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Love Bond episode 6 recap

Michael asked Mose about his real name. Michael told Kenix he thinks Mose is his lost brother. Michael wait for Mose and came up to him and told him he is his brother. Mose asked Michael to leave him alone. Mose watch the robot. Stephen console Mose. Kenix encourages Michael to persist persuading Mose. Bernice brings some dried fruits for the granny. The granny’s son stole the granny’s money. Bernice grabbed the granny’s son. Bernice and Mose find a funeral place for the granny. Mose visited his parents grave. Michael looked at Mose putting flowers by his parent’s box. Michael asked Mose to return home with him. Michael told Mose he kept his robot and hope someday he will return it to him. Mose asked Michael if he knows how uncomfortable he feels when he saw others have parents. He thought it would be futile if he comes back home since they left him. Mose told Michael they have their own life now. Kenix celebrates her tea shop grand opening. Kenix’s father placed a golden Japanese cat on Kenix’s store. Kenix made flower tea for her father. Michael asked Mose to eat dinner with him celebrating their father anniversary. Mose bought a box of crackers to bring to dinner since the basket of fruits is too expensive. Mose arrived at Michael’s home. Michael introduced Mose to their brothers as their missing brother. Michael brought abalones and other meals out. Michael’s sibblings picked on Mose that he didn’t go to college and he rarely get to eat abalones. Mose told Oscar that that not everyone is lucky like him. Oscar called Mose a hypocrite and no wonder Michael doesn’t know about his background. Mose madly left.


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Twin of Brothers episode 14 recap

Li Qian brother saved the doctor’s daughter. Li Qian’s leg twisted. Raymond piggyback Li Qian. Raymond sewed the boot for Li Qian. Raymond asked Li Qian if he ever consider liking him. Li Qian slept with the boot. Ron and Leila play chess together and think about their next move. The doctor stared at the doll which he want to give his daughter for her birthday. Li Qian’s brother put on medicine for the doctor’s daughter. Li Qian’s help the doctor’s daughter controlling the horse. Li Qian’s brother told the doctor’s brother that her father gave him the medicine to treat her. Li Qian’s brother and the doctor’s daughter brother looked at the sculptures and smiled. Raymond told the doctor’s daughter that those sculpture were made by her father. Li Qian told the doctor’s daughter that her father caught some fruits for her. The doctor’s daughter drank her father’s wine and called him father. Li Qian told Raymond a story about a dopey guy who saw the moon on the river and jump on it. Raymond thought of an idea of using illusion to fight their enemies. Raymond and Ron practice martial art on the water. Ron and Leila closed their eyes sitting by the sea thinking of a move to defeat Yvonne. Yvonne has a duel with the doctor. Derek asked the injured doctor where’s the carpet. Yvonne went back to the cave and generates energy for the doctor and asked him where’s the carpet. Raymond and Ron fought with Derek in he mask and injured him. Raymond and Ron chased Derek. Derek took off the mask and told Raymond that a masked guy injured him. Raymond and Ron found the doctor death and did a funeral for him. Leila told the doctor’s daughter she hopes that the secret of the carpet will never be reveal to prevent conflicts.



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Social Media is a gift for Shy Introvert bloggers?

You know how watching asian dramas is somewhat is an escapism from the real world. Some prefers dramas that divert from reality and some can relate to dramas that are closer to reality. I’ve heard from some of my blogger buddies that they have a problem of being shy in real life. Some don’t have any friends in real life and only online friends. Some hates the real world and have trouble interacting with people in real life so they comment a lot on other blogs to make friends. Is the social media a platform to make shy bloggers confident online?

Unfortunately I’m both talkative and chatty in real life and online but I have a drama addiction problem which I’m trying to refrain going online too much.

For me, dramas sometimes can’t help me escape from real life but music and my friends does help me. Sometimes food and drinks can cheer me up.

My question is do you blog and watch dramas to escape from real life and are you guys an introvert?

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Come on Cousin episode 6 recap

Jing Man got sausage mouth. Jing Man stayed in Vivienne’s massage parlor. Jing Man and Kwok Bo came to take Jing Man home. Jing Man’s mother told Joey that Joi Yeh looks like a beggaer. As Vivienne fights with Jing Man’s mother. Joi Yeh put on the glasses for Joey. Jing Man told her mother she wants to stay in the massage parlor and she asked her to leave her alone. Jing Man’s mother saw Jing Man’s sadness and decided to let her be independent. Joi Yeh gave Jing Man a novel. Jing Man greets the priest. Jing Man choked, the priest helped her. Jing Man’s mother mistaken him of seducing Jing Man. Mr. Bing sent an invitation to Jing Man’s mother. The priest sent Joi Yeh an invitation to his church. The triad came to Joi Yeh’s house demanding for Lam Suet. Lam Suet’s parents faked death. Choi Yeh gave Lam Suet some money to repay her gambling debt. Yau Tin and Lam Suet run from the triad and faked death. Yau Tin stared at Lam Suet wiped up his face. Lam Suet saw Mario work out with Yau Tin’s mother and she screamed. Mario denied Lam Suet being his girlfriend. Mario doesn’t want to dump the pretty Lam Suet but also don’t want to lose his fortune of Yau Tin’s mother. Mario pretends to cry and told Lam Suet that Yau Tin’s mother molested him but he wants to stay with her to earn more money. Lam Suet gave Mario a thousand dollars. Yau Tin asked his mother for some money so he can court Lam Suet. The priest gave Lam Suet a ticket to the showbiz. Lam Suet arrived at the record company and met the triad.


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Cake Empress episode 19 recap (End)

As the consort about to tell Esther who’s the rebel, the majesty arrived. The majesty rehearse a song in front of Esther. The consort said the song was made up by her brother. Esther admits to the majesty she faked pregnancy but it was to prevent bad guys from taking his post. The queen’s maid showed Esther and the majesty the execution letter of the girl’s family. The general’s bodyguard stole the consort’s carriage. The majesty’s bodyguard fought with the general’s bodyguard and took Esther’s son. The maid told Esther that though the queen resembles her, he is still faithful to her. The majesty’s bodyguard deals with the general to spare the girl. Roger and the queen listened to the song that Esther is faking pregnancy. The queen returns to the palace and thought of her sad and lonely days. Roger has a dream of Esther being pregnant with the majesty. Esther and the maid visited Roger. The majesty’s bodyguard bowed in front of the girl and said he just wants her to leave peacefully. It’s not easy to kill the general so he exchanged the general’s son for her life. The girl sighed and said she regret knowing the general. The girl opened the house and saw the general’s bodyguard. At the court, the general’s guards demanded the majesty to give up his throne. The general read the edict from the previous emperor of giving the throne to the general’s son if the majesty failed his task. The officials bowed to the general’s son. The general brought the girl being tied up and said she and the majesty collaborated with Esther faking pregnancy. The previous’s majesty friend arrived. The previous’s majesty’s friend read the letter that the general faked the edict of executing the girl’s family. Esther arrived. The consort arrived. Esther asked the officials why do they let the general’s son become the majesty. Esther told the officials if they disobey the general, he will send a fake edict and execute them all.As the general asked his bodyguard to kill the majesty, the majesty’s bodyguard killed the general’s bodyguard and untied the girl. The majesty ordered the bodyguard to arrest the general. The bodyguard pushed his sword toward himself. The girl hugged the bodyguard and cried. Esther and the girl walked on the street and saw the queen and the maid making crepe in the stall. Esther and the queen confront each other that they are the crepe maker.


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Cake Empress episode 18 recap

Esther told the girl to ask the majesty’s bodyguard to come here. The majesty ordered the majesty’s bodyguard to investigate the general. Esther asked the majesty’s bodyguard to tie up the general’s son for her. The consort followed Esther and the girl entering her house. As the girl try to take the manuel on the top counter, more books fell down. The consort hit the girl and stole the manuel and gave it to the general. The general read the book which turns into blank pages, and ordered the guard to arrest the consort. The general’s son search for the general’s son. The majesty’s bodyguard told the girl that the general’s son will be here soon. The majesty’s bodyguard showed the general’s son painting of the girl. The consort came up to the general’s son and said she will take him to the girl. The queen and the maid went to a deserted house. The girl’s mother thought about the execution scene. The general’s bodyguard pointed a sword at the queen. The queen’s maid pretended to be a ghost and scared him. Roger and Esther found a seal and a letter on the girl’s mother’s body. The girl gives the majesty’s bodyguard her manuel. The girl told the majesty’s bodyguard if something happens to the manuel she won’t spare him. Esther told the girl she asked her to give the manuel to the bodyguard cause she suspects him. He always dragged this case but he truly loves the girl. The majesty’s bodyguard gives the manuel to the general and hopes he spare the girl. The general threw papers at the majesty’s bodyguard and said he was the one who nurtured him but now he dares to make a request. The majesty’s bodyguard promised the general he will run away from the palace after giving him the manuel. The general searched the page in the manuel and found the the page where it tells to treat his son missing. A guard told the general that Esther is faking pregnancy. The general demoted the majesty’s bodyguard and promoted the the guard. The girl asked the majesty’s bodyguard to give her a reason for giving the manuel to the general. The majesty’s bodyguard told the girl he owes the general but his feelings for her are true. The consort’s guards played with the general’s son. The guards jump around and sing a song that the queen is faking pregnancy. The consort greet Esther and told her there’s a rebel in the palace who wants to steal the throne.