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Ghetto Justice 2 review

First of all, I would like to emphasize that I really struggled finishing every episode of this drama or is it because Tiger Cubs and Witness Insecurity was too good?

There were a lot of connection to the first one and tvb even were able to pull off Christine Kuo’s relationship in this one smoothly without mentioning her in the first one. The Adele song was overused although it was supposed to show the romantic love between Kevin and Christine in the flashbacks.

Kevin Cheng: I didn’t like his character as much as himself in the first one. I couldn’t sense his righteous like he was in the first one. Maybe because there were too many intimate scenes between Kevin and Myolie or he’s just seems lazier in this sequel.

Myolie Wu: Her acting is still always stable as usual. She has to deal with her friend Christine like how she promised she would give up on Kevin after Christine wakes up from coma. I felt her role in the first one was more important than this one.

Sam Lee: I liked his chemistry with JJ and the scenes with them in the dandelions where they console each other about their exes. I couldn’t help but keep on yelling at him in my head about not noticing his mother’s illness and kept on helping Sis Han seeing her husband in jail. Helping people is good, but is that too much?

JJ Jia: This series made me like JJ. She’s sweet and helps her grandmother financially instead of worrying about herself.

Christine Kuo: I thought she lacks both the acting skills and the charisma but she still have time to improve. I didn’t really like her in Super Snoops, Tiger Cubs, and this drama. I did feel poor for her character about waiting for Kevin for 10 years but then suddenly found out he has a girlfriend. She tries hard to win Kevin back from Myolie. In one’s perpective, we might dislike her bug in Kevin and Myolie’s relationship but on the other hand we also feel poor for her. I liked how King Kong always cheered her up. I felt it is also Kevin’s fault for not clarifying this love triangle.

Crystal Li, Raymond Cho, and Jazz Lam: Raymond just makes me laugh in this drama about stealing Jazz’s letter and said how chicken Jazz is for not able to tell Crystal he likes her. Also I thought it was funny how he wore that purple shirt with the yellow tie and would always budge in between Jazz and Crystal. I thought Crystal was cute and acting is pretty okay for a newbie. I felt that Crystal did have a more enjoyable time with Jazz though cause how she always give him advice for the cases. Jazz’s acting is as good as he was in the first one. Funny how he always get teased by Kevin, Raymond, and Sam. I liked how Jazz was righteous in the court. Nevertheless the love triangle between Raymond, Jazz, and Crystal brings entertainment in this series.

KK Cheung: He plays the role of an attorney who would protect his daughter from being hurt by Kevin. I agreed with him about King Kong should be with Christine.

Evergreen Mak’s acting has always been stable and he did a good job in here as a villain. Would you guys want Evergreen Mak to die or to stay in prison?

Cases thoughts:

I didn’t really care for the cases but the Raymond Cho’s police case was my favorite. Myolie pretending to be evil to save Kevin in the Raymond Cho’s case reminds me of her first case in Ghetto Justice I when she tries to help Kevin win the case since she knows Claire is guilty. Lol. The social worker cases were such a drag to me. I felt kinda bored watching the problems of the social workers talking in the office. If Kevin and Myolie’s character had better script, then this series could be better. What I liked about the first one is how Law Ba was righteous and his intelligence. I enjoyed watching the court scenes in the first one more than this one.

Ending: Thought the ending was pretty rushed and the last case (Evergreen Mak’s case) used to the same scapegoat concept as the first one.

Ghetto Justice 2 was good for entertainment but not a recommended series if you want something exciting to watch.

I would rate this drama 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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Ghetto Justice 2 episode 21 recap

Evergreen Mak told Myolie that Biu was drunk and accidently killed Chan Wing. Myolie saw her mom came up to her crying on the wheelchair, and Evergreen Mak made a sign of killing. Evergreen Mak’s son asks Kevin to persuade his dad to turn himself. He showed Kevin a video he recorded of his dad about the building. He said if his dad doesn’t turn himself in, he will give the video to the police. Myolie told Kevin they need a better plan. Kevin said he’s willing to be Evergreen Mak’s son’s bait to see what he’s planning. Myolie hugged Kevin while he sleeps, saying that she is willing to be his bait too. He will take care of her mom if anything happens to her. She told him Lynette will take good care of him. Myolie showed Evergreen Mak the video and told him to turn himself in. Evergreen Mak grabbed Myolie’s neck and ask her where his son is. Evergreen Mak’s son told his dad on the phone to turn himself. Evergreen Mak told Myolie that he can do something so she will never see her mom again. Evergreen Mak called his men to break Myolie’s mom’s arms. Evergreen Mak said to donate her organs. When Raymond Cho came in, Myolie held a golf club; Evergreen Mak died and Kevin fainted. Raymond told Kevin at the hospital that Myolie admitted hitting Evergreen Mak. KK Cheung asked Myolie to be her defense lawyer to make up for her daughter. Kevin told Sam ,Jazz, and Raymond that he can’t remember anything after he took the sleeping pill and got knocked. Kevin look at the golf club before the court. Myolie’s mom said her son and she fell asleep while walking in the park. Myolie’s brother told KK that a smoker passed by and they felt asleep. KK told the judge anything could happened in 2 hours. Kevin told KK that he was mad at KK so he hit him with a golf club. Then Myolie knocked Kevin. Then Myolie wiped Kevin’s fingerprint and held the golfclub. Kevin said he killed Evergreen Mak. Myolie told Kevin in jail she would gave gone to jail three years ago. Myolie cried saying that the law couldn’t punish Evergreen Mak. Kevin told Myolie he doesn’t want the person he loves to go to jail for him. Kevin asked the judge to submit the guy who scratched Evergreen Mak’s car. He said in the court that Evergreen Mak’s men him and he got stitches and went to the hospital. He showed the judge his scar. Granny Kin witness that Evergreen Mak took her to the deserted island so she wouldn’t testified him in the columbarium incident. Auntie King said someone dressed up as a woman pushed her; Evergreen Mak made a hand gesture. Kevin said the contractor Chan Wing was about to testify against Evergreen mak but he got killed. He said Evergreen Mak even killed his son’s girlfriend’s dog to break them up. Kevin said he didn’t meant to kill Evergreen Mak. He just wanted to stop him. Kevin ask to judge to make the crime a self defense. The lawyer said the contractor died and Evergreen Mak’s son’s girlfriend disappear so they have no direct evidence. He said Kevin had to the motivation to kill Evergreen Mak so it is manslaughter. Myolie told Raymond, Jazz, Crystal, and Sam that she hopes Evergreen Mak’s son comes back to testify against his dad. Kevin told Myolie to not give up in the law. KK Cheung brought Evergreen Mak’s son in the court. The judge said that KK is not Kevin’s representative lawyer and it is time to pass out the verdict. Kevin said the crime of imprisonment shouldn’t be taken lightly. Evergeen Mak’s son showed the video. Kevin said it is scary how people can wear a maks on their face. Kevin said Evergreen Mak’s son testify for him to uphold justice. He said they must not do illegal things to fight for justice. He said the law is to protect the people. He said the law will become sidetracked if it is monitor by the rich people. Kevin got free of charge. Raymond and Jazz bought flowers for Christine and ask her to choose. Christine held their hands and said they are both her good friends. Christine woke up and ask Myolie if she remembers what she promised her. Kevin came up and object. KK told Christine to let Kevin choose. Kevin told Christine that he owes her and he will be there for her but he loves Myolie the most. Christine said he found a better man than Kevin. She kissed King Kong. Sam, JJ, Jazz, Raymond,Crystal, and Myolie’s mother came saying everyone got their partner. Sam received a call from Auntie Sum saying someone wants to ruin her stall. Kevin, Jazz, Sam, Raymond, and Myolie run.

The End.

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Ghetto Justice 2 episode 20 recap

Kevin, Myolie, Jazz, and Sam search for Myolie’s mom and JJ inside the rocks. The fire men and Sam found JJ. San told her to not die yet and to look for her happiness. JJ replied that Sam is her happiness. 2 of the neighbors died. JJ got awake in the hospital and asked Sam if she is dreaming. She asked Sam if he meant what he said in the debris. Sam gave JJ the necklace of Sharon. Myolie’s mom got mad that her legs are paralyzed. The neighbors cried that four of their friends died. Kevin suspects that Evergreen Mak is behind this. At the court, a witness told Kevin that Evergreen Mak accused the neighbors that the building is dangerous so they can move away. He said they had someone to inspect the building. The witness told KK Cheung the outside of the building wasn’t dangerous but he didn’t inspect the inside of the building. KK Cheung confront the witness that he only use his eyes to inspect and did a sloppy job. Kevin contront another witness that someone gave him an order to repair the building and after he left, the building collapsed. Myolie pointed at Evergreen Mak and yelled that he lied about not wanting to cut water and power in the building. Evergreen Mak said the victims can’t put the blame on him for causing the building to collapse just because their relatives died. Evergreen Mak said he will add 10 percent to the offer to buy the building as a token to the victims. Evergreen Mak told Myolie to tell her mom to come to him if she has any problem. Evergreen Mak told Kevin the law is a game for the rich. Kevin punched Evergreen Mak and got in jail. Evergreen Mak ask the officer to hold Kevin for 48 hours. Myolie’s mom cried telling Myolie that she feels shame for having people changing diapers for her. Myolie said it is now her turn to take care of her. Myolie’s mom heard her son saying that she might be paralyzed. Myolie’s mom cried and said she’s their burden and she wants to die. Myolie cried and told her mom to hang on.Kevin told Myolie that the contractor acted strange when he questioned him at the court. Kevin gave Fun’s ashes to her family. Kevin talked to the contractor and said the police will ensure his safety. Christine called Kevin that her dad knows he’s with Chan Wing so he’s sending someone to kill him. The car crashed Chan Wing and Christine got bumped. Christine got in coma. Kevin blamed himself at the hospital. Kevin asked Evergreen Mak’s son to help him find the truth. Myolie cried and told Christine that she’s selfish for not letting Kevin go. Myolie held Christine’s hands and said if Christine wakes up, she will back up.

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Ghetto Justice 2 episode 19 recap

JJ slapped Sam telling him to stop running away. Sam cried holding his jacket saying that he doesn’t appreciate his mom so he can’t appreciate other people. JJ told Sam he cared for all the people he helped. JJ told Sam to believe that all his effort is not a waste. Helping people is a good deed right? Sam came home and put a blanket for his dad while he is sleeping. He told JJ that his mom has put food in the fridge in case his dad got starve. JJ told Sam that his mom put nutritional food for his dad. JJ and Sam cook dinner for his dad. JJ told Sam’s dad to let her take care of the funeral. Sis Han told Sam’s dad at the funeral that Sam helped her see her husband for the last time and helped her realized that she’s not alone. Sis Han kneeled in front of Sam’s dad. Sam’s dad said he’s not as generous as his wife and son, and he can’t accept the tea. He said after hearing Sis Han’s story, he feels grateful of his son. I thought this moral of Social worker helping people was as helpful as how doctors helped people in Hippocratic Crush. Cute when Sam said JJ is absolutely someone important to him now. JJ’s smile is so cute. This drama makes me like JJ more. Myolie bleed her fingers when she held the tools to fix her laptop. At home, Myolie called Kevin but Kevin ignored and said he’s in a hurry. At the clinic Christine got harassed by a client. Kevin showed his married certificate to the client. Myolie got mad at Kevin for seeing Christine first. JJ told Sam that she found a nice flat for her grandma. Sam said he’s busy. Sam talks to Sharon in the grave. JJ told Sam that Sharon is not that selfish to not let him start a new love. The apartment got burnt. Evergreen Mak told his friend what if there’s danger in that apartment. At the appartment, JJ celebrates with his neighbor having a baby. Evergreen Mak’s friend paid someone to drill the wall and ceiling to make it collapse. The building felt apart. JJ and the neighbors run.

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Ghetto Justice 2 episode 18 recap

Myolie made a cake for Kevin and pretends to tell her friend that Kevin made for her. lol. I thought Kevin should explain to Christine clearly that he only likes Myolie instead of giving her hopes. Myolie saw Kevin and Christine playing with each other while eating at the stall. Myolie threw her cake away. Kevin bought flowers for Myolie. Jazz told Kevin to write a a love poem to Myolie. Kevin recite the poem in english. Kevin drank the sank gall bladder that Raymond gave him. Kevin put the flowers behind his pants to give to Myolie but Stephen Huynh came up to her asking her out for tea. Haha Kevin deserve it. Try harder dude! Sam works hard and come home eat soup his mom made. How cute. Those drumsticks looks good. Sam ate with his family but got a call from his client.Sam’s mom gave him a jacket. Sis Han cried and told Sam her husband will be executed. Sam told the neighbors to get signature and complain wherever they can. Jazz said Sis Han’s husband will die before they finish getting all those signatures. Kevin and Myolie told Sam to file a petition and give it to the Chief Executive’s assistant. Sam chased the chief executive’s assistant trying to give him the petition. Sam held on to the chief executive’s assistant car. Uncle Tung the chairman of public post in mainland allowed Sis Han to see her husband one last time. Sam’s dad called him and said his mom’s chest hurts. Wow it looks like Sam cares for his clients more than his mom. The police told Sam that there is not instruction telling him that they are allowed to see the prisoner. The police let them see Sis Han’s husband since JJ ask him a favor. Sam’s dad called him that his mom is taking a surgery in the hospital. How rude for Sam to say there are doctors helping her. The police told them that it is too late to see Sis Han’s husband. The other police said that they received the instruction for them to see the prisoner but the instruction got delayed. Sis Han cried and talk with her husband. The doctor told Sam his mom died.That is so his fault for worrying about others first and not his family. Sam’s dad got mad at him. Sam’s dad said he wanted to scold him for helping people but he was doing a good thing. Sam keeled down in front of his dad and apologized. JJ follows Sam. Some men ask Sam to help them with the house application because they don’t want to live with their parents. Sam told them if they ever thought about him. Sam said he doesn’t have parents to care.

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Ghetto Justice 2 episode 17 recap

Grace asks Kevin if he suspects Raymond shot Fool Keung dead for revenge. Kevin said Raymond didn’t answer him when he asked him why did Keung wanted to kill Fai. Grace said she believes that Gaudy is a good cop. Kevin said Myolie’s thought is reasonable since Keung didn’t have any criminal record. Kevin said there must be some personal grudge between Fai and Keung. Grace said she is sure Keung didn’t hold a grudge toward Raymond. Grace said Keung kept on apologizing to Raymond when he tried to harassed her. Kevin assumes that Raymond got blamed for hitting Keung. Kevin confront Raymond about Keung hitting Fai for revenge. Raymond said that Fai has kids so he won’t let anything happen to him. Crystal said murdering is a serious offense. Kevin said he won’t let anything happen to Raymond. Raymond share his feelings with Rocky in the park. After Raymond threw his newspaper in the trash, he didn’t see Rocky. Raymond search for Rocky. Jazz drives while searching for Rocky. Jazz found Rocky and told him that he will take care of him if Raymond goes to jail. Jazz said he hopes Raymond can prove he didn’t kill Keung. Raymond shakes hands with Jazz. Kevin saw Fai burning papers. Fai told Kevin he hated gangsters so he hit him hard when he found out he did drugs. Later, he found out that Fai didn’t kill the junkie. Fai said Keung grabbed a twig and tried to kill him using a lot of Force. Raymond then shot him. Crystal said it’s hard to prove that Keung tried to kill him with a twig. Kevin and Crystal take Rock to find the twig. Kevin found a twig with blood. In the court, Kevin request to test the twig at the scene. Myolie agrees to it but she said if it fails then it shows that Raymond and Fai shows no remorse in killing Keung. Myolie is also signifying Kevin showing no remorse about kissing Christine. She’s letter her personal grudge in the court. Kevin took his time push the twig in the mood.Myolie asks the judge to stop the experiment and she suspects Kevin is playing tricks. Myolie talk about Kevin’s old case about causing a victim to die. Myolie said this can prove that Kevin shows no remorse. Kevin angrily and finally push the twig in the mud. Kevin said Raymond didn’t lie about Keung pulling the twig then the mud collapsed. Raymond made a statement in the court he doens’t feel comfortable causing one person to die and felt guilty about wronged Keung. Raymond apologized to Keung’s mom. Myolie told Kevin that their job is to find the truth and Kevin is just protecting his friend. Haha funny how Raymond yelled at Myolie “But someone mixed work with personal affair.” Raymond said she can pick on him but why did he accused Kevin. Kevin sarcastically said he knows she was trying to help him.Kevin pretends not to pick up Myolie. Jazz told Raymond Kevin, and Sam that Myolie and Kevin both wanted to find the truth although they are mad at each other. Kevin said he can accept her for helping him with the case but he can’t accept her of accusing him of being unfaithful. At the bar, Stephen told Myolie that she attacks him to help him. Myolie said Kevin is mad at her and couldn’t tell that she is pretending. Myolie said perhaps Kevin doesn’t like her as much anymore. Christine walked up to Myolie and said she doesn’t cherish Kevin. Myolie said Christine doesn’t have the right to judge her love relationship with him. Christine said she’s been waiting for Kevin and she will fight for him.

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Ghetto Justice 2 episode 16 recap

Myolie told Kevin she still have a lot of doubts of Raymond and his friend. Kevin said he wants to understand the situation before deciding. Raymond told Kevin and Myolie that he was nervous so he gave the wrong statement. Raymond said Fool Keung tried to kill Fai with a twig. Myolie doesn’t believe him. Kevin told Myolie that people found twigs but not the same as the one Raymond said. Myolie said Raymond is obviously lying. Myolie told Kevin he’s supporting Raymond blindly.Kevin told Myolie she must think of Raymond’s feeling. Myolie said he must think of Sis Han’s feeling. Kevin told Myolie he feels poor for Sis Han but he wants to know what happen too. Myolie said she’s representing Sis Han in the court. Myolie sand Sam asks people to write an inquest for Fool Keung’s death. The people asks Kevin why is he defending Raymond. Kevin got bored at his house. Christine visits Kevin and brought him egg tarts. Kevin said he believe Raymond wouldn’t shoot a character without a reason. He believes Raymond is hiding something. Myolie brought food and drink to Kevin sneakingly. Christine told Kevin she will always be there for him. Christine kiss Kevin. Myolie saw it and got mad and ask him why didn’t he dodge. Myolie said in the court there are personal grudge between Raymond and Fai. She said he beat him up and shot without hesitation. Raymond told Kevin he saw Keung tried to kill Fai. Raymond said he told him to stop or he will shoot but he stabbed him with a twig. Raymond said the distance was far away so he had to shoot instead of stopping him. Myolie said Keung couldn’t kill Fai with a twig but Raymond could kill Fai with a gun. Kevin said Keung got psychological disorder so when he fights he would be stronger than Fai. Kevin said what he held was a lethal weapon. Kevin said Raymond’s shooting was reasonable. Myolie said she’s disappointed in Kevin for forgetting that everyone is equal under the law and he even disclose Keung’s psychological disorder. Kevin told Myolie she is his girlfriend but she doesn’t understand when he mentioned Keung’s illness to see the chance of Fai using the twig. Myolie said he abused the underprivileged group. Myolie said he mixed up work with personal affairs. Myolie breaks up with Kevin. King Kong eat pasta with Christine and KK. King Kong told KK he wants to date Christine. KK said he lets him date Christine but he can’t force her. King Kong tries to hug Christine. Christine told King Kong he’s a good guy but she doesn’t like him that way.She said she can’t forget Kevin. King Kong told Christine he will explain to her dad about it. Christine told Kevin she likes him. Kevin told her he only likes her as a friend. In the court. Sis Han said Keung would be energetic when his disorder is mild but when his disorder is serious he would be really sensitive ill tempered. She said he would hit hit the wall but would never hit anyone. she said he said the cops accused him of selling drugs. Madam Poon said Keung hit the trash-bin but said sorry when he hit an old man. Myolie said Keung wouldn’t have the motive to hurt anyone and she doubts Raymond’s statement. Myolie said Raymond killed Keung because he filed a complaint about him.