Debts of a Lifetime episode 4 recap

.Gigi celebrates her birthday. Gigi received a call from a client asking where Jackie is. Marco drove Gigi around and turned on the english rock music. Marco cheers Gigi up that her boyfriend is busy with work. Gigi sighed she doesn’t know where Jackie is. Marco told Jackie to write for him wishing Gigi a happy birthday and he loves her. Jackie finds it too cheesy and refuse to write. Gigi received a bouquet of flowers and happily smiled seeing a love letter from Jackie. Marco told Jackie to write a letter complimenting Gigi’s yellow suit.Gigi received a bouquet of flowers and a letter and got upset. She told her secretary to ask who sent her the letter. The secretary told her the letter is from anonymous but she heard that he didn’t have enough money to pay and will come to the flower shop to pay for the flowers. Gigi went to the flower shop and told Marco to let her pay for the flowers. Gigi walked and got mad and told Marco that she only wore the yellow suit recently and how could Jackie saw it. Gigi asked Marco if he knows what he did was stupid and will hurt her feelings. Hilary teased Marco he must have fallen for Gigi.

.Mary deals with a business man to sell her flat. Marco’s neighbored paid Jackie to carry his good. He saw a pretty lady and he bumped his van into a pole. Jackie’s neighbor confronted her who did he avoid then bumped his van. She whined to her boyfriend he used her 20,000 dollars she saved. He mumbled about looking at ladies while singing karaoke. She asked him to leave. He and Jackie asked Hilary to convince his girlfriend. She told Hilary that her boyfriend always use all the money he work. Marco told Jackie about the background of the boyfriend, that he used to drive trucks for the girlfriend’s family. He fell for her and married her. They worked hard without asking their family for help. Jackie find the couple so romantic. Marco told Jackie if he ever found a girl he likes and he will know what love is like. The boyfriend stayed wooden. Law Lok Lam went with Gordon to eat with a businessman. Gordon sat and drank tea with the business man and requested him to cut the ribbon. The businssman denied that he’s busy and has to attend a meeting in Beijing. Law Lok Lam told the businessman man that the other business man will be visiting them here. Gigi happily apologized to Marco and complimented his song. Marco happily danced. Gigi eavesdrop her colleagues talking about her telling Law Lok Lok Lam about the bid so he won the bid of the building. While Marco drives Gigi, she whined about being accused. Marco invited Gigi to dine with him. Jackie went eating with Hilary and looked at Gigi.

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