave him because he was sick. Master Tai told Raj to break up with Ching Ching. Raj said he can give Ching Ching a good life. Master Tai said his wife left him and he raised Ching Ching on his own and no man loves her more than he does. She doesn’t need to marry a rich man, he just wants her to have an easy life. Ching Ching threw the doll in the twilight mansion. Ching Ching fell and kissed the doll.


Barrack Karma episode 4 recap

Mrs. Tsui ate dinner with her husband at the restaurant. Mrs. Tsui wonder why her son would cry when she picks her up. Mrs. Tsui has  a feeling something’s not right about Mrs. Ho. Mrs. Tsui yelled at Mrs. Tsui for feeding her baby  her own milk. Mrs. Tsui said she doesn’t want Mrs. Ho to touch her baby again. Mrs. Tsui’s husband told Mrs. Tsui that Mrs. Ho spent the night with their baby so they could go out to dinner alone. Mrs. Tsui smelled her son’s clothing and it’s not his smell. She freaks out. Mrs. Tsui followed Mrs. Ho. Mrs. Ho went to the elevator.

Selena met her boyfriend Jack at the airport. Jack swears she is her only love. Jack’s wife came. Selena asked her if she’s Jenny, Jessica, Joe, or Johanne. Selena told her that her husband dropped his wedding ring and she wonders what J and J stands for. Selena said she made him swear to never take the wedding ring off. Selena brought a cake for Lau Kong.  Lau Kong advised Selena to stay away from Joel since it brings her bad luck of breaking up with her boyfriend.

Mrs. Tsui told Joel that Mrs. Ho cooked a soup and forgot to turn the heat. She went away but her son is inside. Mrs. Tsui went inside Mrs. Ho’s house and searched the house. She opened the fridge and saw many baby bottles. She smelled her son’s clothing. Mrs. Tsui freaked out and she and Joel saw a bottle of ashes of her son.  While Mrs Ho showed a woman the Japanese cream she put on her baby. Mrs. Ho held her baby and left and went on the taxi. She came to the twilight mansion and found the door locked. Mrs. Ho told Joel that Mrs. Ho is crazy and her baby is dead and she took baby as her baby. Mrs. Ho came. Joel told  Mrs. Ho that he smelled something but no one is in the house so he barged in but luckily it was a mouse. Mrs. Ho walked in the ceiling and told Mrs. Tsui that Beanie is her baby not hers. Ching Tai reincarnated so he would come back to her. Mrs. Tsui told her she rather jump into the ceiling than letting her touch her son. Mrs. Tsui gave her baby to her husband. Her husband gave the baby to Mrs. Ho. Mrs. Tsui got arrested.

Joel told Jazz that Mrs. Ho always carry a baby chair but there’s no baby in it and the fridge is full of baby bottles. Jazz told Joel that back then her husband left he and she almost jumped into the rooftop. Mrs. Ho moved out of the flat. Mrs. Ho told Joel may she see him again. Joel whispered may he never see her again.

Mrs. Tsui’s husband told Mrs. Ho that Mrs. Tsui may be in the hospital long term. Mrs. Ho told Mrs. Tsui’s husband to not worry, she can take care of beanie.

Selena gave Lan Po to Joel. Lau Kong sighed that it can’t be prevented for them to be together. Joel told Selena he’s been dreaming of a woman for thirty years, and she’s really pretty. Selena laughed and asked him not to use old fashioned line. Selena told Joel that she is flying to New York next week. Selena gave Joel her number. Joel had a dream of watching the meteor shower with Selena. Selena looked at Joel sleeping and said his dream will come true soon.  Selena held the baby on the plane. Two flight attendants told Selena about the South Asian Tsunami that killed hundred thousands of people. The plane was used to transport bodies. Selena had a dream of wearing a per-modern\ dress. She freaks out. The plane shakes. Selena called Joel. Joel picked up but didn’t hear anything.

Barrack Karma episode 3 recap

Joel Wonder what is his relationship with Selena in the building. Sister Yuki told Joel that this building used to be a night club. Lau Kong hired Joel as a security guard. Joel wanted to see Mrs. Ho’s baby Beanie but she didn’t let him and said she will start a new family. Mrs. Tsui’s baby cried. Mrs. Ho requested to be her babysitter. Mrs Tsui works on her laptop and told her husband she doesn’t want to have another baby again or she would have to leave her work.

Mrs. Ho visited the baby the next morning and brought riced bun for Mrs. Ho’s mother in law. Joel looked at the black cat staring at Mrs. Ho’s flat. Mrs. Ho cooked and asked Beanie if he missed her, she will be there soon. Mrs. Tsui wakes up and wakes up her husband that she heard someone humming. Mrs. Tsui watches Mrs. Ho straight up her husband’s tie and give him his suitcase and helped him getting ready for work.  Mrs. Ho gave Mrs. Tsui a black chicken soup to drink. Mrs. Tsui looked for her son. Mrs. Ho played with the baby. Mrs. Tsui’s mother in law and Mrs. Ho went home. Mrs. Tsui’s mother in law said they went shopping and took Beanie with them. Mrs. Tsui said she has a feeling something bad is going to happen to her son. She touched Beanie but her mother in law let go. Mrs. Tsui changed the diaper for her baby and received a call from work. She it her baby for interrupting her. She freaks out and dropped the glasses and fell. Mrs. Tsui’s husband looked at Mrs.Tsui’s hand bleed and helped her.

Mrs. Ho told Mrs. Tsui’s husband that Mrs. Tsui seems to be pressure from work. Instead of smoking cigarrettes, he should have a date night with his family. Mrs. Ho said she can stay with Beanie. Mrs. Tsui’s husband comes home and opened the door and saw Mrs. Ho naked. Mrs. Ho said the baby bit her hand and he can come in and take the tissure.  Mrs. Tsui had a nightmare of her holding a stuffed animal and her husband told her to stop dreaming and Beanie is dead and was born with disease. Mrs. Tsui wakes up and worrying something will happen to her son. Mrs. Ho looked at her picture with Beanie and cried and asked why does it have to be her son.

Barrack Karma episode 2 recap

Master Kai treated Joel fried chicken in his restaurant. Joel asked Master Kai if there is a black cat in the twilight mansion. Six Wing ordered scrambled eggs. Jazz told Joel that Six Wing is the famous food critic. Six Wing used his fork on the scrambled eggs. He told Master Kai he had a blind date with a girl and they were supposed to meet in the guest house but she never appeared. Six Wing showed the photo of the girl to Joel and Jazz and he told them to give her negative reviews. Joel was surprised Six Wing as the Iron Man.

The girl hangs out with the man in the hotel. She showed him the lamp they bought. She kissed him on the forehead. They kissed and slept together. The girl doesn’t want to leave with him to Mainland. The man pointed a gun at her. He pulled her asking her to be his girlfriend. She hits her head on the desk. The man reads the text from someone to her that she stood him up. The man asked the girl if she’s a prostitute. The man pushed the cushion toward the girl’s face and she died. Joel went in the man’s room picking up the black cat outside the window. The man placed the girl in the batthub.  The man washes the girl on the batthtub and kisses her. Master Kai smelled  blood.

Selena got stuck on the lift. Joel apologized to Selena for saying mean things to her. He could tell when she looked at the ring that she didn’t know she got cheated. Selena said she couldn’t afford the flat alone, and the only way she could afford is to be married. Selena smelled Master Kai’s fried chicken on Joel. Selena Li heard her cat meow.

The man sneaks in the mansion with the elder man. The elder man told the man that little fish, the girl he slept with his a whore. The man fought with him that she’s not a whore. Selena pointed at Joel. Joel look behind him and saw the elder man pointing a gun at him. Joel told him that he is still on probation at work and he can’t claim insurance if he’s injured. Joel told him if he kills him he can’t get out of his mansion because it is haunted. Joel said he heard many taking the lift and haven’t been back again. The cat jumped on the elder man and the chandelier fell down on him. The man had an illusion of seeing Selena as little fish. Joel hit the man and grabbed Selena’s hand and ran. Flashbacks of Joel holding Selena’s hand running to the harbor. The man laid down alone and thought of little fish being by him.

Selena watches Joel fainting in the rain. Flashbacks of Selena dancing with Joel. Joel wakes up from coma and thought he really went in the mansion and Selena is his goddess.

Barrack Karma episode 1 recap

The series starts with Joel playing a game in the flat. Joel felt asleep on the bus and had a nightmare of a woman in the bus. He left the bus and left his bag in the bus. Jazz pointed to the twilight building. Joel met Lau Kong in the twilight flat and requested him to give him the night shift placement. Selena Li, a flight attendant offered to sell him a box set of eye cream in exchange for him selling her a flat . Mrs. Ho told Joel to help her get the man out of the flat. Joel carried the man out of his wheelchair. The two girls cheer for him. A boy rings the bell and tells Joel that this new girl is sexy and hot. Joel looked at Selena talking on the phone. Joel introduces himself to Selena. Selena showed Joel the bathroom. Joel fixes the toilet and gave Selena the ring. Selena’s boyfriend Jack came. Joel told Selena her client is loyal. Selena gave Joel a recommendation letter. Joel got mad and left. Jack told Selena she shouldn’t have played Joel and bringing stranger to her flat.  Selena remembered the ring and put the ring on Jack and wondered what J and J stands for.

Joel had a dream of a woman calling him for help. Joel looked at the black cat and it left. Joel had a dream of going on the ceiling and seeing Selena turning around and said she’s been waiting for him for a long time and blood splashes on him. The visitors screamed and saw mice on the desk. Joel told the tourist he saw his visitors eating leaving the trashes and didn’t flush the toilet so there were mice and cockroaches.  Joel uses the broom and a mouse passed by and everyone freaks. An old man stepped on a mice and told them mice aren’t shame but people can be a shame. The tourist told Joel he has to kill all the mice. The old man paid a man to find a prostitute while they robbed some goods. Joel worked hard at his job hoping the mice will leave. Joel walked in the narrow hallway of trash and saw a pack of mice. A girl asked Joel if he’s iron man. The man bumped into the girl. She asked him if he’s iron man, but he doesn’t look like his online friend in the pic but he’s still cute. The girl took the man to eat.

Selena read a fortune telling book in the bookstore and bought it. Lau Kong gave her a novel from fifty years ago. Selena told Lau Kong that Joel fixed her bathroom, and she recommended him to hire him since he’s hard working. Selena reads the book and  bumped into Joel. Joel told Selena if she wants to play then don’t pick someone else’s husband. He saw the ring. The flat stopped, and Selena picked up the black cat.

Against the Blade of Honour episode 9 recap

Chun Ho Ching told Lau Yeuk Cheung she feels happier being away from him. Lau Yeuk Cheung told Chun Ho Ching to remember that she used to collaborate with him to go against Ding Pang. He will revenge and he is only using her. Chun Ho Ching said Ding Pang truly love her. Lau Yeuk Cheung said Ding is only using her to make him mad. Ding Pang searches for Chun Ho Ching and said he has to find her or he can’t revenge. Chun Ho Ching asked Ding Pang after he defeats Lau Yeuk Cheung how will he treat her. Ding Pang said she will be the female sect leader and he will marry her. Ding Pang said he has decocarated the mansion with lanterns and he has planted yellow flowers in the backyard. Chun Ho Ching told Ding Pang he is so good to her. Ding Pang said she is the woman he loves the most.

Lau Yeuk Cheung has a duel with Ding Pang. Chun Ho Ching reads the martial arts moves and told the workers to carve the moves faster. Lau Yeuk Cheung lost the duel. Ching Ching came. Ding Pang said Lau Yeuk Cheung used those three moves and can’t harm him. Ding Pang said Lau Yeuk Cheung killed his master and disciple. Ding Pang said Lau Yeuk Cheung has never learned martial arts but he steals martial arts from other sect leaders. Lau Yeuk Cheung said he learned those three martial arts move from Ching Ching.  Ding Pang said Ching Ching is his wife and wouldn’t teach him any martial arts. Ding Pang showed the sect leaders the martial arts move carved on the wall. Chun Ho Ching recites the sects martial arts moves. Chun Ho Ching told the sect leaders that Lau Yeuk Cheung told her to steal the manuel other sects. Chun Ho Ching said he forced her to memorize the manuels. He forces her to steal the moves of Ding Pang and also accused Ding Pang. Lau Yeuk Cheung pointed a sword at Ding Pang and pushed it toward Chun Ho Ching.


The sects fought with Lau Yeuk Cheung. Ding Pang stood in front of Lau Yeuk Cheung and said he wants him to suffer falling down the cliff like he did two years ago. Lau Yeuk Cheung jumps down the cliff. Chun Ho CHing looked at the mansion and said why she was so naive, she knew Ding Pang was using her. She is so evil to her. The sect leaders surrounded Lau Yeuk Cheung. Lau Yeuk Cheung begged Ding Pang to tell the sect leaders to not kill him. Ding Pang told Lau Yeuk Cheung to let the sect leaders kill him or jump in the sea. Lau Yeuk Cheung steps down the rock and begged the sect leaders to forgive him. Chun Ho Ching looked at the yellow flowers and pointed a sword toward herself. The six sect leaders broke Lau Yeuk Cheung’s organs.

Chun Ho Ching jumps down the cliff.  Ding Pang came and didn’t catch Chun Ho Ching in time. Ching Ching said it is the first time she sees Ding Pang cried for the woman he hates and love. Ching Ching said Chun Ho Ching is happier than her, her dead is in his heart. Ching Ching hopes when they return to the island, it will be a new chapter.

Ding Pang celebrates with the sect leaders. A guy challenged Ding Pang to a duel. Ding Pang saved the guy. Ding Pang wants to know who taught him the moves. The guy said those moves were taught by the legendary martial artist. The guy said he used to challenged him. He fought with him. He fainted and woke up and saw those moves on the tree. Ching Ching knows Ding Pang wants to challenge the legendary martial artist. The guy told Ding Pang winning a duel against him and the legendary martial artist is his dream. Ding Pang said he will retire and farm. The guy told Ding Pang he thought he has a goal but even he is more persistent. Ding Pang chased after Ching Ching by the shore. Ching Ching told him to go back with her to the island. Ding Pang said he must challenge the legendary martial artist.

Against the Blade of Honour episode 8 recap

Lau Yeuk Cheung slapped Chun Ho Ching and said she collaborated with Ding Pang to betray him. Chun Ho Ching told Lau Yeuk Cheung ever since Ding Pang appears, he is dead inside her. Chun Ho Ching asked him if he thinks a woman would fall for a despicable man. Lau Yeuk Cheung tries to rape her. Chun Ho Ching push him. Lau Yeuk Cheung told her to leave. Lau Yeuk Cheung got angry and wonders why everyone left him. Ching Ching told Lau Yeuk Cheung if he does three things for her, she will teach him three moves. She ordered him to kill his master during his seventy eight anniversary this year. Chun Ho Ching waits for Ding Pang three days and night outside his mansion. Ding Pang asked his member if he thinks he can still use Chun Ho Ching. Ding Pang looked at Chun Ho Ching fainting and brought her in the room. Ding Pang told Chun Ho Ching to memorize the manuel in one month. Chun Ho Ching thinks even though Ding Pang is using her, he still loves her.

Lau Yeuk Cheung greets his master. Lau Yeuk Cheung’s master talked to Lau Yeuk Cheung alone and asked him if he knows why he healed him. He wanted him to practice martial arts for his father. He regretted letting him going down the mountain so soon. Lau Yeuk Cheung’s master can’t see him as a martial art master. He came here with an evil attention. Lau Yeuk Cheung’s master asked him where’s his sword. Lau Yeuk Cheung bowed in front of his master that someone ordered him to kill him but he cannot not kill him or he will be dead. Lau Yeuk Cheung begs him to kill him. Lau Yeuk Cheung pretends to want to kill himself then stab his master.

Lau Yeuk Cheung told Ching Ching he didn’t want to kill his master but he has to kill him. Ching Ching said it’s because of Ding Pang. Ching Ching performed a move and said this move is simple and he can distract Ding Pang. Ching Ching ordered Lau Yeuk Cheung to kill his disciple. The disciple confronted Lau Yeuk Cheung of killing his master. Lau Yeuk Cheung used the move to kill the disciple. Ching Ching asked Ding Pang why doesn’t he use the tactic directly toward Lau Yeuk Cheung. Ding Pang said the game isn’t finished. Ding Pang told Ching Ching he knows she’s kind but this isn’t for a normal person.  He knows she supports him.

Ding Pang eavesdrop on Chun Ho Ching reciting the manuel. She fainted and cut herself. Ding Pang came in and Chun Ho Ching leaned on him. Chun Ho Ching told Ding Pang to take her to the yellow tree. Chun Ho Ching told Ding Pang that the yellow tree is the same and she wonders if their love remains the same. He has taught her to wait and love. They used to be happy together. Ding Pang said he remembers the first time he saw her eyes in the brothel, he has broken his rules. They recite the poem together. Ding Pang held the flower and recited the poem. Ching Ching eavesdrop on Ding Pang reciting a poem.

Ching Ching told Lau Yeuk Cheung to follow her. She asked him since he has killed two persons, he still wants to kill? Doe he ever thinks if he kills the third person, he won’t be able to escape. Ching Ching told him that the third person will appear on the street tonight. That person will be wearing a red outfit.

Lau Yeuk Cheung sits in the brothel and saw Ching Ching wearing a red cape. Ching Ching told Lau Yeuk Cheung if he avoids her then it only harms him. Lau Yeuk Cheung pointed a sword at a girl and told Ching Ching to use her sword. Ching Ching told him she has the third move in her body, if he kills her then he will have it. Lau Yeuk Cheung pointed a sword at Ching Ching and said he doesn’t need the third move, he is confident he can win Ding Pang with these two moves. Ching Ching asked him why doesn’t he kill her. Lau Yeuk Cheung said he knows if she dies, he will be lonely. Ching Ching performed the third move with Lau Yeuk Cheung. Ching Ching doesn’t know why she sympathize for Lau Yeuk Cheung. Lau Yeuk Cheung is confident he will win against Ding Pang.


Ding Pang looked at the fabrics. He plans to celebrate with his members three days and night. He wants Lau Yeuk Cheung to suffer. Lau Yeuk Cheung drinks with Ching Ching and said besides his wedding day, this is his happiest day. He couldn’t protect his girl but he drove her away. He hoped she would say as long as he gives up everything, she will stay. Lau Yeuk Cheung said he’s a failure and have never won a duel. Ching Ching took Lau Yeuk Cheung to watch the kids perform martial arts and said these moves are just a kids play. Ding Pang yelled at Ching Ching to ruin his plan. Ching Ching told Ding Pang that Lau Yeuk Cheung has lost his wife and is lonely. Harming others won’t make him happy. Ching Ching said she has done her work. Ching Ching hopes he would return with her to the island. Lau Yeuk Cheung refuses to believe that Ching Ching has played him. Chun Ho Ching came and told Lau Yeuk Cheung  to not lie to himself.

Against the Blade of Honour episode 7 recap

Lau Yeuk Chung and Chun Ho Ching saw the member’s dead body on the stone. Chun Ho Ching told Lau Yeuk Chung everytime he’s scared, he goes to this place. The next morning,  Lau Yeuk Cheung saw red words on the sheets and blood on his neck. Ding Pang told Ching Ching the feeling of revenge makes him feel so great. Lau Yeuk Cheung’s member plans to leave. Lau Yeuk Cheung killed the sect members. Chun Ho Ching told Lau Yeuk Chung she can’t stand it anymore and has to go see the leader of the sect.

Chun Ho Ching knocked on the door. The sect member closed it. Ching Ching played the harp for Ding Pang.  Ding Pang recited the poem. Chun Ho Ching asked Ding Pang if he knows she been thinking of him for the past two years. Ding Pang pushed Chun Ho  Chin gand asked her if he thinks they can be together again. Chun Ho Ching told Lau Yeuk Chung he can be his usual sect leader. The sect leader in the mansion is only a normal person.  Chun Ho Ching held the hammer and wants to hit the stone. Lau Yeuk Chung asked Chun Ho Ching who is the sect leader. Flashbacks of Ding Pang said he has to kill Lau Yeuk Chung first so she can feel hurt then he will kill her. Chun Ho Ching said he’s worng if Lau Yeuk Chung die, she won’t feel hurt. Chun Ho Ching said no women would tear up for a person who is scared of death, or he wouldn’t use her to seduce men to win duels. He never want to face failure. Does he serve her sacrifice for him? Chun Ho Ching told Ding Pang he is a real man. She vowed if she sees him again, she won’t let him leave her again.


Ding Pang and Ching Ching watch the performer performing on the street. He threw fire, and Ding Pang caught it. Ching Ching played the harp; Ding Pang drinks. Ching Ching broke the string. Ching Ching told Ding Pang she doesn’t trust herself. Ching Ching knows she will never replace Chun Ho Ching. Ching Ching fought with the sect members and told Lau Yeuk Cheung to follow her. Chun Ho Ching leaned on Ding Pang’s shoulder. Ding Pang left. Ching Ching took Lau Yeuk Chung and eavesdrop on Ding Pang performing martial arts. Ching Ching told Lau Yeuk Chung that Ding Pang wants revenge. Chun Ho Ching hugged Lau Yeuk Chung. Flashbacks of Ching Ching told Lau Yeuk Chung that Chun Ho Ching has betrayed him. Ching Ching said she despite Ding Pang for breaking his promise.

The six sect leaders refused to collaborate with Lau Yeuk Cheung since he treated them well during the duel. Chun Cho Ching gave a lettter to her servant to give to Ding Pang. Lau Yeuk Cheung killed him and read the letter.

Against the Blade of Honour episode 6 recap

One year has passed, Ching Ching is blessed having Ding Pang. She doesn’t know if giving him the dagger is good but it important to him. The villagers are happy having him here but she feels he isn’t satisfied being here. Ding Pang practice the dagger and wants to revenge against  Lau Yeuk Chung and Chun Ho Ching. Ching Ching told Ding Pang she knows he wants to return to his town. Ching Ching touched the dagger and said this has lead him to leave her. Ching Ching hates it and wants to throw it. Ding Pang promises her he won’t leave her.

It’s been two days Ching Ching haven’t returned. Ding Pang searched for Ching Ching and told her he’s been worrying about her. Ching Ching told Ding Pang she can’t keep his heart here. He should pack his food and leave by the lake. Ching Ching told Ding Pang to forget her. Ching Ching said she can’t leave the island. Ching Ching told Ding Pang when he opens the dagger, he will not come back after he got his name. Ching Ching left. Ching Ching prayed in front of the goddess that the sun will not rise because Ding Pang will leave.

The sun rose. Ding Pang came in the temple and hugged Ching Ching and said no one can make them partDing Pang took Ching Ching and saw Ching Ching’s father. Ding Pang told Ching Ching’s father he wants to go back to his town to revenge. Ding Pang told Ching Ching’s father if he wants him to stay in the island, he shouldn’t have taught him the martial arts. Ding Pang said it is a waste if he doesn’t use his martial arts. Ching Ching told her father if he wants to have a duel then kill her first. Ching Ching’s father pushed Ching Ching and fought with Ding Pang. Ding Pang pointed a sword at Ching Ching’s father. Ding Pang let it go and told him he have to remember his favor and if one of them has to die then he can kill him. Ching Ching’s father told Ding Pang he found the right guy and he can leave with his daughter.


Chun Ho Ching saw Ding Pang as she passed by in the sedan chair. She ran and searched for him. The sects came and told Law Yeuk Cheung that a member is missing. This person moves really fast and has a dagger. He only one move to defeat the sect leader. Law Yeuk Cheung visited a master and asked him about the identity of a dagger. The master said the dagger has been missing for thirty years. A new mansion has been created. A mysterious man has ordered three thousand workers to build a mansion and it has been created in half a year. He only uses a few moves to defeat his opponent. No one have seen his face. The scariest thing is they don’t know where’s the dagger and why does he wants to have a duel.

Chun Ho Ching told Law Yeuk Cheung that what happened recently is related to the mansion.A sect member stood on the top of the rock and warned Law Yeuk Cheung to not step out of the rock under his sect leader’s order. Law Yuek Cheung’s member chopped the rock and told the members that it is just a game. Law Yeuk Cheung looked on the floor of blood and told the sect members that they are wrong, there is a boundary.


Against the Blade of Honour episode 5 recap

Ding Pang told Chun Ho Ching that when his father went away for his business, he made cockroaches, and he has never given it to anyone but one person which is his lover. After his father died, he practiced martial arts, it’s because of her  he knows there are feelings in this world. But she was fake and stole his manuel. His promise of his father has been tricked. Ching Ching held Ding Pang’s hand and told him to forget his past. Ching Ching suggests Ding Pang to pray in front of the goddess in the temple. Ding Pang looked at the jade and thought of Chun Ho Ching. The villagers search for Ching Ching. The villager beat up Ding Pang and asked him where’s Ching Ching. Ching Ching prays in front of the goddess for Ding Pang. Ding Pang hugged Ching Ching. The villager told the villagers that Ding Pang has to be dead for disturbing the village. Ding Pang made a cockroach for Ching Ching.

Ching Ching’s father told the villager that he has recruited ninety eight villagers in this island and now more than a hundred.  They’ve been waiting for this moment. Ding Pang told Ching Ching he just wants to live a peaceful life in this island. Ding Pang and Ching Ching walked in the woods and the villagers got stabbed. Ching Ching’s father told the villager that Ding Pang can’t die because he’s his hope in this island. Ching Ching’s father told Ding Pang the history of the island of his ancestor worked under the emperor who has killed many people. One day, his ancestor received an order of killing his close friend. He killed his friend since his friend will die anyway. He took his men to rest in the island. His ancestor wants to forget their past so they lived on this island. Ching Ching’s father gave Ding Pang the saber to  protect his island. Ching Ching’s father uses the saber and refuses to believe that Ding Pang can’t let go of his martial arts. Ding Pang thought of Lau Yeuk Chung’s duel and his father. Ding Pang met with Ching Ching’s father and opened the saber. Ding Pang put down his saber on the sand. He picked it up. Ching Ching asked her father why does he teachers the martial arts for Ding Pang since it could turn crazy.

Ding Pang thought of Chun Ho Ching. Ching Ching plays the harp. Ching Ching told Ding Pang that her mother taught her this song, and could calm down his personality. When her mother played this song, her father will smile. Ching Ching requested Ding Pang to come here ever night to listen to her playing this song for an hour. Ching Ching gets married to Ding Pang. Ding Pang looked at the jade and thought of Chun Ho Ching. During the night, Ding Pang looked at the jade. Ching Ching asked Ding Pang if he is thinking of that woman. Ding Pang told Ching Ching that they did a ceremony, and she belongs to him. Ding Pang told Ching Ching he will take care of her. Ching Ching told Ding Pang that his heart still is on that woman. Ding Pang vowed he only has Ching Ching in his heart.