Debts of a Lifetime episode 2 recap

The elder man and Hilary took care of Jackie. Hilary and Mary told Ben and Marco that they suspect Jackie is an illegal immigrant and they wonder if they should report him. The elder man showed the birth certificate of his son to Mary. Mary is happy finding her birth certificate. Benz said he remembered when he first moved in, the elder man said he has a five years old son whose mother took to his hometown. When he grows up, he will come find him. Jackie feels so hot in the room and the elder man open the fan. The elder man ordered crabs and cofee for Jackie in the restaurant. Jackie complained about the fork being dirty. Marco sweeps the floor and said the restaurant is this dirty. Jackie ate the crab and threw up. Jackie finds the food disgusting and left.

Hilary told Mary she wants to cook soup for Jackie. Mary told Hilary to not see Jackie is handsome then wants to be with him. Hilary hesitated and said she was the one who knock his head. During the conference, Jackie’s uncle and the board member discuss they will bid stocks.

While Marco and Benz watch tv, Jackie closed the tv. Jackie look for food. The elder man gave him some chicken bun and he love it. The elder man gave Jackie two shirts he bought for a hundred dollars each. Jackie didn’t like the color pink. Marco criticized Jackie he should work to help the elder man. The elder man sweep the floor and told Jackie to work. The elder man said during the war, he saw a boy begging for money, he gave his only 100 dollars. The boy then came back and told him that he saved his family. Jackie got a job as a waiter. Jackie carried the drink of tea and it was too hot and he dropped it.

Jackie told Hilary if the elder man wasn’t his father, he would have left. He doesn’t like this place and everyone is mean to him but her. Jackie smelled and went in the kitchen . He smelled the boiling pot. Jackie yelled at him, he only turn on the pot without boiling water and it could burn the flat.

Gigi left her phone in the office. Marco picked up the phone and drove the car and bumped into a pole. He returned to the office and gave Gigi the phone and said he won’t be able to see her next time. Gigi’s secretary told Gigi that she heard that he is lazy and had bumped the company’s car. Marco’s boss received a call and told Marco he doesn’t need to pack since he isn’t fired but he has to pay the car bill.

Marco told Jackie to sell buns and he will give him 200 dollars each day. Marco slept on a cart. While Jackie is selling buns, a man asked him to lend him 800 dollars to take the train from Hongkong to meet his wife.Jackie gave him 500 dollars. Hilary took Jackie to see a fortune teller.The fortune teller told Jackie that he was born in a wealthy family but his parents died. He has two mothers but one of his mother is still alive. The man came with his wife and son and gave him 500 dollars back and thanked him for helping him being able to reunite with his family. The elder man gave a box of bun to the family. The man complimented Jackie and the elder man for being kind.

The elder man saw empty boxes of bun and assumed Jackie must have really loved them since he ate it all. The neighbors worried about the elder man. Jackie saw the empty box of buns and searched for the elder man. He found him sitting by the bun store. The elder man told him he feels weak since he didn’t eat and couldn’t afford rice. Jackie gave him his buns. Jackie called the elder man as his father. Jackie told him he won’t leave him anymore and will stay to take care of him.They both ate a bun together.

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